MD #131: The Lull Before the Storm
MD#131: The Lull Before the Storm
Summary: Petra hosts a meeting in the Ready Room to get people up to speed before Hell Weekend begins.
Date: Thu 17/Aug/2017 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred fifty seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. Each seat has a display screen in front of it, controlled at the front, with a small printer to give paper copies of what is on the screen. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The ceiling has a projector with the ability to display a large holographic image behind the speaker. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear of the room is a banner display with many photos of the Second Cylon War.
4/Mar/2029 (IC Date)

Petra makes his way down to the Ready Room with his datapad, a notebook, and the obligatory Gigantic Mug Of Coffee in tow, after making sure Second Watch is in good hands and re-alerting the department heads to a gathering in the Ready Room, with apologies to the air wing for commandeering their space for a bit. He really just checks to make sure CAP isn't using the room before making his way over to the front to set his things down and pause to rub at his face.

Mara is the Commander's silent shadow. Following not close behind him as she enters the Ready Room. There's coffee in hand, because coffee is life and makes the brain function. Her tablet is confined to a pocket for the time being and she takes up a position near the front, but back against the wall below the big screens. The Lieutenant focuses her attention on Petra for the time being, watching him intently.

The coffee in hand for Lt. Wynn is … it almost looks more like cream than coffee from the color. Her hair has that fresh showered dampness to it, and she tucks it behind her ear with the hand holding her clipboard and tablet. She stifles a yawn, since she usually sleeps for another couple hours before being on Third Watch. She scans the room, nods to the Commander, then takes a seat near Mara, waiting quietly as she sips at her milk with a little coffee.

Jimenez appears not long after Petra. She's in her labcoat over her blue/gray digital camo uniform. The pistol belt is visible and likely the sidearm is beneath the coat somewhere. Her constant companion. She has her tablet with her and moves to take a seat to the side, closer to the rear, allowing for actual officers to get closer.

Petra takes a moment to suck down some of the coffee he brought with him, shifting his attention to the figures that are making their way into the room. He finally offers, "Grab space in a seat or the wall, whatever works for you. I'll give it a few more minutes since I think the Colonel is still getting out of CAP, but we're going to go over plans for this weekend and next week so people know what's going on when the screaming and the Con 1s start going off."

Out of the bowels of the Primary FTL reactor for once, Captain Henry Lamsburg is in full uniform when he enters the Ready Room. He isn't known for being very social these days, with the workload Engineering is dealing with, but a general meeting has his attention, looks like. Coming inside, the Leonis native moves to take a seat and lays back just a bit. He doesn't speak, simply brings his eyes over those assembled briefly, before he takes his dataslate and starts to rummage through files.

The Master-at-Arms arrives looking like he's had a long day already, judging by the hint of beard stubble. He's in his MP uniform with sidearm and duty belt with his usual cuffs, taser and whatnot. He's actually brought a datapad with him to the meeting instead of his more usual old fashioned paper notepad and pen. When he sees Jimenez, Lleu goes on over to lean his butt against the bulkhead next to her and gives the former Admiral a companionable nod. A hand rubs over the back of his skull and he refrains from looking for a cup of coffee.

Not long after, Captain Idris Bloodfeather also arrives. He's in his duty blues and looks crisp as usual with his scars upon his cheek bones and throat. "Commander." He has both his dataslate and a steaming hot cup of tea he's brought with him. A place is found to set his mug while he waits for the meeting to begin.

Petra notes the additional faces that make their way into the room, reaching out to tap something on his datapad while he waits a moment longer, then clears his throat, "I'll start with what we have, and I have the audio recorder running, so anyone late to the party can either steal class notes from one of you, or replay the tape later." He offers the room a terse smile, "If you don't know who I am by now, this isn't going to improve your day, so to get right to the point: We've already covered that, in the time we were away at Calumet, the Skath have not only landed in the Cyrannus systems, but have taken over and settled in, and as much as we might want to believe otherwise, there is no way in Hades we can take on a fighting force this large…so we've had to make different tactical decisions. As most of you probably already know, we've made two majot tactical strikes already…we hit Leonis and destroyed a Skath carrier group, and then last weekend, a group of our ground forces successfully commandeered a perishables shipment and transport from Aquaria."

There's a nod to this from Henry. "We didn't take any major damage during the Leonis strike, so our projects are on schedule." The Engineers clarifies before he looks back to his Dataslate.

Mara is completely silent, listening as Petra talks, sipping slowly on her coffee. She doesn't have her datapad out right at the moment, since most of what he's talking about she's already at least somewhat familiar with. The little Lieutenant is mostly just observing those present.

Idris, aka 'Vogue' gives a nod, "We had an outstanding strike at Leonis against the Skath carrier force. I'd say it went off much better than expected and the Machine reaction times were not as quick as I would have thought they'd be. Then the also Cylon showed up to assist." The Lucky Strikes Squadron Leader inputs those small observations and then goes quiet to continue listening.

With her datapad and clipboard securely balanced in her lap, Adeliza sips slowly at her coffee. She glances across to Idris, and notes his drink with a 'hm' of curiousity, but then she's paying attention to the Commander as he talks. As of yet, there's no new news, so she just tries to get the coffee down, and wake up.

The Gunnery Sergeant gryns, then Lleufer adds very low to Jimenez, "I hope you like fish for supper." Yeah, he looks pleased with their piracy back on Aquaria. Oorah. Likely Beck's … grimness will make his humor short lived, alas.

Petra licks his lips for just a moment while he glances down at his datapad and listens to the comments, then nods slowly in agreement before he takes in another breath, "One thing the strikes were important for is to tell us how quickly the Skath respond when the hornet's nest is kicked, and with how much force. Answer: They respond pretty damned fast, but not with the numbers we originally imagined. This seems to indicate they are spread out a little more thinly than originally thought, so this weekend we are taking a much bigger gamble."

There he pauses for a moment, "For those of you that don't know, the Ys'rali on Piraeus have kept some of our personnel's relatives safe for them, and they have the unique ability to be able to detect human traitors while there on the planet. So this weekend, we are mobilizing a massive coordinated attack. The attack ships of the Fleet, along with the entire Wing, and the Marines, are going to hit Piraeus with almost everything we have. This is an intention shock attack meant to immediately disable their orbital forces…if we are very lucky, fast enough they cannot even send a warning, but I doubt we'll do that well. What we ARE expecting is that it will open a window of opportunity. This will allow us to land two heavy capital assets and rescue approximately 1500 of our civilian and veteran people from what was Sheridan, and the children the Ys'rali are protecting. While they are on the ground, these transports are going to be very vulnerable. The proverbial sitting ducks, so it will be crucial that we protect them until they get back off of the ground and can jump clear."

Jimenez doesn't rain on any parades. She does keep her silence, though. Watching Petra, the tablet in her lap is left ignored while she keeps her eyes on the briefer.

Oh boy. That gets Lleufer's attention. His youngest is rumored to be among those kept 'safe' by the Ys'rali . He stands up a little straighter and Petra is given his full attention. Keenly interested. No inputing any notes about the mission brief into his datapad though. Not yet.

Adeliza doesn't watch Petra, as she pretty much knows what he's going to be saying. She watches the others and their reactions. Another sip of coffee is forced down.

"By all accounts, they're trying to control an entire galaxy; that requires an enormous amount of resources, machines or no. That said, they know there is active resistance among the colonies again." Henry replies, before he looks back to Petra. "This will probably be the last time we can get away with a guerilla raid before they draw too many resources here." Henry muses.

Mara just purses her lips. She isn't thrilled with this plan, but it is what it is so she doesn't utter anymore arguments. Now she does pull out her datapad, swiping the screen to wake it up, she taps out a few notes, then lets the tablet rest. She sips on her coffee and continues to listen quietly.

His cup of tea is picked up. Idris takes a sip of his chai that gives off a scent of cinnamon and vanilla, no cream or milk added. Once he sets it back down, he inputs some cryptic notation into his dataslate as he listens to Petra. Something about sitting ducks. The Captain's expression is a little grim. His dark eyes glance over to Henry, then he looks back to Petra, "Do we have any calculations on how long we think it might take before the Skath /could/ bring in additional ships from the Core, Commander?"

Petra lets that hang for several seconds, pursing his lips before he adds, "There is an important detail about the attack. The machine Cylons will likely be joining us in the assault on the Skath. The information I was given suggests that we will see a couple of Cylon basestars and their corresponding Raider wings leaping into the system to join us, so for those of you IN the Wing, do us all a favor and make sure you're shooting down Skath raiders. There are distinct differences between the two that Colonel Janik and his Commanders can cover in the Wing's briefings. This is likely going to be the last time we see the Cylons for a long time, and I'm aware that quite a few people are very happy with that idea. In this case, however, I could not tactically turn down the additional firepower of two Cylon battlestars and their wings in helping us get Piraeus under immediate, dominant control. We HAVE to keep our civilians safe until we get them off of the ground."

For this portion of the briefing, Henry simply listens, not giving any input. If he has problems working with Cylons, he doesn't give any sign of it.

The Lucky Strikes Squadron Leader arches a black brow at the part about 'This is likely going to be the last time we see the Cylons for a long time,' part but though it looks like Idris wants to ask 'Why?', he holds his tongue. It can wait and be put to his CAG. Instead he gives a nod and makes another brief notation for his viper pilots. He was at Leonis and might comment about the Cylon Raiders, or other details about the Cylon actions there but he does not offer them up here.

Lleufer licks his dry lips and thins his mouth. All this talk of Cylons. "Sir, you know if any of the Cylons will hit the ground? I recall what they did for us back on Aerilon, when the AFP refused to lay down arms and give up the depot caches. But it might … complicate things if they do, this time."

And, there it is. If anything is bound to get a reaction tonight, that is probably it. Adeliza sips another sip, and glances around. Her attention is snagged by movement at her side, and she looks at Mara for a moment. She tilts her head, then turns back to look at the others again, taking note of arched brows, and shifts of position. With the elbow of the coffee-weilding arm, she pushes down on the clip and steadies the board with the other hand as she pulls out her writing pad, flips it right side up and leafs through to a blank page to begin writing notes.

Jimenez frowns.

Petra doesn't go into detail much about the whys or hows, he just gives the information time to sink in before tapping a PAGE DOWN button on his datapad, and continuing, "There was no discussion of Cylon ground forces, and they are aware we intend to smash, grab, and run, so we believe air and space units are all that are going to be decdicated. I intend to try to clarify that before the attack if I can, but we will not be dependning on Centurions on the ground. If they show up, then I for one am happy to let them at the Skath walkers and tanks on our behalf. To the Captain's observation, this attack will be something the Skath will absolutely cannot ignore. If they learn anything about our war with the Cylons, they will likely believe we are going to continue a protracted guerilla war like we did before, maybe even thinking we are arrogant enough to think that will work for us again. We are not." He pauses, checking some of the faces before he offers, "After we finish the attack on Piraeus, the Fleet will, at least temporarily, be leaving the Cyrannus systems and will likely not be returning for a while. With thanks to the good Doctor Jimenez, we have a series of contacts we intend to explore that may lead us to a new home for our people and a base of operations for the fleet."

The Master-at-Arms gives a nod to Petra's reply about Cylon ground forces. Lleufer thins his mouth a little, thinking, then glances aside to Jimenez. Oh now, that's interesting news. The Marine looks quite interested in the topic of explorations, but he doesn't ask out loud. That part about a possible new 'home' though, yeah, Ynyr's quite attentive.

No particular reaction from Captain Idris Bloodfeather. The viper SL is being aloof and silent as he often is, though he pauses in his brief note input. He eyes Petra without comment, then takes another drink of his tea. If he's curious, his expression gives away nothing of his thoughts.

That gets his attention, and Henry frowns a bit as he looks to Petra. "Is there anything I should know about a potential base of operations if we're planning on leaving the colonies? Modififications take time, but airlock work should be easy to handle if we focus on one at a time."

Jimenez holds her frown, but it does lighten a bit when her name is mentioned. It won't do to have people potentially looking at her and see her frowning when Command is discussing such things. She just keeps her eyes focused on Petra.

Bennett hasn't spoken up since she entered the room. She's lurking at the back, somewhere off to Bloodfeather's right, making a few notes on her datapad and looking oddly circumspect.

Petra shifts his attention to focus on Henry and lightly shakes his head, "Captain, I'd love to give you a sheaf of information, but we, literally, have almost no idea what we are going to find. We are talking about sudden, unprepared, emergency colonization, using information from the Arpay Diplomatic Corps who were definitely NOT surveying planets for their suitability for human life and colonization, so to say we have woefully little concrete information would be painting an optimistic picture. Lieutenant Rook has been spending almost all of her time for the last two weeks analyzing what we do have, and Lieutenant Wynn has been attempting to partially fill my old shoes as Tactical in playing musical chairs with the ship crew we do have so that we remain combat ready and able to protect the people we are about to take on. All I can tell you is simply be prepared for a sudden urgent need to adapt." He pauses, "Because right now, after this weekend, we are the last chance humanity and the Erfriki have of remaining a free people. We will find a way to deal a decisive blow to the Skath, and I will hope that we able to return to Cyrannus and free the rest of our people, but I and the Admiral will not sacrifice all of us in a fight we absolutely cannot win. Your people are not going to like this, but as the leaders of your departments, it falls on you to make them understand." With a terse little smile, he adds, "We have more information we are still investigating, but its not actionable yet, so there's no point into going into further detail about it right now. Im going to assume there are questions…with the caveat that I might not be able to answer them because I either don't know, or it involves information I REALLY cant discuss, does anyone HAVE any points that need clarification?"

Lleufer watches his wife who surely he noticed come in, what with his Arpay senses. But he makes no motion to draw Bennett's attention. Instead he looks to Petra and listens before he asks, "Do we have any further intel on what to expect when we put boots on the ground at Piraeus, by way of Skath forces on planet? More intel I mean than what we gleaned when I and others went on Recon there? There didn't seem to be a lot of Skath presence in or around Sheridan at that time that we could see. Just a strip mine about 300 klicks away."

"I am curious, too, about what we think we will find on the ground," Bennett agrees, sliding a glance across the room to Lleufer, along with a little wink that may or may not be spotted. "Are there any anti-air turrets we should be worried about? And do we have any contenders for LZs or.. is this a question for the CAG?" She smiles, turning her gaze back to Petra.

"None here, Sir." Henry seems to be taking current events with remarkable stride. But then, it's well known his whole family was massacred in the Cylon War, making Henry the literal last Lamsburg. Probably thinks the fleet is his home, now.

Captain Bloodfeather remains silent, listening and drinking his tea. A few more soft tappity-taps of his slender, dark fingers on the keys of his dataslate. Anyone who might glance at his notes would see they are fairly cryptic, a few odd words here and there that are memory jogs more than details that would make sense to an outsider.

Petra mms and nods at Lleu, "The Ys'rali have recommended a landing site a short distance from Sheridan that they are going to prep and have as many of our people ready at as they can. Wing and Marine Command and senior officers should have the network folder location that has all of our recon reports from our multiple Raptor visits and the small amout of information Yamoha was able to provide. Its not perfect, but it will give us an idea of what they are capable of and in what numbers the immediate response will be, versus what we can expect might jump into orbit when Skath in the immediate cluster begin to respond and enter the system." To Bennett, he nods, "I believe, to your point, Major, that we have information on at last one SABRE system on the ground, though I seem to recall there was more than one. The documents are at your disposal."

With that said, he pauses for a moment to glance over the room, then nods, "Alright then. In about an hour, I'm going to make an announcement that we are standing down to Condition 3 until 2am Saturday morning. I intend to be conditionally blind from now until then about any shenanigans you and your people may be up to during that time, but get me in trouble with the Admiral and, well, shit rolls downhill, ladies and gentlemen. We clear on that?" Oh my gods, the Commander even smiles, "Dismissed."

Lleufer listens but thins his mouth and nods to Petra before he looks to Bennett, "Four CDG-93R 'Forge' tactical air defense systems, about 20 percent larger than standard for Skath, painted black are distributed around Sheridan. Lieutenant Flynn took telephoto shots so your CAG will surely provide them in the briefing, Major." The Gunnery Sergeant quiets and Lleufer listens to the rest of what Petra has to say. A brow goes up. "Yes, Sir!" Hell yes. Ynyr pushes off from his place next to Jimenez and heads for his wife, "I have a bottle of scotch I've been saving." That is offered low to Bennett.

Bloodfeather glances up from his notes and frowns, then adds something more to his dataslate before he saves it and hooks it back onto his belt. Idris picks up his cup of tea and finishes it off before he turns to head back out. A lot to think about and plan for.

Bennett salutes the Commander, and falls into step with Lleufer as the big marine approaches. "I like when you talk dirty," she murmurs. Probably referring to the description of the anti-air defence systems he gave. "Raptor country or..?" Voices fade as they step out into the hall.

Jimenez hears about Condition Three and looks down to her pad. When everyone is dismissed she rises from her seat and heads for the door, likely on her way back to Sickbay… to sign out.

Mara stares at Petra for a long, long moment, then with an expressionless face, she pushes to her feet, tapping out a quick message. Before she also turns to leave the room, no doubt to go bury herself in work.

On his way out with his wife, Lleufer pauses one moment at the hatch and looks back to Jimenez. When Becks moves to leave he briefly puts out a hand to her shoulder. He doesn't say anything but gives her a look, trying to be supportive. Then he'll head on out to follow his wife.

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