Ensign Theodotus "Peacock" Apostolos

Theo was killed on AWD #44 in a Raptor crash after it was hit with multiple SAMs by 'friendly' forces on Picon. The log is available here: Bushwhacked

Theo4.jpg Apostolos, Theodotus
Ensign Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor ECO
Age Sex
23 M
Hair Eyes
Ash Blond Gray-Green


Theodotus is the son of a Priest of Apollo on Gemenon. Upon turning 18, he left home, family, and a prestigious scholarship to study the Sacred Scrolls of Pythia at the Kobol Colleges for the decadent and secular world of Caprica. He attended Caprica University with an Reserve Officer Training Corp scholarship, where he studied Computer Engineering as an way to turn a hobby of tinkering into a career. Sometime during his first couple of years going on summer cruises aboard Battlestars, Theo discovered he enjoyed the military life.

As a result, upon graduating Caprica University, he applied for and joined Flight School. Although he proved a fairly indifferent pilot, technically capable but without the instincts necessary for a Viper, he excelled at Electronic Countermeasures and was soon shunted down the Electronic Countermeasures Officer pipeline where he proved to have a natural aptitude and graduated with top honors and the callsign "Peacock". To the surprise of everyone at Flight School, upon graduation he chose a deep space mining expedition aboard the Battlestar Orion as his first assignment.

Service Record

Year Rank Station Notes
1998 - 2002 Midshipman Caprica University, Caprica ROTC Scholarship to Caprica University
2002 - 2004 Midshipman Caprica Air Base, Caprica Flight School
2004 Ensign Battlestar Galactica, Seventh Fleet Anchorage Gentlemen Ghosts Squadron


File Image Name Notes
Cole_icon.png LT Aristides "Janitor" Cole A very good sport… Almost too good a sport. When you glitterbomb someone's body wash, you don't usually expect them to prance out of the shower and try to teabag you with their… ahem… disco balls. Heard he's a decent Viper jock, though.
Duke_icon.png CPT Richard "Bumper" Duke Not one of the most gregarious of personalities on the BSO; One of the Old Men of the ship. Must be his Flight Instructor past. Probably one of the best pilots on the ship for all his sad panda/grumpy cat nature.
Phin_icon.png ENS Phin McBride The baby of the Viper crew; He did his Flight School at a different base than me. But we came up on the same bus and are both the baby boys of our squadron. Decent guy.
Wisdom_icon.png MAJ John "Ragman" Wisdom Deputy CAG. Gods have mercy on his soul. So far, he seems pretty mellow. He didn't blow up about the Maenads in the Vipers, and appreciated both the coarse hilarity and the more subtle sociopolitical message about the common image of a Viper jock.

Misc Info

  • Family: Theo's father is a prominent priest, called the Speaker of Apollo, at the Temple of Apollo in the Pantheon, on Gemenon. How'd the kid of a priest end up on a battlestar in the Fleet?
  • Technophile: Theo can go on for hours about how technology, specifically computers, are a man's best friend. He'll discuss how silly he finds the restrictions placed on research and development after the first Cylon War at the drop of a hat. And he's got several little tinkering projects, both hardware and software, hidden away for when, gods help everyone, he gets bored.
  • I Didn't Do It!: Since his arrival on the Battlestar Orion, there have been several… incidents. The most notable of which involved bobbling maenads from Scorpio (think hawaiian hula dancers) glued on the dashboards of most of the Vipers. And there's rumors of a sign that went from saying 'Rear Admiral' to 'Rear Admirer', although that one isn't true. Yet.

Logs and Memoirs

PWD #21: Rec Room Digressions- >In which many converge in the Rec Room. _
(cassie kelsey logs noble phin pwd social theo ygraine)

PWD #27: You (Hopefully) Know the Drill- >Condition 1 drill on the hangar deck and the air space over Piraeus. Hustle! Jamming! Shooting! _
(ariston bennett ceres logs phin pwd social theo)

PWD #29: Sim Night- >A mandatory sim night for pilots in the Air Wing. _
(duke lennox logs pwd social theo wisdom)

PWD #29: Something for Something- >Theo buys Duke a beer, and asks for something in return. Kinda. <.< >.> _
(duke logs pwd social theo)

PWD #30: Pollution Done Right- >A vignette of conversations that come and go on Checkpoint Charlie's. Knox arranges to sneak behind his superiors' backs. _
(bennett ella fionnula knox lennox logs noble pwd social theo)

PWD #31: Disco Is Not Dead- >Pranks. In the Head. With glitter. _
(cole logs phin pwd social theo)

PWD #32: Piraen Red- >Checkpoint Charlie's welcomes the cast and crew of the BS Orion to her home away from home. Featuring: tea & a funny hat. _
(afton bennett iphigenia knox logs petra pwd social suri thaddeus theo)

PWD #33: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies- >During a rare bit of off-time, a Raptor Pilot and an ECO put in some simulation time. There are quite a few twists… Such as the veteran pilot and the hotshot newbie ECO switching roles to comedic effect, and a guest appearance by a Cylon Basestar. Nukes may be involved. _
(air-wing logs pwd social thaddeus theo)

PWD #34: Word From the Top- >Rear Admiral Jameson addresses the troops about the fate of the Reese and the real nature of the Orion's mission. _
(cole iphigenia jameson logs phin pwd social thaddeus theo)

PWD #36: Event - Reese Recon- >An Orion Raptor crew and observer goes out in search of an errant Frigate, and discovers something much more ominous. _
(event keller logs petra pwd theo)

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