AWD #082: The Journey Begins
The Journey Begins
Summary: Now that she has permission from Zach and Holtz to Crosstrain, Maia seeks permission from the higher ups.
Date: 29/March/2013 (OOC Date)
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Maia Petra 
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Orion. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays as to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard other watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by Marines at all hours of the day and night.
AWD #82

For once, Petra isn't on Watch duty, but considering recent events, the man has taken to spending some (read: almost all) of his free time in here as well. At this particular moment, he's leaning on the pedestal in the middle of the room, a mug of very strong coffee sitting with arm's reach while he stares at a couple of photos that have been spread out across the top of the table. His face shows lines and shadows that betray just how much (little) sleep he's gotten in the last two days, and his expression in general seems to be rather devoid of humor. For the moment? CIC is quiet. No major traffic, no missions being run, just quietly humming along for once.

Conflicted, LTJG Maia Kane, Raptor pilot has made her way to the CIC with the intention of taking up very little of the Lieutenant Colonel's time. She knows he's a very busy man, especially of late but she's decided to see if he would see her for at least a brief moment. Having gone through whatever checks there were to even get to this room, somewhere the pilot has never been before on the ship, she steps inside, noting the lines and shadows, but closes the distance between the door and the podium with a determined stride. "Sir." The greeting isn't terse, just no nonsense as she snaps to a salute.

The checks involved are simply being looked at by the MPs that habitually stand guard inside and outside the hatches so…not much of a delay. Petra's attention shifts when he catches movement out of the corner of his eye that seems to be headed directly for him. Straightening up a little, he turns his head to look, watching her stop and salute him. When he responds, his voice is quiet and slow, almost subdued, "As you were, Lieutenant. What can CIC do for you?"

Maia immediately relaxes into a parade rest, careful to keep her expression non-confrontational. "Probably something I could possibly just had requested of you by an on board missive sir. I have sought and received permission from Lieutenant Colonel Sheperd and Captain Holtz to begin cross training as both a Raptor pilot and a Viper pilot. At the moment I am only cleared to fly Raptors and Predators, when the instructions I intend on taking are finished I plan to be able to be more versatile to the Air Wing by being able to fly anything. I was told to seek your permission, sir. None of my training can be done during my on-duty hours, and I understand that, but this is something I really want to do."

Petra reaches up quietly to scritch at one of the scars that laces his head, a faint furrowing of his brow creasing his features while he listens. When she finishes, he's quiet for a few seconds more, studying her face before he offers, "We don't typically cross-train our pilots, Lieutenant. But. If Colonel Sheperd has already officially approved your request, then that's all you really need. I might be his superior officer, but I don't micromanage the Air Wing. That's his house, he runs it as he sees fit." He pauses for a moment, then asks, "Does that answer your question?"

Blue eyes watch his fingers move on one of his scars, the frown, and she looks worried about being denied her request. Maia really does value his opinion and it shows in the torn look she gives. It only lasts a moment before the determination is back, a light in her eyes. "Sir, yes sir. It does answer your question. My orders were to seek permission from the CAG, Captain Holtz and yourself. If I have officially gotten yours then I will begin training immediately." Though if he is going to dismiss her, there is something more she wants to say. "Sir, one other thing." This is hard for her, very hard because she herself had questioned it. "I believe you have the best interests of Orion and all of us on board with your recent announcements. I… support you sir, and I will to anyone who voices a protest to your decision."

Very slightly, he nods his head at her intent to begin training, and murmurs, "Good luck with it, Lieutenant." He starts to glance back at the pedestal, expecting she's going to leave, but then she has more to say, drawing his attention back up. His lips purse a bit as he listens, and for a moment there, the tired shows a little more heavily on his face, "You seem to be in the minority, Lieutenant. You might want to keep that opinion to yourself, before you find yourself ostracized from the rest of your Wing. Picon needs us functioning, not fighting with each other, and I dont care if the Air Wing hates me or loves me…as long as they are doing their job." He pauses for a second longer, then adds, "But thank you for telling me. Was there anything else?"

His words surprise her, but Maia nods all the same, albeit hesitantly. "I'm not afraid of what my wing will say so much, I believe they would realize I was entitled my own opinion. However, after speaking with Knox and Redux I've concluded that they can be somewhat convincing, but then again so can the Air Wing." Cracking a smile there at the futility of the whole situation, she glances towards the DRADIS. "Just keep us safe sir and I'll back you in anything." Offering another salute, she turns her attention back to him. "Nothing else, Sir, thank you for your time."

Petra nods very slightly at the last, "That has always been my only concern, Lieutenant. Save the Colonial Citizens, and keep us functioning as long as possible so we can continue to do that. It means taking some unpopular risks, and I am not a perfect man, but we are doing the right thing here. And even if giving in to fear would have been the easier thing to do, then it would have made us no better than the enemy that is currently killing our friends and family. We have to be better, or we do not deserve to continue to exist."

"After hearing what some of the Marines have been saying, sometimes I wonder what we're trying to save humanity for. Humans out there helping the Cylons torture other humans. It's genocide in its gravest form. All I know is I have very few people left that I can call friend and the numbers seem to be going down every day. If I lose a few more for going against their opinions, I guess they weren't really a friend to begin with." Once again, Maia looks towards the whole heart of the ship and she takes it all in. "You have quite a responsibility on your shoulders. I don't envy you, but I admire how you can go on in the face of so much adversity."

Petra mmms, "There are people worth saving out there, Lieutenant. Even if some of humanity has resorted to base and evil, there are four million civilians on Picon that need the safe haven we have here. We dealt with Bancroft. We will deal with any other traitor to humanity that arises, but we must get those people off of Picon and safe. If we can do that while Air Wing hates me? Then I don't care. Just watch yourself out there, Lieutenant. There are still plenty of loyal Cylons that want to shoot your ass down."

"I know there are Sir, but most of the time we don't see that part. It's nice to have a reminder now and then of what exactly we're trying to save. I know several who have lost everything that they were fighting for, families, children. Maybe the troops just all need a boost of morale, I don't know. I'll look out for myself out there, Sir." Maia gives him a silly, lopsided smile. "Either way, you're doing great and thanks for the permission. I won't let you down."

Petra takes in a deep breath and nods once at her words, "Good luck, Lieutenant." He straightens up a little and waits for her to go, watching her back until she's disappeared back through the hatch. Only then does he let the rest of his breath go, and leans back against the consoles.

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