AWD #485: The New CAG
The New CAG
Summary: Captain Alejandro Salazar is summoned to meet the new CAG after Robin's arrival on the BS Orion. A brief introduction ensues and information is shared.
Date: 05/01/2017 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: This is a flashback scene to be ICly post dated back to the day after Robin's arrival.
Robin Alejandro 
CAG's Office, Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.

There's various scuttlebutt about the ship as to why Major Arrington is being transferred out yet again. This time however, it isn't temporary and a new CAG is coming over. Naturally of course, Captain Salazar would go to meet her when she came aboard except that he was flying CAP so others had to give this new CAG their welcome. The next day, allowing time for the Lieutenant Colonel settle her gear, find her quarters and her office, Captain Salazar shows up in the corridor. Ale skims a hand through his dark hair that has suddenly taken to silvery a little over his ears the past year, and making certain his uniform is neat and tidy, he takes a slow breath and then glances in through the hatch to see if she has any visitors already presant. Seeing none, the Captain raps lighly on the frame of the hatch without yet stepping within, "Colonel?" Ale has freshly shaved at the start of shift and though he could still use a hair trim, he's otherwise turned out in his Navy blues and looks about as officer as is otherwise possible for him to be. Without looking at his file, he looks like a man of maybe … 40?

Major Arrington was transferred to help with flight instruction, that much was made clear to the Wing, though why such a sudden thing should happen didn't seem odd until the CAG's position was not immediately replaced. There were rumors that maybe Major St. Clair would be fast tracked into the position, especially when she was made acting CAG in Major Arrington's stead, but nothing ever came of that. Instead, yesterday, a Lieutenant Colonel boarded the ship. There was no forewarning from the rumormill at all, and an officer of such high rank that virtually no one on the Orion has seen before is, well it's an odd thing. The Colonel was taken directly to the CO's Stateroom and after some time there, came out with the position of CAG. It was her first duty to inform Major St. Clair and then follow up from there. Part of those on her list were Captain Salazar, but the first day was jam packed, especially given a downed pilot had been recovered. The Recovery Ward was an unexpected stop, but a necessary one. Now the younger pushing 40 year old will be addressing the older looking 30-ish year old. War does strange things. Robin sits behind her desk. The room is completely devoid of personal items and swimming with filing cabinets. She stares down at a stack of personnel records and closes a folder when she hears someone at the hatch. "Please, come in. Take a seat." The seats are the same that Arrington had. They aren't comfortable.

Alejandro is relaxed as he steps in and as he's told to take a seat rather than stand, he does so. He doesn't sit like he's got a rod up his ass but he also doesn't slouch and make himself comfy. The chairs, as noted, aren't made to be comfortable. "Welcome aboard, Colonel Io. I'm Captain Salazar." He's brought a dataslate with him, "I have some files that may interest you. Data and notes I have collected on my Squadron's pilots that are not in their official files." And, as they don't just network shit together here, he didn't 'send' it over but has brought the dataslate with him to transfer the information to her own comp, if she wants it.

"Ah, Captain Salazar. I meant to track you down yesterday, but I believe you were on CAP by the time I got around to it," and apparently had other things to do during what would have been the Captain's free time. "Thank you. Is there anything I should know about them before I look through them?" she asks as a courtesy, after all, these aren't in the pilots' official files. She leans out of her seat to grab the dataslate from Alejandro and then reaches into the desk drawer for a cable to attach into her console. Well she thought one was there. She checks a drawer on the other side and finds it there. "New office," she says with a little shake of her head.

"Understood. I did a stand in as CAG here for a little while myself. Never did get everything sorted to my liking." Didn't have time really. He leans back slightly i the stiff upright chair, "Ensign Janik is green, but he's doing very well." Still alive. "Could certainly use a few /more/ pilots, should the opportunity arise. But as I've heard pilots are coming up missing all over…" Salazar lets out a breath, "We make do. Currently no serious problems. No issues between the wing causing problems, no necks in particular I have to stand on. Just … a high attrition rate, sir. I'm sure you are familiar with that problem elsewhere."

"Not to my knowledge Captain. I believe we've only had one or two cases and all have been recovered within 48 hours, so unless that's something outside of the isolated cases, I'd certainly like to know about it." Robin squints at the port on her console and matches up the cable. Then she does the same for the dataslate. Her eyes drift down to the console and she mostly uses the keyboard to get around as she talks. "Hmm. Well it is war. I expected there to be high attrition rates. I haven't had a chance to go through the personnel records for your squadron yet. On the whole how experienced would you rate them?" She lifts a brow as she looks back to the Captain.

There's a distinct grimace, "Not very. Most of them were green at the start of the war and got scooped up by various resistance groups with spotty Viper availability. Little or no Preditor use so I've been making them do a lot of sim time. A couple actually made it through OCS and flight school, others not. Janik for example didn't. But he's flown some for one of the resistance groups and managed not to die. Passed his basic evals here and been cleared for combat. Did pretty well on the two missions he'd been on, kept his head. Raynor's one of the original Orion crew with the Lucky Strikes, and Agrippa. That's about it. Those of ours who haven't ended up dead got rotated out. Serving on Picon or Aerlion and bee re-assigned. I got sent up by Spree's people myself for reconstruction of my leg the summer of '05 and the Orion asked to keep me." Alejandro lightly slaps his left leg which apparently had been broken in a crash. That's in his file too, when she gets around to it. "No personnel notes you are copying now will give you a lot more to answer your question, sir."

"I figured as much, but the highlights helps me skim them faster," Robin explains briefly. She click clicks out something on her keyboard and then detaches the cable, putting it away immediately before handing the dataslate back over to Alejandro. Her accent is distinctly Virgon, something expected from the upper crust. "My callsign is Spoons." Perhaps no surprise there. "If I ever have a free moment ever again, I hope to see you around that pub down on Pireaus." She slows at the planet's name, as if trying to make out how to say it in her mother accent while actually, and ends up just rolling through it. The thought that however she says it will be the correct way flashes through her mind, given the bitter irony that there probably aren't many Virgons left given the circumstances. "If there's nothing left, I have a lot of work to catch up on. The Cylons won't stop on my account," she jests with a wry tone.

A black brow is lifted at the comment about seeing him down at the pub. Alejandro accepts the slate back and closes down the file and logs out of it, powering it down. "I get down there on rare occations." But not often and not in the officer's lounge. But he doesn't say that out loud. "They call me Hobo around here. When I showed up, I looked like one. Not long out of that Cylon POW camp. I was rather scruffy." Salazar sort of half smiles then stands from the chair he'd be just as glad to never stick his ass into again, "Yes sir. Let me know if you need anything and I'll get on it." Otherwise his weekly reports will be filed timely. Dismissed, Captain Salazar turns and heads back out to return to his own duties.

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