AWD #478: The Video
The Video
Summary: Captain al Yamoha records a message to the Fives, requested by Major Elias Grey.
Date: 12/10/2016 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: None
The Edge of a forest on Piraeus, location unknown.
AWD# 478

The video opens with a shot of The Captain’s head and shoulders. Right from the opening focus its clear she is in her full combat gear. That helmet design that is different from the Colonial head protection, the small mic on her left ear. The sunglasses are tucked into the front of her plate carrier, the top just visible. Around her, the world appears to be daylight, but to those who know it, the trees are Piraean and there is little doubt to that fact. She appears to be standing at the edge of the woods, though, because the light on her is clear but it gets darker inside the trees.

The intensity of those eyes, though, are not like anything the Colonials have seen before. There is conviction and determination. For a line the was to define strength, the purity of that spirit defines the idea. She looks more alive on camera than ever in person – and far more threatening. With her jaw set and dark eyes staring at the lens of the camera, she does not smile. Her gloved hands lift and rest on the butt of the rifle, only the rear showing in frame. There is no doubt this woman is a professional soldier.

When she speaks, somehow, it carries that same weight. That same feeling inside. Her lips move but the voice heard in each person’s head is that of their native tongue. The one they feel most comfortable with. Its unsettling for some, to be sure, but there is a certain weight that comes with that. The knowledge that the person speaking on this video is not just a Five. She is something else.

“Those watching this will know me as Five. A Five. One of a line, so I am told. A line with no idea of individuality.” There’s not even a drop of humor to the words. “Let me tell you who I am, then I will tell you who you are.” There is a pause as waiting for something, but she moves on. “I was a mother, a wife, a lover, and so much more. But the proudest title I carry is the banner I still hold today. My name is Captain Kha'lila al Yamoha. I commanded the Second Reconnaissance Company, First Battalion, Third Brigade, Ninth Y’srali Army Group. Today, some of us remain as guardians and protectors of the souls who died here. You know this planet as Piraeus. We know it differently. It was our home, your home. You all came from here three thousand years ago. Where you went and how you came to be subservient to our enemies, I cannot fathom. But there is one important thing you all need to ask yourselves.”

She takes a single step closer to the camera. “If you are machines, artificial life, then why do you represent pillars of human ideals? Machines do not appreciate faith, or honor, or creativity. They put no stock in the things you represent. Who you are is not up to them. You were never meant to exist inside your own pool of knowledge, turning back in on yourselves and recycling every time you die. You were meant to die and go to an archive to be accessed, not pushed back through like tin at a recycling plant.” She shakes her head slowly. “You, and I am talking to every single one of those this is directed at, the individual, were created by humanity to protect it. To fight for it. We were the front line defense and stellar explorers meant to stand against the threat of the machines.” She lifts a finger from the rifle and gestures it to the camera, voice going more quiet. “Today, thousands of years later, that is still your mission. It never changed.”

The Captain takes a long, purposeful breath. “You are not programmed. Yes, you can be modified and you are artificial, but you blend in so well with humanity because you are made from humanity. These people that you kill every single day, each of them, you swore oaths to protect. It was ingrained, but you were given the choice. We were feared, even hated for a time. But we earned it over a century. We became as apart of humanity as anyone else. We figured out how to let go and even create natural life with humanity. It has nothing to do with science, though. That is a secret we keep, here, locked away.” A hand lifts and rests on her heart a moment before going back to the butt of the rifle.

“This puts every single one of you in a very particular place of question: Who the hell are you and why are you killing humans? Because the Cylons tell you to? Because One tells you that humans are bad? You need to start asking real questions because you are a goddamned disgrace to your people. Your people. Not the Cylons, I mean myself and the billions of other souls who know the truth.” There’s a pause in the conversation and she looks down and to the side. The hand lifts from her rifle and she makes a two-finger gesture over her shoulder, ‘come here.’ She goes back to look at the camera and from behind her, dozens of heavily armed and rough soldiers in the same camo, but with that exotic gear, fade in from the shadows of the forest. Are there.. yes, there are a few of the lines in there as well. A Two, Four, Six, and Seven can be made out in the mix. But the fade is too slow to simply emerge from the shadows, too. As if from thin air. “Strength means a lot of things, Fives.” Those eyes come back to the camera, hard set. “Conviction, spirit, physical and emotional endurance, and the willingness to confront fears of unsavory truth. We all know how important it is that we respect strength. It is in our bones. We also know that respect means that we use what we represent to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. We never, ever abuse the trust placed in us. At least we never did in the past. We have a saying, Fives, that one of the first coined for us: You know how you can tell the good guys from the bad guys? The bad guys use innocents as shields. The good guys are shields for the innocents.”

At this point al Yamoha looks nearly furious. “If you can stand there in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye, and not ask yourself if you are doing the right thing then I have no hope for whatever it is that you have become. You aren’t deserving of what we have here and who you really are. Or were. But if you have the spirit, if you feel that there may be something amiss, then you damned well owe it to yourself and your line to take the next step. I dare you to trust humanity. I dare you to visit. Find out the truth. Or you can continue being slaves to the machines. This is your decision. The eyes of billions are upon you and what you do next.” She balls a fist and taps her heart twice. Behind her, the rest follow suit in a fluid and very drilled movement. It’s a salute, no question. The Captain then looks off the camera and nods. The video ends there.

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