The Invasion Of Picon: A Summary

"…and they have A Plan."

The time has come to stop hiding and playing guerilla war from the shadows. The Battlestar Orion will be leading the charge to begin taking back the colonies from the Cylon invaders, but in order to beat a machine, you have to have a plan. The following is considered IC information, but will also include OOC scheduling information so people will have an idea of what scenes are coming up, and can decide what they want to participate in, and make sure they can make it. This will be broken up into stages. Where there is one, a PC Point of Contact will be linked - approach that person for information or to see about scheduling or being able to go. If no contact is listed, reach out to staff instead.

The Scouting
"While most of our targets have been scouted out, we are not quite where we want to be from a recon point of view. Before we can begin to move on Picon, we must complete the picture."
The following scenes can happen at any time, in any order.

The Preparation
"Once we have a complete picture and have maneuvered our own pieces, it is time to prep the battlefield."
Everything from The Scouting must be finished before these can begin.

The Invasion
"Once the battlefield is prepared, we are committed to the attack."
These scenes must happen in order. Note that not all of them must be PC attended events.

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