MD #016: The Memo

Lieutenant Rook and then Major Penta send around a memo. Soon as the Master at Arms reads it, he heads for Battalion HQ to find others already gathering in the Marine CO's office.

MD #016: The Memo
Summary: Lieutenant Rook and then Major Penta send around a memo. Soon as the Master at Arms reads it, he heads for Battalion HQ to find others already gathering in the Marine CO's office.
Date: 24/04/2017 (OOC Date)
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Battalion HQ, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city and Site Anvil. Along the back wall are large touchscreens with holographic capability, able to bring up fleet intelligence if the user has proper access. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
Thu Nov 09 19:07:36 2028

Penta is sitting behind his desk, Knox and Randy are sitting in chairs in front of the desk. All are discussing an email on their datapads. There's coffee for all comers.

"Yes, I agree. We should follow Ynyr's lead on this, but my requests aren't made just to keep them from tipping each other off, but to prevent them from sending any signals. Anything that could relay to trigger a detonator," Randy explains briefly. She finishes tapping something out on her pad and sends it. "Hopefully that should bring Sergeant Ynyr, but I'm sure he already saw the memo."

As his office is only across the Security Hub and Yynr just got back to it a couple of minutes ago from standing his watch shift, Lleu then arrives outside of Penta's hatch after having read said memo they are discussing. The Master at Arms glances in, raps his knuckles lightly on the hatch and waits for some sign that he's welcome to come in and interrupt before Lleu'll barge in. Ynyr's Arpay modified eyes glance over and take in the others, their various attitudes, and his regular old fashioned Colonial nose picks up on the fresh coffee. The hatch is closed quietly behind him, "Major, I just read the memo Lieutenant Rook and yourself sent around." There's a nod to Randy and Knox, "Sir, Coop."

Penta nods to Lleufer as he enters. "I figured you'd come by as soon as you see it. You ain't missed much, Ynyr. I'd offer you a chair, but no more can really fit in here. Instead, grab yourself a coffee." Pause. "To sum up. Knox here just noted some…disturbing similarities between our main actors and his and Ceres Delacroix's mission before Warday. Lt. Flynn wants to block *all* data access for our suspects…A good idea, but how to do that without tipping em off, I dunno." Beat. "The topic for discussion: Do we have enough to make an arrest with? More to the point, 7 people, 4 brig cells, how the hell do we hold em all separately like Intel wants? Eyes-on suicide watch for all of em, 24/7, is comparatively easy."

Coop tilts to the side to look up to see Ynyr. The guy waves two fingers and rises from the chair. The guy is in combat blacks, having come in off a roving patrol. A hand pats the chair and gestures to Lleu. "Sit. This is more for you guys. I can stand." He moves over to lean against the wall, looking more comfortable considering the gear. Still holding his tablet, he begins reading it over again but listens for the moment.

"Just have an engineer create a script so it does it before we initiate the takedown. Easy. All happens at once." Randy shrugs. She's not a computer genius, but being an engineer all these years, she's been around them enough to think they can cook these things up easily, right? "And it's more than data access. Device level access too." As for what they can do, detain, arrest, etc, that's something she looks over to Lleu, offering him a slight nod in return for his greeting.

"I'm not an old lady. I don't need a chair, thanks." To Penta and Knox both. Lleufer leans against a part of the bulkhead as he listens and tugs out his small pocket paper notebook and a pen to take notes. "Based on what I read in the memo, no. We have no grounds to arrest and detain them. It wouldn't be wise to jump the gun and do so without proof. I think it's much better to set cameras and personnel to watch them discreetly between now and then, and then follow them to this meeting. We evidence if you want to press charges and make a trial. Otherwise all we can do is bring them in for questioning and hold them for no more than 24 hours before we'll have to release them." Ynyr looks like he has a bad taste in his mouth.

Petra arrives from the Security Hub.

Penta is sitting behind his desk, Knox and Lleufer are standing at bulkheads, and Randy is sitting in a chair in front of the desk. All are discussing an email on their datapads. There's coffee for all comers.

"No, you just move like one," Coop mutters aside to Lleufer about the old lady comment. He looks over to Lleu, looking almost apologetic. Sure, this a serious discussion but Knox can't let something like that go unanswered. Not a chance. He listens to the rest of what Lleu says and looks down. No more smug smile.

"I hear you on getting them to trial, but this meeting is likely them blowing people up, or blowing things up that will lead to the deaths of a lot of people. I know we can't detain them or they'll just get out and do whatever it is anyways, /if/ they really are who we think they are and aren't meeting for some yearly book club hurrah." No, the EOD is /not/ happy about this, but even as she complains, Randy knows it's the only way to ensure safety over the long haul…for the Fleet at large. "It's a frakking gamble. If this many people are involved in something, it might be difficult to stop, even with trusting eyes on them. Those detonators have a range of 50 feet in open air. To create a blanket jamming effect," she did look into that, "We'd have to yank the ECMs from our Raptors, which means that's out," for so many reasons. She reaches up to rub the back of her neck and sighs, conceding to the inevitability of Lleufer's words. "Fine."

At some point, there's a dull thumpthump on the closed hatch door, just a little warning before the hatch is actually tested to see if it's locked. Petra ducks his head to step through, glancing around the room as he kicks the hatch shut behind him and mutters dryly, "And Im willing to bet this isn't a discussion about the Corps Picnic. Major…" Spotting Knox, he adds, "Coop. I imagine if the Sister will still on board, I'da already heard 'this has all happened before…' hmm?"

Penta chuckles dryly at Petra's arrival. "Not even close to anything good, Commander. You can guess what we're discussing. Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr brings up a point. Right now, we don't have enough evidence to hold these subjects with. Even if we did bring em in, we could only hold em for *24 hours* before we'd have to charge em or release em." That is, unless there are authorities Penta doesn't know about that apply.

Lleufer looks at Coop and smiles, lifting a hand to scratch his nose with his middle finger and give Knox the bird at the same time. He is already standing but at the Commander's arrival, he pockets his tiny notebook and pen and comes to attention quietly, not like a thundering boot with a freshly shaven head. The Master at Arms is quiet for the moment as he listens to the others and waits to see what Petra has to say.

Coop calls the room to attention and relaxes once Petra returns them to as they were. He gives a grave nod to the Commander, something very familiar. The two go back a damned long way and it shows with the unspoken look he gives. 'Not again.' But then Petra voices it and Cooper gestures a gloved, upturned palm to the TACCO. "There ya go. I imagine you're lovin' that phrase about as much as I am right now, sir." He almost, /almost/ called him Marc. Damnit, Coops been out of uniform too long. The guy moves to the opposite side of the room from the door and leans in the corner as he looks down to the floor, obviously thinking about something deeper. He's staring past the datapad in front of him.

After responding to the call to attention and Petra returning them, she scoots down to stand in front of the seat Coop vacated so that Petra can have her's. It's closest to him afterall. She doesn't add anything to what's going on already, given the men are already updating Petra.

Petra notes the attention that ripples through the room and shakes his head lightly, murmuring, "'syou were." He makes no effort to sit, staying right there by the hatch as he takes a deep breath and lets it go with a soft sigh, quirking a brow and directing his question at Penta with a lilt of curiosity, "Barring the legality of the matter, I need to know why I should not arrest everyone on that memo now so Air Wing at least has four days to operate with new Squadron Commanders before people start shooting at us."

"Well, if we exclude the legalities of the matter and the fact that if we're at all good at apprehending them and keepin' em this'll go to a court-martial, can we at least have time to plan a proper coordinated arrest and take steps to prevent them from doing any damage?" Penta asks. Namely, to code those scripts Randy mentioned.

"As someone who has been in their position before," Coop says quietly, "They have you exactly where they want you. You all know about them and can't do anything about them because we're better than them, sirs." He eyes glances to Lleu, then to the others. "If we don't take them down and they kill people, everyone who got that memo and had foreknowledge of the attack? Forget it. We'll never be trusted by the crew again. Follow orders, sure. But I think you all know what that would mean." He shrugs one shoulder. "On the other hand? If we arrest them and hold them, we're depriving them of due process like Lleu said. We're in violation of the laws. And you all would have to order Lleu to break the law. If they are innocent, their careers would probably also be in deep shit for missing whatever is coming." He lightly tosses the tablet onto the shelf beside him and crosses his arms, looking to each eye in the room. "As the only former terrorist in this room, I can tell you that they are betting you won't do anything. If there are more of them, they will use your good will against you. That's what I was trained to do." Gunny Knox shakes his head. "Sirs, I don't envy your decisions with this but I know that I'd rather be wrong about them being terrorist then wrong about obeying the laws they are hiding behind." If they are even guilty. "But then again I wouldn't have to face consequences for arresting innocent people planning brunch. Or lunch. Or whatever it was."

"My guess is it would take no more than 24 hours to write something and test it, based on my experiences, but we'll have to get an estimate from whoever is doing the coding." Randy quiets up when Knox begins to speak and nods. "I have to agree. They don't have to play by rules and if we play by them they'll leverage that against us." But it's not her decision either. She looks from Penta to Petra, and then to Coop.

Lleufer licks his lips, "If I am ordered to detain them, I'll go around them up. With extreme caution. But Coop's right. I have no authority to arrest and charge them. That's on you. We also don't have enough cells, though I imagine we could put up temporary barriers to split cells if he have to." He thins his mouth. A look from Coop to the others and finally to Petra, "Your call, sir."

Petra sticks his tongue into his cheek as he listens to Knox and nods slowly, like he knew that was coming. He takes in a slow, deep breath and lets it go in a soft, tired sigh, and mutters, "Well, I've been in court before with my pins on the line. We're doing everything else all over again, why not?" He quiets again to listen to the commentary from the others, and nods slowly, "I get that. As soon as the Marines can ensure this happens all at once, do it. Consider it a direct order from me, with acknowledgement that you're doing it under protest. If they end up innocent, well, I know the inside of a courtroom. I'll show myself out, but we're for damned sure going to be alive for me to do it." He pauses, then adds, "And when you arrest them, remind them that I said something about remembering that mutiny or sabotage on a ship of the line in a time of war was a charge that carries summary execution." Another pause, "Anyone have a problem?"

Penta nods to Petra. "No issue from me. Hell, I'm not even protesting, to be honest, I just want to make sure we know what the frak we're getting ourselves into." Pause. "Raises a question though. Who'll do the interrogations?"

"No sir," Randy replies with a nod. "I can follow up on the engineering side and coordinate with Ynyr on timing and my availability, or further resources when the arrests go down. It might be prudent to synchronize and have people on standby to be in key areas with explosives expertise, though to be honest, the combat engineers aren't trained for disarming explosives." She reaches up to brush some errant would-be bangs back behind her ear.

Coop looks to Petra and nods slowly as if agreeing. There's a reason Knox believes so hard in the fleet and its standing in this room. "Here I was about to offer to take off pins and do a little garbage collection duty to the incinerators." Coop deadpans it so flat that its hard to tell if he's serious or joking. Probably joking. Right? A Six wouldn't… probably wouldn't.

Lleufer grimaces, "Here's to hoping they resist arrest and make things interesting. Tha'd give us what we need." He draws in a slow breath, "I do it as long as I have direct orders." There's a look to Penta at mention of Interrogation, "I can help but it's not my specialty."

Penta looks at Lleu. "I know, it makes you feel sick. But consider those orders given. Plan for the arrests, wait on my signal to execute." Then, a smile. "I figure we'll let Lieutenant Piers do interrogations. She can be creepier than I ever could be."

Petra grunts softly and nods at Penta, "My Intelligence Office is not very well suited for the job of prisoner interrogation, though I'd appreciate it if your S2 and her would keep up the good work looping each other in. If you find yourself short of MPs that are good at getting answers out of prisoners, let me know and we'll find a solution. In that case, I have some very very bad news to break to Colonel Janik, that he's about to lose 2/3rds of his Squadron Commanders. He was pissed off enough last night thinking I was ordering him to scramble his roster. This conversation should be interesting." He offers a wan little smile and nods, "Good luck. Let me know if you run into any trouble. I'll take the heat for it."

Penta nods. "Aye, sir." Pause. "With that, I'd say we all have our orders. Let's go plan."

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