MD #203: The Morning After Mother
The Morning After Mother
Summary: Lleufer staggers out of an 'escape pod' on Mother with a hangover and finds Toby at the bar. Discretely they chat about Mithras.
Date: 28/10/2017 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Toby 
No Man's Land, Stalk - "Mother" Ship
On the edge of a deserted area of the ship, there is a makeshift airlock with a sign on it that reads, "The only escape pod you'll need." The main compartment beyond opens up just inside, made larger by the gutting of adjoining spaces. Immediately to the left just before the bar, there is ladder and hatch leading upwards with a sign that reads, "Cellar." The bar is made from repurposed consoles and behind it is a sign with the various brews available. Emergency oxygen masks line the counter just below the bar top and look curiously well maintained. At the far end of the space, a small stage is bathed in light that spills down through a large gaping hole in the ceiling. The raw metal edges of the hole look as if they've been chewed away by some kind of explosive carnage. Small cargo containers and crates haphazardly line the stage while larger ones are communally arranged along with two triad tables. Embedded in the walls along the opposite of the bar are six old escape pods with the hatches propped open to provide more private seating.
Wed May 16 06:51:52 2049

Toby hadn't been across to Mother for the party, he did his usual trick of offering to cover his oppo so they could go instead. He's across now though, along with a reasonably sized gathering of other deck techs. They're encamped in the bar and things are ..lively. Not raucus, not yet, but the youngsters are letting their hair down and destressing in the way that enlisted personel have been doing for centuries. Or most of them are anyway, a few of the more senior POs, and the returnees are in smaller groups by the bar, talking, watching the youngsters, and drinking. Toby is with the latter set, by far the oldest present, and nursing a glass of something transparent as he listens rather than talks.

Lleufer comes out of one of the 'escape pods' and staggers a step, then stops to lean against the bulkhead while he pulls his tanks back on. Seems there was a hell of a party all right, and his wife showed up. Apparently the Gunnery Sergeant and the Major slipped away and made out like a couple of teenagers in one of the pods to the great amusement of the CAG. Ehem. Ynyr runs a hand over his stubbly face, a little hung over from all that whiskey. Wait. Where is his over shirt. The Marine goes back into the pod and grabs the rest of his greens and wanders back out a little bleary. Lleu takes a seat at the bar without even noticing that he's come up next to Toby. Grit is dug out of the corners of his eyes as he waits for the barman before he orders, "Coffee, or whatever suitable substitute you have. Please."

Toby glances sideways as a discheveled MaA appears beside him. One eyebrow rises slightly, although if in amusement or disaproval it's hard to say as he's deliberately keeping his features flat. "Afternoon," he greets after a moment, "hard shift last night I take it?" Lifting his drink he takes another sip and waits for Lleu's order to arrive. He himself is in his offdutites, but most of the deckies are in their civvies. "At what point do they send the shore party after you for being AWOL?"

The olive drab over shirt has been laid on the bar rather than put on. Yynr finishes rubbing crusty crap out of his Arpay eyes before he turns his head to focus on Toby. "Shackleton. Good to see you getting to kick back." A lopsided grin, "Hell of a night." Lleu looks at his chrono, "Shit. Somebody should have come looking for me hours ago." He thinks about it as his 'coffee' is served and he thanks the barkeep. After a minute of trying to get his brain to work and after a cautious sip of the hot black beverage, he adds, "As I brought plenty of MP's over with us, I guess they decided to leave me to sleep it off." They knew where he was.

"Perks of being the boss?" Toby asks, doing a quick check around to see if any of the aforementioned MPs are still about. "Don't let me keep you," he states next, given the comment about hours ago, "but Isuspect you'll do better to finish that before sloping back aboard. I mean, who knows what has exploded in your absense." Not literally. He hopes. "Seen much of this place yet?"

Lleufer lets out a slow breath, "I'm staying long enough to drink this coffee. Maybe find some soberup pills." Not doing anyone much good while he feels like he's been run over by a truck. There's bound to be a few MP's about while there is Orion crew over here though they have a lot of ship to cover if they are needed. "Not yet. They brought us in here and there were free drinks." Hard to look past free booze! Lleufer pats himself down and finds his ear bud tucked into his pants pocket. The Gunny takes a moment to tuck it into his left ear and trigger the com pickup, "Ynyr here. Anybody need me before I finish this coffee, let me know." A pause and after a moment a soft laugh, "Yeah, find me some. Please. Ynyr out."

A few more sips of his coffee in silence. Probably his head hurts. Lleufer finally looks Toby and the bar over before he says low, "Been meaning to ask you a few things. Not sure this is the place."

Toby finishes his own drink and sets the glass back on the bar top, shaking his head slightly when the barman asks if he wants another. "Not seen much else either," he notes, "this lot were mostly interested in the bar." Deckies, being deckies. Anyone shocked? "If your lot can't find you any mmagic pills, I'm sure one of the traders on here will, they apparently have just about everything else." As lleu mentions needing to talk he straightens to stretch for a moment then looks to the marine. "You keep saying that, so either find a time and place that is, or just get on with it. Unless there's a reason you keep holding back?"

Ynyr fingers his coffee cup and keeps his baritone low, "Always hesitate to talk about anything personal with you." Lleu glances at Toby, "Lot of shit gone between us. You're pretty touchy about some subjects." A hand is raised to scratch his itchy jaw where his beard is trying to come in. That'll have to go. "Not really sure where to start. I've exhausted all I can learn from the ship's library about …" Rather than say Mithras out loud here in the bar, Lleu reaches over to tap the tat on his arm that is both like and unalike to Toby's. "What are you willing to tell me?"

Toby doesn't look entirely pleased with that description of himself, but he can't exactly argue the basis of it so he lets it pass, turning to put his back to his colleagues to keep their conversation a bit more private. "It's easier for me to ask what you want to know. There's things I can tell you, and things I can't, for now, so ask your questions, and I'll answer what I can. Last Pater I knew was on Minos though, so I've no idea what's become of them." Not that he's bitter that the recon of the colonies didn't even look at Minos you understand. Not bitter at all. But thats entirely another rant, and he recognises that Lleu isn't responsible for that one.

"I don't know enough to know what I should ask." Lleufer licks his lips and thinks about it. "When I was a kid, we left offerings for Demeter. And there will some rituals, and Festivals. Things usually associated with planting time, or harvest. Solstices, Equinoxes, babies being born, marriages, and deathes. As I got older, I guess I've been pretty lax. Never considered myself to be very religious. Too many Lords and Ladies for me, I suppose." Lleu looks at his coffee and has another drink. The barman comes by and tops it up, then moves on to tend to the other patrons. "I don't even know how to pray to Mithras. I've read that followers gather on the 16th of each month, and that solstices and equinoxes are considered particularly holy days. But I don't know why."

There's a couple of things in there that Toby can deal with, so he nods slowly and takes a moment to try and structure his answer into a useful state. "Why the 16? That I'm not sure. I always assumed it was becuase it's the middle of most months, but it's not something I every queried." It's just a thing that was, and how it had always been. "Equinoxes and Solstices are important as they mark the main points in a planet's solar cycle. It's the same for times of the day, traditionally, depending on the subject at had, you'd pray at noon, midnight, six in the morning, or six in the evening." Then, as a not of practicality, "with the advent of spaceflight it was adopted as general practice to use ship's time, rather than try and change all the time based on ship's position. It's one of those times when making the effort trumps literal strict adherance."

A slow nod, "Yeah, solstices and equinoxes don't apply to shipboard life so I was wondering." Another sip of coffee. Lleufer is cautious about not being overheard as they speak low. "What are typical prayers though? I tend to think about those who are missing, or absent from us. Those we've been forced to leave behind. I worry some about our refugees we left on Pitchfork. I wonder about my son, Sean, who's probably dead. But I've never felt a sense of his spirit like I have with departed friends from the last war. And I wonder about Him, trying to understand things I don't. Like the ghosts of Piraeus and others, or strange things that have happened in our favour. Questions without answers, and well wishing for others. But I don't like to ask for things in prayers. Never for myself. Are those the sorts of things that are appropriate?

"If it's something thats worry or concerning you then yeah, it's appropriate," Toby replies with a slow nod. "Asking for portection for certain loved ones, people doing important things? Can't say I haven't done that myself." All those grease pencil markings before big offences… "They're generally private though, or you can talk them through with a others, or a Pater if you want. There's no led prayers and such though. Our gatherings are celebrations, where we meet and enjoy each others company, pit ourselves against each other for sport, remind ourselves that we are a community of like minded people, with like minded outlooks and goals." A community of one for him at the moment, but shit happens sometimes.

"Good. I hoped those sorts of things were all right." Lleufer huffs a breath, "This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous, but you are the closest thing to a Pater I've got for trying to understand." Yep, totally absurd. "But, despite our many differences, we do have a few fundimental things in common. So, it's good to have someone to talk to, bounce things off of. Even if you sometimes think I'm a total dumbass." Lleu twists his mouth wryly. "There are others to meet with?"

Toby isn't entirely sure exactly how to take that remark for a moment, then blinks and nods slowly, "yeah, that sounds pretty fraking ridiculous to me." He tilts his head slightky then and replies lightly, "but you are a total dumbass. Can you say you don't think the same about me?" He bets Lleu can't, but it's a rhetorical question and he doesn't wait for a reply before he moves on to answering the final query. "Onboard? No. There is just me. The Piraen faith is very similar in many aspects, and they even mention someone who I believe to be Mithras in one of their tales. I used to speak with Lilah a lot about it, when I could.." bu those days are past now, however much he despirately clings to them. "No, as I said, the last Pater I knew was on Minos. So, unless you can convince the brass to go take a look and see whats going on, it's just me."

Lleufer curls his mouth into a smile, "You are only sometimes a dumbass. I would /hope/ I'm not /always/ a dumbass myself. We all have our moments, good and bad." Ynyr listens quietly and then frowns, "So, if you have questions or concerns about faith, you don't … have anyone to go to at all?" That bothers him. Toby has no family, no home world, no one to share his faith, nothing but this ship and damn few friends on it. "Damn. Here I thought for sure that you had others, especially among other Taurons, who shared the same views as yourself. I'm really sorry." Toby probably thinks Lleu's having another dumbass moment.

"Pretty sure you're a dumbass all the time," Toby retorts, although his tone is light enough to suggest that he might not be a hundred percent serious. "Pretty sure I am too. Ares was Tauron's patron, you want to know who most of my fellow survivors follow, look to him, maybe Hephistus for some of the Minoans, but mostly Ares. We were never large in number, not in recent generations so no, I have no one to go to. Last war we found the Piraians, which helped, this time..?" He doesn't know, but his expression suggests the irony of clinging to a communal religion when there's only one follower isn't lost on him.

Shackleton gets a soft snort out of Ynyr at the dumbass parts. "Well, maybe we are a lot alike in that aspect too." Lleufer listens, nursing the last of his coffee and not letting the barman keep refilling it this time. "I suppose, if you live through this to get to retire to Pitchfork, you could see if there aren't some of the Piraen refugees there who would share the interest. Or even here, maybe. Or maybe not." Ynyr glances around Mother, though it's more dubious. "Seems to me you'd not want your beliefs to utterly die with you and be forgotten. /Some one/ should carry on, shouldn't they? It has far more appeal to me, as a Marine, than jumbles of confusing Lords and Ladies. Simple truths, virtues, basic strong foundations. The sort of things we need to be teaching our children." He rubs the back of his neck, "I hope it's not a problem that I still go to Chapel and light candles for our missing loved ones."

"Only once place I'm retiring to," Toby replies with a more serious bearing for a moment, "and it ain't Pitchfork." He credits Lleu with enough intelligence to work out where it might be though, and moves on. It's not something he wants to linger on. "The issue if the Lords and Ladies and just waht they are is not one I've ever heard Paters entirely agree on," he admits, "they're not Gods though. Best theory I heard was from Major Grey though, a few months before he vansihed into the fraking ether. He reckoned, and I agree, that if we all used ot ahve the powers of the Ghosts, then the Lords and Ladies are just those who kept 'em longest. There is only one God, thats pretty fundamental, but if lighting candles makes you feel better I'm not going to stop you."

Both of Lleu's brows rise at what Toby tells him about what Elias said. "That's … a very interesting concept." He shrugs and shakes his head faintly, "I don't know. I certainly don't have the answers and far too many questions. The ghosts though, they are a comfort to me. Knowing my friends aren't uttly gone and lost, they are out there still. And when I die, or members of my family are taken from me, we can still look out for each other and return to those whom we have lost in life." Ynyr draws a slow, deep breath, "I miss Piraeus too. If I can, I will go back some day. Never felt more at peace, more at home anywhere else."

Lleufer finishes off his cold cup of coffee and checks his chrono. He gets up, preparing to depart. "I need a shower, a meal, and get my ass back to Sec Hub. Thanks for chatting with me, Shackleton."

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