AWD #053: The Legend of "Bad Dog" Ruegger
The Legend of "Bad Dog" Ruegger
Summary: Zachary invokes the past to help a pilot of the future. And Milkshake drops the bomb.
Date: 28/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #52: 28 February 2005

Today was supposed to be Predator training, but Zachary cancelled it. He summoned Kelsey to the ready room, no explanation was given. He sits on the side of the instructors desk, waiting for her, his hands folded over a book.

Kelsey moves into the Ready Room in her flightsuit, apparently having dressed for the expected day when she got up. Seeing it was scrubbed, she got the message and apparently just came right down. "Sir," she greets, coming down the side ramp. She comes up to reporting distance and salutes. "Petty Officer Wescott, reporting as ordered."

"Take a seat, Wescott." Zachary says as he waits for her to be seated before he begins. "I've seem to have made a misstep in your training on an assumption that you would have known since you had been here for a while." he admits, hands still resting on the book. "…how much do you know about the 11th and it's history?"

Kelsey takes the hint, drops the salute, and moves over to take the seat closest to him. She settles down, crosses her legs, and folds her hands in her lap. "Well I'm newto the ship as of when we left anchorage last, sir. I'm afraid I don't know any of it. Its not part of OCS or flight training that I've seen on the curriculum, sir."

"Then I think today is a good day for a history lesson, Kelsey." Zachary comments as he sets the book to his side for the moment. "Part of the orientation for every pilot that comes on board Orion is to know about the 11ths history and it's past missions." he comments. "I'm not going to bore you with the entire history. What I want to focus on is their actions in the first Cylon war. In particular, the battle of Lindinis."

Kelsey nods. "It won't bore me, sir. If I should know this stuff then its something I should know. There aren't really points of argument there, sir." All said matter-of-factly.

Zachary is sitting at the instructor's desk, talking to Kelsey, who is seated at the closest student desk to him. "Yes, and I expect you to study it all. But the lesson today is Lindinis. It's in Northern Aerilon - and it was here that the 11th CVW held off Cylon Raiders for three days, trying to keep them bottled in and hold the line. Many of the pilots that went into this mission knew they were being ordered in to die. But they would have to hold the line, because of Aerilon's importance to the colonies, this was the last stand." he explains.

Military History is usually a class with ROTC or required at an academy, so this is all news to Kelsey. She looks a bit surprised, but doesn't say anything.

There's a knock on the hatch, and a freckled face framed by a pair of blonde braids appears in the doorway. "Sir? Word came down the pipe you wanted me to report in." says Ygraine with her usual cheery smile.

"On the second day of the battle, the Cylons brought in a basestar. The 11th had no support craft. There was nothing to keep the Cylons from devastating the lines, breaking through and capturing Aerilon." Zachary continues. Turning on the projector, he brings up the maps of the area, and the movements of the CVW and Cylons. It isn't pretty in pixel form either. As the marks for Vipers fall one by one, it seems the Cylons will win the day. Zachary pauses the map. "Then something happened." he gestures to the map with the laser pointer to one dot in paticular. It lights up and shows 'Lt. Ruegger, M'. "This is Lieutenant Max "Bad Dog" Ruegger." he says, as Ygraine reports in. He gestures only to the seat next to Kelsey's and continues.

"Lieutenant Ruegger was a loud, boisterous and obnoxious man who had pulled some dangerous stunts in his time." Zachary explains. "And here, he's about to die." he lets that settle in.

Kelsey listens, watching the screen. There's a glance back to Milkshake and a small wave before she looks back. "Was he a bad officer or something?" She's not quite sure where this is going.

Ygraine clearly has no idea what's going on, but she dutifully takes a seat. It's possible that she has heard this story before, as she has been to Academy.

While Ygraine's presence was requested Cassie's is totally not, one of her usually-unscheduled semi-weekly visits to see if there's anything planned for the wing and its pilots. A quick knock and a peek in has her realizing the Major's not alone, getting her to balk and remain poised by the hatch. "Shit… I mean… uh, you're busy, Major. I'll get with you later." Probably winds up causing a bit of a bottleneck, depending on how far into the office Ygraine entered.

"He had both commendations and reprimands on his docket." Zachary says as he continues, "Ask any Viper pilot, they probably have a story about Bad Dog's exploits." There's a little smirk at that, but he continues. "Lieuteant Ruegger's craft was heavily damaged by Cylon fire, and he had lost control." Sound familiar yet, Kelsey? "And he had an option to make. He could have tried to bail out to try for a zero-G rescue. He could try to fly his craft away. Or, as he did here, he made a decision that would change the face of the battle." With that, he unpauses the map. Bad Dog's dot wobbles across the screen and then disappears with an X into the Cylon Basestar. "He opted to fly his craft into the Basestar. In the process, he took out it's main battery, which allowed the 11th Command to rally it's units and harrass the Basestar until the Athena showed up to support the 11th. Bad Dog's actions did not save the 11th - but it bought them precious time. He made the choice to sacrifice himself for the good of his squadron." he says, and then looks towards the finger smudged photograph hanging on the wall.

"We all have to make hard choices at times in the cockpit of our craft. And we all hope we never have to face the decision that Ruegger had to make that day." Zachary reaches for the book finally, and the small box behind it. "In this book are the photos and remarks of every man and woman that survived the Battle of Lindinis. There's not a one of them that blames him for what happened."

"Come on in, Shoes. I'm finishing up." Zachary says patiently and gestures to another chair. "But with that hope they never have to make that decision is the prayer that they have the balls to do it, when it comes to it. You two have made such decisions. Ensign Vashti, you made it over Caprica, when you put your own life in harm's way to rescue Thumper. Petty Officer Wescott, you made it when you made the decision to save the life of Lieuntant Colonel Petra over Picon." With that, he opens up the box and fishes out two coins. They aren't coins of Zeus for the ferryman. Both of these coins contain the crest of the 11th CVW on one side and on the other is an image of Bad Dog. "This is a challenge coin. You present this, and it shows that not only are you a member of the 11th CVW, but that you have done something in the service of the 11th CVW that the Commander of the Air Group believes deserves recognition. With these, ladies, you will never have to pay for a drink again." With that, he walks, and sets down a coin in front of each of them. "You can blame yourself for what happened. Or you can realize that something came from it all. And you're here to be able to tell the tale instead of having someone relay it for you. That decision is yours to make. I hope you make the right one, Kelsey. Thank you both for your service."

Ygraine opens her mouth to protest - she got not one, but two medals for saving Thumper. But there's a sidelong glance at Kelsey, and she shuts her mouth. Isn't she supposed to lead by example? If she puts up a fuss, then Kelsey could possibly use it as an excuse to be Miss Mopey FOREVER and Ygraine really can't have that sleeping over her head in case the glum is catching. Like, raining down in droplets in the middle of the night - Kelz sleeps above her. So she takes her coin and as she places it in her pocket, she says, "Thank you, sir. It's an honor." Which it is. Also: free drinks for life. Also: sidelong glance at Kelsey, as if challenging her to refuse it, like she's sooooo much more virtuous than Ygraine. C'mon, Kelz. Why so emo, Squire?

Cassie steps in only to keep by the hatch, not wanting to ruin the moment by scooting in to get to the offered seat. For a moment a wrinkle of her nose and a glance down is given, the floor suddenly interesting as are the toes of her boots. "Congratulations," she says, that sincere despite whatever she might be feeling or thinking at the moment.

Kelsey listens to all of this, but when she's mentioned for Picon she averts her eyes and looks down to her lap. There's a moment where she opens her mouth, and it looks like its going to be a protest, but she opts to keep it quiet for now. The coin is eyed as its set down and there's a hesitation, but she eventually takes it. A pocket is unzipped on her chest and the item is deposited dutifully. She only nods to the thanks and ghosts a smile. Its genuine, though restrained. She takes a long breath and looks back to Zachary. "Thank you, sir." It'll be a few months before she can use that coin, but anyone who knows her can bet she will get miles out of it. There's a glance to Ygraine, then Cassie, and she clears her throat and settles back on the screen.

"Only half the pilots that went into Lindinis lived to tell the tale." Zachary says, as he finishes running the simulation. "Athena took them in, and folded the 11th into her air wing. They would go on to Tauron and be part of the last major battle of the first Cylon War. We're a proud and rich unit, Wescott. I'm honored to lead it." he says finally and asks, "Any questions?"

Ygraine smiles at Kelsey briefly, before looking back to Zach. "No questions, sir. Was there anything else?" she inquires curiously. He got a copy of her AAR from yesterday's mission, but he might not want to discuss it in front of Squire and Shoes.

"We're the honored ones, sir," Cassie points out before sitting now, her body settled heavily in the seat. There's something oddly subdued about her now. Not that she's one of the overly-perky ones like some of the Orion's personnel but even then the change in her is noticeable. Not sure how to follow that up, she looks around, watching the Major for a few moments before looking at her fellow fly-girls.

Kelsey nods to the information from Zach and swallows. That's a decent history to live up to. "No questions, sir." She just keeps looking up at the screen for a minute before glancing back to the photo on the wall, suddenly recognizing it. Oh. Huh. The nugget moves to the edge of her seat, looking like she's ready to get up and out of here. A nod of agreement accompanies Cassie's comment. "True, sirs."

Ygraine looks a little fidgety herself, but the energy is different from Kelsey's. She remains silent though, mouth quirking.

"Milkshake, I got your report, but if you want to share with the others I'll turn it over to you?" Zachary suggests as he moves away from the desk to let Ygraine have it if she wishes.

"Not to put too fine a point on it, sir - via the GPR scan we performed, under all that ask and rock and radioactivity, we found remnants of housing. There have been people on Piraeus before us." Ygraine doesn't mince words. "Everything was blown over like maybe a bomb hit it. We've got a problem in that the radioactivity is so high it makes spelunking and investigating more closely just a tad difficult."

Cassie smirks a bit when the Major doesn't acknowledge her compliment but she doesn't say anything, instead listening when Ygraine gives the report. Whatever amusement she had been feeling is lost, however, when she realizes just what was said. "How long ago do you think this event took place?"

Kelsey knows about the deck project, but not the details, obviously. Its pretty plain because she turns and stares at Ygraine for a moment, then looks around to the other officers. "Wait. What? I thought this was supposed to be a new colony." Confusion, she has it.

Cassie does get a smile from Zachary for the compliment, but there are bigger things on his plate.. like.. that. "I believe it was at least five hundred years?" he recalls seeing a report, it's just been a long time. "…I want you to talk to the Marines, in paticular the engineers, to see what they can do about excavation, Ygraine. This is their department, they need to be in on it."

"I know, right?" Ygraine replies to Kelsey, noting, "I know there are stories about the thirteenth tribe. Is this where they ended up? Or could this be Kobol?" She doesn't know enough theology to know there would be ways to affirm if this is Kobol or not.

"Five hundred years?" Kelsey blurts. Everything revolving around Picon seems to have been forgotten for the moment and she looks around. She stands up suddenly, looking a bit flustered. "I hate to be the weirdo, sirs, but what if this isn't even human? Like, I've seen scifi movies and all. We're a pretty long way from home."

Cassie looks startled. "The frak?" Well, she asked and she got an answer. Sadly it's one that leaves her rather…weirded out. "That's really… wow." Yup. All forms of intelligent conversation? Gone. She'll just sit here and stare while also trying to make sense of it

"Well," says Ygraine after a moment's thought. "We know they were um…humanoid." she says. "The structures were recognizably houses, the way humans build 'em. So either humans were here before, or…or…or Cylon skinjobs have been around for much, much longer than we thought." Oh, SNAP.

Kelsey shakes her head. "This is insane." But its said quietly. "But okay, just hear me out. Any kind of intelligent life builds houses or homes, right? Birds nest. Mountain lions look for caves. What's to say something else didn't build these?" She's trying to be rational about this. "I could be totally off-base, but holy shit!" she says with a wide-eyed laugh. Yep, she laughed, and its the sound of someone healthy and amused.

Cassie listens, a brow slowly inching up. "It makes sense," she eventually murmurs although she's not so quick to believe in other living beings just yet. She'll keep herself skeptical here. "Well here's for hoping we can find answers." And hopefully they'll be answers they're wanting and not unpleasant surprises instead.

Ygraine makes a little noise in the back of her throat. "Kels, why would something that isn't a least humanoid build a structure that is optimal for humanoid use? Right now the only options we have are humans and cylons until we get proof of some other similarly built form. And we can't go down there to investigate further too easily, not with all the radiation. Man, we need an anthropologist like whoa down there." She nods agreement with Cassie.

"…you two have read too many comic books." Zachary says with a little chuckle. "Anyway, this sounds like we should really get the Marines involved." the DCAG lets out a little breath. "Make sure you share the information with someone in their Engineers. You know. They could be something other than houses. Could be a pattern or somesuch." he shrugs.

"Well cuz it needs shelter. Its not a totally bonkers idea, though, right? Think about aliens invading andall those crazy movies. They came from somewhere. They probably had families or something like families, right? Or at least places to live. But I can't accept Cylons, sir. WE invented them. They're still trying to kill us, right?" she shakes her head and then the rest of her. Its a chill and she looks back to Zachary. "Sir, can I go get some sim time in if we've canceled flight? My brain is about to explode." That's a real smile, too. "Please?"

And this is where Cassie starts to feel like a third wheel, anything that might be done pertaining to the discovery something she won't be able to get into. She's a pilot, not a scientist of any flavor. "Just let me know what you guys figure out, alright? Consider it my way of living vicariously through you all."

"Well, it seems like we have a plan anyway. Kelsey, go ahead." Zachary is able to smile, because she is. "If you want, you and Cassie can handle the Predator run, it's still set up, just I have other stuff that came up. Ygraine, let me know what the Engineers say. I'm going to go see if Eden's up and awake." he smiles tightly as he rises. "Thank you all for your time."

"Hot!" Kelsey beams. She swaggers over to Cassie and past. "C'mon, sir! Lets go kill some worms!" Awwwyeah! Going to go back flying for REAL. ..and nobody will be shooting at them this time. Bonus.

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