ALT #300: The Underground City
The Underground City
Summary: Gone to the Moon
Date: 2013/Nov/02 (OOC Date)
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Enormous green mass on the screen that indicates the moon. A moon that, when observed through the glass of the Raptors' front screen, appears to be just as dead as its father-world. The ports are rubble. Every last one. The buildings? So many are shattered, their life-sustaining seals ruptured, exposing their innards to cold, dead space. The scattered domes have hardly faired better.
AWD #300

Three jumps to get back to the system — three jumps, and they've gone from the orbit of Piraeus with its serene blue surface to that of Tauron, an angry, molten, irradiated hell. There were people here once, by the Billions-with-a-"B". And now there's nothing. Nothing at all. Even the DRADIS shows that. For several long seconds, there's the silence of the system as it registers new surroundings. Beep. Beep. Beep.


Not even a Raider.


Just the enormous green mass on the screen that indicates the moon. A moon that, when observed through the glass of the Raptors' front screen, appears to be just as dead as its father-world. The ports are rubble. Every last one. The buildings? So many are shattered, their life-sustaining seals ruptured, exposing their innards to cold, dead space. The scattered domes have hardly faired better. Welcome to Minos, Population — Zero?

Leightner cannot see the destruction, the devistation. He's packed in the back with the extra supplies. Corpsman surrounded by pilots. 'Supplimental Medical Manpower.' 'Unknown Civilian population.' 'Medical assistance priority.' Blah blah blah. He's another set of hands to help treat people. He's also packed in the back of the Raptor, with the supplies, strapped in, in hard cover. Legs pulled up close, arms folded around himself. bump bump bump. He's staying where Jena strapped him in.

Equipped with her medpack she always carries and a P90, Jena is seated, fastened in sure, but her attention is at the front of the Raptor, the view of desolation that greets them. A hand tightens on her strap and she can't seem to force her gaze away from the proof of the stark truth that there may be no survivors at all.

It's very strange to be seated and strapped into a Raptor instead of flying a Viper. Alejandro is loaded up into Skyler's Raptor, eyes and ears attentive to whatever he can see or overhear. It's not his usual kind of mission and he's no Marine but he's an able man and might be of some use. Lt Salazar says nothing at all, flight suited and what gear he's responsible long since triple checked as he waits for their landing or orders.

Bennett knows better, of course, than to judge this particular book by its cover. Her raptor is the first to complete its jump, and all but slams its occupants back into their seats as it exits the slipstream with a shudder of aging drive components. "Flight, stand by for coordinates to our LZ," crackles her voice over the radio, as she simultaneously regains manual control over her bus's thrusters.

Kelsey is flying one of the Raptors down, a co-pilot in the left seat and her ECO and supplies in the back. Here, she seems completely at home and calm. Following as the last in line of the Raptors, Squire keeps her eyes out for Raiders while keeping formation. Everything gets a look, every land feature, every building. When you get shot at enough, you get schooled to looking for danger. "Three copies," Squire confirms quickly.

For all her banter and tendency towards hyperactivity and foul moods, Skyler is actually a rather good pilot. She certainly would have been too unpredictable in a Viper, but in a Raptor? She's just right. The woman is all-business once they're off and away, focused on the task at hand. Sure, she may be a little short with her ECO, but she doesn't have anyone consistently assigned to her yet. No one to yet build that accord with. Her Raptor comes through the jump not long after Bennett's and while some of the occupants may dislike the movements the small craft makes, Fox seems utterly unperturbed. "Aye," she responds back through the radio, checking with the ECO over their status and preparing for that descent to the landing site; once they're given coordinates.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flight, I am not picking up a distress beacon. Please scan all bands and sing out if you spot anything. In the meantime, let's put down at the prior coordinates and rendezvous with Storm."

Leightner has somewhere in the process of flying managed successfully to fall asleep. Yeah, he's like a kid in the car. Helmeted head leaning against the strap around a box of AntiRad class 2. Eyes closed, still. At least he isn't snoring yet. Somebody wake him if he's needed.

Kelsey just follows along dutifully. She aims her Raptor to follow the others. "Watch for anything on the ground," she tells the JG in the passenger seat. Hey, she's PIC? The JG can deal with it. Harumph. She watches her instruments for a moment before banking her Raptor to keep with the flight.

[Into the Wireless] Kelsey says, "Three," is confirmed. "All eyes out."

Ugh, some rough bumps there slinging out of the jump as Skyler pilots, shifting his weight in his seat. Salazar makes a face that might be his stomach tying itself into knots. It's one thing to be the pilot and quite another to be a passanger with nothing to do but wait. He moves a gloved hand over his gut and steels himself in silence not to make a mess inside of his helmet, thank you very much. They aren't even in combat manuvers. Thankfully, the Raptor smooths out and he relaxes, allowing his gaze to roam. If he can get glances at instruments, all the better to sooth his desire to be in control of something.

Jena just sits quietly by on the Raptor she's riding in on, not saying much of anything to anyone, mostly listening to the surrounding com chatter. So they were there. Now what? Hopefully, hopefully someone was left alive. She noticed when Leightner fell asleep but she hasn't bothered waking him. Maybe now's the time. Reaching out a hand, she gently touches his shoulder. "Hey Ian, rise and shine." Not that the trip had been that long.

Once they've burst through Minos's practically nonexistent atmosphere, Bennett's raptor peels off to skim the tops of ruined domes, on a direct heading for the coordinates she transmitted earlier. The raptor's floodlight is switched on once they're near enough to land, and she swoops in for a none-too-graceful landing with a few quick bursts of thrusters. Dust and debris kicked up by the ship's vents swim lazily in the glow of the floodlight as she pops the hatch and spools the engines down.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flight, Butch. Don't forget your anti-rads. Arm up and let's meet inside the main control tower at our two o'clock."

"Rise and shine back there," Skyler calls to her passengers as she and the ECO start the landing procedures. They follow Bennett's raptor in a similar path over the ruins. One floorlight joins another as they angle in to land nearby. The landing, at least, is relatively smooth. As much as one might expect when dealing with such a landscape. There's the hiss and sputter of thrusters, sending a light jolt through the craft one way and then another. Anyone who was napping shouldn't be any longer.

Leightners head snaps up at the sound of his name, looking to Jena before her hand touches his shoulder. He's just On. Instant awareness that comes from sleeping in combat zones. His gaze to Jena is sharp, then around, he looks and that's all he needs. He nods, "Present." He says in a low tone, Virgonese accent as quiet as his voice. He smiles to Jena, inclining his head, and straightens slightly pushing against the straps in a stretch. The back and forth jerks spark his attention towards the front. He's prepared. "Ready for gear up and hard drop."

The large communications array on the side of the settlement looks to have been shot apart from the air. However, on the roof of one of the still-lit buildings is a crudely constructed transmission tower. Dropping down closer and circling around the exterior, camera pointed towards the outside and windows, they can see right inside. Within the structure he lights are on but there is nobody home. Passing a few living quarters, the beds inside look neatly made and throughout, it looks like the location is prepped for someone to come back to a neatly made home. As though this weren't a war, but a vacation. Find a relatively flat place to land and they could probably stroll right through the door, to leave food and fresh water for the cats while they wait for the residents to come back home.

Kelsey watches the other Raptors land for a moment and hesitates. She gives one last scan like she's waiting to be shot at by Centurions. Why? Because Centurions are like mosquitos, damnit! She eventually settles the Raptor down and hits the lights. "Everyone out. Meet in the tower." She takes charge of shutting down the bird while everyone starts to unpack. Once its safe, she hops out and follows to join up with the rest and keeping out of the way.

Alejandro waits for that thud and settle before he unstraps from his seat. The Viper jock starts picking up gear that needs to be unloaded, his helmet still on and sealed. He double checks his seals then picks up a good sized crate, "Looks clear to unload?" Salazar can hand things out and disembark last incase the door gun suddenly needs manning - but if all remains quiet, he wait for Skyler to lock the bird tight before he helps carry. Get inside and not stay out here.

Bennett unbuckles her harness and reaches into a small compartment above her head for a box of anti-rads syringes. One is used, and the box handed to her copilot for dispersal while she shuts down engines and gets ready to move. "I do not expect any violent resistance," she tells her passengers over her shoulder, "but all the same, be on your guard." A sudden smile that crinkles the corners of her blue eyes behind her helmet. "Ready when you are." She, of course, will be the last to exit the bus.

As soon as Bennetts Raptor settles down, Jena is deftly unfastening her belts then helping Leightner with his should he need them. She's on her feet and out the door, offering a warm smile to Bennett. "Thanks." She'd worked with the pilot before and really liked her style. She's shot her anti-rad but looks back at Leightner. "Have you taken your shot?"

Leightner pops his harness, reaching for his P90, and settling the strap, and looking around. He is. The lowest ranked person. Here. Yeah. He looks to Bennett, "Aye sir." And to Jena he nods, "Ya." He moves to be the first one out. Send out the meat. He moves to exit the Raptor, boots on and sweep the immediate area. Looking for Taurians, Majors, Great Old Ones, Cats from Saturn whatever might try to take a chunk out of him.

Much as is happening in the other buses, the anti-rads are taken and passed around. Skyler's ECO sees to the task of making sure everyone gets theirs. Personal gear is checked and the woman starts going over the post-landing checklist. It's a mental list, really, but she's fairly adept at it. "Gear up, keep an eye out, and start unloading, aye," she calls back without looking up from the console. And like the rest, she'll be the last to depart the Raptor to the hard ground.

Kelsey secures her Raptor, having already had her shot. She's not unloading crap until someone gives her that particular order. The Ensign stands by the hatch and waits, arms by her sides while she looks around for direction from the honchos.

Bennett reaches under her seat for her familiar Picon Five-seveN, and checks the safety before confirming it's loaded. She slings a medkit over her shoulder, leaving most of the heavier crates to her hired muscle. Jena is flashed a grin in return before they disembark; the raptor could be an abandoned, derelict vessel for all the battle scars crisscrossing its flank, and the lights shut off. «This way», she speaks into her comm link, indicating the pressurised hatch leading into the control tower with her handheld flashlight. «Petty Officer, a hand please.» That's to Leightner as she nears the building.

Hobo keeps a sharp eye out and when Skyler's ready to proceed, he walks with her carrying supplies. The Lieutenant is wary as they assemble to join the others at the entrance. Alejandro continues his silence, leaving the com frequency open, listening.

Leightner moves, running at the Captains flank, P90, the short, boxy assault rifle scanning any angles of approach, He is doing the broken ground run like he is expecting four to eight Centurions to open up from somewhere. Anywhere in fact. «Aye, sir.» Comes his voice over the Com, moving to assist and be ready to push Bennet out of the way of bullets at the same time. Marine training.

Jena disembarks the Raptor with the others, moving along. Anti-rads were apparently no fun, but she'd managed through it. She remains quiet as she looks at the others leaving their Raptors as well. As Petty Officer is mentioned, she moves over only to realize it was Leightner, so she just falls in with them.

Though she's bearing a weapon, Skyler doesn't seem as ready and raring to use it as some of those on the mission. Nope, she's happy to make sure gear is unloaded and everyone is in order. Heck, she'll even help carry something to remain a few paces behind the rest. There's a smirk directed towards Alejandro and she offers quietly: "How'd you end up roped in?" Largely, however, her attention is on Bennett for future orders.

Alejandro walks in with the others as he carries, eyes ahead on where they are going, looking out for surprises. He keeps his tenor quite low to answer Skyler once they are certain they can safely remove their helmets, "I was asked. Not my usual sort of assignment, I can assure you. Can't be lett'n you all go have fun and leave me behind kicking up my heels, now." Hobo sets his helmet on top of the crate he was carrying and picks it back up, looking for direction on where they are to go. "Ears up."

Bennett keeps her sidearm unholstered, and hauls off her helmet once they breach the inner pressurised chamber of the complex. It's held by its hardseal straps, and she wordlessly takes point in the procession. It seems she's been here before, though she has to pause a couple of times at a juncture she doesn't recognise before proceeding. "We are looking for the control room, which should be at the centre of the.. spokes. I think." Jena is shot a sheepish smile, blue eyes darting through the shadows ahead of them as she keeps a relaxed grip on her gun.

Well, there's no Centurions about, but as the group advances through the settlement's main corridor in the direction of the tower, a new set of footsteps falls in behind them. A familiar voice(to some of them, at least) calls out. "The frak're you bringing that shit in here for?" It's Holtz, standing behind them in pants and sweat-stained tanktops, his skin pale and clammy-looking from the radiation exposure. His pistol is out and held at the hip, but he puts the weapon away as soon as he sees familiar faces. "Ain't anybody here but me, and I don't plan to be here much longer, yeah? Get it back out to your ships, I'll be along."

Leightner waits, still in hardseal, as Bennet cracks and speaks. It's not till everyone else has unsealed and are alert after removing their helmets that he pulls the jawpiece of his helmet, breaking seal and pulling the helmet off, securing it to his side as he looks around, continuing to move till he sees the Radiated Major. He straightens slightly, at the mans words, and keeps his P90 in neutral position. He looks about, still on guard till he's given different orders.

Jena responds to the smile to Bennett with one of her own and she follows along, her rifle out and safety off, just in case. "Yes, Sir," she replies. She walks along quietly, relieved there doesn't seem to be any Centurions.

As she pulls off her helmet and hooks it to her gear, shaking out her hair slightly, Skyler snorts softly at Alejandro. "You've got a twisted idea of fun, Hobo." Her weapon is easily within reach, but Fox isn't taking point or remotely near it. Instead, she has a couple of bags slung over her shoulders and keeps an easy pace with the rest. Holtz's words do draw her attention about and eyebrows rise slightly. Certainly, they knew in theory what to expect regarding anyone on the moon and the radiation, but seeing it is a whole other matter.

Bennett pivots on her heel when she hears the footsteps voice, sidearm up and aimed before Holtz even has a chance to speak. Her thumb rests on the safety for a beat, and then the Five-seveN is lowered, and her lips pull into a slight frown. "Petty Officers, will you please see that the Major gets a dose of anti-rads?" It's addressed to both medic and pararescue jumper. The medkit slung across her shoulder is hoisted up slightly, and Holtz is studied more carefully. "And an assessment of his fitness to continue this mission," she adds, not unkindly.

"Captain, if I can't continue this mission, then you're frakked, unless there's someone along with better Tauran than yours," Holtz replies frankly, with a slight smirk on his face. "I heard back from the Minoans several hours before you got here, and I've got coordinates for you." He holds up a scrap of paper, with a series of numbers — a set of coordinates — scrawled across it and underlined. I checked the maps, and it's out in the lunar desert in the middle of frak-all… they didn't give me time to ask, and I don't think they'd've told me if I had, yeah?" He eyes the rest of the group, frowning. "Did I just grow a second head and start speaking Old Gemenese? I said get those damned supplies back out to the Raptor." He's a bit more irritable than usual, even for him, but then three days of isolation in an irradiated dump might have that effect. Despite that, though, he doesn't protest Bennett's call for anti-rads. It doesn't look like he's had a dose of his own for some time.

The Vipor pilot had turned, ready to drop crate and pull his weapon. If nothing else the crate could provide lean cover until he had better. Somebody had to carry the stuff, not knowing they'd be going elsewhere. Alejandro studies Holtz and looks to Bennett, then says, "Yes, sir, Major." A glance to Skyler and then he's heading back to set his crate down and put his helmet back on.

Oddly enough, it's the abrasive manner in which the Major addresses her that has Bennett relaxing slightly. And the talk of coordinates doesn't hurt, either. "I was not sure what state we would find you in, sir. I thought it best not to try to contact you in advance." Her sidearm is holstered finally, and she holds her hand out for the scrap of paper. The rest are perfectly capable of following Holtz's orders, so she doesn't reissue them.

The straps of one of the bags at Skyler's shoulder is adjusted, but the woman does pull her helmet back on, securing it into place. There's a slight shrug to answer Alejandro's glance and she starts heading back to the Raptors with the rest. Orders are orders.

Leightner pushes his gun down and to the side, reaching up to tug the strap tight as he pulls his gloves off, breaking his neck seal, and stowing his gloves as he gets inside the EVA suit. Then he rubs his hands together a whiff of alcohol from them as gloves seem top just suddenly be on his hands, as he approaches Holtz, looking him over, a lovely metal tube of sweet anti-radiation nausea appears in his hand. He looks at Jena, nodding as he approaches, "Sir, I'd like ta get this directly to yer system. That's the Carotid, Ask ye ta tilt yer head back please?" He says in the rough Virgonese accent as he uncaps the shiny needle and advances on Storm. It's not sinister. At all.

Jena moves over to Holtz and offers him a warm smile. If anything can be said, her bedside manner is impeccable. "Storm," she says quietly. "How you feeling?" Of course he'd just been talking about that, but she wants to hear it again, apparently. She nods to Leightner when he moves in with the syringe, but at the moment her focus is on the patient.

Holtz nods to Bennett, uttering a low, snorting laugh. "We're on the same wavelength, then. I deactivated the radio as soon as I got the coords from the survivors. Didn't want the wrong people homing in on the signal." The way he says it, one can almost hear the quote marks around the word 'people'. "I've been soaking up rads for three days and the anti-rads ran out twelve hours ago," he informs Jena with a flat stare, her charms apparently wasted on him for the time being. He doesn't snap at her at least, though. "Been better." At Leightner's request, he immediately tilts his head back, exposing his bare, tattooed neck for the needle.

Bennett favours Holtz with a wicked little smile as he prepares to receive his dose of anti-rads. Once he's passed off the coordinates, she turns to head back the way they came; presumably her passengers will be along when they're able. It won't take long, at least, to get the bus warmed up and ready to move again.

Leightner lowers into the Major, and stab and inject and the sweet coursing Anti Radiation flodding his system as he withdraws the needle and caps it, slipping it away. Just that simple as he picks up on their turning around he starts resealing.

As soon as Leightner's done, Holtz straightens and nods to him and Jena. "Thanks, Petty Officers." After all, the big brute does have some manners. He quickly moves to recover his gear and pull on his flight suit before following the rest of them to the waiting Raptors.

The location that the locals have called them to is, in fact, what effectively amounts to a lunar desert. The nearest settlement — or rather, the nearest ruins of what was once a settlement — are at least twenty minutes away as the Raptor flies, which means probably a good two hours in a land vehicle and more on foot. Worst of all, there's absolutely nothing to mark the terrain — nothing at all. Just those ruins, barely visible on the horizon, and then a whole lot of more nothing. All of it's flat and grey, looking out into a black sky dominated by the smoldering surface of what was once one of the most populous planets in the Colonies. It is not, to say the least, the sort of place people build a nice vacation home. How very welcoming.

Supplies loaded back up and in the air with all the expedience one expects of the Colonial military, it isn't too long before the raptors are touching down again atop a sand dune. «All right, Storm, what do you think?» she asks over the radio as the bus is powered down. «Send them a message and wait? I suggest waiting inside the raptors until we are sure of where they are.»

Squire and her crew are once more saddled up quickly with their gear packed and quick to shove off. Once more she takes up the last ship in the trail and keeps her spacing on the way in. She's quiet, though. Not quite distracted, but the woman has some things on her mind obviously to those in the ship with her. But her scan stays up and both hands on the controls. Touching down at the back end, dirt blows out everywhere and her skids make even contact. No powering down, no reduction in power, Kelsey just sits there waiting for orders.

Leightner is once again, packed away. But he stays awake this time. He had a nice little walkies, but he's rested now and preparing to hit the ground again. Exactly the same way. Enlisted bait for bad things. That's how it works. His helmet lights are on and he's idily checking his air. Extra tanks for other people. Suit patches. Smile to Jena. Wait. As they touch down, he prepares to exit, looking forward, listening to the Com. «Ready at order for boots on.» He reports. And he holds there.

Sure, they have to pack the Raptors back up, but it's better than needing to run back out and unload them in the same place. Skyler doesn't seem to mind too greatly. She's at least able to get more time where she's 'at home,' as it were. "Eyes open people," she offers to her passengers, "this isn't time for another nap. Save that for later." It's a short flight as things go and the landing is as simple as can be within the dessert. She powers down shortly after Bennett, letting everyone start disembarking as she checks everything over.

Finally away from the settlement and with a fresh injection of anti-rads, Holtz's color has improved slightly. Seated in Bennett's copilot seat, he nods at her suggestion. "Yeah, we'll keep everyone in until we know what we've poked our heads into." He clears his throat and reaches for the controls, recalling the frequency on which he originally spoke with the Chiraco survivors.

Alejandro isn't going to disembark until the Captain or the Major orders them to do so. He puts a hand out to those who would disembark from Skyler's raptor, «We were told to wait inside, don't disembark.» Aye, he heard the orders. Hobo tries to get a vantage point he can peer outside but not get into Skyler's way.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Flight, Storm. Everybody hold position in your ships until we've made contact."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "This is Major Holtz to the Chiraco survivors. I've arrived at the designated coordinates. I have three Raptors with food and medical supplies. Respond."

Bennett eases back in her seat and prepares to hang tight for the time being. Her eyes briefly flick across to Holtz next to her, and his hands on the controls, then skim the DRADIS display before returning to her windscreen. Wash, rinse, repeat; multitasking is the mainstay of a pilot. "So what do you think?" she asks Jena and Leightner conversationally. "Do we say 'open sesame' and a cavern opens up in that sand dune over there?" She smiles slightly.

Leightner checks his arm. The brassard there, the symbol, the snake twining the staff. Symbol of the Healer, Medic, with the assault rifle, he looks to the frons, «Camoflage cover. Pebbles and dust glued on the outer hatch. They're watching us.» IT's a guess. He looks back to the door, ready for order.

"Sounds like an animated movie, but we could give it a try," Jena tells Bennett with a lopsided smile. Her gaze searches for Holtz, checking to see how he is doing, noticing the improvement of his coloring. It's all been fairly strange to her so far but she seems to settle into the role easy enough. Catching Ian's smile, she returns it.

Though mostly powered down, Skyler does keep a few minor things running. Just in case. Hands hover over controls and the woman slouches there in her gear. Helmets are such a pain sometimes. Hard to glance over your shoulder. So she twists in place to look back towards her passengers. "Everyone holding up back there?"

Bennett seems relaxed, comfortable, perhaps even distractedly so. But the truth of it is in her hand on her sidearm, resting upon her lap; her whole body is possessed of a liquid tension, like a spring waiting to fire. "Almost certainly," she answers the medic, with a brief glance in his direction. "You may address me as Butch, by the way, on mission. And you are?" Her attention's already drifted back to her console, and Holtz, while she awaits his reply.

The first sign that they've been spotted isn't a radio call — it's a cloud. A cloud of dust, trailing up from the other side of a dune in the distance. Somewhere in the center of that dust is a black speck. No… two. Three. Three black specks. The only way they'd be kicking up a cloud like that is if they're either land vehicles rolling at top speed, or small aircraft flying so low the pilot would have to be stupid and crazy, both. The radio, however, remains ominously silent.

Leightner invests a part of his attention to responding. He does it behind sandbags all the time. «Leightner, Corpsman, Medic. Respond to em all. PO3, Butch.» He's in the Prox. channel, and it's still quiet and clipped. No idea anything's coming, not looking outside at all.

Holtz is perched in his seat leaning slightly forward, eyes looking out the front window of the Raptor to search for any signs of activity. He's silent as he waits for a response, any response, from the Minoans who brought them here; then, his eyes narrow as he sees the cloud of dust begin to form. A finger points in the direction of the black specks. "There," he calls out. "Company."

Uh-oh. Instinctively, Jena moves to the door gun, it's where she usually rides when on a Rator anyway. She's prepared to use it if given the go ahead, but at the moment she only stands and waits with the others.

Bennett shifts slightly, reaching up to flick on the raptor's floodlight in order to illuminate whatever it is that's coming their way. «Good to meet you, Leightner» she replies through her helmet's comm link.

Squire sits there, engines still running at low RPM and dust still swirling a bit at the rear of the craft. With weight on the skids, she gently rolls the stick around in a lazy circle, checking the thrusters. Her co-pilot see's it first and her eyes follow his pointed finger to the dust. She stares at them on the approach, waiting before she makes any move.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Flight, Storm. Incoming contacts at zero-two-niner. Everybody sit tight; this could be them, or it could not be. No one leaves their ships until I do, yeah?"

Alejandro is trying to look outside between Skyler and her copilot. The Viper pilot is very quiet, eyes scanning this eerie place. He likewise spots the rising dust and points it out to Skyler, «Look over there, 3 o'clock.» He goes to prepare himself at their Raptor's door gun though he'll wait for orders, listening.

[Into the Wireless] Kelsey says, "Three copies. Engines running at min on standby."

Leightner waits at the door of the Raptor as chatter tells the tale. He's listening and is ready to get the door for Storm. He's patient.

There's a grunt in Alejandro's direction. Fox is fully aware by that point. The comm is flipped and Holtz given the response from her Raptor. They're aware and waiting. Skyler's fingers twitch slightly over the console; waiting to see if they need to jump to the skies or fully shut down and get this thing done.

Bennett's gloved hand rests lightly on the engine controls, while her left remains curved around her sidearm's grip. "You give the word, Storm, and we are out of here in a Caprican minute," she murmurs to the viper jock next to her.
Even at top speed, their approach is slow, giving the crew from the Orion plenty of warning. Three land vehicles, each one occupied by a crew of… five? Four. No. Yes, definitely five. And by the looks of it, they aren't frakking around, either. Every last one of them, even the damned rovers themselves, is fully armed. The convoy comes to a halt five hundred yards away, and not an inch closer. They make no move. Like the crew, they seem to be waiting.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz looks out the window at the parked rovers, scowling slightly. "I say again, this is Major Holtz. Identify yourselves."

Fools. Leightner can wait all day. Or a Minosian Day. Or night. Or whatever. He's at the Raptor door, cleverly disguised from the outside as a Raptor Hatch! They'll never out wait him. /Never!/

Kelsey just waits, not moving. Her hand has stopped moving on the controls and instead she pulls a bit of pitch in and gets light on the skids, juuuust in case. Those are a lot of guns. She's been shot before. It wasn't awesome.

Bennett, as it happens, has had extensive dealings with Taurans in her past life as a CSAR pilot. And this seems to be pretty much par for the course, judging by the 'it figures' look on her face. "They will wait for us to make a mistake," she murmurs, more for the enlisted's sake than Holtz's. "Be prepared to play this game by their rules." Her gaze cuts across to the viper jock again, like she's assessing whether he has his own game in mind.

Alejandro stays at the door gun position, watchful and waiting. This is so not his element but he's not alone out here, with other Orion crew. Hobo licks his lips, «Can you see anything, Fox?»

Holtz continues to stare out the window at the silent rovers, though he does dart a look back over at Bennett. "They're the ones making a mistake," he says with a wave. "They don't have shit in their hand and they're playin' like they've got full colors." A pause. "You see anything on PIRCS?"

Remaining at the door gun, Jena just stands there, waiting for anything that would give her any sort of clue as what to do. It comes from Bennett and she smirks. "So, we wait." She glances towards Leightner, noticing his patient look and grins. There was nothing more to do than wait and see.

Leightner looks to Bennett, then back to the door, «Acknowledged.» He murmers at low proximity channel. Doorman, waiting for orders. Either way? He would be answering Ship Medic calls on the Orion. Some Snipe drops a wrench on his foot and he goes charging off to fix the boo boo. This is far more interesting. He looks to Jena and smiles, then looks to the door, focused, and patient.

"Not yet," Skyler mutters, fussing at the controls. She is adjusting those cameras, trying to catch some good shots of the armed people and their vehicles. "Why would they give out coordinates and then show up like this?" There's a glance back towards the Viper jock. "Bet you wish you'd stayed behind now."

"Frak this," Holtz mutters. "This is gettin' old." He directs a chopping motion of the hand at Leightner, directing him to open the hatch. "I'm going out there." To Bennett he says, "They do anything you don't like, you blast them and get the frak out of here, yeah?" And with that he rises from his seat and heads in the direction of the hatch.

<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Squire can feel her throat getting dry and she starts wishing for a cigarette. She swallows and reaches slowly forward to hit a single rocker switch labeled 'Master Arm'. Its a subtle motion. "Rails, spool the FTL. Be prepared to jump to Picon on my mark," she says quietly, trying to keep her voice low and calm. The ECO acknowledges and begins the sequence. Watching Holtz get out, she scans the horizon around them, then looks back towards the vehicles in the distance.

Leightner sees the motion, and breaks seal, opening the side, «With you, sir?» He asks, to be sure as he opens the hatch, covering the hole with his form, before moving to the side to allow Holtz out. The idea is if bullets rip into the Raptor, they have to go throuh his armor, him and the armor again before hitting Officer.

Bennett nods absently to Holtz, and leans forward to tip a couple of switches and adjust a gymbal slightly. "They are definitely armed," she confirms softly, peering through the camera's viewport. "But those things could not stand up to a B.B. gun much less the CAPARMS." She observes a few moments more before adding, "Their comms look.. inoperative. Five person crew per vehicle, it looks like, with one HMG apiece for each vehicle."

«Nothing to complain about yet.» Alejandro says through his helmet com back to Skyler. «One of our Raptors is opening. Think Major Holtz is stepping out for a chat. Nothing from them over channels?» Nothing Hobo can hear at least.

Holtz pauses in front of the open hatch as Bennett makes her report, and nods. "No wonder they're not saying nothin', then." When Leightner asks his question, he turns to consider the noncom for a moment, then nods. "On me, PO," he says. "Nice and easy-like. Don't want to give anybody the wrong idea, yeah?"

«Nothing yet.» Skyler frowns, adjusting the camera on Holtz as he steps from the other Raptor. Then past him, to those waiting in the distance. «Frak. I hate waiting.»

Leightner nods, ready to move out, tugging the Medic brassard high on his arm, «Rather give em the right one, sir.» He holds his P90 loosely, and at a neutral position. ready to form on the Major.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flight, Butch. Let's hang tight a little longer while Storm plays welcome wagon."

Well that escalated quickly. Jena steps back when Holtz and Leightner move towards the exit of the Raptor. She continues her hold on the door gun, aimed steady at those crested on the rise with all their heavy gear. She's also armored and positions herself in the door so to protect anyone else behind her in the Raptor, giving both Holtz and Leightner a look.

As the hatch of one of the Raptors cracks open, the vehicles begin rolling slowly forward, with the center one taking point. Bennett's assessment was an accurate one — despite rolling up in what are obviously unamored civilian vehicles meant more for construction and mining work than for military operations, they've mounted a CAPARMS M28 to each one, currently manned. Static cuts across the radio system and one figure in the center vehicle can be seen holding up the silhouette of what looks like little more than a walkie-talkie, but his(?) voice isn't yet coming through.

Holtz steps down off the wing and advances, arms spread slightly at his sides to make it clear he's not going for the weapons at his belt. "All right, PO, let's go," he says to Leightner. "Weapons down." He slows as one of the rovers begins to move, finally coming to a stop between the lead Raptor and the advancing vehicle. He can see the silhouette of the person speaking into the walkie talkie, but his brow furrows as all he can hear is static.

Bennett watches Holtz and the medic depart her bus, then glances across to Jena with a small smile. There's little more the captain can do, however, than to be ready to move as Holtz instructed. Well, that and switch off all non essential systems to try to reduce the interference on the Minoans' walkie talkies.

Leightner hops down with Holtz, moving at his side and two steps behind him. Subordinate, but the side he is standing on does display his Medical band, three steps into the walk with Holtz, he slowly, slides his weapon down and tugs at the strap over his shoulder, sliding it to his back, tilting his head and lifting a hand to tap on the his of his helmet. Not Recieving. Whap the side of your helmet, it might improve reception. All of humanity seems to do that. Hit it to make it work.

A five person crew in each vehicle — one at the heart, one working the M28, two more standing a general guard, and the last covering the first with all of the diligence of a bodyguard ready to take a bullet for the President. Each one of them is armed, even the ones under guard. A smattering of Zeus Model 37s, a Leo Raisen or two, but Zasta-74s, mostly, made famous by an endless stream of pictures splashed across Caprican media of Sagittaran insurgents firing on Colonial Marines at Valos, and at the Mangala riots before that, and the Tauron uprising before that and… and….

The vehicles come to a stop a hundred yards from the Raptors and advance no farther. There is, however, finally a voice that crackles over the radio, speaking Tauran in a thick Minoan accent.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "«"…you is Major Holtz?"»"

Jena tries to be as reassuring as she can, a smile tugging at her lips for Butch, there's little she can do but offer cover from the doorgun, so that's what she does, watching Leightner and Storm, a frown marring her brow.

Holtz straightens as the static suddenly clears, and the sound of a rough voice resolves itself over the radio. In response, Holtz waves slowly at the truck, and switches to his native Tauran as he speaks into the radio.

Though the voice finally crackles through, Skyler doesn't know what to make of it. She doesn't recognize the language or the words. So she leans around, glancing back to Alejandro. «You get that, Hobo?»

[Into the Wireless] Holtz"«Yeah. I'm Holtz. And you're the one I've been talkin' to.» It isn't a question.

Ah, Zasta-47s, the mainstay of insurgents everywhere who mean business. "I wonder how they got their hands on those," she murmurs to Jena. Or perhaps to herself. "See if you can keep a bead on whoever is manning the CAPARMS."

Leightner stands there silent beside Holtz, an unmoving, respectful presence at his side and service. Medic brassard displayed, confident in one certain thing. They are in fact, speaking Tauran. He's pretty sure of it. They're not swearing and that's the only Tauran he /knows/. Then he would be sure. Better he's not sure if you think about it.

Jena moves her weapon just slightly, zeroing in on the target, she smiles. "I don't know where they got them, but I've got the shot lined up. You tell me if it's necessary to take it."

Excellent! A volunteer. As the Major identifies himself, even the thin air of the moon — too thin to breathe, but thick enough to carry sound — is filled with the sound of guns being cocked. And pointed unmistakably at him. These people aren't stupid. With weapons like that, they're more likely to take a bullet from the ricochet off of the Raptors than they are to actually pierce one. So their best, and possibly only, option? Make it obvious that they're going to pick off the man in charge if this goes poorly.
[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "«You said to take our pick, but you only gave us one option. So what is it you want?»"

Ahhh, Tauran manners. They're such a diplomatic, eloquent people.

"Belay that," Bennett murmurs, "Target the gentleman who is speaking. The one in the centre." Gentleman might be a bit of a stretch, but she has the good grace to smile faintly when she says it. "Storm," she mutters more quietly, "don't you dare do something bullheaded now.."

As the guns cock and sights take aim on the Major, and most definately him as well, Leightner, Does. Not. Move. Yep. They are still not more frightening than that single red eye sliding back and forth. He looks out at the land vehicles, listening to… whatever they're saying and he /Holds Position./ Whatever he was expecting, they seem to have not been worse than his worst case scenerio. Not yet. He is stone.

As the guns on the rovers suddenly jerk in his direction, Holtz jabs a hand in the direction of Leightner and the Raptors, as if to say take no action. "«Way I see it, you're fast running out of options. I spent the last three days in your settlement. I read all your records. You lot've got to be runnin' pretty low on supplies by now, yeah?»" He takes a breath, his chin jutting defiantly upwards. "«So I think the question is, what do you want? Do you want to die slowly? Or do you want to get off this rock and live to see your vengeance? Because I can make either of those things happen for you.»"

"Frak." Skyler mutters and shifts in her seat, uncomfortable. She does glance back towards Alejandro, perhaps making sure the jock is ready with that door gun. Just in case. Hands remain on the camera controls, though she does cast glances to the rest. In case they do need to get up and out /fast/.

Moving the weapon once more just a marginal amount, Jena purses her lips, yeah she can hear it and she can hardly breathe. She aims it dead on, just waiting for that order to start it. Her jaw is clenched tight and her finger waits just by the trigger. Everything is tense. She doesn't look at Leightner or Storm or anyone else but the speaker who has the weapons aimed at their men.

Moving the weapon once more just a marginal amount, Jena purses her lips, yeah she can hear it and she can hardly breathe. She aims it dead on, just waiting for that order to start it. Her jaw is clenched tight and her finger waits just by the trigger. Everything is tense. She doesn't look at Leightner or Storm or anyone else but the speaker who has the weapons aimed at their men. (repose)

The man's got his finger on the walkie-talkie, his mouth open, about to say something more. Judging by his baleful expression, he is neither phased nor impressed by their banter, but angry — too angry for this to be any good. But a gloved hand stretches up from the center of the vehicle, resting on his arm. They must have some sort of internal comm system built into their suits, much the way the Orion's crew does, as a commotion has suddely erupted among the convoy. Figures from the two other vehicles rising to their feet, staring at the center point. The half-concealed figure in the heart seat of the point vehicle shaking a head vehemently at the man with the radio, who is protesting whatever is being discussed mightily. It's unquestionably an unknown, and in situations like this, unknowns are even more dangerous the guns pointed at Holtz's chest.

Bennett frowns slightly as she catches glimpses of the turn the situation's taken over yonder. She adjusts the camera on the raptor slightly, again, and snaps a couple of pictures. If she's lucky, she might catch sight of whoever's sitting in the middle and generating such a kerfuffle. Though the look on her face suggests she already has an idea. "Someone needs to remind Storm that one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar," she mentions conversationally to Jena.

Leightner doesn't know anything about what's being said or what's going on in the vehicles. He's standing on an airless field, with guns pointed at him. There are unknowns all around him and have been for a while. But he's prepared for danger, and he's still. The kind of battlefield calm that leaves him ready. Relaxed and carrying his weight on the balls of his feet. Hands empty, arms at ease at his sides, unmoving.

Holtz stands silently while the men in the trucks hold their 'conversation'. The trio of guns in his face don't seem to bother him, as he continues to stare at the center rover with an air of iron-clad resolution; but then, the men behind those guns have other pressing business holding their attention at this very moment. Going off the general circuit for a moment, he says quietly to Leightner, "Well, PO, at least we got 'em talkin', yeah?"

Giving Bennett a quick grin, without looking at her, Jena agrees. "Men will be men, Butch." She remains with her weapon aimed at the talker, having to move it a hair with each movement, but she doesn't lose that bead.

It seems that the source of all this sudden chaos has one the day. The figure stands, intent on climbing from the vehicle. And when she — yes, definitely a she — does, it causes a mad scramble by everyone accompanying her to cover her. Everyone in the rover, everyone but the one manning the HMG, follows her onto the dry, dusty surface of the moon, closed around her like a guard. The largest of them, the one with the radio, even goes so far as to block her almost entirely from view, until he's given the hard, reproachful look that only a mother possesses. Yes, a mother. She's middle-aged, or… no. Later than that, in her sixties likely, with the dark hair and dark eyes so common among Ares' children, but with the pale skin one might expect from a lifetime spent indoors and underground. The resemblance between the two is immediately obvious, and obviously familiar — a cousin or a nephew, maybe, but most likely her son. The radio is given over to her with his jaw set, his mouth pinched into a thin line, and his eyes pleading as they approach.

Leightner does not nod. He does nothing, but speak on the coded frequency he was keyed with from Holtz. «Aye sir. Debate going on. Going well.» He speaks quietly, but with an easy energy. His effort is in not giving away body language that they are talking. He masters his stress, not the other way around. And nobody's actively shelling him. That's the kind of thing that sends him off his stride. Then there's activity and he shuts the hell up. And remains where he is as.. oooh, ew. Mama's not happy.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "You are not the first that has offered to take us from what remains of our home. But you assume too much, and have given us no reason to trust you with the lives that remain."

Fidgeting, Skyler keeps her eyes on the camera. All she can do at the moment is watch and be prepared. Fingers flex and curl; she wants to do /something/, but there's nothing she can jump forward and do yet. There's still glances towards those in the Raptor with her. Making sure that everyone is also in line.

No, definitely not what Bennett was expecting. It takes her a moment to digest what she's seeing, and then she moves, finally, to unbuckle her harness and holster her sidearm. "I am going out," she tells Jena. "You may come with me, but I will not order you to do so." She pauses to let the pararescue jumper push the door gun aside so she can climb out, and then swings down into the sand with a muffled thump of boots.

Holtz regards the commotion curiously, his attention finally focusing on the older woman who approaches him, the man standing in front of her notwithstanding. He nods slowly, even respectfully in her direction. Unlike her, however, he continues speaking in his native dialect.

Needing no further invitation, Jena steps out with Bennett, carrying her P90 down at her side. No, she's not aiming this one, but it wouldn't take her long to get a bead on. She follows Bennets lead, her eyes on the others, not her own team, waiting to see what was going to happen there.

Leightner remains facing forward, unmoving, unable to see that the Wimmenfolks are coming out behind him. IF he knew they were coming, he'd get the feeling he's about to get patted on the head and given a sammich and sent inside, the boys have played soldier long enough and now the women will talk this out. Maybe. either way, he holds his position.

Bennett, like Holtz some time earlier, is careful to lift her arms away from her sides and open her gloved hands, making it clear she's not hiding a weapon somewhere— other than the Five-seveN holstered at her thigh. Her approach is easy and unhurried, and she comes to a halt somewhere off to Holtz's left.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "«Forgive my presumption. I saw the recording in the control tower; I know the Cylons contacted you.»" As he speaks, his voice takes on a more formal, less abrasive tone, as one speaking to an honored elder. "«We are not the Cylons. The offer is genuine. On board my ships there are food and medical supplies.»" He switches to Standard just long enough to turn to the new arrivals, his tone brooking no arguments. "Unload the supplies from your ship. Bring them here.""

<OOC> Atalanta waves hand. "Okay. You, Benz, and Holtz can all make Alertness rolls."
<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Holtz rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Leightner rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Keeping her weapon down at her side, Jena remains standing beside Bennett, near Holtz and Leightner, ready to take aim if anything happens. She doesn't speak into her com or anything, but she stays on high alert.

Bennett is clearly not accustomed to be spoken to like Holtz addresses her. She eyes him for a beat, then the older, matronly woman who seems to be at the centre of all this. And finally, peels her eyes away to do as she's asked, and return to the raptor. Jena's shoulder is touched lightly in passing, as if to ask for cover, and then she's off; sand sprays where her boots hit in soft skiffs carried by the wind.

For a few moments, she says nothing, her head canting to the side. She is most likely listening to the unheard voices of her fellow inside her ear, as her expression is a contemplative one, weighing everyone's words before she gives any reply. Her son (?) shakes his head, but says nothing. She only gives him the reassuring smile of parent to child, despite the fact that he's a grown man — and a beast of one at that, despite the fact that the rationing of their food supply is beginning to show in the hollows of his cheeks, and of all the others.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "And where is it you would take us? The Colonies of Helios Alpha are dead. Have the others survived?"

Leightner looks to the central woman, looking at her for a moment, then two, as if trying to place something.. Nope.. not quite. But his thoughts no one wants to hear now, so he looks to Holtz as he gives the order, to the new arrivals. Therefore he remains there. His head returning to a neutral position, unless and until he is instructed.

With a bit of a grunt, Skyler tells her copilot to take over and keep an eye on things. The woman makes sure she has everything secure and soon steps out from her Raptor. She's listening to what comes over the radio, yes, but still curious enough to want to get a better view. She doesn't approach rapidly, mind.

With the other Raptors shutting down and people getting out, Squire looks to her co-pilot. "Stay here. First sign of trouble, get the frak out of here. You have the controls." The Raptor doesn't shut down but the pilot opens the hatch and steps out to stand on the wing. She keeps her hands in plain sight. There's a quick hop off into the sand and she steps away from the Raptor about ten feet, turning her head to look behind them towards the six oclock she couldn't see before.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz finally switches to Colonial Standard as well, raising an eyebrow. "Tauron is dead, yes. As is Gemenon. Caprica and Picon yet survive. A Cylon puppet government rules from Caprica City. Our fleet has struck at Picon, but fighting continues. Virgon is destroyed, Aquaria isolated, but the other Colonies are under occupation." He shakes his head. "We have a safe haven, outside the system. We have the means to extract your people and take them there. You would be able to rest, regain your strength."

There's a slight flinch from Fox as she clearly hears Holtz tell the fate of many colonies. Including her own home. The woman exhales in a slow sigh as she nears the others. There's a bit of a frown from Skyler, but she remains silent. Letting Holtz continue to handle matters.

Without further instruction, Jena offers cover for Bennett and then once she's back at the Raptor, not too far away, she heads back also, and begins unloading things from it and bringing them to rest nearby Holtz and Leightner. Once delivered, she heads back for more.

The reaction is almost immediate. As soon as those words come through the wireless, chaos erupts inside the remaining two vehicles. Everyone is on their feet, some having carelessly lowered their weapons and staring in shock, others shouting accusations into their internal systems. For her part, the woman that has come forward to speak for all of them remains surprisingly calm, her doubt given away only by the narrowing of her eyes. She folds her hands together, almost as though in prayer, and considers the people who stand before her for a few long moments of utter silence, the dialogue exchanged between the Minoans carrying no father than her ears.

Leightner holds simply through the litany of the fates of the worlds. It's not a surprise Virgon has been destroyed. When the group reacts this way, it's the most understandable thing that has happened thusfar to him. News of the deaths of some fifteen to twenty Billion? This is perfectly natural.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "I cannot except your offer, Holtz." The honor of his rank is, noticeably, dropped from her address. But is that any surprise, for a woman of her age and her birth? Even now, so many years after the Unification, her standard is formal, stilted. "I speak only for my own, and can not do any more than carry your message to the others. There are more than three thousand here, and the other «rolga» must decide for themselves.""

Squire turns her head as the chaos builds at the vehicles. She watches those guns carefully, breathing heavily. She swallows and makes a signal to the pilot in her Raptor and the crew in the back begin unloading crates. Standing in the sand, she begins pulling them off the winglet and setting them down as fast as they handed out.

All the while, as Jena removes the supplies from the Raptor, carrying them out and stacking them one at a time, she listens to the discussions. Three thousand? How had they survived this long? They would certainly go a long way in populating Piraeus. Silent thoughts as she brings the supplies.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Then they must decide quickly. The Cylons still patrol in the area. We have the capability to evacuate all your people, but we will need to assemble and prepare the ships we will need. Ships larger than these." He waves back in the direction of the Raptors. "If the «rolga» wish to leave, we have to know. And soon."

For the first time, the woman looks away from the faces of the assembled and back towards those waiting in the two still-occupied rovers. Whatever role it is that she fills for the people here, it seems more and more likely that she brings two counterparts with them, and is now longing to them to hear their voice. A few seconds pass before she nods once, deeply, an acknowledgement that borders on a bow.

Leightner looks to the woman, then to where she looks, the other vehicles. After watching her using her phone a friend lifeline. He just to change things up. Stands there, unmoving. I know, you never saw that coming.

Squire isn't paying much outward attention to what is being said. People with guns are distracted so she and that Raptor crew are moving things over towards Holtz as fast as they can. Kelsey waddles a bit under the weight of a heavy crate and ends up plunking it down next to the group.

The last of the supplies are delivered to Storm, well nearby him anyway, before Jena takes up a post nearby as she listens to the words tossed back and forth. The bow catches her by surprise and she waits to see what happens next.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "The «rolga» will give you your answer in three days time. Until then, four of you will stay." It is, perhaps, meant as a request or even as an invitation, given her awkward use of the Colonies' common tongue. Or perhaps it really is a demand, made foolishly despite the fact that they're clearly outgunned. "We do not know your ships, nor your haven, and will need you to guide us as we prepare. Please choose."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "I can return with you," Holtz offers, with a look back at the Raptors. "Along with several of my people. We can help prepare any who wish to leave for evacuation, and we will be able to coordinate a plan with our people in the fleet."

<OOC> Atalanta says, "Either way, any of you outside are welcome to make Alertness rolls."
<FS3> Holtz rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Skyler rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Jena rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Leightner rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls Alertness: Good Success.

And as they continue to discuss matters, Skyler approaches nearer. Her steps are slow and wary, but not aggressive. She's just not sure what's about to come up and this waiting game, still, is making her antsy. At the very list, they are speaking in standard. Phew. She does frown slightly at the request, glancing towards Holtz to see his reply.

Leightner moves. He does something! He looks at Jena. Nodding to her. «Three thousand» He says, openly, Virgonese accent. «More than one Medic could help. Two, though.. Bettern' one.» He leaves it to her, but the intention is clear.

Kelsey looks over towards Bennett, then towards the others. She slowly raises her hand before looking to Holtz. "I'll go with you, sir," she says quietly.

Jena doesn't leave from her stance near Holtz after all. She just gives Leightner a nod. They were staying, it was a given. <"I'll stay."»

Skyler rubs at the back of her neck. She's curious. Curious enough that… There's a slight clearing of her throat. "I'll stay. Copper," her co-pilot, "can handle the bird well enough."

Bennett has been helping to offload supplies from her bus, and only looks back to Holtz when his voice comes over the radio. As it becomes clear that he has more volunteers than he needs, she pauses to speak into her transmitter.

Leightner nods to Jena and moves.. nowhere. He's at the volenteer point with Jena. Medics with medical supplies. They are most needed here. Something he does do however, is touch his Brassard, his chest then face plate. It's a gesture of respect, to a holy person, given from one who follows the god he indicated. A disciple of Asclepius the healer. Might be a little redundant, given he's been showing the brassard, but still.

Bennett thumbs off her transmitter and turns back for her raptor finally. With the cargo offloaded and her passengers remaining on Minos, it's going to be a quiet ride back to Orion. There's a low whine as her engines are spooled up one by one, exhaust vents kicking up a veritable sandstorm as she hits the button for the hatch.

After his exchange with Bennett, Holtz looks around, seeing the four other forms standing to his sides before turning back to the Minoan woman, his hands spreading slightly. "The five of us will go with you. We've got a couple medics — " he points at Jena and Leightner — "if you've got people in need of medical assistance.

Kelsey watches Bennett go and realizes she doesn't really know these other folks. She blinks and lifts her hand in salute to Ben as she powers up for take off. Its lowered slowly before she looks back to the rest.

Jena looks back as the Raptor leaves and she lifts a hand to wave, whether Butch can see it or not. She looks back to the Minoan woman and, keeping her expression openly receptive and friendly.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett's laughter, and the words "I promise" in stilted Tauran are the last things heard from her before she goes radio silent.

The dark-haired woman smiles, however faintly. She nods once to the man who had been trying to interpose between her and the Orion's crew and, with a few terse exchanges between himself and the rest of the convoy, people swiftly climb out of the rovers to load up the supplies which were offered. It seems that not once did they ever consider refusing those, at least.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "One of you will ride with me. Two of you, in each of the others."

Leightner watches the birds lift, then nods, acknowledging his status and the offer of expert medical attention. He nods and looks to Jena, assuming Holtz gets the VIP car, and Medics in da ride.

As supplies are off-loaded and the Raptors prepare to return, Skyler makes a couple of requests with Alejandro. Mostly that he'd better make sure cigarettes are brought when they return for the group. The woman, waiting for things to be situated, hands off the large case she'd pulled out to oone of those loading up the vehicles.

Holtz takes a step towards the crates, but stops when he sees the other Minoans grab them and load them. He turns back and nods at the woman when she gives her directions. Silently, he points at Jena and Leightner, then to one of the rovers. Then, the same with Skyler and Kelsey, to the other. It seems he'll ride with the woman in the center truck.

The raptor lifts off momentarily, floodlight making a quick scan of the immediate area before it's switched off. Nose up, belly peeling off the ground, and then a roar as it barrels skyward. Seconds later, the crack of its FTL drive engaging that's almost felt more than heard in the moon's non-atmosphere.

Leightner is removed from his P90, allowed to keep his Picon five-seven, gets out of the EVA suit, still bulky in his armor, as he is brought to the.. Cave. It's a cave, for their group. And a lantern, In the middle of the floor. He nods and walks the peremeter of the cave, mapping it out in his head as he starts undoing the buckles of his Armor, setting his Medkit to one side, frowning as he looks about. "Alright.. supplies brought… three thousand…" He titls his head from side to side, doing calculations as he pulls off the armor pieces, and unstrings the buckling. beginning to break down unneeded equipment for useful parts. "Not gonna need armor here."

A cave on the moon. So if she'd ever pictured herself anywhere odd in her life, this was definitely not one of the places she'd have imagined. Jena still wears a smile though as she looks around the cave, not following Leightner's footsteps but spending a little more time there. Somewhere dark, quiet and dry to sleep, maybe something rock, for coolness since it's warm and would get warmer as the body heat grew. Her own armor isn't messed with yet and her medpack isn't removed. She just gets a general lay of the land for now.

Leightner pulls off his armor and sighs deeply, "Better." Armor is warm. He moves to one side clear of the others, just to set the armor pieces down after taking the buckles off the larger pieces, and sets the armor plates into a pile. "Can be used." He murmers, getting into his pockets, pulling his medkit back on, as he looks at the lanter, and pulls out some paracord, stretching it out to six feet, and winds it back up, thinking as he looks around, then to Jena, "Ideas?" He asks her. "Armor plates in padding can be slept on." He shrugs, "Though I don't think the mylar blanket would do much more n cook us in this heat."

Still, Jena isn't removing her armor. "What if they change their mind and come in sometime in the night? I'd much rather have armor on.." Though likely she'll cave and remove it, but later. "Looks like a good place to sleep. Mylar would only make you too hot. We have ice packs," she teases, knowing she would never use them for anything except a patient. "We'll have a busy day working on patients if they allow it. I'm glad you're here."

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