AWD #059: The Plan
The Plan
Summary: Knox and Ceres plan to their future action; a revolution and civil war among their people.
Date: 06/3/2013
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Ceres Knox 
Recovery Ward
Where people recover.
AWD #59

With Ceres still recovering, sleep comes and goes at odd hours. But when she wakes late at night, most of the lights are out and there's Knox sitting by her bed in his camo, helmet resting on his lap. He's reading some history book about Picon and seems rather engrossed in it. There's not another soul around in here, even the nurses seem to have drifted off to let their only patient for the moment get some rest.

That damned left hand - her bane. Ceres wakes to that sterile environment without the warmth of her fiance. She mutters and rubs at her face with her good hand only to finally note the presence of another. It gives her pause and she frowns some. "Cooper…" Her voice trails off and she looks towards the curtained partition. "Something wrong?" She asks, suddenly pushing herself up.

Coop looks up as he see's her rise up and he smiles easily, shaking his head. "Nah, nothing wrong. I just wanted to talk to you, Ceres. Some private time for us away from the rest." He lifts a small thermos and waggles it. "I brought some chicken soup from the mess. Its terrible, but its probably better than the carefully controlled slop you're eating in here. Think you might up for for some business?" Bribery. Sort of.

Settling back down, she eyes that thermos and then smiles wanly. "We are never alone on this hunk of metal in space. You know that. But I could be up for some salty broth with chicken like products and frozen reheated veggies." She reaches out for it and sighs faintly. She has to try to work around her left hand and after a moment, jigger's the top open with a twist of the cap held in in the crook of her left elbow. She pulls it off and pours herself some. At least it's hot. "What do you want to talk about?"

Coop offers the cup to her next with a plastic spoon. He watches her for a moment, that fond look not unlike she's probably seen others give to their siblings. With her question, though, the Marine scoots his chair right up to her bed and sets the book aside. "Ceres, we need to discuss the plan. Your being wounded, plus my being shot like this, it brings home the point. We're being hunted. Its time we go over our new operational standing."

"We are being struck at because we are 'human'. We get right into the fray, it is bound to happen. I am not so sure it is /hunted/." She smiles faintly at him and leans closer. Ceres watches him and there is a softening of her usually stern features. She begins to teat at the soup, one bite and she makes a face, but doesn't complain. She goes on for a second bite but she motions at him with her spoon.

"Ceres, I sent letters to Petra. They were forwarded up the chain to Seventh Fleet. I've signed my own death warrant. I will be boxed if they know where and when I go. They want me dead. They may want you dead, too. Its not simply because we are making good efforts at being human, sister." Coop clears his throat. "This is why it is time we discuss what our plans are. As it stands, right now, when I die and return for circulation, my line is going to have all these memories. This life will be shared. My defection will be understood. My line, knowing my thoughts and beliefs, will absorb it. The last five years have been too powerful to just be ignored through the entropy of our people's existence. When I drop into circulation, my model line is going to start quietly defecting. We are not going to simply roll over one night, but we live by an honorable code. We will keep quiet about this. But there is a revolution coming, Ceres, and the Sixes will spearhead it when it comes time. I cannot possibly understand how my line will accept what we have done as honorable. Not anymore. Not after what I have seen." He keeps his eyes on her. "Ceres, we have to save our people. We must show them the light. Its up to us to do this. Nobody else is going to help us. And out here, nobody from our own will ever know I am gone until its too late. By then, it will have already begun."

"I know about these letters, Cooper, we spoke of them." Ceres says matter of factly and takes another bite of soup, lapsing into silence to listen. A slow nod of her head and she sits up a bit more, pushing off the back so that she can lean over her waist. Her head tilts and she glances over at him with her dark eyes. "You do realize that the nines will be sent to hunt you. That they will be made to bring down every six if this proves to be the case. You will go back to a whole nother war if the sixes are the only ones to wake with knowledge." She frowns some more, "One will have you all boxed. Every one and destroy you." There is a furrow of her brows. "You can not stand alone, you must have others with you." She turns the spoon about in the soup and sets it slowly down against her lap. She mulls in silence and the hell they both know is coming.

"No. They will only realize it once its too late. Overt action will destroy the plan. Its the ideas that are important. The willingness to turn and experience what we have here. To begin to take subtle actions towards helping humanity. Learning that we can be individuals and breach our stagnation." Cooper keeps his eyes on her. "And yes, I know. There are dangers. But I also know I have no chance of doing this alone. We must do this. But the most important thing is to take personal resolution like I have to it. You must know that the others who wake will have with your memories and there must be no doubt in those memories as to who you are and what we are doing. Your line, and my own, can work as a team. We've seen the beauty. These are not shaved apes with no culture like we were led to believe. We lied to ourselves. They are our salvation, Ceres."

"I see." Ceres finishes off what soup is left in the cup before even answering. Her dark eyes are distant as she stares ahead. "We both give then, but in the sense we always plan to return." She hesitates, her hands brushing at the ring around her neck. "I want this. I want this life but if its going to end at the hands of our people? I need to fight for it." Dark eyes find his again and there is a determination there that is so part of her model that it likely is the one pure part of her left. "I will do everything I must for this. You say jump, I will say how high and get there no matter the cost."

"If we don't do this Ceres? Even if we were to run and hide? Or if we fail? Humanity is done. The Cylons will hunt them down and kill them. Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually." Generations later, slaughtered without a chance to fight back. "We make our stand here, Ceres. We have drawn our line in the sand. But the problem is that once we go, we will need to have our models who KNOW be able to identify each other. It will need to be subtle, too, so that we do not alert the models who have not downloaded our experiences. The best thing I can think of is an innocuous question about the weather on Caprica. There will be a reply we give to each other. I would suggest that there be something about a coming storm. Anyone who doesn't know will simply ask for clarification about WHERE on Caprica. Understand?"

Meeting his gaze as he lays out the phrase and topic, she pauses and furrows her brows. A slow nod is given, "Won't that be obvious if a model is asked that all the time? They will begin to wonder. Can we have a few phrases we rotate through? Say three?" She watches him then, offering the thermos back so she doesnt' spill it while she shifts and lets her legs swing over the side to stretch them out. "But I understand what is to come. To stay here would be selfish, would be thoughtless on our part." Letting out a breath, she rubs at her face.

"Sure. We can come up with several phrases. Just be sure we remember them all." Here in the Recovery Ward, planning the downfall of their own people's heights. Coop just smiles easily. "Once you rejoin our people, you can stay. Or you can try and make your way back here. When I go, I will be staying with our people for a bit to help coordinate. I'll have personal testimony to answer for. You can seek me out if you like, too. But I will hold nothing against you if you decide to come back here. You have a man who will be waiting. Afton knows I will need to go, but not how long I will be gone."

"I think I will stay. No sense on rejoining if I am going to flee once I get there. If we want to make this stick beyond just our models…then we have to remain. It won't be easy…" her hand seizes around that ring, tightening her grip as she sighs and closes her eyes. "But it needs to be done if I even want to think about keeping what I have. I have no right to just sit here and hope…not when I can do something. When is the question? When do you want to do this?" Her hand slowly lets go of the ring and lifts her head to look at him, meeting his gaze.

Coop shakes his head. "The goal is for us to return to those we love, Ceres. We're doing this for them, not just so they are safe, but we are also doing this to secure our own futures with them. Its okay to be selfish. Its part of being human." The man reaches out to cuff her on the shoulder gently. "But when? I don't know. I could go at any time and I think I would have success. But I'm trying to find out as much about humanity as possible before I go. The more I take back, the better our ammunition and conviction. I will not shy away from combat in the meantime. I cannot sit by while my fellow Marines are out there getting shot at. Its unacceptable to me, similar to how you probably feel about the Wing. So we go whenever its our time. I will go when I think there is sufficiently large amounts of information to take back, especially to bring question to others."

"I am being selfish in saying I am going, because if I don't, I don't think we have a chance of winning this if I am entirely truthful. If we can turn enough of us to our side, we might be able to convince or over power the rest. You won't be able to do this alone and I don't want to just wait for the end that will find us one day." Ceres meets his gaze and then reaches her hand up to his, the left on and grabs. Its strong and she doesn't look at all pained. "I am doing all I can to be human, I can stop this from hurting anytime I want but what is the point if I want a life? But if I am going to do this? If I am going to be believable, I have to be willing to do what it takes.

Coop takes her hand and returns the squeeze. "Ceres, just in case I never get another chance to tell you this: I am very proud of the person you are becoming. I think every single person on this boat should be proud of you. But I love you, sis. It hurts and its amazing all at once. But just taking that back alone? This is something I'll never forget. Thank you for trusting me. And thank you for trusting them." Coop smiles and takes his helmet up as he slowly rises.

"I could do nothing else but trust you, you give me no reason to do anything but." Ceres watches him stand and then draws her hand back to her. She lets out a long breath and nods her head. "Tell me when, or I will find the right time. But it has to be over the colonies or I will be lost." That is maybe the real fear, her eyes meeting his. There is a moment as she bites her lip, trailing her teeth against the skin before releasing it and settling back.

"We'll discuss it down the line. For now, sister, rest. I want to know that I have you up overhead watching and protecting. So do the rest of the people on the Orion. If you go, though, know that I will not be long behind. We do this together, Ceres." He lifts a salute to her and steps back, taking up his book, and heading for the door.

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