AWD #002: The Price Of Love
The Price of Love
Summary: The price and blessings of love as discussed by a sister and pilot.
Date: 07/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ceres Iphigenia 
The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.
AWD #2

The crowd in the chapel waxes and wanes, and at the moment, things have been a bit more quiet. Iphigenia is kneeling in front of Athena's statue, her fingers on the tips of the base. She is singing under her breath, almost a croon in Old Gemenese.

The Chapel is a foreign a place as a basestar would be for the pilot that enters. Ceres looks lost, dressed in a pair of her own pajama bottoms and tanks, her left hand still wrapped up in a bag. Her dogtags twist against her chest, now added to by that coin of Zeus, now tih a welding clip so that she can wear it. Heading for the front, awkward steps bring her closer with a rather torn expression. Her good hand lifts to the coin and she searches, perhaps wondering what to do until she spots Iphigenia. A heavy breath is drawn and she slowly approaches, watching and listening but hardly interrupting. The effigy of Aphrodite is noted and the pilot stands back, just behind the Chaplain. "Sister.." She whispers

Iphigenia pauses in her chant, turning her head so she's looking over her shoulder. "Ceres." she says quietly. "Should you be up and about?"

"Likely not," Ceres admits and then draws closer, moving to aid herself down with her good hand to her knees. That coin swings against her chest and looks up towards figure of Athena. "I need to talk to someone and I …don't really have any friends of that sort." She swallows and sighs. "Tell me why you gave me this coin."

"Because you loved him." Iphigenia says frankly, rising to her knees in a smooth motion. She walks to one of the pews, motioning Ceres to join her. "Someone needs to carry it. Do you honestly believe anyone else could?"

Up down. Ceres pushes herself back up and watches the Chaplain take a seat before she moves to follow. Lowering down next to her, Ceres studies the sister before she answers. "I felt I did him wrong while he lived…does that give me the right even if I did love and care for him?" Dark eyes turn to regard the other woman, settling there. "I have been asked to let him go."

"Do you think we go through our lives never hurting the ones we love?" Gen replies, resting her hands in her lap. "It happens. It's part of life. Anger does not invalidate the love we feel for others." She cocks her head. "Carrying his coin does not mean you have to give up the rest of your life. It doesn't mean you can't allow more love, different love, to come into it. Do you think you need permission to do so? You don't. Anyone who tells you to let him go is fooling themselves. But you need to understand that just because you never let him go doesn't mean you can't hold more."

Frowning some, Ceres forms her lips into a thin line. Her hands would clasp together but the one is still repairing itself and the lack of pain killers makes it hard to even rest it on anyhing. "Sister…perhaps there is more room, but I feel I owe Daniel something of myself." She rubs her good hand to her neck and lifts her gaze to Aphrodite. "Before we launched, he pulled me aside. Held me, gave me a kiss and told me he was never going to give up on me." She swallows. "How can I give up on him now?"

"Because he's dead." Iphigenia says frankly. Whatever she's thinking or feeling, it's buried deep. "Because he will be waiting for you when it is your time to take the boat to the Fields, he will be waiting for you with open arms. Do you think that a man who cared for you so deeply would want you to be miserable and alone in the time before then? I think you know better than that."

Ceres doesn't seem to quite agree with that frankness, her brows digging together to draw a furrow in her brow. "No, he would not want me to be miserable. But he is a good man. I wish we had had a chance to love each other the way I wanted….for fraks sake.." She draws a breath, sitting back and lifting her head up as her eyes flicker over those effigies. "I loved him. Gods I did…but I was too damned frakked up to let myself try. TO risk it…I was a coward."

"I lost him because of my own damned fear."

"Then don't be one anymore." Iphigenia says. "Though I daresay anyone who asks you to let him go two days after he died protecting all of us deserves a punch in the nose." Her lips purse in disapproval.

"This someone decided with the end of our lives as we know it, that he couldn't wait to tell me how he felt. I walked away from him." Ceres murmurs, lifting that good hand to rub onc emore at her neck, perhaps a gesture out of habit. "I nearly did hit him…nearly. Though I daresay he meant well. He wanted me to carry the coin but let Daniel rest."

"There's nothing wrong with walking away…for a time. But if you care about Augie and value him, don't stay away for long. Only long enough to keep your temper, only long enough so you can face him and tell him what you feel." Iphigenia can't help but add, "I'd still want to punch him in the nose. But carrying the coin and letting Daniel rest is exactly what you should do. But it's not something you can just decide, like flipping a switch. Grief is a process. Trying to shortcut it does only harm."

Ceres gives a good long hard look at Geni, taking her words to heart. A nod is offered and she once more looks back at the Gods. "I have never…ever been a woman of prayer. But maybe now is the time to start, even if it's too late. How do I go about praying for those lost, who do I even look to? What do I ask for?" She wonders alloud. "Sister, help me pray."

"I could teach you words." Gen says quietly, looking down at her hands. "Traditional forms. The words to open with. The words to close with." Her eyes lift to Ceres. "But do you want to know a secret? Something that I know Daniel Aios believed?"

"Words will do…I need it to be heard. I want to be heard." Ceres says evenly. Yet the mention of Daniel draws her back and she lets out a breath, giving a nod of her head. "What is that, sister?"

"That the Gods are always listening. And that it doesn't matter what you say, Ceres, or how you say it. If it's the truth of your heart and mind, the Gods will know it." She hesitates a moment and admits, "He came to me, for advice about you. We came to talk often, and I have lost a good friend. And I know how much he loved you."

Ceres' face softens a bit more, the edge of tears waiting to gather and fall as she draws a heavy breath again. "Yeah…the man was always enlightened, thoughtful…incredibly bright." That brings a smile to her lips, remembering Daniel in words with another seems to ease some of her tension. "Aye, we both have. And the universe has lost an amazing man…I am just sorry I could not tell him how much I loved him as well." She pauses and considers Iphigenia. "Its hard to keep those that have been lost alive…perhaps through his loss you and I can find some comfort together." This coming from a woman who had to come to the Chapel to find support.

"I would like that." Gen says softly, and then reaches out to put a hand on Ceres' shoulder. "I hope…even though it may be a long road, I have managed to ease the burden a little bit for you."

"You have put something to rest, not all of it…but it helps." Ceres offers a faint smile and says finally, "Sister…you speak to everyone, help them. I am not sure how you manage it all. YOu likely have no one to talk with in turn. Should there ever be a time that you need someone to speak with…do not hesitate to ask." Her good hand liftsto place over Geni's. "Daniel had some journals, I am going to ask for them. I would like to read them together."

Iphigenia looks suprised, and then thankful. "He left me some pieces of his early work. We were going to trade; he wanted to see video of my college vocal performances. Perhaps we could pool it all together?"

Nodding her head, Ceres offers a warmer smile, "I would like that. I think he would like that too. He was a man of words and thoughts..sharing them was part of him. I don't think that part should ever have to be lost. Not as long as we live."

Iphigenia lets out a soft sigh, some kind of tension easing out of her shoulders. "I agree. But in the meantime…Augie cares a great deal about you. Don't let him wait too long, please? One way or the other."

Watching Iphi carefully, Ceres nods, "I won't…but I need time.." She breathes and closes her eyes. "Damned man…I feel so rushed." She says. There is a faint strain and then her jaw tightens. "I am going to beat him.." She threatens and then sighs as well, letting out some of her own tension. "Sister. My offer stands. If you ever need to talk…I am a hard wall, I speak freely and frankly…perhaps not as practiced as you."

Iphigenia smiles gently at that. "Thank you. I'm well, I promise. It's not easy of course…but faith manages."

"Faith gives sometimes, even just a little. We are human…not the Gods." Ceres leans over and hesitates before doing something rare. She offers the woman a one armed hug, gentle and undemanding if it is allowed. Pushing herself up from the pew. "Thank you, sister, for everything. I am going to take some time to think and remember. I am sure I will talk with you soon." A nod of her head is offered and the pilot moves to leave.

Iphigenia accepts the hug, remaining seated with her head bowed as Ceres leaves. Once the pilot is gone, she rises and moves to kneel in front of Athena again, and resumes her soft singing.

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