PWD #33: The Old Pilots
The Old Pilots
Summary: Wisdom and Duke have a quick conversation in the Ready Room. Both pilots are getting old.
Date: 03/Dec/2012 (OOC Date)
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Duke Wisdom 
Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
December 03, 2004 (PWD #33)

The Ready Room can be a good place to do work, because when the meetings are done, the place is pretty much empty. So, Richard Duke picked this place to do a few things. The man can be found sitting on one of the chairs in the front row, and he is currently wearing his Flight Suit. There is a clipboard in front of him and he is writing a few things down while crunching numbers on a small pocket calculator. With the pen between index and middle finger, he runs his fingers over his hair and brushes it for a moment while looking down at the piece of paper. Then, a few more calculations are done with the small device and he writes a few things down again.

The Ready room, is mostly left open. The hatch not needing to be swung, incase such a rapid briefing is needed before hitting the black. Still-it does manage to allow some peace, as Duke has come to find out himself. While the captain works the sounds of boots can be heard coming in through the aft door. There's a pause and then the sound of coffee being poured before the boots continue along their way to the desk set off from the dias-the CAG's usual seat. However there is no Colonel who pauses there-rather it's the Major-John Wisdom- who shows up like a shadow in the room. A few papers are snagged before he is making his way over to the dias to grab the day's briefing. A few quick glances before more coffee is slugged down. There's a brief look up, and to the other occupant before dark eyes drop down. "Bumper." the man's been noted.

The footsteps are heard of course, much like the rest of the activity that takes place within the Ready Room. For his part, the Viper Captain keeps his gaze on the papers in front of him, taking a few notes. From a folder resting in the chair next to him, he pulls a few pictures, apparently stills from his Viper's gun camera. He notes down the times on each picture and then saves them back into the folder, going back to his pocket calculator afterwards. He only lifts his eyes when someone speaks to him and then he finds Wisdom there. "Ragman" says the Pilot, nodding his head afterwards in some sort of greeting type motion. He coughs and covers his mouth while doing so, because this is of course, the polite thing to do.

'What are you working on?" That's the first question. After all he's been slugging away at getting everything ready since the sudden restart of the cruise back here. A sip of coffee, and paper collected, leaves the Major little else to do, but head over to the flight log and take a gander there as well. Likely assigning new partners and rotating in the newer pilots. "We've got sims coming up-I'll poll you know before we brief and get rolling this week. Do you want to be on the escort as a trainer and leader roll, or do you wish to fly resistance? You'll be flying old Cylon patterns with the AI." he states with a glance over the rim of his mug. He'll let a bit of silence slide in between before he is back to henpecking over the flight logs. "Did you enjoy your leave?"

Bumper looks up from his work and then before answering, looks at it again. "Calculating engine output, mainly" says Duke, looking at Wisdom once again. "And just keeping an eye on the overall performance of my bird" He finally turns off his calculator and moves it back inside the folder in which he is apparently keeping all his documentation. Now, he listens to what the other man says about the upcoming training and takes a deep breath, considering the options for a brief moment "I can take the escort part" simply says the man, shifting in his seat, pulling one of the gun camera pictures from under "Ah frak…" He tries to flatten the thing and the puts it back inside the folder. "Thought I lost that one" As for his last question? "It was alright, covered my father's work for the three weeks, give him time to recover"

"Good, I'll look forward to seeing you take charge on that." A glance over towards the other man before he is nodding. "Good practice to have. When I first got into the school and was an ensign-took me a while to get used to that. I was always used to the motor pool, letting me know what to look out for, and only reportin' something if it was odd.." A shake of his head. "But, in my Youth, I'd argue I was an asshole and didn't rightly care." And he's patting himself down for a second. "Can I see your pen?" he asks before he's shiftign something in the flight log-trying to get a better read out it seems. "Yeah?" That brings a rise of dark brow, before he is stopping in whatever it is, that he is doing. "How's he doing? Your old man?"

Duke just nods in silence at Wisdom's first words, but then he says "I should thank my father for that, drilled that in my head since I was a kid. The importance of the birds always performing at optimal levels." And it's true, he would sit with his father, day after day, listening to him talk about this very subject. "We were all assholes in our youth" offers Richard Duke "The fire test is to stop being one when we group up" and then he nods. When the man asks for his pen, Duke flips it in his fingers and says "Catch" tossing it to the other man. It seems to be a very, very old fountain pen that reads 'Phineas Duke' on the side. The color of the platting is somewhat faded but the thing works like a charm. Now that the conversation drifts towards his father, the Pilot says "He's getting better. He has a regular cold but the old man doesn't seem to understand that he is not that young anymore and needs to take care of himself."

"There's a lot of things we should thank our father's for. But I'll go with you on that." His own father had taught him determination and strength of the will. What else can a miner give to his son, beyond tyl lung? Head up, and the mug is set down-before his hands up quick like a jack rabbit. Pen caught, and brought down before him. Eyes looking over the thing as it's marveled there in his hand. "Nice.." said softly before he is looking back to the page. Careful with a thing that nice-wirting quickly before he is adding a few blind nods in for measure. "Hah." dry from John, but still there. "I think that's common with all old men. Myself inculded." Though John's easily in his forties. "You just don't want to say you can't do the things you used to." A look up. "I don't think anyone likes having to admit to that, personally."

Duke just nods his head in agreement to what Wisdom just said "So yeah, I fixed the old lady and covered my father's work for those three weeks. Also visited a couple childhood friends and did a small show for them, kids find that fun and hey, perhaps we'll get more pilots in the future" Always a chance, always a chance. "My father gave it to me when I first joined the Academy, he told me that it was a graduation present but wanted to give it to me beforehand" To this, he just shakes his head and there's a bit of a smile in his somewhat old-ish look. Now, he looks at the other man and says "John, you are in your forties…I wouldn't say that's old." The he clicks his tongue and says "Then again, I am almost 39 and I feel old already, so I guess you are right" Old people, old people everywhere. "Here's how I see things" starts to say the Pilot "I'll be flying until I get pulled out of the cockpit by an armed group of marines, and even then, I'm not going down without a fight" This of course, in the Military.

Wisdom nods. "I managed to go down and go rock climbing, a little bit." The DCAG admits. "Other than that, I think I took in a game and visited a couple of bars and restraunts I heard about. Nothing big.." John is never one to over do it on leave. In his youth-maybe, but the Major has since reigned in those tendencies quite easily. With his writing done he walks over and places the pen down there on Richard's desk. "Nice pen." he simply repeates there. "Good gift." there four words on the excellence of the pen and it is dropped, as eyes catch that almost wistful smile there. "I'd normally agree, Richard." the informality easily accepted. "But, if there weren't some young thing on the surface that said I had grey in my beard. Shock an all that." a chuckle there. "But, I do feel it when we do an atmo flight. I feel it coming out. Used to-I could do anything-be just fine. Now, It's the morning I am dreading." A chuckle there. He is stalking back for his coffee, a glance back to the other viper pilot. "I'll be sure to let the MP's know when you decide to retire." A shake of his head. "You ready for the next step of our fun cruise?"

Duke takes the pen back when Wisdom returns it and looks at it for brief seconds. His attention goes back to the DCAG and then he runs his fingers over his own shadowing beard. Funny enough, the beard has a more red-ish tone to it, but there is grey there, oh yes. "Grey beard is more manly anyway" says Duke in a way to justify ageing, at least his own. He tilts his head to the side, forcing it a little until there's a cracking sound as he releases air pressure from his neck. "Well, I guess we can't really prevent that" says Duke, taking a deep breath at this, running his fingers over his eyes afterwards "I found that I'm sleeping a little more?" Is that a sign of age or something else? Now, he half chuckles "Send as many as you can" And now, Duke just takes a deep breath and leans back against his chair "As ready as one could possibly be. It'll be interesting to see this damn thing reach the final day of construction. Plus, it'll be interesting to see what Fleet HQ wants to do next" Now, he nods his head and asks "You?"

For his part, Wisdom would believe that he has more black than anything else. Instead the other man just gives a laugh. 'Careful now. I might lose my callsign t' something like the Silver Fox." Highly unlikely. Still he turns his head and his body back to face Duke, while he picks up his coffee and takes a sip. Careful and easy. "No we can't. Just gotta live it, brother." A slight salute with his mug before he takes in a deep dram of the stuff. "I only know four-That's what I'll send." so likely a half hearted effort to kick the captain from his bird. "I am going to keep doing what I am doing. Either they'll keep me on and I'll be promoted when the Colonel get's his own big bird when this is done- or who knows." A shrug there. "I sleep better here, than I do in the colonies. I feel like everything is trapped in on itself back home. Out here, bed might be cramped, but it's peaceful."

For a man that joined this trip in order to get away from the Colonies, Duke can understand what the other man is saying. "I could say being out here has been helping" offers the Pilot with a nod of his head. It is no secret that he had one particular episode during his firsts months here, where he was so frakking drunk he was barely able to move. It seems that was the moment in he hit bottom and has been climbing ever since. Also and perhaps something important for Duke, he was /never/ drunk while working. "Housing should start coming up a little faster now I believe, perhaps the bed thing might improve then…or at least I hope" He looks up now and shares "I think that, after this mission is over, I'll go to a salvage yard and buy a Mark II, take it back to Aerilon, work on it during each leave and then take it out for a spin when I retire" Which might be in a long long time.

A wince, but not visible there. "I get ya." Some losses you need a bit of distance from. Wisdom knows that well enough without having to spell it out. "I suspect they'll station some of us on the ground. Which is fine. A little atmo never hurt anyone. And sure as hell will be good for the training.." And the lungs and all that. Still-he's not rushing to get off. "That's a rather nice idea. I figure if I ever retire I'd buy me a thick old bus. Fly that around, paint it something like grey or white. Could careflight for those communities needing it." Though on which colony isn't said. He's likely not going back home to Tauron anytime soon. "I like those dreams. Those are the easy ones that don't keep you awake." he adds with a faint grin. "It's the stuff, like what happened with the Resse, that does." a shake of hid head. He's not going further with that scuttlebutt.

Duke just shrugs casually "Something to look forward to. Then again, my former CAG stated that he'll speak to HQ to drag me back to the AirBase…" another shrugs "I go where the orders tell me to go I guess" Now, the man takes a deep breath, exhaling after that. "That's not a bad one either, If I could and I will try…I'm going to look to get a Raptor as well, but, I'm not sure, I guess it depends on how much the junkyards want for both" This guy is all about Piloting, no matter the frame. When Wisdom mentions the Reese, he lightly presses his lips together and just nods his head, saying "Yeah" And he leaves it at that. He will probably not discuss much about it, ever.

"You go where you want. But you're good here-you knot what?" Wisdom says with a glance to the other man, before he's scooping up those forms again. He remains silent for a bit and starts on back towards the aft hatch, only pausing to look back to the other pilot. "Hell if I know where you can find em, but they are there." Whatever that means. "I've got a meeting with the Colonel here in thirty. You good?"

"Yeah" that's the only thing Duke says as he looks at fixed point on the wall. He blinks a couple times and then looks at Wisdom, nodding his head and standing as well "Yeah, I'm going to get these things in my locker and see if I can get some rack time, I think I might need it." Now, he arches his back just a bit and again, those cracking noises. "Yeah, yeah, I definitely need it." This ship is full of old people yo.

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