PWD #42: The Royals
The Royals
Summary: The Royals bar is a pretty busy place tonight, many Civilians and Military alike are enjoying a drink, or several.
Date: 25/Nov/2012 (OOC Date)
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The Royals Bar
Desc below. Kinda.
November 25, 2004 (PWD #42)

It won't be long before the Orion takes off again, and this means that a lot of people is making use of whatever time they've got left to just, relax, enjoy themselves and get mentally ready to go back. There is a place, not far away from a Civilian complex and word says that it's the right place to be if you are looking to just have some drinks, spend time with friends and enjoy yourself. The place is called 'The Royals' and it's pretty packed right now, there's a lot of people already mingling, both Civilian and Military alike. But, since everyone is wearing civilian clothes, it's really hard to tell between one another.

As one walks into the place, there's a Hostess that already offers a menu of drinks and guides everyone inside where they'll be able to find a general sitting area where most of the people are gathering. There are many different groups and the scene is lively, there's loud music playing, something good for dancing and some of these folks are already doing so in the dance floor right at the right of the general seating area. More to the back, some more private tables can be found, if anyone would wish for a little more privacy, this is the place to be. The bar is pretty much in the middle of the place, is a large square area being served by 8 bartenders, and sales are going high tonight. People are drinking, people are having fun.

Speaking of drinking… At the bar already is an athletic woman of statuesque proportions, broad shoulders and fit frame, wearing a pair of faded jeans and a black t-shirt, sleeves short enough for her Rod of Asclepius tat to mostly show. A denim jacket is on the backside of her chair, and she's knocking back shots like they're water. Andy lifts her head to scope the new arrivals, before wrinkling her nose and nodding for another shot of Scorpio whiskey.

Richard Duke knows that the Orion is about to leave, and he also knows what it means to be away for so long, after all, he has been doing this for the past 18 months. Because of all this, he is paying this bar a visit, but himself? He is just occupying one of those secluded tables at the back. The man sits alone now, leaning against his chair while holding a glass of Ambrosia in his hand. There is a cigar resting on an ashtray, smoke coming from the slow burning ashes of the tobacco. He is wearing a white shirt, 3/4 sleeve in his case and some very normal looking jeans…navy blue in color, slightly faded on the thigh area. He takes a sip from his glass of Ambrosia and licks his lips, resting the glass on the table now as he quietly looks around.

Phin strolls into the bar. He's dressed in civvies, which consist of a blue long-sleeve shirt, denim pants and trainer-style shoes. And dog tags around his neck, so he's doing his Navy diligence there. He heads directly to the bar, in search of a stool.

Cassandra slips into the bar, in her own civilians. Though, those that were on the first deployment know who she is, and can remember her as something of a regular at the Checkpoint. Her eyes look around the bar for a moment, before she heads right towards the alcohol. She grins when she plops a seat at the bar and asks, "Ambrosia." She turns in her seat, looking out over the rest of the patrons. "Hey there," she greets Andromeda.

There is a tall guy, one of the bartenders, he is wearing what seems to be a polo shirt with the logo of the place. Well, it definitely is a uniform since all bartenders are wearing this. This man nods back to Andromeda and takes the bottle of Scorpia Whiskey that she requested. He even tosses the bottle in the air, puts his hand behind his back and grabs the bottle as it falls in that general area. He brings the bottle back in sight and spins it in his hand before he tilts it down, pouring Andromeda another shot. And of course, there's people collecting payment for the drinks, there are no freebies here kids.

A lively girl approaches Phin, she is probably just a couple years older than he is. The girl flashes him a big smile and drums on the bar before saying "Hey doll, welcome to 'The Royals', what can I get for you tonight?" She spots the dog tags and smiles even more "Military? Many of your lot here tonight, we are being invaded!"

Another girl takes Cassandra's order, this one in reality doesn't do any flashy stuff but does provide a smile to the woman. "Here you go ma'am" Much more classy apparently, very used to the Virgan Nobility. She pours just a little bit more than what it is usually 'regulation' and then says "Enjoy"

Suri emerges from the sea of bodies clad in civvies, slipping through a gap in personnel as a seat at the end of the bar opens up. Her long dark hair is pulled up in a messy sort of bun-thing, totally at odds with her otherwise pristine appearance. A fitted black dress covers her from throat to ankle, and would be equally at home in a cafe or club. The scientist claims the nearby seat and orders up a, "Hot water if you have it, cold if you don't. No ice."

Phin pauses and smiles back at the woman who approaches him. "Hey. Yeah. Navy." He fingers his dogtags, as if this would make his branch more obvious. "I'm actually supposed to meet somebody here…" He diverts his attention from her, and kind of checking her out, to scan the bar proper. For…something.

"Sir." Andromeda greets Cassandra, knocking back her fifth shot of the heavy Scorpio whiskey as if it were water… Probably hurting the feelings of the poor man that made such a production out of pouring it, with her lack of appreciation in his prowess at playing with his bottle. She does tip him, though, even if her drinks are going on a tab like any other self-respecting alcoholic. Brown-flecked blue eyes do a quick survey of the room. Phin is noticed with a hint of amusement (Ensigns! So adorable.) and then Suri's arrival. Duke catches her attention with an raised eyebrow, and she nods to the barkeep for an Ambrosia of her own. "If you'll be excusin' me, Doctor, I see an old friend from a previous post, aye?" Her Aerilion lilt is more pronounced off duty. Catching the barkeeps eye so he knows she's leaving the bar and to deliver her drink, she gets up, dusts her faded jeans off, and makes her way over to the sad panda in his sad table of.. sadness. "Imagine bumpin' in t' you here o' all places." There's a hint of dry amusement at her pun on his callsign.

Duke just remains where he is, getting his glass one more time. The cigar remains on the ashtray, burning away for the time being. There are some familiar faces he spots now, but he makes no move to go and greet them, after all, everyone seems to be doing their own thing. He takes another sip from his drink and then sets the glass down, finally taking his cigar, getting it to his lips, smoking some. Good times, good times. And now, he sees Andromeda and when he finally focuses his gaze on her and she addresses him, he arches both eyebrows ever so lightly. Now, being a person that does enjoy the benefits of good memory, he shows a soft smile and says "Andromeda Jones"

Bear isn't so difficult to pick out as military, really, despite the fact that he's dressed in dark jeans and a black collared shirt, the neck unbuttoned just one button too far to not look a little bit douchey. He heads in like he knows the place, greeting the bouncer with a thump on the shoulder and the hostess with a winning smile before making his way through the crowd up towards the bar. He orders a beer and plants both hands on the counter-top, pushing himself up to peer above the crowd. It takes him a minute before he grins and hops back down, collecting his drink and shouldering his way around to sneak up behind Phin and wrap an arm around his neck in a headlock. "This guy bothering you?" he asks the woman, "You bothering people, bro?"

The man that served Andromeda her whiskey is now approaching Suri, smiling at her. He is about to ask what can he get for her but she beats him to it and the request earns a briefly surprised look. "Of course" says the man, quickly recovering and turning towards the end of the bar where he leans down and soon enough stands straight again, holding a glass of water. Hot water "Here you go Miss" says the man, nodding his head and then going to take someone else's order.

The girl that was trying to take Phin's order, she is now seeing double and gives a happy jump clapping her hands "Oh! My! God! You guys are totally clones!" she laughs a little at this but since Bear is already holding a beer, she just looks for another possible customer.

Cassandra lets out a long suffering sigh as she is called Sir by Andromeda while off the ship and off duty. "One day, we're going to have a talk about your concept of relaxed," she says with a smile, before she takes a long drink from her Ambrosia. She smiles at the bartender and nods her head in thanks to the bit of extra added to her glass.

Her gaze moves to the scientist and to the Ensign, and she chuckles lightly. Finishing up the first glass she was served, she puts it back on the bar and asks, "Don't suppose I could get another, sweety?" She grins at the bartender, before watching the Ensign get put in a headlock and cracks a smile.

Suri settles into her seat at the bar, crossing her legs and hunkering down for a good people watch while she waits for her drink. She catches Andromeda's trajectory simply because of the woman's height, and her gaze sticks for a moment to take in the most visible tattoo as it wanders by, or rather, as Andromeda wanders by. Suri sets a small patchwork bag on the bar, and digs out a ceramic mug, clearly handmade by an artisan. Its lightly textured surface features sgraffito floral designs in several shades of blue. "Beautiful," is Suri's response to water that shows up heated. That earns the bartender a tip worthy of alcohol. She promptly transfers the hot water to the mug, and goes back to the bag on the bar for another rummage.

Dr. Catarina North isn't with the Fleet, but her ID looks mighty official in the bar's dim light. She has little trouble slipping past the thronging masses to where Orion's crew has assembled, though her progress is impeded every five or six seconds by a familiar face to whom she must offer the requisite hug, air-kiss, fist-bump, or alternative gender-appropriate greeting. Even in the crowd, the scientist is easy to pick out: though she's dressed down for the occasion, her electric blue halter top looks bright enough to blind anyone who stares at it for too long. Which was kind of the point. Oh, and judging by the uneven swaying of her arms and hips, she's pre-gamed this shindig like a champ.

"Umm, beer. I'll have a beer!" Phin calls to the waitress, hopefully before she walks away. Just before Bear puts him in a headlock. At which point he's distracted by that. Though, really, it doesn't seem like it was entirely unexpected. "Get off me, numbnuts!" he says, trying to elbow his double. He's laughing as he does it, though.

The woman that was serving Cassandra? She approaches again when she speaks to her and then shows a smile to her, nodding her head "Of course ma'am" with that said, she takes the bottle of Ambrosia once again, pouring the same amount as before on Cassandra's glass. She looks at her again and smiles before her attention diverts to another person. Before leaving the woman looks at Cassandra and says "Enjoy your drink, ma'am"

Bear's antics get a quick flash of a crooked grin from the Corpsman. CMC! Oorah. Even if she's technically Fleet herself. She turns to Duke. "Been a while. '99, wasn't it? On the Atlantia. Care for company? I want to do some adult drinking." And she lifts her chin and jerks it towards Bear and Phin with an almost masculine gesture. Her Ambrosia's delivered, and while she doesn't inhale it like she did the five shots, she certainly teats it like water.

Aaaaaand, the lively girl is back, she did pick up that beer demanding voice. "Sure thing, doll" says the girl with a bright little smile. And by looking at Bear's beer, she defines what kind he is drinking, because since they are clones…they should totally drink the same thing, right? Right? Well, maybe not, but still. She pours a pint sized jar for Phin and lightly pushes it to him, still carrying that bright smile "Here you go hon, now don't go and get too drunk, ok" and after this, she winks at him.

Lost in the ambient bar noise are the crinkles of a few paper packets before Suri plunks something into her mug. A fine mesh cage of dry leaves and various potpourri looking bits is tossed right into the steamy depths of the waiting hot water. She drops an elbow to the bar, and props her chin while heavy lashed dark eyes watch the magic happen. Steep. Steep, steep.

Duke nods his head at Andromeda and offers a nod "99, that would be correct" he shows a faint smile and then says "Sure, have a seat" and the nods his head at the chair in front of him. Or well, whatever chair she wants to take, the table is small enough. When she mentions the concept of adult drinking, he looks to where she is looking and finds Phin and his brother, and then he looks back at her "So what do you call, adult drinking, exactly?" asks the man now, taking another sip from his Ambrosia and already lifting his empty glass towards a close by waiter, also signalling for two glasses.

Cassandra smirks lightly when she spots North coming in, and the ambrosia gets lifted towards the walking neon sign. "What's up, Doc," she asks of North, before the Ambrosia goes back down and she takes a ncie long drink of it. Her eyes roaming over the bar again, before the now empty glass gets put back down on the bar.

Catarina swims toward the bar with surpassing determination. She bumps past a cluster of non-coms having a burping contest, a pair of townies fawning over a Viper pilot's wings, and three ECOs trying to toss one-cubit coins into each other's drinks. "Zeus save the queen," one of them shouts in triumph. "King!" the loser retorts. "Who cares? Chug, boy, chug!" says the third — whose schadenfreude vanishes when he finds his own beer graced with a coin dropped from the scientist's manicured fingers. And with a giggle of delight she surges forward to the bar, waving at Cassandra before placing an order for "Something with fruit and a little umbrella."

"Drinking for a reason." Andromeda slumps down in the seat, nodding towards his empty cup. "Oppose to drinking to socialize, or to get drunk, or to let off steam." She takes in each new arrival with heather eyes, even as she straightens up from the slump in her chair to something more appropriate a enlisted of her rank drinking with an officer. "How you been, Bumper? Didn't you transfer out for Fleet Academy somewhere?"

Bear takes Phin's elbow in the ribs and noogies his no doubt carefully-styled hair into a terrible mess with a laugh. "What're you gonna do, pretty boy?" He grins, and gives his twin another shove, letting him go to down half his beer in a long swallow or two. He wipes his mouth on the back of his hand and shoves him again. "Here we are, man, huh? Told you Virgon's not a bad gig."

Cassandra chuckles, "Best make it with extra alcohol has well, if I know this one." She smiles, and adds, "And I can I get… three shots of whiskey. I think I'm done with slumming for now, and we're getting ready to head away from this planet at some point. Best get my partying in for the next year or so." She looks back towards Andromeda and Duke, before her eyes go to the twins, and then over towards Suri. "Just drinking tea at a bar," she asks of the woman, puzzlement in her voice.

"Still jealous of my good looks?" Phin retorts to Bear, giving his now-messy hair a shake. Like that'll straighten it. It doesn't. "Sorry, assface. Not my fault I'm just so. Damn. Pretty." He claps the other man on the back, beaming. "Shit, it's good to see you. C'mon. Let's grab a table. How was your flight from…where were you coming from again?" He steers them toward a table that's adjacent to Duke & Co.'s, though he doesn't try to properly join them.

The guy that was pouring drinks for Andromeda? He's approaching North now, tall, dark haired and with a beautiful smile. According to some at least. "Something with fruit and a little umbrella" repeats the man, pointing a finger to North in a 'BANG, BANG' motion. Now, the man pares the Colonial Equivalent 'Passion Fruit Mojito' and sets a small yellow umbrella there, to match with the color of course, it's all about the looks. He sets the glass in front of North and winks at her "Here you go Miss, enjoy your drink"

Duke just nods his head to what Andromeda says "Aye, that I can understand" Now, the waiter is bringing two fresh glasses of Ambrosia, setting one in front of Andromeda and the other in front of Duke. The man takes his and lifts it in a silent toast before he takes a small sip and sets it down back on the table. "Been doing alright" answers the man, half smiling at this "Yeah, I went to the Air Base Hermes in Picon, worked as a Flight Instructor there for a few years and then jumped on Orion when they made the call" Now, he nods at her and asks "How about you? What's your story?" He sees Phin and his brother approaching and lifts his glass one more time, this time saying "McBride" and then looks back at Andromeda.

Suri's gaze finds Cassandra and she smiles to the other woman, lifting the mug to breathe in the steam and the scent of the brew that's steeping away, a deeper, more woodsy color leeching out into the water. "It's exceptionally good tea." The mug's raised a little more in a salute. "There's a difference."

"Attachment with t' 12th Marine." Andromeda says in an almost detached sort of tone, although her already firm jawline grows firmer with tension. "With'm at t' dust-up at Valos. Got a medal somewhere for it, when I ended up t' senior medical official and had t' run triage." She shakes her head, and takes a healthy gulp of her drink, finishing it off. "Went on t' get SARC qualifications on Picon. Took a few years, had t' try for it twice. Got it just in time t' qualify for transfer to Orion on your return t' anchorage." She also lifts her glass to the twins, with a masculine lift of her chin.

After preparing North's drink, the man shifts towards Cassandra, taking the other woman's place since she is preparing a drink somewhere else. "Three shots of whiskey for the redheaded lady" says the man, setting three shot glasses in a row and pouring whiskey on them, following that row one after the other. All of them are filled right towards the top, nothing goes to waste, everything is for the enjoyment of all the beautiful people gathered here tonight.

"That's Doctor to you," says Catarina to the dashing bartender, her foggy eyes twinkling. Then, cocktail — with the requested umbrella and an extra shot (thanks, Cassandra!) — obtained, she follows the brothers to a slightly less crowded section of the bar. Her booted foot loops around the leg of a chair to pull it out, and with a satisfied smile she plops down into its plush cushions to sip her bright yellow drink out of a twisty orange straw. At which point she notices Bear being guided to a table. Whom she promptly confuses with Phin, whose face she hasn't seen. "Hey, it's the pilot from Scorpia!" she calls. "Spray-tans unite."

"You are so fuckin pretty," Bear agrees, pinching Phin's cheek, "Or would be if you'd cut your damn hair. I told you piloting wasn't real military, look at this fucking fringe." He musses it up again, and grins wide, aiming for a table with him saying, "Straight from the good old AB, by way of a depot on Picon for a couple of tests n'shit." When Catarina approaches he takes the mix-up in stride, holding out an arm with a rolled-up sleeve and saying, with a grin, "No way, this is all natural Scorpian sunshine right here, baby."

Cassandra chuckles as Catarina heads off towards the clones. She shakes her head a bit, before she looks down at her shots. "Oh, I wish I could kiss whoever it was that invented alcohol," she smirks before grabs the first shot and down the hatch it goes. Followed by the second. And then the third. "Ahhh… that's delicious," she murmers, before she says to Suri. "I don't care how good the tea is. A bar is a place to drink until you can barely walk and then drink some more before stumbling or crawling back to the ship to pass out. Wake up a few hours later, and go to work. Tis a wonderful life indeed," she smiles with unrestrained joy. Two priorities for the Doctor. Save lives and then get drunk. Not necessarily in that order.

"Hey, Captain Duke," Phin says to the other pilot, raising his beer-wielding hand in a toast/wave before sitting down. "This is my brother!" In case that wasn't obvious. They're twins, so the family resemblance is identical. "We must've just missed each other on Picon. I took some leave on Leonis after I finished flight training. You went back to the Bay?" He sounds a little surprised. "Frak. What's that place like now? Still neon and spray…" Speaking of. He offers North an amused, "Hey, Doc" as he sits.

Duke just motions the closest bartender for another round, even if he didn't yet finish his own drink. He half smiles at Andromeda and says "I hope you know I can't possibly keep up with you on the drinking area, I'm still…training…on this fine art" He does take another sip from his glass, however, getting closer to the bottom of it. "So Orion huh? Well, in that case, it seems that we'll working again together. And now he looks at Phin and then at Bear "Twins, I remember you told me something…" Now, he stands up a little bit and extends his hand towards Bear "Captain Richard Duke. Your brother here was one of my students back in Picon." And then North is close by as well, and he looks at her. Well, she probably doesn't remember him but still, he nods and offers "Doctor North" But of course, he does look at Andromeda and adds "Seems to me you've been doing quite alright, Jones"

Cue the double-take the twins have doubtlessly seen a few thousand times in the course of their lives. Catarina grins delightedly as she waves to Phin — the right one, this time — and then glances back over at Cassandra with eyebrows raised and her glass gesturing to the twins with much less subtlety than she thinks she's got. As if to say There are TWO of them OMG. Then, to the matter at hand: "I'm Dr. Catarina North," she says to the not-Phin. And everyone else, for that matter. "Looks like I found the party." As opposed to the area of the bar where the three fratty ECOs have now upgraded to the game where you shout "penis" really loudly. Ick.

Suri's grin widens at Cassandra's impassioned plea for the merits of inebriated lifestyle. She raises her mug in salute at the end of the doctor's observations, because that kind of commitment is worthy of a toast. And she even says so, "I'll drink to that." Demure sip. Hey, it's hot tea. "Tea can do any of those things for you. It depends entirely on what goes into it, but I wouldn't suggest it within twelve hours of a duty rotation. The effects can linger, but you don't eat the hangover." She swirls the mug and sips again. No spoon on hand, apparently. "I can see you're a woman of singular commitment. I admire that." She puts down the mug and extends a still-warm hand to Cassandra. "Suri."

"I've taken a five-shot penalty, Bumper. You'll do fine." The medic assures the pilot, dryly, before mirroring Duke's rise and greeting. "PO2 Andromeda Jones. Navy Corpsman." That with a hint of a quick grin. North is given a nod, including her in her introduction. "I'm adjusted. When the Gods throw a sucker-punch, you go limp and roll with the punches." That to Duke.

Cassandra catches that look from North, and she almost starts laughing. Instead she just gives Catarina that look that says: I know RIGHT. Her attention then returns back to Suri, her eyebrows knitting at the talk of what's in the tea. "Okay, I have /never/ heard of tea doing that," she says, before she takes the hand and shakes, "Lieutenant Cassandra Palaiologos. Doctor on board the Orion."

"Yeah, been home all this time, you knew that. Did my re-enlistment at the base out near Tyriana," Bear tells Phin, "Then a stop on Picon and straight up here to keep an eye on your newb ass. Make sure you don't shoot your dick off or something." He grins, and then greets Duke and North with a similarly big, friendly smile, offering his hand to both of them. "Bear McBride," he says, "Sergeant, CMC. Nice to meet you both. Sorry about my brother." Not that he specifies for what.

"Bear. Phin. Like animals! If you make 'Phin' into 'Dolphin.' Or something." Catarina accompanies this rather banal observation with a merry laugh. At least she amuses herself. And when she's sufficiently recovered: "So the two of you are in the Corps?" The scientist takes a long pull from her drink. "I don't know what they'll have you doing, but if you want to get off the, uh, asteroid mining base, let me know." She fumbles the cover story as she does half the time, but hey, with respect to classified information, it's the thought that counts, right? "If you like the outdoors, that is. And don't mind the risk of getting eaten by a feral deer. On the, uh, asteroid."

"No frakking shit" says Duke, nodding his head at Andromeda's last words. "It's actually good to see you, Jones. Good to see familiar faces." He shows a bit of a smile there, being honest about what he is saying. Besides, if you can keep the guys in check like you did back in the Battlestar, well, Orion will find great benefit" He chuckles. Briefly. And then turns his gaze towards Bear "Likewise, Bear McBride, nice meeting you." he looks from Bear to Phin and back to Bear "Oh, don't worry about that. Your brother is a talented pilot…will do fine and potentially avoid shooting his…" Beat "…dick off" Hopefully, because that would probably hurt a lot.

Phin snorts. "They've got me flying Vipers, bro. I don't think it's possible to point the cannons in that direction. I kind of want to give it a try now, though." He takes a small sip of his beer, like he's settling in to nurse it. For intros, to those in the vicinity, he supplies, "Phin McBride. My brother's sorry I'm so. Damn. Pretty. And he's stuck like that." He chuckles at North. "I'm Navy." He points to his shirt, which is helpfully blue. "He's Corps. Apparently my hair's not up to Marine grooming standards."

"Surgeon?" Suri's question is for Cassandra, of course. She gives the woman's hand a little squeeze before releasing it to take up her mug once more. "I'm sure the ward's busy when you're on duty." That could come off a bit creepy with the wrong inflection, but it's more of an amused observation. "Do you enjoy working on a battlestar?" She has yet to spot the twins, or her attention might have shifted that way as well. Some of the conversation going on around does catch her ears, but these are the things that come up in a bar. She takes another sip of the darkened tea, and breathes out a soft sigh. Her shoulders relax, and her posture loosens up a little more. She leans against the bar and says, "I was an EMT in a military town. There's nothing like the stretch before deployment." She glances briefly around to see if anyone's hit the floor yet.

"Fleet, actually. They let me pretend t' be Corps in return for patching them up when they try t' show off and get boo-boos." Andromeda tells North with a friendly enough smile, giving Duke a quick flicker of a furrowed brow and a note to self to talk to him. "Ah, I'll try." That to Duke on keeping the boys and girls out of mischief. "If nothing else, sutures without a local will make them think twice at saying 'hey y'all' watch this."

"Well, the ward is quiet most often. Not too much in the way of injuries coming along when you're just watching an asteroid," Cassandra replies, before she shrugs her shoulders. "The med bay is nice and lively when I'm around," she adds, "Well, why didn't you join the military then," she asks.

Catching some of the conversation that's floating around the bar from Duke's little group, she stands up and smirks a little. Ordering up another glass of Ambrosia, she says to Suri, "I'm going to head over towards the other group. You're welcome to join me." Picking up her drink she begins walking towards the larger group around Duke and Andromeda. She sways as she walks over, the… well, to be honest, she's lost count at this point of just how much she's drank. But, she's feeling pretty good, which tells her she's drank a good share of alcohol.

Arriving at the table, she looks over at Catarina, "So…. introduce me to your friends," a subtle-for-the-drunk headnod going towards the twins.

Catarina winces at the thought of getting operated on without anaesthetic. The cure: more drink. She's more than halfway through the cocktail when the ship's doctor arrives — and so intent is she on finishing it that she can muster only a vague sweeping gesture toward the folks gathered nearby. "That one's Jones or something. She knows this guy here. Duke? And these are the twins. From Scorpia!" Which makes them awesome, in her book.

"Yeah, he's just like a dolphin," Bear tells Catarina, "Good at fetch, always making a high-pitched noises. Awesome at balancing shit on his nose, just watch." He reaches like he's going to set his beer bottle on Phin's nose, and laughs. "Asteroid sounds frakking dull but I'll take the hazard pay," he shrugs of their mission, "And no, your hair is nowhere close to Corps standards. You look like you're in a frakking boyband. You're ruining our face, son." To the others and new arrivals, he lifts a hand in friendly greeting, saying again, "Nice to meet you."

Those two glasses of Ambrosia that Duke ordered? They arrive! And once again, one is placed in front of Andromeda and the other in front of Duke. The pilot is currently smoking his cigar, but not being an asshole and exhaling the smoke away from the table. He looks back at the group and now sees Cassandra getting closer, apparently very interested in the twins. When North makes sure that he is actually Duke, the man just nods his head and sets his cigar on the ashtray, taking drinking from his glass now, this time a little more to try and match the drinking speed that Andromeda is displaying. He fails.

"Sure." Suri rises from the bar and chats with Cassandra on the way over to the table yonder. "My interests landed me in academia before the urge to wear a uniform could hit. Teenage rebellion, you could say." She slings her bag onto her shoulder and accompanies the inebriated doctor to the gathering at Duke's table, a hand up and hovering beside Cassandra's arm in case she needs righting before they arrive. Once safely in the proximity of the woman's friends, she wraps both hands around her mug of tea to warm them.

"Hey, he was a perfect gentleman last night," says Catarina to Bear about Phin, eliding the innuendo with a playful smile. "My friends took me to some fancy DJ's album release party and, well, you know how those things go. Pretty sure I would've spent the night passed out on the tarmac at the base if he hadn't pushed me onto the Raptor." Which is why she's going easy tonight, and not ordering another. Instead, with a wave at Suri, she bites thoughtfully into an ice cube, resting her glass against the skin of her neck to cool herself down.

"I know the doctor." Andromeda says wryly to North, as she finishes her drink to make room for the next, sending her glass back with the waitress. She lifts her chin in an almost masculine acceptance of the various greetings. She then sits back, taking smaller sips of this drink as she sits back and lets the less experienced drinkers enjoy their drunken state. She, apparently, is barely buzzed.

Phin tips his head back, like he's going to balance Bear's bottle. "You should see me with a beach ball. I can own that shit." He is doing this when Cassandra comes over. So he misses her inquiry. He runs his fingers through his hair after he's righted his head. "Boyband? Frak you. This is more Scorpian alt-blues. Am I right?" He looks at North for confirmation of this. At mention of the Raptor thing, he shrugs. "I don't know. I think you would've come to by the time they managed to get that thing in the air. Took for frakking ever."

"Gives a nod towards Andromeda," before she smiles at Catarina, "Well, I can't say I've ever been passed out on the tarmac before. Passed out on Raptor before, though. Was a fun ride. On a side note, Raptors don't have windows, and you can't stop to deal with motion sickness. That… was not a fun part of the ride."

"He can, he can totally own that shit," Bear confirms, setting his beer bottle on the base of Phin's nose. Which is kind of cheating, but whatever. He keeps a hand close to catch it when it inevitably wobbles. No use wasting bought beer. "He's such a little gentleman," he laughs to North, shaking his head before asking, "Good DJ? Buddy said the scene here was pretty sick but I'm not recognizing any names on the posters. Hey," he greets…whichever of the other women just joined them. "Bear," he points to himself, "Phin," to his brother. "McBride. Nice to met you."

Now, Duke turns his attention to Suri, offering a polite nod to her and a raise of his glass. "Miss Suri, good to see you again" They met just recently really, and they had a lovely discussion about stinky stuff. Now, his attention shifts to the mug she is holding and he asks "What do you have there?" And with that said, he drinks a little bit more of his Ambrosia, already starting to feel the effects of it, which probably means he should stop after this glass. Yeah, he's going to let that glass go for a little bit and just sit back, enjoying his cigar as he sees everyone interacting.

Iphigenia arrives from the Tinyplot Room Nexus.

"I hadn't heard of this guy either, but apparently he came straight out of Itauna a few years ago. Nineteen frakking years old, can you believe that? What the frak have we done in our lives?" Catarina just shakes her head as she crunches through another ice cube. "And Phin, if you want alt-blues, double the gel and stick your head in a vat of midnight black dye, first. Not that I had a poster of Danny Sterling on my wall when I was in school or anything." The soulful crooner and grade-A heartthrob so popular in the mid-90s — now in rehab. As for the comments about throwing up in Raptors? Those are tastefully ignored. Too soon, girlfriend.

Suri returns greeting wave(s) with a little finger-waggle of her own, hand barely coming off of her floral patterned mug. The amusement resurfaces with the turn of conversation. She glances at Bear as he introduces himself, and then her gaze shifts to Phin as he's pointed out. She doesn't blink, but her eyes do that flick back and forth once thing. Maybe she's searching for minute differences. "Suri." She introduces herself on the heels of Duke's greeting her, so her's tossed into the fray twice. Repetition lends itself well to recall, particularly when most of the table's half in the bottle. To Duke she says, "Tea, home brew. It's…" she pauses, as if thinking on a description, smiles and settles on, "Good for the nerves." Whatever that means.

Andromeda notes Duke setting aside his drink with a hint of amusement, as she takes a sip of her own as she relaxes back into her seat, watching the various conversations in quiet isolation.

Cassandra looks over at Catarina for a moment, chuckling, and nodding her head, "A shame he got caught up with narcotics like almost every famous person in that decade, and lost most of his fortune. Oh well, sometimes folks need their little entertainments."

Phin 'balances' the bottle. The cheating is probably wise, because trying that for real would probably cost Bear a beer. "I was hoping to have time to hit some of the clubs before the Orion left anchorage," he says, when the topic turns to DJs. "They had a pretty decent scene in Queenstown, but I didn't get out enough to see too much of it when I was on Picon." He smirks at Bear, as he rights his head again. "Maybe they'll let you work for tips."

"Hey, maybe. There's still this little part of me that wants to believe the rehab thing's a publicity stunt, but then I saw him do this interview on some morning show and he looked all coked up. But maybe that's all just part of the grand plan. Hopefully DJ Spike won't go that — way." There's an imperceptible pause as Catarina's fingers close tightly on her sequined black clutch as her smartphone begins to vibrate. It's shut off with a practiced touch. And then, out of the blue, to Andromeda: "What's that you're drinking there? And does it come with an umbrella?"

Iphigenia slips into the bar in her quiet way, and upon an initial perusal, heads for the bar. Some fashion of martini is ordered, the kind that will no doubt induce mockery and possibly involve a fanzy swizzle stick or tiny umbrella. She's in civvies, for whatever it's worth, and with her back to the bar in general and her hair down she might not be immediately recognizable.

To Phin, Duke shakes his head just a little and then clears his throat, leaning forward just a bit to be heard better "I'm not sure there will be time for that, McBride, I would say Orion is pretty close to departure…which is why everyone is trying to have as much fun as they can" Now, he looks at those ECOs that were yelling outloud, wondering if he should go and speak with their SL. Bah, it's their off duty time. North's question about Andromeda's drink makes his gaze move to his own. Ok, last one, last one. He takes the glass and tilts his head back, downing the rest to then place the empty glass on the table, shaking his head abruptly. "Ok, that's enough for me" calls out the Viper pilot, licking his lips afterwards and getting his cigar again.

"Frak off," Bear laughs at Phin, snatching his beer back off his twin's face. He drinks deeply, and looks around for a waitress as he replies to Catarina, "Sounds like one to watch, I'll have to look him up. Anybody else in town we should hit up before we go? Gotta get it out of my system before I'm stuck on a rock with this asshole for a year." That asshole being Phin, of course. "And you lovely ladies, of course. Maybe it won't be so bad." He flashes a bright grin at all of them.

Andromeda chuckles at Duke. "Good try at least, Bumper." The Corpsman tells the pilot with an quick, crooked grin before she knocks her own drink back. To North, "Scorpion Ambrosia." She gets to her feet, steady as a rock. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go settle my tab and see if I can find a ride back up." That to the entire crowd.

"Later," Phin calls to Andromeda when the corpsman preps to depart. He juts out an arm to elbow Bear again. All in good bro-y fun. "Who're you calling asshole, assface?" He takes another sip of beer. At the rate he's going, that one will last him all night. Though he nods to Duke. "Yeah, that's kind of what I figured. It's weird to think about being away from the colonies for a year and change." Not that he sounds like he's dreading it, particularly.

Cassandra nods sadly with North. "Indeed, but, we'll see what happens with him, I suppose. And fear not, if it doesn't come with an umbrella, you can always use the one from that drink and put it in there." She grins, before she turns too quickly and stumbles while looking for a waitress. "Hey, bring everyone here a round of whiskey on me," she says with a smile, before waving towards Andromeda. "I'm sure there's a ride somewhere."

Suri's gaze once again finds its way to Andromeda after a little bit of a roam. She nods to the woman as she heads off, and reaches back to pull up a chair positioning it in comfortable proximity to the conversation. She jostles a burly looking guy in doing so. "Pardon." She nudges the chair a bit closer to the table with a booted foot, plunks her mostly-empty mug down on the table, and says, "Don't let anybody walk off with that." She turns to slink off, most likely headed for the ladies room.

"Shit, Scorpian Ambrosia? I need one." Catarina pushes herself to her feet to sit down once more on the back of her chair. Her bare arm waves in the air to attract the attention of a nearby waitress so as to order a shot of her Colony's namesake drink. Until Cassandra decides to just pay for everybody, attracting a grateful smile from the scientist. Whose brow furrows uncharacteristically as her phone buzzes again. With a sigh, she opens her purse to unlock the thing and read the incoming text — which causes her to snap the purse shut more quickly than probably necessary. "Sorry," she says, forcing her usual carefree smile back onto her face. "Yeah, there's plenty of good stuff down here. Which surprised me too. I thought Virgon would be frakking boring, but I've had mad fun every night. You should come out with us! If you don't mind hanging out with a bunch of thirty-year-old Scorpian girls trying to relive their glory days." Spoken with a self-deprecating grin.

Andromeda leaves, heading toward the Tinyplot Room Nexus [Out].

Iphigenia looks over at the collective gathering, and seems to be considering attempting to join them. She seems hesitant (people tend to think of chaplains as party poopers) but once she's had a swallow of liquid courage she approaches, giving everyone an easy wave. "Enjoying Virgon's delights, I hope?" she asks of the collective with a bright smile.

One of the waiters is close enough to hear what Cassandra is asking for. The young man nods his head, showing a smile to everyone and then heads towards the bar, taking that request to one of the bartenders. It is only a few minutes until he comes back, carrying a tray with a glass for everyone; and, instead of placing a glass in front of each person, he just lowers the tray for everyone to take a glass and then leaves the loners on the table. If any of course. Duke is one that didn't take a glass, really, he had enough already. He does look at Cassandra and shows a grateful smile "I do thank you, Lieutenant, but I believe I had enough for the night…normally I just do one and that's it, I believe I already had four" Which to some might be nothing. His attention now diverts towards Iphigenia and he shows a faint smile to the woman "Gen, good to see you"

Four is just starting in Cassandra's book. She grins lightly at Duke, "I'm sure that someone will snag it up, Sir." She grins before she takes her own shot and downs it. "Ahh, tastes excellent," she notes. Looking around for a moment at the bar she adds, "Seems to be slowing down a bit."

Phin does sit up a little straighter when he sees Iphigenia. Though he manages a fairly normal, "Hey, Lieutenant" before taking another sip of beer. He's not partying exactly hard as it is, though he seems to be enjoying goofing around with his twin.

"Phin." Gen greets easily, and her gaze goes between him and Bear a moment before settling on Duke. "Evening, Bumper. Sorry to have missed you. Cass, I'll take his order as a chaser, if you don't mind. Do you all mind if I join you?"

"I'm sure someone will" says Duke to Cassandra, offering a nod to the woman. He now stands up, staying still for a moment to test balance. Cigar between his lips again, he inhales some smoke and exhales through his nostrils, taking the cigar with his fingers as he says to all "Enjoy the rest of the evening, I'll see everyone back in Orion" At some point, eventually. Now, he looks at Iphigenia and offers an apologetic smile "Yes, I must get back to Orion, catch one of the Raptor transports and get some rack time…I need to be fresh" And that he needs, indeeed…the man needs to go out on CAP and he needs his rest. With that said, he takes a few steps away from the tables and before fully making his way out, he turns around and repeats "Enjoy" And with that, the man leaves.

Cassandra smiles over at Genand replies, "That'll work perfectly." She grins, and finally finds herself a seat, watching the twins and everyone else. "So, I feel as if we should do something other than sit around and jaw at each other."

Catarina doesn't notice the newest arrival at first, as she's sniffing the shot of whatever's been ordered before deciding that, really, she couldn't give a shit what's in it. Glug. Thus fortified, she finally waves to Iphigenia and begins to outline plans for the evening that don't involve jawing — before the phone in her clutch buzzes for the third time in as many minutes, and with a muttered apology she finally withdraws. "I have to take this," she says, shaking her head, her smile suddenly gone. Then, into the crowd she goes, her blinding top visible for a full thirty seconds until she finally vanishes into the sea of souls.

North leaves, heading toward the Tinyplot Room Nexus [Out].

Scene continues after log closes.

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