AWD #035: The Gypsy Comes Home
The Gypsy Comes Home
Summary: Zachary welcomes Maia into the fold.
Date: 11/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Pool - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
It's a Pool!
11 February 2005

Fact. Swimming is great cardio. Plus, it's fun. Making laps in the pool, Zachary is taking a break from the usual workout to do something more intense, changing his swim style with each push across the pool, the tattoo of Aphrodite caressing a fallen Marine easily on his back and on his front is a tattoo of the symbol of Aurora.

Activity is usually the first thing Maia seeks, no matter where she goes. Preferably something athletic or extreme. Nothing quite suits the need here, or nothing she has found yet. Just arriving, the Raptor pilot is wearing off duty's over her swimwear. For convenience, that's all. Entering the pool area, she takes a look around, reading the sign with a slight smirk. Risk. Right. Noticing the ink canvas in the pool, she watches a brief moment before taking a seat, starting the process of unlacing her boots.

There's been a definite and obvious change in routine for Cassie recently. Yesterday it was the firing range for some long over-due and sorely-needed firearms practice. Today it's a trip to the pool. Dressed in the military-issued swimsuit and bearing towel in hand, she finds a place to put her stuff down at the same time Maia and then Zach are noticed, the latter of whom gets her attention. Grinning impishly, she waits for him to get to her end of the pool before attempting a cannonball by him, not trying to land on him but next to him to get his attention.

He's deep in his swim, really pretty much lost in his thoughts and in the water, do the sudden presurization at Zachary's side catches him off guard and pushes him over as he disappears beneath the surface for several long moments, before he breaks the surface of the water and wipes his hand over his face, looking around as he dog paddles. "The hell." he says, not noticing Cassiopeia yet on his flank.

Maia sits there innocently unlacing her boots, watching as the other person arrives and cannonballs beside the man in the pool,. seeing the whole thing. All he gets from her is a half grin if he happens to get her way, along with a lift of a shoulder. Kicking off one boot once it's unlaced before reaching down to work on the other, glancing back at the others now and then.

Cassie bobs up to the surface right after Pie, her hair falling about her face and shoulders in wet auburn ringlets that stream water. "Hey. I didn't hit you, right? If I did I am sorry. That really wasn't my intention." A drop of water is brushed off of her nose while she looks back up, back towards Maia. "I suppose I didn't really set a good example," she adds, hmming thoughtfully afterward.

"…I'm starting to think you just want to copy my duty schedule to usurp me as CAG." Zachary offers with a growing smirk at Cassie as he pushes back a little from her. But the glance at Maia does illicit a double-take and he pauses for a moment. "BeeJay?" he asks her. Then he does recognize her fully. "How goes, Lieutenant? I haven't seen you about since they bumped me from the Tophatters to the CAG." he says to her, and then pauses. Manners.

"Lieutenant Pitera, this is Lieutenant Kane, one of my pilots from when I was commanding the Tophatters. Maia, this is Cassiopeia, one of my Viper sticks." he says, introducing the two Jay-Gees. "What brings you down today, Maia? Finally taking a break from trying to crawl up the sides of the engine room?"

Boot two down. Rising, she unfastens her belt and pants, lowering them, stepping out one toned leg at a time, tossing them on the chair. Another glance towards the pool before she's lifting off her shirt revealing the same standard military issue black suit that sort of complements her golden coloring. Definitely she isn't the type to spend all her time indoors, getting soft.

Tossing the shirt on the chair, she approaches the side of the pool, padding barefoot across the concrete. "Major, Sir, Lieutenant, pleasure meeting you." Her tone is warm, friendly as she squats down, dipping her fingers into the pool. "If I don't do some physical activity, it's going to drive me crazy, thought a swim might do the trick. Looks like a popular idea." A quick grin flashes across her face.

Zach gets splashed before the introductions are made, a playful response to the joke he had made. Cassie would say something in return - some kind of joke of her own, undoubtedly - but she instead completes the intro on her end. It's polite, after all "It's very nice to meet you, Lieutenant."

Treading closer to the edge of the pool, Cassie bobs closer and closer to the Major as she tries to grab hold of the concrete. "As for why we keep running into each other, sir," she says as she works her way closer to where she can catch her breath, "I think it's just your magnetic personality. I'm drawn to it."

Zachary snorts, and stows the retort for now as he considers, and pauses in his swimming as he moves over to the edge of the pool. "Wait, wait." he says. "I knew I had gotten approval for new reinforcement, but when I saw Lieutenant Raynor under Raptors, I had just assumed someone in the personnel office hadn't realized your preference since the seperation." he frowns as he considers Maia, and then finally shakes his head. "Also explains why there wasn't a callsign to go with you." he admits.

"So, you've come back under my command again? You can tell these other folks I'm not so bad, really." he chuckles, and offers Maia a smile. "Welcome to the Gentlemen Ghosts. I'm their defacto lead until I find a worthy replacement, as well as the air wing commander."

Maia says, "A pleasure," Maia tells the Lieutenant in return, smirking at the playfulness between the two. Switching positions, she sits on the edge, her legs dangling in the water now as she regards Zachary. "Kane. Sir." Her husbands name was Raynor and she definitely preferred her own. "No callsign, guess I need to work on that. A pilot without a call sign is almost as bad as being without a ship."

Offering him another grin she nods, "Looks like trouble is back and it's here to stay." Tilting her head to the side, she's genuinely amused. "Not so bad? Aren't you though?.." adding as an after thought, "Sir." With a brief nod, she rises, "Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to serving under you again." Slipping into the pool now, she revels in the feel of the water, kicking off the wall to swim a few strokes."

"Seems like you guys got some catching up to do so I'll let you guys have at. Will see you around, Maia. Sir, will see you later. Got a few things I'd like to touch bases on at some point." Cassie gives as much of a wave as she can before going off towards another part of the pool to do laps.

"I know it's Kane, Maia. That's why I called you that first. I'll make sure I'll get it corrected with the personnel officer." Zachary says, a wave towards the departing Cassie as he turns to face Maia again. "…how're you adjusting?"

Maia gives him an easy smile, lazily moving her limbs in the pool, staying afloat. "Thanks, I'd appreciate that." As for how she's adjusting, that's quickly related. "I've never been better really. I feel great. Happy. Free." Moving to the side, she holds on to it, not in his personal bubble, but beside him, sort of. "Haven't really seen him in a couple of years so.." she shrugs, that's as close as she gets to it. "How about you? Things still as perfect as ever?"

"You know I know that's a load of crap, Maia." Zachary says with a sigh. "Considering how many times we had to sit up and talk about things, I really know better." he gives her an emapthic smile and shakes his head. "And things are fine on my side, as always." he points out to her. But he doesn't take her bait, instead just arching a brow.

"Glad things are going fine for you." Maia flashes him a quick grin. "Hey, I think I was never intended to tie myself down. I like the freedom of doing what I want when I want. No one holding me back." No one except the strict life of the military, but she refuses to make the comparison. "Honestly, Sir, I manage because I have to. No other option. So I make the best of it." About now is where she would usually wink and blow it all off, but he's too aware of her moods so she doesn't even go there.

"Mmm." Zachary says as he watches the young woman swim around and then tries to pretend it's all fine. He lets out a breath. "Okay, I will be around if you need to talk, but I'm not going to force any of that pyschoanalyst stuff down your throat." he says with a small laugh. "But if you need to talk to someone, I can make recommendations."

"Glad you're not a chaplain, making me talk about things better left alone." Maia swims near him, accidentally brushing past him, unaware she was that close. She arches her brow but doesn't immediately apologize. "Talking is overrated or so I hear." After another brief pause, she tilts her head to the side, "It's been awhile. Surprised me when they told me who was going to be my superior."

"Well, considering that when you look at the command chart you see me at the top of it.." Zachary doesn't seem phased by the brush against him, just moves so she can continue on her way. "…but until I find someone to lead the Ghosts, yes I'm your direct officer again. Surprise." A little smirk at that. "And it is good to talk. Or to find some other way to work out your issues. I hear that there's several people that turn to the martial arts for peace of mind." he comments. "I just do not recommend travelling outside of Sheridan for fun - when I went down over the planet with Milkshake, it was the wolves that nearly did us in."

"I've studied martial arts extensively. Since I was a kid, actually. Used to compete in these little tournaments. Sounds lame but it was fun. I've kept it up all this time. Is that what you do?" Swimming to the edge, Maia hoists herself up to the edge again, keeping her feet in the water, wringing out her hair, chill bumbs forming over her skin from the change in temperature. "Wolves hm?" Another quick grin. "Sounds scary. Dangerous." Perhaps her addiction to danger is a bit much, but she keeps it reigned in enough for now.

"I'd suggest you keep that urge in your gut, Maia." Zachary warns gently. "I do not wish to lose a pilot I desperatedly need at the moment because she had an itch to scratch." he points out. "If you want to get a look at Piraeus, Sister Iphigenia is going to be looking for help with her temple in a few days and will need items ferried between here and the planet."

Maia glances at him, was she so obvious with her thinking? "I have no intention on making stupid mistakes, Sir. I wanted this assignment and I wouldn't jeopardize it for anything. I get the same thrill from flying and from.. flying." Giving him a quick, wicked grin, just teasing a little, but not pressing past any boundaries. "Sounds good, if there's anything you can sign me up for, please do. I want to be as active as possible, can't stand being idle."

"Well, if you don't want to be idle, I have a mess of recons that still need to be done." Zachary says with a chuckle. "Don't worry, Maia, I'll keep you real busy and real satisfied." a smile towards her as he moves to step out of the water finally.

"Now that, sir, I never had any doubt about." Maia watches him as he moves to get out of the water, noticing the tats, her own ink is small, such as on her lower left arm there's her Base Jump number and she has another little one.. somewhere. Only her husband knows for sure. "It's nice.. seeing you."

"It's good to see that you are doing well, Maia." Zachary offers with a smile towards the woman as he towels off and slips back on his robe. "I'll see you about, Lieutenant. And you need to come up with a new call sign." And with that, he's out of the door and on his way back towards his office.

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