AWD #272: The Road to Recovery
The Road to Recovery
Summary: Orion's marines must be healing, for there's not a serious converstion to be had in the recovery ward.
Date: 05/Oct/2013
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Leightner Brina Amos 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #272

Leightner enters the Recovery Ward, on duty at a fair clip, moving directly toward the Captains bed, to check on the man. Hey, Brass has its advantages. He sweeps his gaze about, noting the other patients and staff as he goes.

Brina is in the process of waking up, her mind fuzzy although from sleep instead of from medication. The medic gets a look at while he meanders past to attend to Ommanney buts he doesn't greet him, instead just opting to let him go about his business.

It seems that someone,not mentioning any names, has been sending the Captain progress reports from downbelow. As such, being propped semi-upright with pilows, Amos is spending some time this morning reading them, and, on occasion making notes. At teh sound of approaching footsteps he glances up and gives Leightner a brief nod, "morning Corpsman."

Leightner moves to bedside of the Captain, smiling slightly in professional approval, and here comes the Virgonese accent, "Sir, word came down from Ensign Kostas. You wished to see me sir?" No, he doesn't salute. There are active regs AGAINST saluting the Captain in his medical condition. He does come to attention.

Amos looks faintly bemused for a moment as he mentally rewinds his conversation with Kostas the day before. Then, shaking his head slightly he offers a quick, "as you were," before stating, "I'm sorry Corpsman, but I think there's been some wires crossed somewhere along the line. That or these drugs are better than I was giving them creit for. From my recallection, I merely asked the Ensign to remind you, if she happened to see you, that you still owed me." A fainat smile as he sets the reports down on his lap, "unless of course, you're here to provide one of the outstnading items?"

Leightner slides into a casual stance, rubbing the knuckles of his left hand with his right thoughtfully, then smiles, "We have Hydrotherapy tubs, sir. Part of Physical Therapy." He grins, "They have jets, sir." He nods, slowly. Then his hands lift to either side of his head, in a shrug, "Whut can I say, sir me first Battlestar deployment I had to check."

"Which of course," Amos starts, still apparently amused, "are part of the orientation of new medical staff so they know what is on offer for the best care of their patients I presume?" Closing the report infront of him he shifts it from his lap and over to the small table, "on you recommendation I am will to accept that that may count, if you can swing it. I must say, I'm impressed with your progress, you might not get lumbered with my job after all."

Brina is trying hard not to listen but it's hard not to when conversations happen in close proximity to where she is. The mention of the hydrotherapy tub has her raising a brow and then she looks at the Captain, trying very obviously not to grin. "Shall I look for a bottle of bubble bath and a rubber duckie for you, sir?" At that she laughs.

Leightner nods, "Thanke sir, I need to set it up takes about half an hour, and when you're a bit more stitched together so," He looks at Amos, "Being a Captain, ya may schedule through me, a time to engage in a hydrotherapy treatment. We have some nice soaps and ya can program exactly how hot ya like it sir." He looks to Brina and smirks, looking back to Amos, "That's between you an the tub, sir."

"Watch it O'Connell," Amos replies, eyeing the Lance Corporal opposite for a moment with a faint grin, "or I'll tell 'em you've been complaining of more pains in your hand but weren't wanting to make a fuss." Then back to Leightner he considers for a moment, "well, I don't think I've anything else pressing on my schedule for the rest of today, so whenever is convenient. It'd probably better be today though because I'm planning my bid for freedom in the morning," he lowers his voice a fraction and stage whispers, "but don't tell the doctors that, I don't want them forwarned."

At least Amos is smiling. Makes Brina feel like her joke didn't go over like a fart in an EVA suit, at least. The guys are grinned at but Amos' threat has it very short lived, her own slight grin disappearing in fairly rapid fashion. "I just didn't think it was a good idea," is muttered.

Leightner nods listening to Amos, and on the word 'complaining' he starts walking sideways around Amos' bed, until he is between Brina and Amos, nodding. "Aye sir. This evening Nice evenin bath, refreshing sleep, try ta get tha frak outta here. Kinda Expect Mallas to hit too about then, so you might have backup, ya time it right." He touches his nose, but he might not be kidding. He then steps to the side and spins, facing Brina directly, "So, Lance." He says, smiling widely "Let's talk about you."

Amos glances briefly over to Mallas' bed as the private is mentioned, then turn abck to give Leightner a nod. "Very good, if you could leave the false ID cards with O'Connell after the evening rounds well make our escape under cover of darkness and rondevous with you back down on the surface." With his attention now going to Brina he reaches for the reprt again, offering as he does so, "she's breaking out too, with her MP experiance we need her to get past the guards."

"My hand is fine," Brina says with a smile. "They had to pull out a little shrapnel that they'd missed. I didn't even need to be put under for it. As for the meds, with how much i've been in here recently, I didn't want to risk being on more meds and risk becoming addicted." Practical Marine is practical. The talk of ID cards has her eying the Captain now. "Why does this make me suddenly feel discomforted?"

Leightner smiles, "Ah, joy, well, I knew they could put your hand back together." He looks at Amos, and stage whispers, "Grouchy patient." He looks back to Brina, and snaps his fingers, and like a magic trick, there's a deformed bullet held at his fingertips, "Pulled this out from next to your lung, Lance." He rolls the bullet between his fingers as he steps closer, making the little lump dance on his knuckles. Before holding it out to her. "If you want it."

"Everything will be fine O'Connell," Amos replies with a short nod, "just keep calm and stick to the plan. We'll be out before you know it." Leightners little trick has him focusing once more upon the corpsman, a faintly impressed look on his features as he lets Brina make her answer.

The bullet fragment is taken and looked at after she gawks at Leightner's trick. It probably really isn't that big but it still managed to do some damage to her and that has Brina shivering as if cold. "Thanks. I'll hold onto this. You know. As a momento or something." Amos gets her attention after she closes her hand around it, her grin back. "Yes, sir. I'll do just as I'm supposed to." Whatever that is. She missed something so isn't exactly sure what's going on, now.

Leightner nods, looking to Brina seriously, "Some folks use em to keep score. Thas a whole bullet. A good one. Just stop tryin ta walk when bein worked on." He waves a finger at her seriously. "If that came loose inside ya." He points at it. This might be partly why he's doing this. Let her imagine.

"Thats the spirit O'Connell," Amos replies, still evidently amused, "there'll be a final meeting of the escape committee after I get back from the hot tub tonight and then we'll be off." A nurse sticks her head through the hatch from sickbay and he glances down at the report as if he'd been reading it all along. Seemingly satisfied she departs again and he sets it down, "remember though, they can't find out or we'll be scuppered."

Brina darts looks between the medic and the Marine, her expression slightly confused, thanks to Amos, and troubled, that becaue of Leightner. "Yeeeeeah." General, all-purpose response, that. Shrugging a moment, she looks down and puts the spent round on her lap, it getting the stink-eye. How dare it have hurt her. Bloody rotten thing? "I think I am going to get a little more sleep while I can." Because the gods knows she won't be able to get frak-all for rest once she's back at the base.

Leightner nods, "Aye, get all the food n' sleep ya can, Lords know when you'll get another chance." He sighs, and backs off from her bed, looking to Amos, "I have to get some paperwork sir." He nods, and turns to head off across the room.

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