AWD #132: The Mom Look
The Mom Look
Summary: Chase and Amanda go to play ball and meet up with Agrippa there.
Date: 18/May/2013 (OOC Date)
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Pyramid Courts
Pyramid courts are here for those who enjoy playing and watching the sport. Courts are separated for different games to be going on at the same time. A tiered seating area is placed on the left and right sides of the court. Lower benches are also in place around the court edge.
AWD # 132

There was some action on the Pyramid Courts today, not enough for an actual game but more like a pick up practice and fun event. Agrippa is of course here as he is one who enjoys Pyramid though it is rare to actually play it these days. There are sounds of shouting and then playful ribbing, from a distance one can see Agrippa driving in, shouldering against something before faking a shot, then passing it quickly to a teammate who jams the ball in. "Yeah! Nice!" With some laughs and high-fives, the group appear to be taking a break or perhaps the pick up game is coming to an end.

Not often is Chase seen outside of the Marine berthings, or off Piraeus on her time off. At the moment, she's headed for the courts, it's about mid-morning and she's wearing jeans, combat style boots, but not her duty ones, and she's got a ball tucked under an arm. Walking at her side is a little girl, about six years of age, wearing a summer style dress of pink that reaches her knees and black combat boots with it. Just like her mothers, only kid-sized. The girls hair is pulled back in twin braids and she skips along to keep up with her mothers longer stride. Chase looks completely different than when she's working, a smile tugging at her lips as she walks side by side with her daughter. When they see others already on the court, Chase motions towards the bench where they both have a seat to wait their turn.. and to watch the game in progress. When the shot is made, the little girl claps and cheers with those on the court and Chase just watches the pilot/once hostage for a moment.

The sound of the clapping and cheering from the little one does draw attention from the other players, bringing only the atmosphere lighter as they wave to the kid. Agrippa recognizes Chase rather easily nod and flashes her a grin as well along with a wave. A couple of the guy appear to be finished as they say, "Well, that's it for me, gotta get back on duty soon." The Viper jock nods his head as the group begins to break up, most of them grabbing their kit and water while Punchdrunk just takes a long drink before looking towards Chase and the little girl, "Here for some fun?"

Standing when Agrippa approaches, Chase nods, not so cold and concise as she is at work, but still a little reserved. "Couldn't keep her away," hitching a thumb towards her daughter who immediately pipes up. "Yep! Mommy brought me to play!" With all the exuberance of a healthy young child, Amanda tugs on her moms hand. "Can I go play now? Can I?" With a 'mom look' given, the young girl finds her manners. "How do you do? I'm 'Manda Fischer." Offering her dainty little hand with polish that's bright pink. Laughing, Chase looks at Agrippa almost expectantly.

The little girl is certainly a contrast to the quiet and more reserved mother as Agrippa looks down at the girl with amusement, even laughing when she begins to ask for permission to play. When the manners comes into play, the Viper jock can't help but grin, shaking the little hand gently, "Nice to meet you, 'Manda Fischer. I am Alex Agrippa. I'm doing well, how about you, 'Manda?" There is a brief look up at the mother, who is indeed quite pretty now that she is off-duty and doesn't have typical Marine mask up.

With a solemnity only a child can pull off, Amanda shakes his hand as if he were of the most importance, and nods quite seriously at his introduction before her face breaks into a beaming smile. "I'm doin' good, thank you! Can I call you Alex? Can you show me how to play Pyr'mid sometime?" Once what Amanda considers the formalities are done, she peers back up at her mother with a hopeful expression. "Can I go play now?"
Watching the exchange with amusement, Chase laughs softly, gently tugs on one of her daughters braids and offers her the ball. "Scoot." As soon as her daughter runs off, she lifts her honey colored eyes to those of the pilot. "You did good yesterday on the mission. Held yourself well." Is that grudging admiration? Her lips curve into a friendly smile and she turns so that she can watch Amanda and speak with Agrippa at the same time. "So you're Alex Agrippa, guess I never caught your name. I'm Chelsea Baca." With an impish smile, she offers her hand like her daughter had. "How do you do?"

"Sure you can call me Alex, or Punchie as the other pilots call me. And I'll be glad to show you Pyramid sometime." Agrippa says with a grin as he looks back down at the little girl. When she gets the ball from her mother, then runs off, the Viper jock turns his attention back to Chase, those honeyed colored eyes certainly eye catching. "Thanks, and you're right, we never really formally introduced ourselves." The proffered hand is taken and a firm handshake is offered, "Nice to meet you, Chelsea, and I'm doing well. I still owe you one for saving my tail that day."

Out on the court, Amanda is doing her best to bounce the ball and keep it bouncing, but more often than not it hits her boot and rolls off towards the side. She runs over and with an admirable tenaciousness she picks it up and practices again. At one point, she stops, picks it up and aims it towards the goal. It's so far off but she merrily chases it down only to continue her playing. She lifts her hand and waves. "Hi Mommy, Hi Punchie." Giggling at the name. "Does that mean somethin' to drink? My Gramma makes me punch to drink sometimes."
When he shakes her hand, Chase returns it, then withdraws her hand and lets it fall to her side. "Nice meeting you too, and no, you don't owe me anything. I was just glad to get rid of the tin can before he could hurt anyone else. Sorry if I scared you, shooting like that. He was just… unpredictable." Watching Amanda a moment, there's a look of pride in her eyes and a fierce protectiveness.

When the girl begins to play and the familiar sound of the ball bouncing is heard, Agrippa's gaze looks in that direction, watching the little one for a moment. When she waves, he waves back with a smile though for her question, "Not exactly, 'Manda. Though I'm sure your Grandma makes you really tasty punch." He then turns his attention back to Chelsea, can't help but see the look that she has when looking at her daughter, "Nah, it was more a surprise than being scared. At least you didn't give me time to dwell on it, which was good."

Once the adults have acknowledged her existence again, Amanda continues on her path of becoming the greatest Pyr'mid player ever. At least this week that's her goal. Last week was the best fish catcher ever. She does things very enthusiastically. "She does make good punch." The words are delivered matter-of-factly. "Did ya punch someone?" She asks with disapproval stamped in her tone, drawing the next obvious conclusion. Oh yes, her mothers child after all and one smart kid. She shoots the ball again, misses, but runs after it and tries bouncing it.
"Would have been easier to just agree," Chase murmurs with more than a little amusement. "Now she'll ask you questions as long as you stand there." After watching Amanda a moment longer, she transfers those honey eyes back to him. "I'm just glad it all ended up with the good guys winning." After a moments pause, she gives one of her more often seen smirks. "So that was a good play I saw when I was walking up. You come play often?"

When Chase offers the quiet advice, Agrippa gives her one of those 'Oh now you tell me' looks and laughs before answering the girl, "Well, there was a disagreement on the ship a while back, that's all. No biggie." There is a pause before he adds, hoping some advice on Pyramid will distract the girl with a thousand questions, "To work on your shooting, 'Manda, start close to the basket. Once you get use to throwing it in, then take two steps back and do the same, that's how I learned when I was a kid." As for Chelsea's question, Agrippa looks back to the mother, "Thanks, and when I can. Not too many people play, either too busy or just not interested. I did back at the Academy though, and when I was younger."

Holding the ball, Amanda looks at him with that same disapproval that was in her tone, when he mentions the disagreement. But then it all goes away and he becomes the hero again at the advice. "Okay!" With an expression of grim determination she holds her ball and walks up near the hoop and holds it in her hands and throws it at the basket. When she misses again, she just runs after it to try again. And again…
As for Chase, she still watches the exchange with amusement, chuckling softly. "Dodged a bullet there. She's very opinionated. No clue where she gets it from." Doing her best to look innocent, she bites her lip to stifle a smile. "Sounds like you've got a real love for the game."

When Chase mentions that the daughter is very opinionated, Agrippa gives her a leveled look as he murmurs, "Mmmhmmm, I'm sure you don't, Chelsea." The words spoken more in jest and teasing. As for love for the game, there is a slight shrug, "I use to love it more, when there was more time and organization," When life was normal, "But I certainly do miss it. I gotta go, got a CAP coming up. Take care. And you've got a cute daughter." With that, Agrippa goes to pick up his stuff and after that, waves to Amanda, "Keep up the good work, 'Manda! You'll get it in no time!"

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