AWD #259: The Importance Of Detection
The Importance of Detection
Summary: Marine and medics talk skinjob detection and jacks.
Date: 22/Sep/2013
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Amos Samtara Mahasti 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #259

Ducking through the hatchway from the corridor Amos, dressed in is greens as per usual, takes a moment to assure the nurse on reception that he is fine and that there is no emergency. That done he glances round the room as if he's looking for someone, although from the way his eyes flick from person to person it looks like he's looking for a member of staff rather than a patient. In the end though he turns back to the nurse and asks, "is the CMO around?"

The nurse that the Marine captain speaks to glances up from the stack of charts that she's working on, pen poised over the topmost page, draws breath to reply just as the CMO herself emerges from the morgue. Clad in surgical scrubs, a scrub cap and looking a little bluish around the edges - from the cold, quite logically - she spins the door latch until it seals while balancing a set of charts tucked against her side. "These charts are ready to be filed with -" is the words out of her mouth, Picon accent coloring her words ever so subtly, as she turns and takes note of the marine captain in her sickbay. "Ahh, Captain Ommanney, may we be of assistance in some manner?" is wondered, the first sentence truncated in favor of the second.

"Captain Nadir," Toby replies with a pleasant smile, "if you are busy with something then I can come back later, but I was hoing to sell a few moments of your time if it is convenient for you." He's busy himself, but he appreciates that his work won't die on him if he takes a break, where as the same can not be said for Sam's.

Handing the charts over to the charge nurse, along with a moment of quiet voiced short-hand conversation, Nadir turns back to the marine Captain with a subtle shake of her head, "Nothing that can not wait a bit more, Captain. The military, all aspects, lives, thrives and breeds on paperwork; forgetting a single form in the whole mess leads to unacceptable standards of record keeping which, in turn, threaten the quality of care. Sloppy record keeping is simply unacceptable," said as she takes off the scrub cap and tucks it into one pocket, cleans her hands from a sanitizing station and settles, then, her attention on Amos, one eyebrow arched upward in curiosity. "My office, if you'd like? And would you care for a cup of coffee?"
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Amos moves to stand out of the way as paperwork is exchanged and cleaning up completed, he doesn't quite blend into the bulkhad, not in his greens, but he gets closer than you might have though possible. Once Samtara turns back to him thouhg he steps forward again, eyeing the office for a moment before nodding once, "likely a good bet Captain," then shaking his head, "I have an early start in the morning so I'm cutting my intake today to make sure I get enough sleep. Thank you though, for the offer."

Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — CMO's Office

The CMO's office is not huge, like most offices on the Orion. Nine feet by nine feet, most of the floorspace is taken up by a desk and file cabinets.

"The amount of caffeine required by the average sized human doing the average amount of work by a soldier is approximately fifty cups of coffee before it becomes a serious cardiac episodic risk," Nadir remarks as she steps into the office and taps at the machine so that it starts to spin up to make a fresh pot. "Would you care to sit, Captain?" she offers as she takes a seat herself.

Amos follows most of that as he heads through into the CMO's office, but as Samtara moves to take a seat he replies with a smile, "I'll take your word for that Captain." There's a brief debate in his head between the speed of staying on his feet vs the comfort of sitting down, and in the end it's the latter that wins as he nods to acknowledge the offer. Once settled he cuts straight to the point though. "I was wanting to check on the condition of Sergeant Ynyr's arm. I know that details might be an issue with the doctor, patient confidence, but as I am sure you are aware, theings are hotting up rapidly and I need to know if he is fit for what is to come, or if he needs longer to recouperate from his injuries."

Nadir is quiet for a moment, simply turning slightly and only long enough to swap the carafe out of the way and allow the coffee to drip right into a empty mug and then swap back and turn to face Amos once more. "There are a good many marines, Captain, all of whom are - to my understanding - skilled and trained to the exacting standards of the units and specifications to which they've been assigned. That being said, the statistical probability of success vs failure is based on a combination of extraordinarily complex facets, the participants OF said mission vs the ones who were not slated to be deployed." She taps one fingertip against the side of the mug she's holding, "To be frank, captain, I'll need to review the marine's state one more time before he can be cleared for all duty."

Amos seems content enough with that answer as he gives a short sharp nod before stating simply, "very good Captain. I'll inform him that he needs to get it checked and if he hasn't been down here in a couple of days do let me know." That beoing done and said he makes the initial moves to stand again, the pauses and asks, "with that resolved so quickly, might I also enquire of you as to another matter?"

Nadir chuckles quietly, "I'll make a point of running into him, Captain, I assure you," she promises with a measured nod. "Another matter?" she inquires next, amusement and a measure of curiosity still visible in her expression.

Amos smiles back at that, "very good then Captain. I shall leave it in your obviously capable hands." Leaning back into the chair a little he then continues, "I was wondering how research into the jacked is coming along? It's a problem I saw a lot of on Caprica and it's only getting worse but it was mentioned when I first got here that there was work being done to try and remove them?"

Seated in her office chair, a chair that is as much duct tape and surgical tape as it is material in some places, Nadir is studying the marine Captain while both hands are curled around the cup of coffee that she's holding. As is often he case, the door to her office is open, allowing her a view of the main room and, further, allows her to hear everything from the main room. "Dr. Nasreen and Sgt. Knox believe they've come up with a way to begin screening to detect between skinjob and human, it's merely a matter of refining the parameters for the control groups. Now, as to the 'jacked', and that is a term as good as anything else, we merely need a few more components to finish building a MRI unit and shielding to house it in."

Mahasti blinks, holding a chart "I haven't come up with anything, Captain Nadir." she chirps "Also Bay eight is screaming again. Permission to dose with a nice dose of sedatives?" she asks, since it isn't life threatening or an emergency or especially minor she's following protocol to ask. "He's had multiple patients checking their bits and pieces in panic and accusing medical of castrations is kind of a morale issue." she mumbles, looking to Amos as if she just noticed "Pardon, sirs." she offers, bowing her head politely. Her expression is moderately. She pauses, watching Sam, mouthing 'what did you do?' with a massively curious expression on her face.

Amos takes the news about the skinjob detector with a small nod. "I see," he answers "and is there any indication as to when this process can be independanly tested? And indeed, how are these tests likely be carried out? I mean are we talking something an MRI scan per individual or something quicker, like s blood sugar level test?" There's then a pause as he debtes saying something or not, before asking, "and you are using the two human-forms that you have here to test it?" His expression turns to a slight frown as the conversation moves to the jacked though and he asks, for the purposes of clarification, "and you'd use the MRI to scan the jack and ee how it connects to the body and brain?" He looks a bit disquieted at that and offers a faintly perturbed, "my apologies Captain, I had heard that your efforts were further along that it appears." Hmmm. He takes a few moments to dwell on tha silently while Mashati talks of the patient, then offers her an acknowleging nod once she notices him. "Lieutentant."

"We are, to my knowledge, close to being able to field test the MRI once we have all the final compoments in place. Detection is the first step, then ascertaining a reasonable way to extract the device and, if that works, we'll be able to extract the cylon parasites," Nadir remarks as she looks up to see Mahasti entering the office. "Yes, please do use a nice dose of sedative on Bay 8, it'll be a blessing to everyone else, especially those in the beds adjacent. She waves her free hand toward Mahasti to invite her into a chair, "The captain is asking after our cylon detection methods and progress in those avenues."

Mahasti signs a paper, handing it off to a nurse. "do it." she mumbles, stepping in to sit down in her normal perch, her hands in her lap "I'm not entirely sure. I've been too busy with physical therapy and studies and its outside of my realm of knowledge." she admits, reaching to snag one of Sam's mugs and the coffee pot. She pours a cup for herself before holding it up to properly offer it to both captains. "Sirs?" she offers, taking Sam's mug to top off Sam's mug without waiting for an affirmative response. She smiles softly, her fingers smoothing her shirt down.

Amos greats Samtara's response with a smile, "you must forgive me Captain, but from my own experiences I have found that pointing a gun at someone head and telling them to roll their slieve up nice and slowly tends to work well enough for detection of a jack. It's the removal of them though that I'm more interested in. The rosiest of predictions when I left Caprica was somewhere betwen sixty and eighty thousand, and not only as that number increasing but so was the rate of increase. We are more than likely looking at a number the other side of one hundred thousand." Holding a hand up to decline the second offer of coffee in as many minutes his eye don't leave Sam, "if there is anything that the Batallion can do to aid you in these researches Captain, please, do no hesitate to let me know. We're likely to be stretched hard soon, but we will always do what we can."

Nadir accepts her cup of coffee back from Mahasti with a word of appreciation, still attending to her caffeine intake levels, "Once we have everything ready to field test, we'll be almost immediately encountering the reality that we have a finite number of supplies and a infinite and rapidly growing number of people to field test. And captain," she levels a look at Amos, "the arm is merely one place. There are a number of places that a port can be emplaced, and as long as it works, then it can be as easily concealed on the arm as it could be on the thigh, the ankle, the lower back, the back of the neck, and everywhere in between. Roll up your sleeve, for lack of a better approach, won't work long term. Strip searching every human we encountered will work, in theory, and once detected the jacked can be sorted from the human. Until the riots start," said quite calmly, "and once the riots start that's a turning point from which it is most difficult to return."

Mahasti watches Amos for a moment before taking out some of her paperwork to go through, a hand in her hair, the tell tale signs of exhaustion on her face. "You know how their hearing is more sensitive than ours. What about feedback noises or sounds that make dogs turn into whining noises?" she asks, legs folding. "I'm sorry, I was never very good with electronics, or computers. I didn't even have one of my own until I was in highschool and I had to work for it." she offers, letting out a soft breath. She smiles at Amos "It offends people when you aim a gun at them, to be honest." she offers, voice soft.

"Maybe we had less imaginative canners on Caprica then," Amos replies, digesting that news as he does so, "only ones we ever enouncter were all in the arm, although I'll make sure that information gets passed along so appropriate steps can be taken." The, half turning his head to Mahasti he replies, "in this instance Lieutenant, if it's offensive that basic security checks are being carried out for both our safety and their's then I'll offend anyone and everyone from the Admiral down. I can not tell you how many people, marines and civilians, we've lost due to infiltration and jacking and at all costs the jacked must be kept away from sensitive areas. I've seen what happens when it goes wrong and I'll happily take people's dislike in preference any day."

Mahasti smiles "Just remember, people are scared and feel so hopeless and just hurt. I do agree, that more measurements need to be taken. I'm surprised its just the arm though. I mean, there's a lot more tissue to hide things in in the navel, thigh, or even breast for women." she offers, taking her coffee to sip. "I should have become a vetrinarian." she offers, with a slight smile. Her pen goes back on the paper, " whats the word?" she mumbles, her pen tapping her temple as she soon returns to writing, thinking about her words. "Please do not think too harshly of me, sir." she asks, politely "I just worry about morale, and how much people have already endured." she offers, voice gentle "And the danger a panicked mob could pose to your men."

"My men can handle themselves Lieutenant," Amos answers confidently, "the worry is what a single jack could do if it got in amongst the 55th, or here. I am aware that people have been through a lot and I am aware that it takes it out of them, I will not however compromise the security of Pireas and all that it stands for just to make someone's day ever so slightly easier." He seems firm on that point as he finishes with "I appreciate your concern Lieutenant, but somethings are too important to risk."

Mahasti smiles "I'm aware of that, I'm sorry sir." she begins to just clam up. "I'm sorry for voicing concerns, sir." and there's a slight air of hopelessness in her tone, instead of arguing. "If you need anything I'm cleared to help you with, I guess let me know." she seems to be getting softer and softer spoken. She sets down her paperwork, taking a few of the pages to set in Sam's inbox eventhough Sam is right there. She sort of tucks her pen in her hair, opening another folder to take out a few more pages. "I'm sorry again, sir."

"As I said," Amos reiterates, slowly and clearly, "I appreciate those concerns, but when it comes down to a choice between the future of one individual over the future of the entirity of civilisation then there really is no choice." At the offer of help he nods towards Samtara, "I'll run all such requests through Captain Nadir, thank you though." He starts to turn back to the CMO when the last apologies come though and he pauses for a moment before deciding to ignore it and continue with the initial plan.

Mahasti stands up, without much warning to finish her cup, refilling it. "May I be excused, sirs?" she asks, her eyes mostly closed "May I go to my rack, Captain Nadir?" she asks, her hand resting on her side, her other holding her files to her chest. She just looks off kilter and tired. "Good luck sir." she offers, towards Amos, voice delicate and soft.

Whether it's a valuable tool or not, Nadir lets the conversation bounce back and forth between Mahasti and Amos, expression both neutral and thoughtful at the same time. When she speaks again it's in that same pensive tone of voice: "I'm not as worried about people being offended as I am worried about a witch hunt beginning that leads to violence that ratchets up swiftly and can't be calmed with anything short of sending marines in to shove people back to their collective senses. Herd hysteria, mob hysteria, is a dangerous thing, on a open field in broad daylight. Hysteria on a ship, a tin can in space, is a recipe for disaster. So. There must be a happy medium and I'd be as pleased to invent one as anyone else," a glance is aimed at Amos, "quite frankly, Captain, because I don't have a real idea on how to keep it from becoming that. Also," she settles her attention next on Mahasti, a bit of a frown forming even as she nods. "Get some rest, Dr. Nasreen, we'll speak again when you're on shift next. But the idea of using methods such as sound or electronic pulse etc. have been firmly rebutted by the skinned models we've spoken too. They are designed to nearly perfect to human that the best doctors in the fleet can't tell human from skinned model without knowing Precisely what they're looking for. Myself included."

Mahasti smiles tiredly at Sam "Eh you know where I sleep sir, if you want to come down, I just want to listen to some violin music and finishing up reading the novel I was lent. If you get a MRI machine up and running, I'm technically certified now to run it and read the results. I would prefer someone with more expirience sitting with me as a redundancy." she offers towards Sam and Amos both, her fingers smoothing her white coat down as she tucks her chair in where it belongs. "Good evening sirs." she offers, backing towards Sam's door to escape.

"The trick on a ship is to control the embarkation closely enough that they don't get on in the first place," Amos replies with a faint nod to the rest of Samtara's words, "contained environments have that advantage." He has no reason to keep Mahasti back and so he offers a faint nod to indicate that as far as he is concerned she may indeed be excused, then turns back to the CMO. "Pleasant as this is Captain, I suspect that I have already taken up more of your time than is polite." Pushing himself to his feet he finsihes with "thank you again Captain, and do let me know if you fail to run into the Sergeant would you?"

"I'll be running the machine with you, I promise," Nadir replies to Mahasti with a nod, "as much out of curiosity as a desire to see how well this will work, it's theory until we get it in play after all," a sobering fact. "And I wanted to borrow something to read," she remembers with a glimpse of a smile, "I've finally exhausted all of my supply of books." She rubs one hand at the back of her neck as she studies Amos next, "Crowd control is important, captain, but I'd like to discuss this again at a later date and I will run into the Sergeant as soon as possible."

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