AWD #174: There is Hope so Long as There is Blood
There is Hope so Long as There is Blood
Summary: Tense conversation in the fitness centre
Date: 30/Jun/2013
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Toby Samtara Mahasti 
Fitness Center, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #174

It's around about an hour or so before the afternoon shift need to be reporting for duty, and a few people are filling some of that time in the fitness centre. There's a handful of off duty pilots having impromptu spars and a couple of supply techs on the treadmills. Deck is represented by Toby, who is managing a poor-man's pyramid practice by throwing a ball at one of the goals that leaning against the wall. It's not a game, it's not even proper practice, but the endless repetition of throw, retrieve, throw, retrieve seemingly satisfies him. He looks much the same as ever, bar the scabbed over cut above his eye and the faint hint of bruising both around it and his chin.

The sheer number of germs that coat, swarm, thrive and glob together on every possible available surface makes the exercise centre one of Sam's least favourite places to be. But she'd be remiss in her attention to her cardiovascular health if she didn't maintain fighting trim, so to speak; to that end she is making her way toward the line of weighted boxing bags before noting the line already waiting for the same. She pauses, a gleam of speculation in her eyes followed by a flicker of introspective consideration before she looks slowly about the room again and detours away from the 'crowd' toward the pyramid court. The water bottle she's carrying is set down along with the towel that was draped over her shoulder as she scoops up a ball for her own to use while aiming a nod at Toby. Those hazel eyes of hers narrow subtly, surveying Toby's epidermal damage but.. she isn't one to pry, not in the first second at least.

Toby notes the arrival of Samtara out of the corner of his eye but gives the Doc no more than the barest of nods in return. Truth be told he'd liked the pretence solitude that came from having the area to himself, but he'll get over it. Bending to retrieve his ball he then straightens before throwing again, hard, at the goal he was aiming at before.

Sam carefully bounces the ball between her hands and, with a glance around to ensure no one is looking SPECIFICALLY at her.. takes a foil packet of sanitizer wipes out of her pocket, wipes the ball down carefully then waits for it to dry as she tosses the wipe/packet into the nearest trash and balances it again between her palms. Wearing that thoughtful look again, possibly trying to recall the point of the game or maybe just the salient details of how TO play the game, she takes the other half of the court and works on building up a steady rhythm - angle, rebound, toss - over and over again, playing geometry in her head.

Toby appears to be paying the doc very little attention as he continues to hurl the ball towards his selected goal. He's quite obviously not putting a huge amount of thought into it, just throwing directly from where ever the ball ends up after the previous throw, but it fills the time at least. Eventually though one of his rebounds ends up next to Sam's goal and he's forced once more to acknowledge the presence of another living soul with a hint of a nod. He's carefully though to approach so that the undamaged side of his head is more prominent, not that he's hiding the wound exactly, more just trying not to draw attention to it."

"If you had the bruising treated as it was forming it would have reduced it significantly," Sam offers, in a quiet aside. "Did you have the cut over your eye looked at or did it stop bleeding on it's own?" quiet curiosity in her voice but still.. not prying.

Toby pauses for a moment, bent halfway down in the act of picking up his ball. Glancing towards Sam for a moment he initially remains silent, then completes his recovery effort before finally offering, "it stopped on it's own." His tone is quiet, and there's just the faintest hint of gruffness as he adds, "it's fine."

Sam tilts her head in a nod, "As you will," replying, "I make it a practice not to chase people down and demand they accept medical treatment," she adds with a touch of a smile. "It tends to scare off future patients, for some reason."

Toby considers that reply for a long moment, almost as if he's trying to spot a trap lurking just below the surface. Eventually though he just gives the shallowest of nods and starts to move back to the part of the court that he'd claimed. He stops after a pace or two though and turns back, "does the scanner work?"

Sam grins suddenly, "Aye," is replied in a very quiet voice. "We've done a diagnostic test on it. We haven't figured out the shielding - yet. But we'll figure that out. I'm thinking that we can maybe pull the lead shielding off of one of the ships that we've picked up, set it down on planet, pull the engine housing out and put the scanner inside in it's place. At least," she gives a small shrug, "that's the most recent theory I'm going to put on the table to be debated. What I know about mechanics and engineering is enough to know not to mess with that which I do not fully understand."

Toby listens for a moment, not yet moving back to restart his practice. Looking thoughtful for a moment he then asks, "can't we just take it from another machine? I mean, there's more hospitals on Picon, or even Virgon if needs be. Would be harder working in suits there, but got to be worth a try surely? Rather than trying to jury-rig something new?"

"Think of how heavy the machinery is that the unit normally is shielded by," Sam replies, holding the pyramid ball between her hands, "we risked our lives twice to get this far. I had to leave you behind, all of you, with a wounded soldier included in our numbers. If we go back again we risk not making the lift off if the lead shielding is as heavy as I think it is. You're correct, however, jury-rig is a bad idea." She is silent for a moment "Men and women die on my table now, like never before. I'm experiencing a measure of disquiet with regard to risking the lives of others while being well aware that not doing so may well risk the lives of us all. It's a unexpected moral and command quandary."

Mahasti is slipping, in catching a bit of the conversation as she slips towards Sam. Surprisingly quiet with the steps. The comment about going to Picon or Virgon causes the redhead to snort, just slightly "Evening Sam, Toby." she comments, pulling up her sweat pants a little from the back, sort of visibly trying to catch on to what's going on. "What kind of scanner?" she asks, curiously. "MRI machines are often so heavy you have to put them in basements or put special supports under them. Cat and CTs are the same deal weight wise." she smiles to Sam before frowning and nodding in agreement about the death issue.

Toby looks less than entirely convinced by the weight argument, but he stops short of making the multiple Raptor's argument to counter it. Someone, somewhere, will have thought about it already. He hopes at least. Instead if gives a quick shrug that seems to say 'if you say so' before glancing sideways to Mahasti as she arrives. Tilting his head back towards Sam he answers, "that's the lass to ask, I just took it apart. Damned if I know what it's called."

"CT unit, we have all the working pieces, but no shielding," Sam explains with a smile to Mahasti. "What we have need of it for precludes the use of a MRI, we can't risk metal conductivity setting the subject on fire, after all. It's considered malpractice when the subject goes up like a bomb in the middle of a scan," she adds, her tone of voice both dry AND serious. "He took it apart and kept it intact in the process, not damaged, I mean. He's a genius."

Mahasti eyes Toby "A trick to tell the difference is the stickers on the shielding. MRI's are plastered with no metal signage." she offers, smiling to Sam "Thank you for all the hardwork." she squints at the injury but lets it mostly go. "If we DID get a working MRI it would have to go on the planet what with the entire ship being made of metal and all." she offers, smiling, eyeing Sam "And who is even left to try to sue us?" she offers with a grin "Also I'm pretty sure I haven't paid my malpractice insurance since you know. booooom." she gives Toby a looking at "I'm honestly full of gratitude for what you are doing. Next time you go planetside let me know, I'll go down with you and buy you a beer and some dinner, okay?"

Toby turns his head quickly back to Sam as she mentions the drawback of the MRI scanner and then frowns slightly. "Wait, you mean we could set fire to a," then he stops, quite literally mid word. "No, wait, not the skinjob I'm guessing? Just the humans they've implanted?" Well damn, there goes what would have been a fine way to root out the unknown models. No drawbacks and all that. He starts to move to throw his ball again when Mahasti speaks to him so he pauses, then shrugs. "Just following orders," it's perhaps a bit of a blunter answer than he'd been aiming for, but it's been a rough few days.

Sam gives a ghost of a smile, "I think I'd take the malpractice insurance premiums again, if it meant that the world hadn't ended," she admits with a slow shake of her head. "And, yes, we're going to have the unit up and running on planet once we have all the parts assembled and ready to go. We can't operate it, or any other piece of useful machinery, on ship. It's to dangerous." She moves one shoulder in a awkward looking shrug as she answers Toby's question: "Both yes, and no. We need to examine the ones that have come to us with Centurion implants without killing the host. I refuse to accept that the hosts cannot be saved. Refuse," her tone is low voiced but adamant.

Mahasti frowns at that "I'm not permitted to be nice then? I see." She takes a small note pad out and writes 'niceness is not chic on the Orion' before putting it back in her pocket. "If you two are up to something, I suppose I'll just go then, I've no intent to bother either of you." she pauses "How are the batteries in the portable sonogram machines?

"I was just thinking the skinjobs," Toby replies, being all up for trying to find a way to save those implanted. They're humans after all. "Everyone gets scanned, everyone that blows up is a cylon. Doesn't sound like it'd be useful for that though, what with them trying to be like us." There's a moment's thought before he adds, "suppose it might damage the machine too." Plan shelved and with no idea what a sonogram is when it's at home he simply shakes his head to Mahasti, "We're at war. No being nice, no having fun, no smiling, laughing, joking, making friends or such. Not until either we're all dead, or they are."

"We're not up to something, we're just talking over options and potential forward thinking some strategies," Sam replies with another shake of her head, aiming a smile at Mahasti. "This is why I am not allowed to come up with plans on my own. I always, ever, think of the hard way first. We should try using one of those instead of just the xray," she agrees before tilting her head slightly to glance back at Toby. "IF we do that, if we're all war, all hatred, all anger, all violence, if we're all out.. then we're already dead. We might as well lay down and wait for the Cylon's to swing back around and finish the job. We are more than just soldiers, Toby. We're more than just .. machines. And that's why we'll win. Because we don't have programming that runs a set specific set of established parameters along linear lines of logical application. We're more. and they're not."

Mahasti watches the two. "If I cannot have a mental break from the war for small moments, I'll crack and be unable to work and thus be a burden on the system who's only use down the line may be potentially making more little humans, and given my track record, that is unlikely." she offers, tone showing he's starting to rub a nerve he shouldn't. She looks to Sam "We're born, not created, chaos theory and what not. Our unpredictability as a whole is an advantage, I think." she murmurs, still looking like she might run off due to discomfort.

Toby takes a step or two away as Samtara starts to talk to Mahasti about alternatives to the CT. As such it takes him a moment to realise when the conversation swings back his way again. Listening in silence he waits until he;s sure that Sam has finished before he remarks simply, "you say that, but what about orders? They come down the line and we must follow them. We'll beat them, we should do at least, but there's no frakking way we're going to if we've to welcome them with open arms, let 'em learn how we work, how our battlestars work, how we fight." He catches himself before his voice can rise too much, having no intention of starting an explosive rant in public and infront of a brace of officers, no matter how off-duty they all are. Throwing his ball hard at a goal he watches as it slams into the wall a good foot and a half wide then digs his hands deep into his pockets. "We just added Minos to the 'no survivors' list, yet they walk freely in our midst. Why? Precisely because we are what you say we're not, and those calling the shots have lost sight." Mahasti gets a brief nod as he acknowledges the chaos point but beyond that he has nothing to say to either of them and turns to stalk towards the exit under his own person thunder cloud.

Sam, by nature, is not the most empathy enabled of people. She is awkward, in social situations, bar the usual niceties of small talk, the exchange of hand shakes, the usual detritus of glad handing at fund raisers and talking to - presenting for - various boards or departments. But, having worked with Mahasti - especially having used some serious elbow grease to clean things in tandem - she is starting to read Mahasti's tone of voice and it has her studying her colleague and new friend with a curious gleam in her eyes. "Well now, that's another topic entirely. After all we're going to have to build a data base of all survivors, at some point, to prevent the risk of genetic shift when it comes to breeding the next generation or ten. After all, the smaller the surviving number the higher the risk of genetic aberrations and abnormalities occurring in each successive generation. You, with your intellectual gifts make you a high valued potential genetic contributor," she points out, so bloody thirsty logical at times as she shifts her attention toward Toby once more. "We also learn how they think, operate, how they function.. know thy enemy, knowledge is power. Knowledge is in fact the most powerful of all weapon to use against our enemies," she suggests to the Mechanic before he takes his leave."

Mahasti eyes Toby. There's a look on her face that hints she might honestly deck him. "There is no excuse for giving up hope or being rude." she nose scrunches "I haven't given up hope and all of my friends and family are fucking dead." she grips her little firsts into fists and taking medicinal relaxation breaths. She washes her breath in and out, moving her hands to her chest "There is hope so long as there is blood, Toby. If it bleeds, the marines can kill it. If it can be melted, they can scorch it to ashes." she offers, leaning on Sam. Sam can likely pick up that she herself is getting agitated and unhappy.

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