AWD #310: The Piraeus Cup
AWD #310: The Piraeus Cup
Summary: Marines from the 3/8th descend to Piraeus to recover the battalion's honor, and the CO's coffee mug.
Date: 27/04/2016 (OOC Date)
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The Wilds of Piraeus
The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
AWD #310 (12 NOV 2005)


It's a late afternoon shuttle that the marines take down from Orion. Once landed they're taken to the marine encampment, decked out in their training gear, and then loaded up onto a truck which promptly sets off out of the settlement. Amos, decked out in his fatigues and instructor's high-vis gives a brief in the back as they rumble on into the wilderness and dusk sets in. "Gentlemen. Tonight the whole of the 3/8th is relying on you to uphold their honour, and show those skallywags of the 1/8th just what we're made of. We've tried to keep it under wraps so far, but you all need to know that early this morning a Gunnery Sergent of the 1/8th was admitted into battalion HQ for a briefing, and once he'd left, the absence of the Major's coffee mug was noted." Pausing a moment to allow him to regain his composure and try to keep a straight face he then continues, "we've tracked this ne'r do well and his squad of four to the beach located on this map," he passes Lleufer a piece of paper and continues, "but then the train went cold. Given the terrain we suspect they've somewhere just to the north, enjoying their illicit spoils. We need you, our brightest and best, to locate their encampment, retrieve the prize, and return to the LZ." Well, the truck, but close enough. "Ideally without them ever having known you were there, but you are authorised to return fire if attacked. It'll be dark by the time we arrive, and you'll be dropped off a couple of miles to the east. Don't let me down."

This is Lleu's first training exercise since he was cleared to return to duty with the Orion. He may have a little trepedition, but if he does, Ynyr's doing a good job of trying not to show it. He already has his helmet strapped on over a thin rubber stocking that helps pad his recently damaged skull and keep preassure off of his scaring. He accepts the map sketch from Amos and looks it over.
"Do we have visual, or description of this missing mug for positive ID, sir?" They wouldn't want to bring back the /wrong/ mug, damn it. Ynyr looks at the map and angles it so the others can see it as well to get a sense of the lay of the landscape into which they are going. "Are we on a time limit?"

Callum checks his weapon and medical supplies as the shuttle takes them to whatever paradise awaits them. Everything seems to be in order, so he looks up and listens in on what Amos is saying. Locate something, grab it, return fire. That seemed easy enough. Now he was going to relax a bit and let others find out all the important details. Like Lleufer. The guy asked good questions, he hoped there'd be good answers to go with it!

While not part of any of the Marines Infantry divisions, Phaeton is alternating with Randy for the engineer attached to the unit. Checking over his gear, the combat engineer listens to the briefing, glancing towards those that have arrived to carry out the task as he gives a nod of his head. After making sure his checks are done - he gives Amos a quick thumbs up that he has what he needs; and then a nod to Lleufer and his questions.

Night exercise? Mallas does as he told, but not without some grumbling. Here he is in the back of a truck on Piraeus, geared up and ready to go. Body armor, night vision attached to his helmet, rucksack, rifle, extra magazines of paint ammo, and a pair of smoke grenades. "Frak it's cold," he mutters, stomping his feet and rubbing his arms to keep warm. He listens to the Captain's briefing, then shakes his head to himself and gets busy checking his weapon. He's just a Private. The Sergeant in charge can worry about that, and Lleufer is already on it.

Seriously, he just got up to the Orion. Dreyer hasn't even unpacked his bags. Now here he is, back on Piraeus. What the frak is this nonsense?! The man is settled in the rear of the truck along with the rest, drumming fingers lightly against his rifle. The MP is appropriately in fatigues for the evening's activities, even if he'd much rather be at Charlie's. Oh, Charlie's. Where almost everyone knows his name. At Lleufer's query, the Sergeant leans over slightly to the person sitting next to him and mutters: "Bet it's the one that says 'Colonies' Greatest Major' on it."

Amos replies quickly to Lleufer, "big, holds just shy of a pint. White ceramic, with Fleet HQ Picon emblazoned on the side." As for time limit he checks his clipboard for a reminder then notes, "they're due to return to the 1/8th by 8am, where they intend to present it as a symbol of their victory. I'll be with the truck at the drop off point until dawn though, if we leave it later than that we'll miss the meeting ourselves and won't be able to wave it in their faces once recovered. That should give you around ten hours of darkness. That should be more than adequate." As he finishes speaking the truck starts to slow, pulls over, and kills it's headlights. "Alright then, any last questions before you go?"

"Understood." Lleufer's words are a little slurred yet but he tries to be careful with pronounciation so he's understood. "Good to know we don't have to be back in an hour." He twists his mouth into a grin, though it's mostly on the mobile right side, not so much on the left side of his face. He looks at the others to make sure they are ready and if they've had a glance at the map, Lleu folds it and tucks it into his vest, settling his night vision goggles into place, ready to disembark and get started.

Feeling the truck come to a halt, Callum glances around at his fellow Marines. He figured they had a fighting chance at kicking the other squad's ass, but who knew. Had to stay positive! "Who buys the rounds when we return victorious, sir?" That's Callum's question. The most important question one could say. See? Staying positive. "Other than that, I'm ready to go get that white ceramic pint thingy. Sir." He glances at the map a moment and then gets his goggles ready.

"Sounds like the worst party favor ever." Phaeton admits with a little grunt as he considers the rest of the troops as he settles his googles into place and waits for the rest of troops to unload before he moves to climb out as well, his own gear tightly held in place as the engineer settles onto the ground and checks his weapon.

Mallas listens in to the conversation, giving a laugh for Callum's question, but no comment of his own. He nods to Lleufer and promptly piles out as soon as it is clear the briefing is over and it is time to go. The Private flips his night vision down and looks around, making a quick adjustment to the gear while he waits to hear the plan.

"They ought to buy the rounds," Dreyer decides, leaning forward to nab the map briefly and look it over. It hands it back once satisfied, checking over his own gear and moving to hop down from the truck. His rifle hangs from its sling before him and the man is otherwise kitted out much as a rifleman. Fatigues, armor, nightvision goggles paired with his helmet. There's a few pouches that may just be more munitions, but could also contain other things. Anton stretches and leans back on his heels. Considering Lleufer is the lucky sot (or unlucky, really) to have the map, Anton's looking to him to lead the way once everyone's offloaded.

"They do," Amos replies to Callum with a hint of a smile, "You do if they still have possession at 8am. I'll be on the usual emergency frequency if needed, but otherwise you're on your own. Good luck Gentlemen." And with that he hops down onto the grass himself, then moves round to the cap of the truck and lets himself into the passenger seat, where it's warmer.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Failure.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Stealth: Success.

<FS3> Callum rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Mallas rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Starting out, Lleufer is not as quiet as he'd like to be. His not long ago injured leg is stiff and it takes him moving for a little to work it out. He grits his teeth at a slight trip on the turf and readjusts his gear, keeping his mouth shut on the mumble he might have given otherwise. One they are away from the truck he says low, "Let's head for the weir. Stay frosty, eyes and ears open for any sign of them, tracks, or traps. Don't bunch up." They should know that already but good to be sure.

Callum smirks at Amos' comment while at the same time putting his goggles into place. Slipping off of the transport, he does one more quick equipment check while waiting for the rest of the boys to get their shit together. Stepping up beside Lleufer he says, "Who do you want taking point? I don't mind watching people's sixes, but there's not a six around here pretty enough to look at. Weir sounds good though. Alright ladies, listen to the old man here." He gestures to Lleufer and then splits off to put some distance between himself and the other man.

Quiet as he moves forward, Phaeton winces as the clatter from Lleufer. "Check your gear, Sarge." he whispers to the man in charge as he moves forward, more cautious on the watch for traps and other tricks that may have been set up. After all, that's his place to look for and get rid of.

There's a sort of eyeball for Callum, but Dreyer doesn't say anything. Newp. If he's not given an exact place in 'line' to be, he'll just drift somewhere in the middle. His eyes do unfocus a bit as the night vision is clicked on. Envisioning the map, really. Weir is a good spot. He hiks up his rifle a bit and starts off. Maybe he's not HOMG SUPER STEALTH, but at least Anton isn't stepping on all the twigs in the area. Ahem.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Alertness: Failure.

Mallas doesn't choose to go on point, naturally taking up a position somewhere in the back half of the group unless he's told otherwise. He ambles quietly through the woods as if he's well accustomed to the outdoors, checking their surroundings through his NVG with his rifle at the ready.

Lleufer stops a second to tighten up his straps and maybe get one of them to check behind him so nothing is shifting around that shouldn't. Rather than answer Callum, Ynyr motions him to drop back and watch their asses and nods the EOD guy forward to take point and watch for traps. Mallus and Dreyer can fall in anywhere between. Then Lleu's moving again, hopefully more quietly.

Catching Lleu's signal, Callum holds up, letting others pass him by. Once he's sure he's last, he begins moving again, his eyes scanning the area around them to make sure no one's sneaking up on them. From time to time, he'll glance dowards, trying to make sure he doesn't set off some trap that'll have a stick come up and smack him in the nuts.

Sent to point, Phaeton would rather have a cigar inbetween his teeth back on the Orion, instead of down here on the planet poking around in the woods. As he moves around one of the piles of twigs, there's a crack of underbrush as the engineer looks down and draws in a breath. "Frak." he whispers gently to himself, as he doesn't hear an Pireaus-shattering Kaboom. Gingerly, he continues on, his attention trying to focus harder on his job as trap checker as the approach the weir.

Ynyr grimaces at Phaeton's misstep and hissed cussword, but doesn't add to it by saying anything. It can wait until recap, later. He settles down, moving more easily and watchful. As they approach the weir Lleufer makes a motion for them to slow up and halt, and then for Phaeton to go forward and check what he can see of the weir, for it's liable to be a narrow crossing. While they cover him, Lleu also glances around for any sign of disturbance or tracks that aren't their own.

The middle is best and if Mallas weren't just a PFC, Dreyer might be tempted to fist bump. Actually, he still is, but there's pride to be had here. There's a mug at risk! Anton continues to keep his steps light, but he's at least looking around. Not for traps like their point man, perhaps, but for signs of the enemy. Surely they're not just hanging out on the beach… and if they are, there had better be a bonfire and brewskis.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Mallas' head whips around as he hears the crunch of whatever it was Phaeton stepped on. There's some wordless grumbling from the Private, but he's at least not grousing out loud. Catching that look from Dreyer, he just gives the unknown MP a shrug. What are you gonna do? And then he's careful to not step in that same spot when he passes it, a moment later.

<FS3> PFC Lambeth rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Tracking: Good Success.

Slowing to a halt, Phaeton lifts his right hand and closes it to a fist, bringing the column to a halt for the time being. Gesturing towards the recently trampled trail, he holds up one finger and turns his attention back to Lleufer to see what the sergeant decides to do with the information he's passing back to him.

Callum frowns as the others ahead of him make some noise. Hey, at least it wasn't him this time around. Moving along, still keeping watch with the others until he sees the others get down. Hunking down, he slips a little closer to see what Lleu is up to. He'll wait until the guy gives a signal to do anything else.

What Ynyr is doing is examining the ground … and then having spotted a boot print, does a little very careful tracking to see where it came from, where it went, and how many. Ynyr stops and watches Phaeton, then gives a nod and motions for them to cross the weir, one at a time. Phaeton first to watch for signs of traps, with Lleu coming up behind after to check for tracks on the other side of the water. The others can cover them, then come across while they are each covered in turn.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> PFC Lambeth rolls Alertness: Failure.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Stealth: Success.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Mallas moves a bit to one flank and drops into a crouch when the column halts, turning most of his attention to the surrounding woods while he's waiting. But once their squad leader motions for them to move out and cross one at a time, the Private is back on his feet and moving up. Finding a tree, Mallas raises his rifle and scans the far bank of the river, covering for those ahead of him in line.

<FS3> Mallas rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Continuing on point as he crosses the weir, Phaeton stops about halfway across. Kneeling down, the engineer takes out a paint pack, setting it up with a small detonation device as he moves to plant it on the 'dry' side of the weir, and arms it. There's a small flash of light from his detonator as the device and detonator sync up, and he nods an affirmative, setting the detonator back in it's pouch before continuing on.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Demolitions: Good Success.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> PFC Lambeth rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> PFC Lambeth rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Lleufer sees something and to those not yet crossed, he makes a motion for them to STOP and take cover. To Dreyer who's half way across Ynyr motions for him to hurry and take cover as soon as he can. Lleu taps Phaeton and goes into the brush to conceal himself, then carefully points out the direction he saw someone to direct the other fella's gaze. Ynyr leans real close and whispers into Phaeton's ear, "They've posted a watch." Lleu looks at the other Sergeant who's also an MP, "You guys watch him and motion Callum across when he looks up river. I'll try to go up and around and take him out."

Lleufer spends 1 luck points on To not screw up my sneaking!.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Great Success.

Already behind a tree, Mallas doesn't move even after he sees Lleufer's signal. In fact he goes still and only scans with his eyes and a slow turn of his head, trying to locate whatever it is that's alerted the other team members. There's a moment of tension as Dreyer scrambles for the far bank, just waiting for the shots to ring out. But the Fates show favor, this time. Seeing their squad leader directing Phaeton, Mallas re-orients and levels his rifle, searching over the sights for a target on the far bank.

After setting his charge, Phaeton nods, moving to the brush to settle himself in concealmeant. Taking his SMG off safety, he settles it to his side to keep watch on the deployment to take out the sentry.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Stealth: Failure.

<FS3> PFC Lambeth rolls Alertness: Failure.

Callum is coming up behind Dreyer… also known as the Marine he doesn't know yet. Seeing the signal, he slows his movement, bringing his own rifle up so he can be ready to return fire. Slowly he moves up to the weir, waiting for Dreyer and Lleufer to cross over. Once they are both over, he begins to move across as slowly and stealthily as he can manage.

<COMBAT> Mallas takes careful aim at Pfc1.

<FS3> Callum rolls Stealth: Failure.

<FS3> PFC Lambeth rolls Alertness: Success.

Private First Class Lambeth of the 1/8th is cold, and bored, but that doesn't mean he isn't paying attention as he stakes out the weir from the west bank. Okay, so he might have missed 3 of the marines cross, but there's something, just something, that catches his attention as Callum heads over. A faint splash perhaps, and he starts to turn his head back towards the shallows, reaching for his radio as he does so.

Unaware of Callum coming across, Ynyr works his way up the slope carefully and as silently as he can, keeping a close eye out for a better line of sight on their watcher. Or any others who may be hidden and also watching. As he goes, Ynyr moves slowly and with purpose to try to get slightly above where the other man is, and come across so that he may approach from behind… and get in close.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Melee: Success.

Lleufer grabs the watcher from behind, using both hands and letting his rifle hang from the strap. At once he goes for a choke hold but if he can get it, Lleu hisses low, "Tap out if you don't want to be choked." If they were old fashioned Navy SEALS they'd choke each other out for THE FUN OF IT.

The 3/8th are making good time, and as poor Lambeth feels Lleu about his throat he rapidly taps. "Hey man," he grumbles once released, "just an exercise." He seems a bit put out, but given he's just been comprehensively snuck up on it's not perhaps all that surprising. "Don't worry Sergeant, dead men tell no tails. Still, guess I get to go get a coffee and a blanket now." THat said he grabs his rifle, slowly and quietly, and trudges off to the north, doing his best to keep his movements slowly and stealthy so as not to ruin the exercise. As for the Orion team, the rest of the crossing is uneventfulm and the immediate surroundings quiet.

There you are, mother frakker. Mallas finally picks out the sentry in the trees, a little upstream from them, and settles his sights on the man's center of mass. And then he exhales slowly, finger resting lightly on the trigger, and considers. They weren't supposed to shoot except to return fire? Frak. What a pain in the ass. The Private weighs his decision versus which might get this night-hike over with more quickly, and while doing so, dialing in his aim on the 'enemy' soldier. Oh wait, the dude has seen Callum. And he's going for his radio. Frak this! And just as Mallas begins to put a gentle pressure on the trigger, someone jumps the guy from behind. Double frak this! He holds his fire but keeps his sight picture, waiting to see what the Hades is going on over there. Awww … the dude gave up. Wimp. With the senty out of the way, Mallas gets up to quietly makes his own way across the weir and over to the far bank.

Much like Mallas, Dreyer had brought up his rifle. He wasn't aiming for the guy, however. He was aiming for the radio. Hey, training op is a great place to practice shooting on moving targets. Much better than the firing range, at least. But Lleufer makes it up, around, and gets the drop on Lambeth. So, Anton lowers his weapon, engages the safety, and moves up further into the treeline to search out the direction that Lambeth had come from to get to his watch point.

Callum is oblivious to the fact that he's been spotted. Instead he focuses on finishing his crossing and then getting to the other side, he grins around. "What's up guys?" He murmurs all around. "Okay where do we head out from here?" He turns and watches Lleufer take the guy out. Good times. Well, one down… what? Three more to go? Four more? Oh well, they had the advantage now at least! He decides to head after Dreyer.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Alertness: Failure.

<FS3> Callum rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Relaxing his finger off the trigger of the SMG, Phaeton clips the weapon back to his chest after safetying it and starts to make his way forward once again, the point man starting to check for possible traps, sentry marks, and now, pathfinding and clearing for the rest of the squad as he closes his eyes for a moment to settle his nerves. There's a quick thumbs up to Lleufer as he makes his way along, passing the sergeant as he does so.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Lleufer gave a lopsided grin to the guy he fake choked out and lightly slaps his shoulder as their fellow Marine heads on back. Ynyr moves quietly to return below to where his squad is and to look around carefully for any further sign of tracks that might help them determine which way to go. Phaeton's thumb's up gets a little twist of his mouth and a nod before he's back to looking, and making sure all of them are across now.

Callum quick steps up to Dreyer and places a hand on the Marine's arm. Once he's got his attention, he gestures to a West or West SW direction. See, he can be useful for more than shoving some leaves into a sucking chest wound.

He must be distracted by the idea of coffee and a blanket. Dreyer ain't found shit. The man, however, glances to Callum at the tap and the gesture. He gives a sharp nod and moves carefully towards Lleufer, gesturing towards the West and SW. "He came from that way." Voice pitched low, undertone. Anton waits to move again for any further orders.

Last across the water, Mallas takes up the tail-end charlie spot as the columns regroups. Seeing Lleufer making a head count, the Private lifts a hand to signal that they're all over the river. He's ready and waiting to move out again.

Phaeton works the point, but it seems the only traps that he's found so far are MPs. Once again, after several meters of movement, that hand comes up again, and the engineer is once again pointing out the crisscrossing tracks for Lleufer. There's a frown as he considers, fingers touching the detonator in his pocket. It's too soon to consider that plan of action, so for the moment he falls back on Lleufer's call.

Following the other dudes, Callum considers how they might be able to actually accomplish the mission. Maybe he could work up a distraction. Hrm. Some ideas come to mind, but he'll consider them later. They still had to find the enemy duders.

Ynyr listens to what Dreyer says Callum noticed. Lleufer gives a nod, then gestures for them to proceed but let Callum take point this time. See what each of them can do, motioning Phaeton to go second, himself in the middle with Mallus, and Dreyer doing a round at drag to watch their butts. He doesn't say anything but looks at the tracks that are pointed out and motions for them to proceed towards the beach with care to the west by southwest. There is silent agreement to hold on Phaeton's trick if it's wanted to slow up the other team from crossing back later.

<FS3> LCPL 'Snowy' Snow rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Stealth: Failure.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Alertness: Success.

Catching Lleufer's gesture, Callum gives a thumbs up and then moves ahead to take point with Phaeton. Giving Phaeton a little nod as he catches up to him, Callum will stay to the man's right for a while, keeping an eye out for any bad guys that may be in hiding.

Mallas picks his way through the woods, keeping his attention primarily to the flanks and rear. There are plenty of eyes up front. He drops a little behind as he's looking around, then picks up the pace to catch up to the back of the column again.

Continuing along the path, Phaeton considers for a moment, and leans to Lleufer, an idea touching upon his lips. "When we get to the base." he says quietly, "..I can detonate the pack. It's got a sound mocker in it, so they'll hear the sound clear the way down here. May draw them out to go looking for us back there, and not expect us at the base." Easier to just say it quietly instead of trying to signal it all out.

<FS3> Callum rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Lleufer listens to what Phaeton has to say and nods, "Could be a good distraction. Let's wait and see what we find, first." He too keeps his voice very low, trying not to slur his words too much. Stupid head wound.

Callum continues moving along with Phaeton, and then he pauses. Standing still, he holds a hand up to his ear, hearing something other than the water on the beach. Facing to the Northwest, he steps over to Phaeton and gestures. Glancing back to the other Marines, he gestures in the NW direction, indicating where they should go next. "Hope someone has a plan." He mutters under his breath as he begins moving towards the NW.

Glancing to Callum, then back to Lleufer, Phaeton reaches, tapping his ear and then points northwest. He hears something over there, and frowns as he follows after blowing a breath out of the side of his mouth in agreement to what Callum said. Just no need to speak at the moment as he continues on his checks and point patrol.

Trudge, trudge, trudge. Cold and dark. Mallas is thinking they've got to be getting near the bad-guy's camp one of these days. And then there's signaling at the front of the column, and the Private steps aside to get behind a tree. Mallas peers out into the vision-enhanced forest night. "About frakking time," he whispers to himself.

Their course is adjusted and Ynyr motions that he understands and to proceed. The group continues on, moving as quietly as they can and Lleufer strains his ears to try and hear what the others picked up. They move with more care now, getting closer to their quarry.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Callum rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Success.

Callum steps over to Lleufer, motioning Phaeton to join him. "They got their cocks out, I think. If we're going to hit them, now's the time to do it. Just give the word and we'll go."

<FS3> Mallas rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Settling next to others, Phaeton glances to Lleufer. "What you say, Sarge? Ready to start this party now, or you want us to continue to sneak in? We can make a pretty good ambush here."

Lleufer shakes his head, "No, let's see, first. In and out without them knowing we are here, if possible. That's our orders." It's a whisper back to Callum. One of us who's good with stealth needs to get closer and see how they are set up. See if the item can be spotted. Then we can finalize our plan." So? Any volunteers? Lleu looks to the others.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Alertness: Failure.

Yet more hiking, and then they halt again. Mallas glances head in the column, sees the gestures, and spots the 'enemy' soldier Callum is indicating. And once more the Private takes a knee behind a tree, raising his rifle to draw a bead on the sentry. Then he waits to see what they're going to do this time.

Having been taking up the rear of the column, or close to it, Dreyer is really just thinking about coffee. Likely spiked coffee, but coffee nonetheless. "What if someone sneaks in to verify location while someone else-" gesture in the engineer's direction. "prepares a disraction?"

<COMBAT> Mallas takes careful aim at Lcpl.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Callum rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Stealth: Success.

Shrugging his shoulders as he holds onto his play for now, Phaeton makes his way forward. Seeing only the single sentry for now, there's a glance to the others before he moves to settle into position and wait to see what the sergeant comes up with for their next move, the engineer glancing about him warily.

Following the lead of the others, Callum sneakily moves towards the sound. Sure enough, it's some dude with his dongle in hand relieving himself. He glances over at the others, waiting to see what Lluefer had in mind. Was the dude going to go choke this guy out too? Hey, there were two things the guy could choke right now.

Unfortunately, Lleu doesn't know who among them is good at hand to hand. But, he needs to learn what they can do and try them out and not do it all himself, so… with Mallas hanging back, Ynyr looks at the others, "Who among you can choke him out? Go for it." Will it be Callum who volunteers, Phaeton, or Dreyer?

And there they all go. Well, Mallas has the sentry in his sights, and all the Sergeants are moving in on the camp. Nobody told him the plan, so he keeps his aim on the man, even as the guy unzips for a piss. Gods, he could hit this guy right in the junk with a paint ball from fifty meters. That might be worth it.

Lance Corporal Snow, or 'Snowy' to his mates, finishes 'communing with nature' as his radio crackles in his ear. Listening for a moment he then hits the PTT and mutters back. "Fraks sake Sarge, I'll be back in a minute, just taking a leak. Out."

<FS3> Callum rolls Melee: Good Success.

Sneaking up to the Marine relieving himself, Callum gets right behind him before making his move. Putting him into a sleeper hold, he leans his lips right next to Snow's ear and whispers. "Want me to hold it for you? Shhhh… shhhh… sleepy time now." As the man begins to lose consciousness, Callum slowly lowers him to the ground. Finally the man's knocked out and Callum puts him on the ground. Sparing a quick glance down, he gives Snow an appraising nod. "Packing a cannon there Corporal." The words whispered out as he returns to the others of his unit.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Callum rolls Alertness: Failure.

<FS3> Phaeton rolls Stealth: Failure.

With Callum moving on ahead and Mallas covering, Dreyer is left to just move on forward. Off and away and past the fella just whipping it out for the world (as it were) to see. Welp! And thankfully, the corpsman doesn't flub up the approach nor the takedown. It makes it all a bit easier as Anton continus forward, able to pop up a bit higher to review the area.

<FS3> Mallas rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Mallas rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Lleufer tries not to laugh, because Callum didn't have to /actually/ take the fella out, geese. It's an exercise. But it's done so Ynyr carefully gets up and goes forward to look for any sign of which direction the guy came from, and motions for the others to come up. As soon as they have a heading, Lleu motions for Dreyer to take point now and lead the way.

Seeing Callum take down the guy he had in his sights, Mallas starts to edge forward towards the group. He advances with his rifle raised however, as if covering some target slightly beyond where the sentry was.

Making his way forward again, Phaeton hears the crack of a dry branch under his feet and the way it echoes in his ears, he'd sworn that all of Piraeus heard it as well, but when there's no guns trained on him, he starts to make his way forward again.

Pausing by a tree, Dreyer is able to get a good line of sight. He holds up a hand for a halt, glancing down the line. He gestures towards Mallas, then past. Essentially following the line of the PFC's gun. He's spotted something. And just in case, he cycles back just a bit to whoever is closest to him in the column. His voice is pitched very low. Barely a whisper, even: "Looks like a camp for one, maybe two."

Ynyr stops looking around and looks back where Dreyer indicates, looks at Mallas, then looks at whatever Mallas is pointing his rifle at. Bingo. Lleu gives them a thumbs up for a good job and motions for them to continue. Quietly.

As the marines sneak closer to what now appears to be a small emcampment for two marines, several sounds can be heard. One is a rustling of a standard issue blanket, and the other steady breathing.

Oh, they didn't all see it? This only dawns on Mallas as Lleufer gives him a thumbs up. The Private gives a small shrug in answer, then continues to close quietly in on the camp site, weapon leveled.

And lo, forward they move. Dreyer keeps low and careful, drawing his rifle up close and thumbing the safety. Someone might need to be painted, after all. He opts to circle around from a slightly different angle. Better to divide and conquer and perhaps flank than line up like a row of ducks, right? All the while, keeping an eye out because hey, maybe someone opted to leave a particular mug out in the open.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Alertness: Success.

As the marines move forward, the Engineer holds back. Taking the position of overwatch, Phaeton unstraps his SMG and flips the safety off as he brings it up to watch the movements as he holds his position.

Callum's been holding back from the others, waiting to get tagged in to do something. Right now he seems content with letting the boys who are in place get their 'kills' in. Hell, a part of him was about ready to go in there and get this done. He's surprised no one's come looking for the Corporal too. Maybe he should wait and see if anyone does.

Lleufer motions for Dreyer to take the guy in the blanket, and he circles around as quietly as he can to locate who else is there so he can move in on them. They need to account for five in total and with Phaeton and Mallas overwatching, move in and subdue these two or three. So Ynyr comes around to get into position to locate at least one more.

Seeing people holding back, Mallas starts straight in towards the campsite with his weapon raised. But once Lleufer signs him to cover the others, the Private sighs to himself and again drops to a crouch, continuing to cover the camp.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Melee: Good Success.

Looking around the camp, Dreyer notes something… and inches in closer. Browquirk. He lifts a hand to signal, to catch the others' attention. Then points to an ammo crate. It's got rubber bullets. Not the paintball munition they're all kitted out with. When he's motioned to go after Mr. Blanket and Breathing, the man gives a quick nod. The safety is flipped back on (just in case, natch) and he moves in. The motion, on the prone individual, is one that would be so much cooler if he had a knife in hand. Instead it's just a grab of the head, baring of the neck, and… well, okay, some might call it a tickle. Dreyer just mutters: "Gotcha." No, no sleeper hold here.

The air in close proximity to Dreyer turns blue for a moment, as Gunnery Sergeant Reeves of the 1/8th realises he's out of the exercise after been rudely awakened while been just starting to doze off.

Ynyr looks carefully but doesn't see anyone else here. He does catch Dreyer's motion and moves in closer to see if he can snag the ammo box so indicated and open it up to see if the coffee mug is in there.

Hearing the cursing from the camp, Private Mallas laughs and decides the threat there is over, or at least reduced to harsh language. Turning around, he covers the woods beyond the camp site, waiting to hear if they've got the championship coffee cup or not.

Continuing to keep watch, Phateon holds the sentry position, frowning slightly as this seems to be going rather easily. Though he really wants to make with the explosions, nope, he's going to behave.

Yep, the big ass coffee mug is in the ammo box. So Lleufer closes it back up and motions Dreyer to fall back. As soon as they meet back up with the others, Sergeant Ynyr indicates the ammo box and gives a thumbs up for their job well done. He whispers, "Now, let's get back quietly as we came in, and we're good." They don't even need to go back across the weir because the water was shallow enough to wade.

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