PWD #15: The Quasi Date
PWD #14: The Quasi Date
Summary: Officers and Enlisted alike have front row seats to a Simon Noble date/non-date/unspecified situation with Ella Martis
Date: 21/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Rec Room - Battlestar Orion
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
Dec 21, 2004

The door to the Rec Room opens and Noble steps through, turning sharply thereafter to hold open the door for Ella. Mid-conversation, he's got a booklet of films on datachips under his arm, and his bared, tattooed arm clamps down back-handed on the well of the door. "—not saying that it's the sort of thing that I was always into, you know? All I'm saying is that if that school had actually installed security cameras that I probably would have been arrested. I mean, we lined up in rows and jumped from hood to hood setting everything off. It sounded like the entire parking lot was crying."

Ella chuckles. "And you did this more than once?" she asks, distinctly amused by the idea. "Didn't anyone notice? I mean, come out running or whatever?" She looks around to see if there are any other familiar faces in the rec room.

Even though there seems to be a bit of incoming and outgoing, the main focus of a marine draped over a couch, hasn't changed. Mind you it's one of the couches that is about the TV, which for once is not blaring with a zombie game going on. Boots peeking over one arm rest, while the bearded face of the tattoo'd Sergeant Hook is hidden behind a well used leather-bound book. A turn of a page, and he's dropping the book down briefly before raising it back up once looks are given to Noble and his lady friend.

"Oh, yeah, plenty noticed the first time. We had to jump into the back of my buddy's truck and rush off before we could get beat up by the football team. The second time was months later; we had to make sure that they'd kind-of forgotten about the first time. It was glorious." Noble grins and turns around the corner of the sofas. Absentmindedly placing a hand to the small of Ella's back to guide her, he slows at the sight of Judah Hook and his boots. "Oh hey there, Padre. This is Ella Martis, she's one of the new corpsman. Ella? Meet Judah Hook. He's one of the Wirelo and we call him Padre because he's a man of the cloth. Also, Padre, you don't mind us throwing a movie in, do you?"

Ella grins, clearly amused by the tale. "Glorious, huh." The smile is turned on Hook when Noble introduces him. "Nice to meet you, Sergeant. You mean like a real padre?" she echoes, surprised and wondering if she heard that right.

There's a shift and Hook is moving to sit up fuller, for a moment. A shoe lace snagged up from his belly is put in place-where he is reading, as the book is shut. A shake of his head, and there's a faint snort. "No, not at all, bru. It's a free room." And with that he is moving to stand and offer his hand over to the new corpsman. "Martis." he offers with a half smile-that is his usual. "Yeah." he adds with a faint laugh. "I am a real padre."

"He's a marine that's ordained to Ares." Noble adds in, stepping past Ella towards the video machine. Tapping a few buttons, he pops the video chip she selected in and moves to sit on the other couch. One boot up on the coffee table later, he takes the wall-screen's remote into his hands and starts to work over the buttons while giving Ella room to choose where she sits. "I haven't seen him in the field yet, but I imagine it's disgustingly brutal. Ares on top of Wirelo marine? Frightening indeed."

"I prefer devastatingly efficient." Judah tacts on before he is nodding back over to Ella. "Most call me Judah, or Padre. No need t' sarge me unless we're on duty.." he adds softly before he is looking back over towards Noble as he is settling down. Turning, Hook reaches for his book-which upon closer glance is a rather well used copy of the Scrolls. "What's the on the reel tonight?" A brow raising up, before his free hand is smoothing and tugging at his beard.

"I dunno, El—" Noble looks back up to see that Ella has slipped away, leaving him and Judah alone momentarily. Blinking, he centers his gaze on Hook and gives a shrug. "Ella picked the vid, I didn't take a look at it just yet so this might be your chance to escape if it's one of those chick-flicks." He smirks, pausing to light a cigarette. "Where's Sera Jane? She on rote tonight? You could always swing her by."

Hook snorts. "I haven't seen too many movies-so I might watch it." he adds with a brief smile, before he's looking back over towards Noble, as opposed to focusing on the TV. "I don't know." Hook answers with a chuckle there. "I suspect so, I don't have her time table down flat-but she doesn't have mine fully. We usually just leave notes." He adds before he is raising a brow. "Why's it matter?"

"Matter? Don't really matter, man. You know how it goes. You're good people, she's good people, Martis is good people. I just figured Ess-Jay, if she were available, might be interested in kicking back and watching the movie with the rest of us, that's all." Noble replies, plucking the cigarette from his lip and exhaling a cloud of smoke away from the two of them. "You want me to hold off on starting this up, give you a chance to chase her down?"

Bennett slips into the rec room and immediately glances up at the flatscreen tv to see what's on. Precisely… nothing. Briefly taking note of the two enlisted chatting nearby, she offers the familiar one — Noble — a polite smile, and the pair at large an "Evening, gents," in greeting. She looks to have recently showered and changed; her usually tidily pulled back hair is left down and slightly damp, and she sports a navy tshirt atop her sweats.

"Oh." Hook offers with a laugh. "I thought that, you all were having a date-right." and there the marine shakes his head. "Yeah, I like spending time with her." Judah says softly, "IN fact I'm supposed to meet her around 0200." he adds on. "So I don't know if I can catch the flickah.." And there he turns his head. A glance is given to the incoming officer, before he is raising his hand. "Evenin.." replied back before he is looking over to Noble. "Which, I suspect I am coming close to."

Ella finishes talking with whatever crewman needed her attention for that moment and comes back. "Sorry about that," she says to the two guys.

Ygraine steps into the rec area, looking a bit like someone kicked her puppy. She's also brought her own remedy for it though - a few glossy Caprican fashion mags and a little box of what appears to be chocolate truffles.

Date? Noble's eyebrows rise a little at the word as it's uttered from Hook. He leans back into the sofa and gives Hook a shrug. "Not. Entirely. Sh—-hey welcome back." Noble suddenly smiles, waving Ella back over as she enters the room. He tosses her the remote, letting her fire off their movie for the evening.

"Ella Martis? Meet Saint. She orders water at bars and she's brass, so be careful. Saint? Meet Ella, she's a corpsman and a good friend of mine. You, however…" Noble stops, eyes falling onto Ygraine. "…you I am not familiar with. Who are you and why are you sneaking about with chocolate?"

Bennett doesn't stop to interject herself into the pair's discussion, though the couch she plunks herself down on is easily within conversational range. She's got an orange that's probably pilfered from the mess, which she begins unpeeling with the efficiency of a girl who works with her hands for a living. Spotting Ygraine at the hatch, she quirks a brow slightly. And calls out after a pause, "Hey, Vashti." A smile, if the ECO happens to look over.

There is a tapping of his nose there, before he is nodding as Ella slides back in. And there he's peeling away from the couch. A brief look is given back over towards Bennett and then to the other woman who has slid back in. His own half salute given as he starts for the door. Apparently, the Sergeant is going to hang about much further. "I'll catch you later, bru. I have a date to keep." Judah calls out over his shoulder as he starts for the door.

Ella chuckles lightly as Noble keeps introducing everybody. "You missed your calling, I think. You should've been one of those cruise ship social directors. Skipper should make a special post for you," she teases lightly. "Hello, sir," she greets Saint.

Ygraine summons a bright smile. "Oh, hey Cap'n." she says cheerily as she head for a couch. She curls her long limbs so she's in a little ball, which is an impressive feat considering she's so tall (it's all leg). Sliding the package open, she plucks out a truffle and pops it in her mouth, making a happy sound.

Bennett twists slightly in her seat when she hears herself being introduced by that moniker Noble's so fond of. "Hello, Ella." Her teeth flash in a quick grin. "Are you really still hung up on that?" she asks Noble. Peel, peel, peel. It must be the nails she keeps just a little bit sharp. Ygraine she'll 'deal' with in a moment.

Ella also lifts a hand to wave to the departing Hook. "Later, Sergeant." She bobbles the remote when Noble tosses it, and then tries to right it so she can pick something.

"The water, I mean," clarifies the captain.

"It was just bizarre, Saint. We were all drinking like monsters and you you came for water. I'll never forget it." Noble replies to Bennett and then rises from his seat on the smaller of the two sofas. Brushing past Ella on his way to the large sofa, he casts a sharp, upwards nod towards Hook. "Yeah, Padre, I'll catch you around later. We gotta get caught up."

With that, the marine who is not entirely sure if he's on a date flops down into a seated position on the sofa and looks up to Ella. "So, I put the chip you selected in. It should be on the first AUX. What are we watching tonight, anyway?" He asks, waiting for her to get comfortable. "DedHead Monster Feature number Eight?"

"I'm Milkshake, who're you?" replies the freckle-faced farmgirl. "And I ain't sneaking. These are the truffles my mama sent me." Leaving it at that, she opens one of the magazines, immediately enraptured by a perfume ad involving a male model with a chin like a razor.

"Maybe I don't like alcohol," Bennett pretends to muse, wiggling a slice of orange as if it held within it the mysteries of the ages. Then it's popped into her mouth and chewed, thumb wiping off some juice from her chin. "Oooh," she murmurs, distracted by the magazine Ygraine's reading. "Does he have a name? Mm, never mind. A man like that doesn't need one."

Ella manages to get the remote control back in hand, and comes over to sit down next to Noble on the big sofa. "Oh, no, I thought I told you the one with Caprican Beauty on it," she teases back, naming some popular romantic comedy movie from last year. As if Noble would actually have that in his collection. WHen she gets the movie started, it turns out to be some old cheesy action flick set amongst some gang drama on Caprica.

"A man like who? Th—oh." Noble catches himself before he does something terribly vain. "I'm Simon Noble. CMC" He calls back over his shoulder. Leaning back into the cushions with his shoulder set in comfortably against Ella's, he props one booted foot on the coffee table and waits for the movie to begin. When it turns ut to not be the chick flick, Noble smiles and turns his head to look over to Ella. "Was that intentional? Did you totally just test me to see what I'd do if you picked the chick flick to see if I'd cancel on you?"

"I know, right?" Ygraine says. One couldn't call what she's doing reading as such. It's oggling. Generously, she holds the box out to Bennett. "Want one?" Behold the chocolate.

"Sure." Bennett's smile spreads into a grin, her eyes crinkling at the corners. "Chocolate is one of my very, very favourite things," she confides. "After delicious men with fuzzy chins." Not the most appropriate thing to be saying to a subordinate, but at least she keeps her voice down. Mostly. She bites into the truffle, and takes her time half-chewing, half letting the thing melt on her tongue. "So do you want to talk about why you have such a long face?" she asks softly.

Ygraine shrugs. "I've usually got a pretty good gut when I'm sitting in the ECO seat." she says. "My instructor said it was good instincts. Hades' Hells, I'll never be as good as Peacock, 'course, but I'm pretty good. But I was so off today. So I'm just gonna cheer myself up with some chocolate and mags, and sign up for more sim time."

Ella elbows Noble gently in the ribs at his vain declaration. Then she smirks to his question. "Nah, I just thought it'd be funny to see your reaction. But a lack of reaction was pretty amusing too. Or is that your Triad face, while you inwardly groan at the idea of watching a chick flick?" she wonders. She can't help but glance over at the magazine that seems to be getting such attention from the other ladies, though.

As the questions stop flowing from Bennett and Ygraine from the other side of the sofa, Noble lowers his voice and nudges Ella in the ribs right back. "Hey, you should know I've watched plenty of chick flicks. I'm not afraid of them, so no it's not a Triad face. Really I just wanted to hang out with you, and I could care less what we're watching. It's about the company." He reaches out to his right for a throw pillow and stuffs it into the negative space at the small of his back. "So, by all means, you want a chick flick, throw it on."

Bennett licks chocolate off her fingertips, blue eyes remaining on Ygraine while she speaks. A flicker of amusement is briefly glimpsed in her expression. "Vashti, I.." Lick, lick. "..the only thing Peacock has on you is ego. You've backseated for me on more than a few occasions, so please don't take it as me blowing smoke up your ass when I tell you you're solid." A very slight backwoods Virgon inflection enters her voice there, as it often does when she isn't paying attention. "You saw me take that critical hit, didn't you? None of us are infallible. Nobody's perfect."

Cue another sliding in through the hatch. Dressed down in a mixture of off duty and some civilian wear, the next officer through the door, is likely not known by many. And his small deviation in the uniform, would be the hooded sweatshirt of maroon and white, that he is currently sporting with the big letters of A&M in the center. Hands kept thrust down into his open hoodie, Wake makes a direct beeline over for the coffee first. And even then, there's a cautious sniff of the pot in question before he's checking the other one. A faint frown, and he is instead reaching for a grey mug and a tea packet. "Frakkin' luck.." mutters the man with the Aerilon accent. "Seem's we're mixing' th' engine oil for the caffeine tonight." Warning is out.

Ella gives a sort of 'hmmm' look at the model that caused all the hubbub on the magazine, before returning her attention to Noble. "Well, now we know we're both very equal-opportunity for movies: chick flicks or action flicks. Even a monster bash." She looks over at the newly-arrived officer, whom she doens't really know is an officer, offering a polite nod if he looks her way. "Know who that is?" she asks Noble, Mr Cruise Director.

"Yeah, I know. I just - if I don't do my part, and do it right, then it could make things worse and not better for my pilot and the mission." She does perk up a little. "Thanks, sir. I mean, I know I don't suck and that I'm hard on myself, but I figure someone's gotta be. I mean, it's a teeny bit of indulgence," she holds up her box of truffles and the magazine, "And a whole light slot signups in the sims to keep my edge. There are worse ways to process when you're not happy with your performance, am I right?" And then in walks hoody-man. Once he's past, she cocks her head to keep an eye on him. She lets out a whistle. It's not quite a wolf-whistle, but it's certainly in that neighborhood - just up the block and around the corner. And then she promptly studies her magazine intently. She didn't do it. Nobody saw her do it. Nobody saw nothin'!

Bennett glances over to the door, eyes tick-tocking between the man who enters and the coffee pot. Then back again. She smiles and offers helpfully, "You know they just re-heat last night's pot, right? You're probably safer with the tea." Her attention shifts back to Ygraine, and she tears off another section of orange before tucking it into her mouth. No whistling from the captain, though a woman doesn't look at someone in that sort of way without making certain assessments. "I understand. I do. You'll let me know if there's anything I can do to help?"

"Nope. I do not know who this guy is." Noble says in reply to Ella, head leaned up on a strained neck so that he can look over the back of the sofa. Hrm. He raises an arm to wave to the man and then looks back over to Ella. "How come nobody whistles like that when I walk past? I mean, come on. I've got abs. That should account for something?"

If he knew he just got eyes, Wake, likely woulda snorted and returned volley. However he's in the process of getting warm water on the powder tea, and then adding in a bit of cream and sugar-before he is turning back to look towards where the whistle came from. His own dark eyes flicking' tween Bennett and Ygraine, before he is staring in that direction. Mainly, because there is an ashtray over there as well. There is a bit of a grump laugh given in passing towards the two on the couch.

"Where I'm from you get whistled at-usually means your ass is gunna be whooped by your daddy." A toothy grin applied before it droops. Tea to table-ass to chair. And Wake's gonna join lounge with them other officers. "Ladies." grunted out.

Ella smirks at the not-quite-wolf-whistle, then glances briefly from Wake to Noble. "Hmm. Could be the beard? I dunno. I think abs are an easier sell, myself." It's hard to tell when she's being serious. She grins. "The rec room on my last ship was never this hopping."

A clever Caprican girl would probably volley back with if you're into that sort of thing, sweetie, but Ygraine is not a clever Caprican girl. She's a farm girl from Leonis with freckles. Ygraine beams cheerfully at Wake from over her magazine, which on the next page, offers Ten Best Places to Frak (Other Than A Bed), and a fashion spread proving definitively that plaid socks are back in - at least last month, on Caprica. See? It totally wasn't her.

Ah, good old Aerilon farm boys. Bennett chuckles at the approaching officer's commentary, glancing up from what's left of her orange only long enough to register where he's sitting. Murmured, "Well, if you're into that sort of thing, honey." She is not a clever Caprican girl, but she's never let that stop her. "I should get going," she tells the ECO, popping the last orange segment into her mouth and starting to ease back to her feet. "We need to chat about that mission, soon. When you've got some time."

"Yeah, it never usually is this crazy, but I'm kind of rather happy that it is than it isn't. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's nice to have the place to yourself but there's so many people on the ship and space is at a premium." Noble replies to Ella, turning just a little in his seat so that he can see her better. "So are you saying you go for abs? Do you have some boyfriend back home that might get mad about you and I hanging out, Ella?"

"Not yet, but I am open to new things." Wake counters back, before he's taking a sip from his eat, and stretching his legs out under the table. Boots scuffling' before hands are doing the same, reaching around likely for his smokes-which are pulled out and tapped. "I'll let you know, sugar." And like that he's sliding to glance at one of the article headlines on the cover, as a cigarette is placed into his mouth. "Huh." and he's now digging for his lighter. Tough if you all hate smoke-because he's smoking. "I thought th' backseat of a scarab was the most uncomfortable place…" joke rattled off, and then Wake lights up. Drag, puff.

Ygraine has momentarily diverted to watching North and Ella. "Aww," she says, albeit quietly not to harsh or interrupt their date vibe. "That's so sweet. Ain't they sweet?" Her voice raises. "By, Cap'n!" she calls after Bennett, and then blinks at Wake. "Wha - ? Oh. Yeah. I actually never did it in a car, so I wouldn't know." she tells informs him like this is a perfectly normal conversation to have.

On the contrary, Bennett happens to love the smell of cigarette smoke. Without even thinking, she checks to make sure her pack is still in her pocket, where she left it, as she strolls for the door. Her hand's lifted in a wave, and with a bemused smile for Noble and Ella, she ducks on out.

"You're happier when it's crazy?" Ella questions, not quite following his is/isn't description. She shakes her head with a chuckle. "No, nobody back home. The last guy I dated - the only six-pack you'd find on him was beer." Between the conversation with Noble and the movie, she remains in blissful ignorance of the fact that they've become a topic of conversation amongst the brass over there. Though Bennett's departure does catch her eye, and the bemused smile gets a faintly confused one in return.

Ella doesn't hear it, but Noble does. One finger raises in the direction of Wake and Ygraine from the back of the sofa, behind Ella's back. He holds it there, but it might be construed as an opportunity to get his arm around Ella's shoulders. "No, I', not happier when it's crazy, but it is nice to have more people to talk to. I don't know, it's kind of one of those things where you wish you could have it your way all of the time but can't?" Noble asks Ella, eyes turning back to the movie screen. He pauses. "Well, good, because I'd hate for some guy to come rushing in here and trying to kick my ass. I don't want to miss my chick flick."

Wake glances back towards Ygraine and there's a faint grin. "Leonis?" meaning to place her voice, before he is taking another drag of his cigarette. There, the pack offered to her, as with the other hand he ashes, and sets the thing to hold on the lip. Now reaching for his tea-he barely even makes note of the phrase used, but has a sip. "Well, if you don't mind buckles in your back-ain't too bad. Can ruin a car though." and like that he's reaching for the cigarette again with the mug down. "Had a friend's truck who smelled like wet frak a lot. On account of his older brother and his girl."

"Yep! But not the pretty traveler-friendly exotic parts." she says brightly, but waves off the pack. She doesn't seem to mind if others do, but she passes. She oh's, noting, "That's what those little dryer towel things are for. You know, the scent sheets you stick in with your stuff? But then my nose is made of stern stuff, I grew up on a dairy farm. So you know. Cows. And cow poop."

"Well, that doesn't surprise me - a cruise director needs to know everybody on board the ship, right?" Ella declares with a grin. "And this isn't the chick flick - it's a gangster thing." She does notice his stretching arm out of the corner of her eye. When it neither returns to its original position nor tries to make a move on her shoulder, she twists a little and notices his finger pointing and asks, perplexed, "What are you doing?"

"What? Me? Nothing." Noble quickly corrects, dropping the middle finger that he's been holding in the direction of the officers behind him. Officers. Noble's a rebel. When his arm comes back down, he angles it to try to rest around Ella's shoulders. "It's cool, nothing. And this?" He nods t to the movie. "Well I know this one's the gangster flick, but you know what I mean. I mean, boyfriend walking in seeing you and I watching a chick flick? Damn. That would be bad news. Bad news indeed." He brings one knee up to balance his other arm over, getting comfortable again. "So have you seen this one before?"

"I am well aware of what cows do, Miss?" And there he leaves it dangling for the other one to answer. Wake nods and sets the pack of Aerilon reds there on the table, before he is turning his head and looking back over towards Noble and Ella. Eyes watching them for a moment-and he is glancing back over to Ygraine. "Like I said, not my truck." A flash of teeth, and more tea to drain down. "First time on?" a new line of questions, as it will give less about smells and trucks to be mulled over.

"No, I mean the smell." Ygraine clarifies, giving Wake an odd look. "Ensign Ygraine Vashti." she introduces, adding with a cheerful chirp, "But you can call me Milkshake if you wanna. Truffle?" She holds out her box of precious, precious chocolates.

Wake snorts. "I know that the packets do." The lieutenant advises before he is nodding. "Ygraine. A nice name." He doesn't comment on Milkshake-but he does offer a grin and his hand over all the same. "Thomas Wake." he says before shaking his head at the box of chocolates. "I got tea." See-mug waggled before he continues on. "Most call me, Thom."

Did someone back there just say poop? It's one of those words that just seems to cut across the room like nobody's business. Ella glances that way for a moment, perplexed, but all she gets is something about cows, which just leaves he looking even more confused. Attention back to Noble then, she says, "Yeah, I can see how that would be super-awkward. But unless we dock in Tawa or one of them loses his mind and joins up, you should be pretty safe," she says with a grin. The arm on her shoulder causes her eyebrows to arch slightly in bemusement, but she doesn't object, so - probably a win. "I've seen it a couple of times. How about you?"

"Well, you are from Aerilon. Do they have chip throwing contests too?" Yggy asks curiously, and that prompts her to rest the mag on her lap and offer her other hand for shaking. "Chocolate and tea don't go together?" Her eyes widen at that. "Chocolate goes with everything." And that to her is clearly a truth universal. Belatedly she adds, "Thanks, though I admit my mama's more the one responsible for that. Sometimes people shorten it, call me Ygs or Yggy, and I'll answer to those too, Thom." She peers at him. "What's your department? If you don't mind my asking."

Noble settles in again, dealing on his own with the awkwardness of the first time he's put his arm around Ella's shoulders. Every first, like this, is an awkward test. It's like finding out where your favorite place to sit on a brand new couch is, or trying to find the right way to let a new pair of jeans rest; You just have to find a way to let your arm feel comfortable and hope that there isn't a sharp bone digging into anyone's shoulder.

"I'm gonna be honest with you, there's like…three hundred movies in that book and I probably haven't seen half of them. This one? Yeah, but a lot of them I haven't. I'd drop by the base exchange and buy the new ones when they came out and then never got around to watching them." He winces as one of the bad guys on the screen is thrown through a plate glass window.

Wake grins and taps his nose, before he is chuckling. "I'd give you a point there. But, yes they do have chip throwin' contests, and all sorts of other contests, that involve cows, horses and all that." And he takes another sip of tea. "Naw, They do. I just prefer one sweet at a time." he says before setting his mug down. "Alright then Ygs. I am in Tactical. Given your call sign, I'll figure you a pilot of some sorts. Or someone loves calling' you milkshake for other reasons."

"ECO, actually." she says. "Milkshake because, you know, dairy farm." She wriggles her freckled nose.'

Wake nods. "I'll keep in mind, sugar." And there he is rising up. "Well good on the call sign. I've heard a few that have been rightly hilarious. Luckily yours is only mildly." And there he offers a grin. "I just came in for a smoke, but I'll keep an eye out for you-Continue this talking' thing." Wake says before he is looking back to the others on the couch. "Sides they're gonna watch a movie. I'm going to shower and hit the rack. Thank you though for a bit of brief talking." And there he slides up to his feet. "Ygraine." see, he remembered.

"Well, it's a long cruise hell and gone from anywhere, so there probably will be no shortage of opportunity to watch them," Ella says with a smile. She seems to be settled in rather comfy, so presumably there are no sharp bones jabbing anyone. "And despite a fondness for chick flicks, I'll watch just about anything, so… ooh, this is a cool fight scene coming up, with the kickboxer guy."

Ygraine waggles her fingers. "No problem. Sleep well when you get there, Thom." She gives him a high wattage smile, and promptly goes to pluck up her magazine again.

Noble smirks, something fond crosses over his features as Ella finds herself excited about a fight with a kickboxer guy. He tilts his head, sparing a glance over to Ygraine before turning back to the screen, checking to see the lay of the room. "Wait." He suddenly beams. "Is this the one where the kickboxer guy gets into a fight in the moving subway and they fight their way through three subway cars?"

Ella grins, bobbing her head in a little nod. "Yep, that's the one. And he breaks off the arm rest handle thing and starts using it like a nightstick?" The movie is like one big action cliche, but Ella seems to be genuinely enjoying it.

Ygraine hrms. Her presence might be a little disruptie to date night, and Ygraine can just as easily look at male models with razor sharp chins in her rack. She starts collecting her stuff, uncurling her legs.

Content to let the rest of the evening fade into quiet conversation and chop-socky films, Noble snuggles in against Ella's side and laughs with her, eyes locked to the screen in what proves to be a rather interesting fight sequence. Still, it's only a background to their conversation and what is likely an unofficial first date.

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