PWD #01: The Parent Trap
PWD #01: The Parent Trap
Summary: Three Marines discuss current events until one of them pretends to be his twin brother around Madeline
Date: 04/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Marine Enlisted Berthings - Battlestar Orion
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
Jan 04, 2005

Recently returned from a hump down to Piraeus for another round of on-location training, Simon Noble steps into the barracks and down the rows towards his bunk. Surging with energy, he plants a booted foot onto the lower rung of the ladder and works at his laces. Body armor, thick boots, full kit, everything is in the process of being removed.

Andro is always bitching about how much work she has, being expected to be both medical and marine. The reality is apparent as she comes into the bunk, still in her kit as well. Her expression is still in bitchmode, hard and a little detached from what's going on around her. She grunts at Noble, lifting her chin in greeting as she settles at her new locker. Apparently someone decided to shuffle the bunks around, and consolidate gingers; She's now right above him.

Bear arrives from the Enlisted Barracks.

It's Ozzie and Harriet time, as Simon unfastens his damp and cold body armor and lifts it over his head. He drops it to the top of his mattress and then slips a cigarette between his lips. He lights it. "You wanna know the absolute, frak-all, unrealistic bitch about all of this, Drama? I was getting a nap-on when the call went out." He grunts, passing around behind her to one of the central tables to set down his kit.

The Corpsman slithers out of her armor too, tossing it onto the bunk above Noble's. She gives him a sympathetic sort of glance, before reaching into her bunk, pulling out her flask of 100-proof whatever-the-frak-she-pickles-her-liver-with, and hands it to Noble without a word. "Do your lazy ass some good to get up and moving." She taunts him.

Brushing the back of his hand, the one with the white flower tattoo, across the front of his lips, Simon takes a quick look towards the head of the room before he takes a quick swig of the liquor. His lips peel back and bite down on the burn, and then he hands the flask back to her. "Wasn't napping in my bunk. I'd have given a damn if I was. Comfortable and warm, you know? But I'm not complaining, I'm just saying it's about frakkin gettin that call when you're in your deep R.E.M. and not when you're ready for it."

With a grunt, he tugs open his locker. The painted metal clatters as he leans in to hang his kevlar from its hook. "Whatcha say, Drama? Stow, Chow, then Rec?"

Andromeda takes a quick shot from the flask, only a hint of a grimace. "Not in your bunk? This got anything to do with Hook breaking up with the deckie?" Andro asks, eyeing Simon with a hint of a smirk before she follows his lead, stowing armor and her med kit back. "Provided the food doesn't kill us." She tells him in easy agreement, even as she makes her flask disappear to wherever it is she keeps pulling it from. Hammerspace, maybe?

Glancing towards Hook's bunk, the look that Simon gives Andromeda is more than enough to answer her question. "It was a nap." He clarifies, one eye narrowing as a stray bit of cigarette smoke seeps into it, bringing about a few cleansing tears. He plucks the cigarette from between his lips and rubs at his eye with the back of his hand. He reaches for his Go-Bag, pushing it into his locker and lashing it into place.

"What, you telling me now nobody's frakking that girl you two are always bitching about or at or with or whatever the frak?" Bear inserts himself discreetly (haha) into the conversation, eyeing Andromeda's flask, or at least where it used to be before she disappeared it. He's shimmied out of his body armor quick as can be, and is making up for it by taking his damn time putting a shirt on. "You got anymore juice, Jones?" he asks, "I know you pack only the finest regulation juice products and energy drinks." He grins.

The Corpsman chuckles, a sound deep in her chest. "Good for you, Noob." She tells him wryly, "But if he takes umbrage, I'm not getting into a fight with a Marine Priest of Ares for you." And she gives him a slap on the shoulder, even as she grabs a clean off-duty shirt, peeling off her slightly funky one. She's girl enough that she wants at least a clean shirt. First one to call her girly for it gets punched in the throat. She eyes Bear. "I don't know what your talking about. I was administering liquid medicine to a friend. Interrupted… REM is serious."

"Brother Bear, Brother Bear, I would gladly, say…to the tune of a stick of beef jerky, gladly prefer that the scuttle on that remain to the minimum, huah?" Simon replies to the heavy weapons man. Saluting him with his cigarette, he leans in with one arm and yanks as hard as he can on his pack to make sure that it's secure. "Sera and I been hangin out for a while now, ain't no frakkin goin on between her and I. That's just the truth, regardless of how Padre wants to look at it, so if he wants to take umbrage, Drama, then do us all a favor and sell tickets so the three of us can get a drink after."

"Exactly, Jones," Bear says, "Liquid medicine. I've got this nasty cough, see?" He demonstrates. It sounds— like a fake cough. He sniffles once for good measure and pats his chest. "You can't leave a guy hanging, don't you guys have some sort of oath like doctors or something?" He grins. Nobles offer gets a laugh, "I'll take your jerky, man," he says, "But frak, you want people not to know, quit talking about it so godsdamn much. She's not even that hot, shit."

"Mud wrestling would be kind of hot." Andro's tone is considering, expression hidden by the shirt she's pulling on. "Padre's got that rough wild man appeal going on, and with enough mud on you, people won't notice the love handles." She chuckles again, but drops the subject in favor of closing her locker and making sure the lock on it's secure. She drops off all the narcs and such she carries in the field back at Medical, but a fully stocked med kit still needs some security from tampering. "Chow, Bear? Hopefully this time some frakking CIC Spook won't interrupt my meal. Or that creepy little engineer guy. I don't like getting leered at by men that look like they should be in some animated kid's movie romping around a magical forest."

There's then a choking sound, as if Andro were trying to bite back on laughter for Noble's sake, at Bear's words. And she makes the flask materialize. In it is 100-proof alcohol, burning worse than a man's loins after a visit to a Scorpio dock whore. Whoops. Make that a Canceroni dock whore. Sorry, Bear. No disrespect to your mom. "Don't make this a habit." She warns Bear, regarding the alcohol.

Using the toe of his boot to pull out the drawer at the lower storage of his bunk, Simon leans in and grabs a crinkling, plastic package of something and whips it at Bear. It's a beef by-product missile, aimed at the center of the man's chest. "Whatever, Frak-ass," Simon grunts to Bear. "You know the girls are the ones without the crank, right? For the last time, girls don't have those."

Simon rolls his eyes and tugs off his BDU shirt, lofting it onto his bunk in favor of the tank tops he wears underneath. Plucking them from his chest, he lowers them to his nose to sniff, and then proceeds to not change out of them. The rest of the gear is stowed easily, and the lock is engaged.

"You know what we need in Dog? We need a girl. You know, a girl we can talk to girls about, maybe give us some inside information, that sort of thing." Simon says, doing his best to not look at Andromeda as he makes a joke at her expense.

"Yeah I can eat," Bear nods to Andromeda about the chow offer, before trying a swig of that liquor. He laughs and gives his head a shake, "Woo! You make that yourself?" He hands it back, "You could sterlize shit in that. Man." He takes the jerky from Noble and unwraps it, taking a bite and talking around it as he chews, "Girls on crank are crazy, dude. I don't recommend it. Fun for a bit while you're at the crazy in the sack part but then it's just frakking psycho might try to light shit on fire or steal your car crazy." As for needing girls in dog, he just looks at Andromeda, carefully up and down, and then up and down again, and then shrugs. "Man, that's some good work you had done, bro."

"Frak you, Noob." Andro tells Noble genially. "Just because I'm a better man than you doesn't mean I'm not a woman too." And she hitches her pants, as if threatening to show Noble just how much woman she is. She gives Bear a snort.

"We should probably stop saying this shit before Madeline walks in and hears it. I got myself in the doghouse with her a few weeks ago, and I'm sure as frak not gettin you on my bad side, Andy." Simon replies, hanging onto the top of his bunk while he reaches out with a boot to try to shove her in the hip.

"Alright…" Simon claps his hands and motions for them to file out with him. "Let's do this before all of the good shit is off the rack." He steps over to the door and yanks it open, offering to hold it for the two of them. "So, not that my business hasn't been all over lately, what the hell you two been up to, or have you guys just been watching my drama from afar and counting your blessings?"

Bear grins at Andromeda and heads for his locker, spinning the combination lock before heading past, tugging on his t-shirt and hooking fingers in the neck to stretch it out. The fingers that aren't holding the beef jerky wrapper and chucking it towards a trash can, anyway. Yeah, it's all gone already. "Nah, man. Like I said, she's not that hot. If she was hotter maybe. Like that chick in medical with the tits? Or that babe up in CIC, the redhead?" He whistles low, "Man, you get some drama with her then I'll start paying attention. Nah, just doing the rounds, training and shit. Seeing about a girl in engineering, and this deckie bit I know. Not much. You, Jones?"

"Don't worry, Noob, I wash the sand out of my vag before before it gets gritty." Andro snorts at Noble, the boot connection and sending her stumbling back. "If you upset me, I'll split your lip, sew it up, then buy you a drink after. Men are like dogs, son. A dog screws up, you don't throw passive aggressive butthurt at it. You let it know what it did wrong and what you're punishing it for. Learned that when my father tried to marry me off at sixteen." That bit of wisdom delivered, she rolls her shoulders and motions for Bear to go first out the room.

"Oh, I've been busy proving my certs to the CMO." She tells Simon, shrugging one shoulder. "And avoiding the drama. Women have this habit of expecting vagina loyalty that I don't buy into." She snorts at Bear. "If you mean Cassandra? Avert, son. That bitch is crazy as fuck. Your stick'd fall off and you'd be expected to run with the estrogen brigade too."

"What, Bear? You're out of your freakin' mind if you don't think she's hot. She's hot, she also has an eye for DedHead, which is something that I can appreciate. So her and I have just been hanging out, though, so don't the two of you make any assumptions. Her and I aren't dating. We're just friends." Simon replies, smirking at them as he leads them into the hallway.

"So what about you, Drama? You're a good looking chick and I'm sure there's plenty of guys around here that don't mind fighting for the pants in the relationship." Simon pauses. "Or have you been that deep in certs?"

"She's alright," Bear shrugs at Noble, "Pretty. Nice ass. Hot mouth. Not saying I wouldn't do her, but all the frakking moaning about her you'd think she was Aphrodite herself or some shit. Is Cassandra the chick in CIC or medical?" he asks the corpsman, "One of 'em might be hot enough to put up with a little crazy for but the other I dunno. Gotta calculate. Certs for what?" he wonders.

"Man, before I got this assignment, I was deep in certs for SARC." Andro laughs at Simon, "It isn't Pararescue, but it's pretty intense. Flunked out the first time, and had to re-try." She nibbles her lower lip slightly. "Besides, I'm pretty career driven. And you'd be surprised by how many men don't want to go for the no-strings deal. Especially the sort I'm interested in." What? She's interested in men? Go fig.

She snorts when Simon says they're just friends. "Yeah. Friends." She tells him wryly. And gives Bear a look that signifies that they should just play along. "Cassandra's the med chick with the big tits. The CMO wanted to make sure my medical certs were valid before she'd let me run with a full kit, including narcs and painkillers."

"Yeah. Friends." Noble replies, eyebrows lowered towards Andy in one of those don't you frakkin' start ways. Then, as if a lightbulb is turned on behind his eyes, he reaches out and smacks the back of his fist against Bear's arm.

"HO-LEE-SHIT." Noble grins, motioning for Bear to hold for a moment. "Wait, did I hear this right? Drama? Did you just say that you're interested in a guy? You wouldn't have said that if there wasn't a short list. We've gotta help you put this together! Bear and I could find a tablecloth from the mess, set up some candles…"

Bear gets punched and socks Noble back without turning to look at him. He is busy offering Andromeda a winning grin, "Hey, you ever want a no strings frak or three, Jones, I'm down. Pararescue and SARC's pretty badass," he agrees, "Knew a couple of those frakkers on Sag." He, along with a bunch of other marines (Andromeda and Noble among them) has just recently returned from a training exercise on Piraeus. He's changed out of his body armor and fatigues, and is just rolling on a t-shirt as the trio head haltingly towards the hall and food beyond. "Candles? Nah, man. Didn't you try that booze? That'll put most guys flat on their backs no problem, no call for that fancy date shit."

"Maybe once you hit puberty and start shaving regularly, kid." Andro tells Bear in a kindly sort of tone. The Corpsman is giving as good as she's getting from the two marines, apparently. She's also changed shirts, although her hair is still slightly damp with sweat in it's usual ponytail.

She then stops and just looks at Noble, a single eyebrow rising up as with a grunt if to ask him if he really wants to go there.

Bouncing into the barracks in little more than her sports bra and pajama bottoms (boy short style, natch) Madeline makes her way towards her bunk carrying a small basket full of her undies and swimsuit and a few other items that someone else can't wash for her. As she notices the commotion, she glances over and notices Noble and Andromeda and…

She bops over to where they are and offers a bright, beaming smile. "Dolly, sir, I didn't realize it was time for you to do my laundry again. I already took care of my unmentionables, but I can make sure you get the rest to take to the laundry." She tilts her head curiously at Bear and hmms. And then she lifts one well-manicured hand and taps a fingernail against her teeth. "The scruffy look is really hot on you. If you weren't an officer and it wasn't frat…" she teases, knowing the rules damn well, but… well…

She's addressing Bear, isn't she.

Noble blinks at Madeline, then looks to Bear. For just a moment, the tall red-headed Marine can barely contain his excitement at what has just happened here. "Well, you know Dolly…" Simon claps a hand down hard on Bear's shoulder. "…he's been working his ass off on that laundry and was just telling me about this loser brother of his in the corps. Play your cards right, Madeline, I could probably introduce you to the guy."

Noble looks over to Andromeda. The veiled wink he casts towards her is cut off by the look on her face. She's practically tapping her toe against the floor and cranking her hands on her hips. "What?" He innocents. "I didn't do anything."

Bear does not shave very regularly, that is true. But only because he is lazy and prefers maintaining the stubbled look to actually bothering with a clean shave. He shrugs, unfazed by rejection, and says, "You change your mind, you know where to find me." He grins, and then turns back to Madeline and his head tilts, brow furrowing. He doesn't respond right away, gears cranking away in his head, and so Noble beats him to the punch.

"Yeah, send the laundry over to my berth and I'll make sure it gets done. I actually really like laundry," Bear-as-Phin claims, "But don't tell anybody I said that. Glad you like the beard. Too bad about regs, right? I just take them really seriously. Like probably you shouldn't even say stuff like that. It might be frat too, I'm not sure. I'd hate to get in trouble. Ruin my spotless record. Did you know it was spotless? Because it is. I'm real proud of it." He beams at her.

There's a ghost of a shrug of Andro's shoulders at Noble's implied innocence, and a flicker of her eyes towards Madeline. Apparently she'll let his teasing slide in front of the chick. She snorts, and then joins the two men. "Poor thing. He was practically crying when he told us how much he loved doing your laundry." The Aerilion interjects, shaking her head sadly, ponytail bobbing. "Dirtier the better. Maybe you should get him to do your sheets and stuff too?"

Madeline ohs. "I didn't know you had a brother, sir. Maybe he's a better swimmer than you." she says with a little shrug of her shoulders. "And I already have all of my dirty laundry from the last mission I was crawling around in the mud on a fire mission." she says with a nod. "Well, I'll let you get back to your talk, and put this stuff away. As she turns and walks away, the back of her shorts read 'Gingers do it Naturally'.

When Madeline turns, Noble looks over to Bear and gives the man an angry set of eyebrows. Shoulder lifting, Noble jams his elbow into Bear's side and tries to shove him towards Madeline. "Dude." He whispers softly, nodding towards the shorts that Madeline's wearing. Dude, apparently, means a whole three sentence worth of suggestions. He then turns to Andro, giving her a cheesy grin. "So wait, I didn't go to a no-go place, did I? I didn't even know there's a short list. So let's do this. Is there someone you've got in mind? I'm a pretty good wingman."

"Yeah, I do," Bear-Phin nods, "You should meet him. He's pretty awesome. He doesn't love laundry as much as I do, or rules, or singing, but he's cooler, and a better swimmer, and better looking, bigger dick, all that stuff. Yeah, what she said," he hooks a thumb towards Andromeda, "All your laundry. I love that stuff! If you've got any friends that want theirs done too, they should just throw it in and drop it off for me, seriously." He puts on an earnest face, "For real. See you around!" He waves and then once Madeline's back is turned, tilts his head to watch her go before looking back up at the other marines. "Food?"

"I've got some blood soaked scrubs he can wash." Andro offers to Madeline, since she's the Keeper of the Laundry Bitch, apparently. "Some idiot tripped and split his head open. Blood all over me."

The Corpsman then wrinkles her nose at Noble. "Don't need your kind of help, son." She tells him, a touch bluntly, but with a ghost of a smile to take the sting out. And then there's someone from Medical at her elbow, with paperwork. "Oh, frak it all to Hades." Andro growls, and nods towards Noble and Bear. "Meet you boys there. Stay out of trouble. I got paperwork."

"I'll keep it in mind, Andy!" Madeline offers as she pulls back the curtain to her bunk and crawls in before shutting behind her.

"Right. My kind of help's just gonna get you brigged, Drama." Noble replies, giving a smirk towards her little grin that tells him that she was just giving him hell. He glances to the messenger and then nods to the two of them. "Alright, you keep their heads ringin. If I see anything good I'll grab it and slap it on a tray." He nods, and then turns to speed away from the scene of the crime with Bear.

"Holy hell, Bear, that was badass." Simon offers the man a pair of knuckles to bump. "You just threw your brother under a bus that was carrying a load full of busses filled with Hera acolytes."

Bear fistbumps Noble and gives a wave to Andromeda as she heads off. "What are twins for?"

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