PWD #04: The Woman of Faith is Necessary

A handwritten note, sent back to whence the original came.

The Woman of Faith is Necessary
Summary: Khrysos takes the time to respond to a hand-written note from Iphigenia.
Date: 01/01/2013 (OOC)
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Iphigenia Khrysos 
Written somewhere on Piraeus, read somewhere on Orion
01/01/2013 (OOC)

Lieutenant Arden,

Thank you for taking the time to write. Seldom in this modern world do we find the time to simply write any more; quick, instant communication without consideration as to interpretation or emotional context is often the norm nowadays. Rarely do we get a chance to entertain points of discussion from an intellectual standpoint; the spoken word, usually, just gets in the way.

Please allow me to respond to each of your concerns jointly.

You may find that, all in all, this letter is quite cordial. The misconception between us is that you believe I dislike you because of your chosen profession, your faith, or some other unseen quanta of social science. I do not know you, Chaplain, nor do I intend to know you beyond the professional requirements of my contract with CIDSR. Therefore, it is unthinkable that I, a rational man, would judge you simply on external qualities such as the color of your skin, the colony on which you were born, the smell of your perfume, etcetera.

So, then, where is the problem, you may be asking yourself?

The problem lies in your illusions, Lieutenant. You believe, much like how a scientist believes, that based on the accumulated evidence of centuries if not millennia of others' work allows you to hold fast to a /theory/ that the Lords of Kobol are, in fact, deities. Gods. In the small sect of fundamental interpretation that my parents have forced down my throat, the Lords are distilled through the actions and stories of ancestral heroes — one of which my family is named after, Pindaros.

Regardless of the particular flavor of belief, it is still a belief — a theory, as it were. As a scientist, I am reliant on theories, as there are commonly-accepted elements of science that cannot be thoroughly proven. In fact, science nearly always begins with a hypothesis — is this possible? — and then through significant testing and observation a hyopthesis can become a /theory/. Often, theories are proven for certain contexts, and they are disproven in others.

I postulate, Chaplain, that your belief and the career you have built upon that belief upon is a fraud, but it is a necessary fraud. You care for those who are too simple-minded or ego-driven to consider counseling or psychopharmaceutical treatment for their issues. These individuals rely on the crutch of faith rather than address their problems in a rational and logical manner. These individuals see the will of invisible people atop an invisible mountain in the sky as being more resolute and binding than their own. They do not have the willpower or the intellectual resolve to handle themselves, and because of that, your profession is necessary.

You are necessary, Lieutenant Arden. You are necessary because much of society are stupid, lumbering beasts who choose not to comprehend the world around them and would rather be told what to think and what to feel. You are necessary, for without you, society would crumble.

I hope the Lords heard your prayer for Lieutenant Garrido, because I am certain that hundreds of years of advances in radiation sickness protocols had /nothing/ to do with his recovery.

With warmest regards,
-Dr. Khrysos Pindar, PhD Geol KblTF

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