AWD #468: The Guest List
The Guest List
Summary: The soldiers of Piraeus seem a little more welcoming.
Date: 02/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Sheridan LZ
Sheridan LZ
AWD #468

She's already there. The chilly weather keeps the feeling of that religious experience somewhat muted because the spine is chilling anyway with the temperature. The actual LZ is mostly clear except for the usual ships parked off the the side and the groups coming and going in Raptors. The tower has someone parked in it with air traffic control. But down on the grass and tarmac of the LZ, theres other activity. Obviosuly they are staying out of the way, but there's a group of al Yamoha's soldiers milling around, talking to people. Everyone seems to be in high spirits and exchanging words and laughs. A half dozen are off to the side, smoking with Marine MP's while a Colonial Corporal seems intent on relaying what happened at a recent battle she was involved with. Captain al Yamoha? She's sitting on the hood of a humvee, leaned forward and smiling while she watches it all. There's something on her face that most people haven't seen before - fondness. There's a certain level of casual interaction with all of the native soldiers that hasn't been there before. Something has changed and it doesn't seem like its for the worse.

"Happy to come down with you. Was going to see if you wanted to come down anyways," Randy says in that deceptively playful accent and her laid back demeanor as her and Angelis step from the hatch of a Raptor that's just landed. She's not wearing her 'inherited' bomber jacket today but what looks like some kind of old fading grey tactical vest re-fashioned for fishing or any other activity that would benefit from having everythign in its right place. The bottom is fraying ever so slightly as if it's been neatly trimmed. Underneath she has a black hoodie on whose hood string is greyish dirty white on one side and then turns into a zebra striped kid's shoelace at some point to poke out the other side in wild neon colors. Her shoes are just some beat up old rubber and black canvas low-tops with some mismatched laces.

Randy shoots a grin Tabi's away before turning her attention on navigating the LZ properly. It's then she notices that the feeling of calm was not some strange call and response reaction to the fact that she always smokes that calming weed down on planet. She motions Angelis aside and leans to talk to her over the general noise. Then she does…the peek-a-boo motion? Angelis will recognize this as a motion Randy has used before in lieu of words for the ghosts from past conversations. That's about the only warning she gives the fellow Marine before leading the way towards al Yamoha who seems to be easy enough to spot after noticing her troops. Randy has a warm grin on her face and reaches out to drum her hands on the hood of the vehicle as soon as she arrives. "Captain. Is this what you do when you're off duty? Sunbathe in the middle of Autumn?" There's a fondness to the greeting.

Dressed down in civvies that consist of what are apparently her most favourite pair of jeans - those washed-so-often-they've-gone-white, beat to hell and back denims and a greenish tank top that's only just visible beneath an ancient, handmade brownish leather jacket. She's wearing her regular off-duty boots probably because they're practical. Her blue eyes widen a little as Randy makes that gesture, and follows along quite willingly, but doesn't go right up to the Captain like Randy does. Instead, Angelis holds back a bit, one hand lifting, tugging lightly on the end of her ponytail as she observes, eyes skipping about like a flea, lighting on the ghost soldiers, their Captain and whatever other folks are hanging about. "It's always a good time to sunbathe," Tabi notes before she can stop herself. Her mouth snaps shut with an audible click, and she at least has the grace to blush a little at her little impertinence.

al Yamoha spots Randy heading over and its even possible to tell despite the sunglasses. She grins and waggles that be-gloved hand's fingers at the Marines approaching. "Ohhh, Sergeant, you don't want to know what I do when I finally get off duty and get away from these animals. I'm incredibly boring, I just look exciting when I'm at work. It's the gloves, really. Only rough people wear gloves to work, right? Can't be in a high speed unit and not look cool, it breaks all sorts of regulations." She winks behind the sunglasses. Leaned forward like she is, the muzzle of the rifle is on the bumper like a rankling stick, hands on the buttstock, chilling like this is the most casual thing ever. Looking at Angelis, she waves more friendly-like. "Lance Corporal. Welcome to Piraeus. Hope you're finding your new posting to your liking?"

Randy grins at Tabi's remark and then her grin broadens at al Yamoha's response. "Well as long as you look exciting, that's all that matters." Randy shrugs, perhaps her comment a little more telling than she herself realizes. The meaning is cloudy and lost in the arbitrary nature of the moment. There's something at once humorous and sad running through her head, but she doesn't seem inclined to share, for once her mouth not running away with her. Then she glances sidelong to Tabi when the Captain asks her question.

Angelis is totally paying attention, watching the interaction between the Captain and Randy. A fain smile plays about her lips, possibly enjoying the familiarity the pair seem to share. As she's addressed, Tabi blinks, her gaze snapping back to the Captain. She is quiet a moment, but it's not long before a cheerful grin lights her face and she nods. "Oh… ah… yes sir. It's great. I mean, I'm still getting used to spending so much time indoors. I've never been posted to a place like Orion before. But Piraeus is beautiful… At least, the little bit that I've seen." Again, her mouth snaps shut and she takes a slow breath, rocking on her heels slightly as she tugs on her ponytail and looks around. "And the people are nice."

The Captain just smiles at Randy. "Uh huh. You keep that in mind the next time you tell someone about us. 'Exciting' is a great PR word." She waggles her brow before looking back to Angelis. "Given what all humanity has been through recently, I'm not surprised. Being out of the weather has got to be a relief. My favorite thing after a long, cold deployment was to get home and soak in bath of hot water. Crawl into bed with my husband, siphon the heat off him." She laughs more, the woman revealing more about herself than she had in the past. "Glad you find the planet nice. You're all very welcome here. More than you might realize." She gestures a finger to Randy. "The Sergeant and a few others helped solidify that. The respect that's been shown to my people and this planet? Its impossible to ignore. It was also getting impossible to police fraternization between your people and mine. Its easier to let them mingle and just remind them to be smart. Pretty sure Flynn knows what I mean."

"I'll stow it alon with all the other ones," Randy says as she taps her finger on her noggin'. The Captain's words of her favorite thing bring a warm grin to Randy's lips, but she still manages to follow up with, "I knew it. You're a vampire." She laughs a little and then steps back a little from the hood to slide her hands into her pockets. "Yes. Always good to play smart Captain," she offers a toothy grin. Yes, she meant it to feel like a mockery of the frat training phrases that everyone remembers snickering over. "Seriously though. If anyone does anything stupid, let me know. We'll have an 'education,'" which could mean anything from a simple word to something more elaborate depending on what is appropriate. "Or you could just scare the frak out of them." She shrugs.

Angelis shifts, suddenly a bit uncomfortable. She shakes her head slightly, "I mean um… I prefer being outdoors. I don't mind the cold, or heat.. it's… I…" She flicks a look toward Randy, then away. "I just like being outside, where it's open, and I like people, a lot. But sometimes it's nicer to be woken up by birds and insects and howling wolves than your bunkmate's snoring." Tabi finally gives her ponytail a break, hand dropping to tuck into a pocket, she gets a faraway look in her eyes, probably thinking about times before the war, judging by the faintly bitter-sweet smile she has on her face. Snapping herself back to the present, Tabi actually blushes a little as 'frat' is brought up, rocking back on her heels again and looking away then back again, nodding slightly in agreement with Randy.

The Captain snorts and looks confused. "What is a 'vampire?' That's something I've not come across before." Different culture, indeed. She laughs more at the mention of being able to scare people. "Oh, we know how to scare. Not like you think, though. We don't sprout horns or claws or anything. When fear is needed we employ it. Not quite sure we need that level for getting a little too friendly. I'd rather just order them to go away for a month. Send them to go guard the Seven and Twelve your people are allowing to visit." She gesture out with a finger. "By the way, now that Toby has completed his goal and been told, I am free to mention this: Your Lieutenant Colonel Zachary Sheperd is dead. He has been for some time. We disposed of his life not long after he fled your ship. A month or so after." Which would have been right about 12 months ago. Looking back to Angelis, she smiles more easily and nods. "I know what you mean. There are a lot who still feel that way. Our position is a unique one. Tabitha, I don't think you would hate it. I'm not trying to be ominous, just making the observation. I'm not about to allude to some crazy knowledge that anyone is about to die. Nobody needs that nonsense."

"They're not real. Popular myth," Randy explains. "But they have cold skin, were once humans, and suck the blood of the living as a source of food. After that, just depends on what entertainment you're watching. They could fly or sparkle or just make you want to go do something else," Randy tries to keep tech out of the mix of their conversation. She looks at Tabi as if wondering if her explanation made sense. But then the Captain is speaking about the long lost CAG. "I figured he was dead. You say you disposed of him? How did you manage that?" Randy's questions always seem to come like from a child, as if half-expecting half of her questions to go unanswered, but just as happy to go on romping about if none of them are. "Tabi, I think she's inviting you to eternal sunbathing once you bite the dust," she teases.

At the mention of someone being dead, Tabi blinks, her gaze flicking back and forth between the pair, listening intently even if she's not altogether caught up on her reading to know who this person is that's being spoken of. Then the Captain addresses her and there's a look of confusion. Angelis looks very confused and sends a look to Randy again, before looking back to the Captain. "Um… sorry, sir? You don't think I'd hate, what?" Her head tilts, a small frown creasing her brow while she tries to work through the words in her head, searching for something she might've missed. Her hand slips free from her pocket, lifting to tug on her ponytail again. "I could live with eternal sunbathing. I really could." This bit is added quite fervently, "As long as there's hunting and chocolate and whisky involved, too." Her eyes actually light up at the thought.

"Oh! We have something like that. It's been so long I cannot even remember the name, though," she laughs happily at the allusion. "Never been a big fan of drinking blood. I can't drink anything, anymore. I am cold, though! Sadly, dear, I lack sparkle. Too tacti-cool. I *wish* I could fly." It seems even ghosts have their limits. So real, so human, but so old and they still can't explain just what they are. She answers Randy's question quite simply, though. "Public execution. Very public. The people that died because of him witnessed it and we made sure he saw their faces. All of them. I presented his charges and the findings. A single bullet to the forehead finished it. It was quick. Toby knows where. I imagine someone will be down to pick up the body soon enough." It's fairly casual, but serious enough with the implications that she ensures that it is heard. …She's saying that she shot a member of the crew. Executed. A dead woman killed a Colonel. She then looks to Tabitha and chuckles. "Sorry, no chocolate or whiskey. But then again, you don't miss it. Plenty of hunting, though. I apologize if nobody explained what we are…" There's a maternal look to her. "After we were killed, we were offered the task of caretaking the planet and looking after the dying memoriam of our civilization. We are the guardians of our people's memory. We are not Gods, we are not a God, we are not 'angels' or 'devils' as some have questioned. We know a truth that all who pass know, but we guard that secret as well. We're more defined by our duty than anything else. But we died a long time ago, here, on this planet. Long before your Colonies were settled, by more than a thousand years."

"You're the worst. I'll find the nerdiest looking of your troops later and ask them what it's called," Randy teases lightly, highly unlikely and way too lazy to care about such things enough to follow through. "I'm glad you don't sparkle. Flying would be cool though," she agrees and snaps. The little Sergeant shifts her weight as she listens to the tale of the traitor's demise. "Good. Though you realize that I'm not obligated to report that you are carrying working weapons…?"

"I miss hunting." Angelis says with an obvious longing in her voice. "I mean real hunting… just you and the wilderness and a shotgun. I never got time to be good with a bow and arrow like my brothers. I don't hold with that commercial stuff. Or.. well.. what used to be commercial I guess." She shifts, "Well, still… sunbathing forever. That could be wonderful." She nods thoughtfully, listening to the Captain's explanation. "That's… a long time. Aren't you tired?" It's quite obvious that the comparatively simple Tabi is struggling to get her head around that length of time. She can understand duty though, and she nods her head at that. She glances sidelong to Randy, considering something for a moment. "It makes sense that their weapons work, how else would they be able to do their duty?" A small frown, she bites her lip, thinking hard about something, "At least… I /think/ it makes sense." Clearly the gravity of all this hasn't hit Angelis yet.

"Grab Dernowitz. He's a big nerd. He would remember what they are called. My brain is filled with other tuff that was more relevant when I went." The Captain shrugs it off, seeming unconcerned. Even at the idea of reporting the weapons. "Sure, if you want. Toby knows and I'm sure he already passed it on." She holds her smile, though, oddly. "We didn't tell you about them because we wanted to see what you all would do without concern for what these might do. Fear and caution changes behavior. It isn't what you do with that, its what you do with freedom and power. We've seen enough to have faith. So now you all may know that truth, as our friends." She then looks over to Angelis and nods slowly. "Of course. We have bowhunters, too. Being unable to eat, we hunt for population control to ensure that the wildlife flourishes and does not suffer through starvation. Being caretakers means conservation on many levels. As I said, you might enjoy it. As for being tired?" The question seems to surprise al Yamoha. She actually has to think about it, grinning, before looking back, "No, I don't think so. I assume you mean like an old soul or being bored, not physically tired. I enjoy this, actually. It's a high honor. The highest. There is very little I would trade this experience for." The point about being able to defend the planet has her nod very slowly. "Indeed. You are not the first to visit. Our benevolent hope to humanity is that the Colonials are the last and will stay."

"Captain. With all due respect. I think there's more fear in not knowing for a lot of people. If you're aware of it," that Randy's obligated to report it, "That's all that matters to me." It's not like anything the Captain might say would sway her from it anyways, at least not anything Randy can think of. She nods, "It makes sense. I'm glad we've become friends." The words are simple, but true. As the Captain speaks to Angelis, Randy fiddles with the lighter in her pocket. "That's very generous. I think we need to survive the war first."

Angelis nods, again taking the time to work through the Captain's words. Completely understanding the need for population control and balance in the environment. She latches onto something and her eyes light up, "So… does that mean you wouldn't be adverse to us… or a small group of us.. hunting? Here? I mean, obviously not /all/ the time. And it would be with shotguns, since I don't know anyone that can bowhunt?" A curious look goes to Randy, silently sending that same question in her direction. "I … well.. we.. I… thought it might be a good idea if we could get permission, to maybe do some hunting, you know, like.. eat what you kill, cure the hide, everything. Like it's supposed to be done." Something else occurs to Tabi and she tilts her head, "Or you know, maybe we could just help with the conservation side of things. It's good survival training and gets us out of the ship for a while for something other than going off to kill… we're not the first? I mean, of course we're not the first… but what happened to the ones that came before us?"

She shrugs slightly. "Perhaps. Fear works differently for a lot of people. The caution afforded is one thing. The fear of having us appear behind you and emptying magazines for an unexplained slight is another. Our experience dictated we kept it to ourselves." She keeps it easy. "And we have high hopes your will win the war. The future is uncertain, but we speak well to a victory. Even if you don't survive the war, well, then there are other options." This does bring a smile to her face. Playful, even. To Angelis, she takes a long breath in considering that answer. "Personally, I do not see a problem with it. But that's not a decision I can make for all of my people. I think that with true intent and a global focus, rather than right around here, it could be done. But you would likely have to work with some of my people. If you don't mind company." The smile holds, enoying the discussion. But the point of not being the first gets a slow nod. the smile fades. "There were two groups. One was a family, prospectors. They were ill-prepared and winter got them. We mourned and welcomed them. Another group of about fifty were pirates seeking to set up refuge. They brought slaves. We killed them all and told the slaves to go and never return. They did. Both of these were in the last thousand years, but neither group were colonial that we could tell."

"Very true," Randy admits with a solemn nod. "Well, you have lots of years on the job, so I'll take your word for it," she says with a bit of a wry chuckle. Humor is so many things to the Sergeant. "I think we should learn how to take care of the land if we're going to be here, even as guests." It's like staying on someone's farm in Randy's mind. Her father raised her with strict core moral values…when he raised her. "Both weren't colonial?" It's a welcome surprise by the looks of it. The glint in Randy's eyes suggests an ignited interest. "I wonder how many non colonial beings are out there right now?"

Angelis tilts her head, thinking about something else now. "So… you don't need to eat. But you could eat if you wanted to?" Because food /is/ a pretty big deal in her life. "And well… /I/ wouldn't mind. Family tradtion makes hunting a sort of … bonding thing. We used to finish our hunts with a big fire and drinking, cooking some of what we caught, and falling asleep under the stars." There's a pause and a memory, "Or in a tree…" Apparently that's a thing. Then she shrugs, "I mean, I don't think we could really do it on a global scale, yet. I somehow don't think Command would give the okay for that. At least, not yet. But I'd like to help when I can get permission to." She frowns, the story about the pirates bringing a flash of anger into her eyes and a solid nod of approval to the subsequent fate of said pirates.

The Captain dips her head to Randy. "This planet has been through a firestorm of radiation. It has been badly nuked and seen portions turned to wasteland. It has taken a long time and a lot of effort to restore it to what you see today. It is still a few millenia from being what we would like to see, but we accept our success so far. The offer of the ban on destructive devices was taken to see if it would be honored if taken. Given where we stand today, there is a lot more to discuss - such as a return to hunting. While you may be guests, you are still our guests and invited ones at that. This is safe harbor." The question from Randy, though about non-Colonial beings? Well al Yamoha just smiles at her. "Or is it all the same? Or are we even talking about humans? The questions you have are relevant, but also bigger than you think. Not to be confused with bad either." To Angelis, "No we do not eat or drink. No need. Some smoke, but food is not a process we deal with anymore. Your family sounds like beautiful people, though. I'm fairly sure they would be incredibly proud to see you here, right now." There's a glance ot Randy that the Sergeant may well understand better, before looking back. "Tending to a planet is more than one person is capable of, but they can lend their help. I can see in your heart what you mean and intend, Angelis. What you desire is very likely not out of the question. Having similar parties with your people, as family, and celebrting tradition is also possible. As I told Toby, we aren't here to enforce a narrative or beliefs or faith on anyone." Kickin it casual, ghost-style.

Angelis nods to the Captain processing her words once more, breaking them down in her head. "I hope so, Captain. I really hope they would be." She looks around them, eyes busy as she thinks, then blinks. A loud grumbling sound coming from her stomach, causing her to blush a little. "I ah… should get back. Gotta get gear ready and hit the Mess before my shift." She glances to Randy, then to the Captain again. "Captain, it has been an honour. I really hope I get to speak with you again, soon." Tabi dips her head in a nod before she starts making her way back to the Raptor.

Like so many of the things that the Captain leaves with Randy, much of what the Captain says leaves Randy with more to mentally chew on, even if she is rather good at absorbing and assimilating information. "I think ideally those discussions should include the Piraeans that are returning, at some point," she adds the last few words after the fact. "Whenever you'd like to open up those discussions, I'll be happy to relay them to our Command. What do you make of-" but the Captain's words about her question being bigger than she knows and all that stuff to chew on comes out. It quiets her up real quick. "Yes, I'd expect tending to the planet takes…many hands," though where all those hands come from, Randy doesn't voice her own theories. "We just want to make sure we respect you guys is all, and the land." Then she waves off Angelis and turns her attention back to the Captain. "Have you spoken to the ones most recently returned?"

The Captain nods in understanding. "Those you refer to as 'skinjobs' will return and when they do, they will be welcome. How you all deal with them is up to you, not to us. When know exactly who they are and their purpose. We have no fear of them." She waves casually to Angelis and returns respectful words before looking to Randy once again. "Be glad you did not cut that hand off. Very glad. If you had, we would not be having this discussion. But you listened to your heart. Respect is understood, Sergeant Flynn." The last question has her look curious, though. "Who might you be referring to? There are many angles to that question."

"I'm sure that's in some respects above my pay grade," Randy says with a wry smirk. "I don't either. Have fear of them that is. I know that's not…normal for lack of a better word, but it is what it is." Something she cannot explain. "If I had, I would have answerred for my crimes, though I don't think anything could have brought proper retribution…" which speaks more to the gravity she understands her actions had than her belief or faith in the capabilities of Pireaus' guardians. "The ones we call the Seven and the Twelve? I call the Seven Hamlet. We first met at a hamlet, technically," she explains briefly.

"That's one way to put it. You and the fleet would have answered for it. We would not be here. We would be deciding whether or not we should continue dialogue and how welcome you were on the planet, defaulting towards unwelcome. This is why I enumerated how to protect the sanctity of the bunker. Toby is aware and said he would pass it along." They executed Sheperd for crime he didn't even commit against Piraeans. A bullet to the head. That's when it might settle in that these people do not mess around. They're friendly but just who were they as combatants? Adjudicators? Would Randy have vanished? "Ah, those two. No, we leave them alone. We observe their progress and watch over them. We whisper to them in our own way. We show them things, truthes. There's no reason for us to show ourselves to them and create an uproar. They need to be focused on turning their own people back to truth, not pondering the deeper depths of existence. They know that this is their home. They will be returning to the colonies shortly, we think."

"It was always my intent to respect you. I just needed to listen better. You sent us there to show us something, to give us an answer, and you wouldn't have had us disrespecting your dead to find out. You would have just told us if that were necessary." Listening can be a form of trust. "Thank you. I knew you would let us know when it was necessary." The words are trace evidence that she believes the delivery of those instructions to Toby are an answer to her questions of her heart so deep in the bunker. What type of combatants they are doesn't even penetrate Randy's mind. She'd just as soon expect them to seal the bunker by bashing the overhang and leaving her to die of starvation as she'd expect them to line her up in front of a firing squad. "I noticed that you didn't speak to them on the beach, but…that makes sense. I've been trying to give them their own space too now. It seems like a deeply personal journey." She grows quiet and takes a deep breath, "It's silly I know…but I envy them. Not their downloading or capabilities," she only clarifies so much. "They can do so much in this war."

The Captain doesn't comment about the respect. She leaves it there. No sense in pushing the point already made when Randy already understands it all fully. Lilah puts her hand out to rest on Randy's shoulder and gives her a light squeeze. al Yamoha knows. Faith is had. Randy's probably seen a lot of officers in her time, but this one is a true leader of men. Speaking to chide and never embarassing or causing a scene. Words don't even leave her about it. Her eyes drift back towards the group all talking an interacting. "Its an incredibly personal journey for them. We are breaking down the barriers that have been implanted. Untangling lies and mistruthes. We cannot pull on that string to unwrap the sweater. We must tell them of string so they may pick their fabric and create their own identity, as they once had. Like myself." She looks back, smiling still. "Not an uncommon emotion to feel towards them, Randy. The ideas each one of them contains? They were made to reflect the best parts of humanity, to make the hard choices when nobody else could. To stand against the wind. There is a reason that a Five is Strength and the leader of a recon company in a mountain warfare division. We simply accept what we are and do our best to represent the faith humanity put into us. Trust."

"No one should be the designer of anyone's identity," Randy says in agreement, mostly as a thought to herself, as if making sense of it all like a person suffering from OCD getting that balance back to their desk by making sure everything is in its right place. New things get homes too. So Randy's mind shifts, this exercise coming easier to her since she's been having to do it a lot lately. "Yes, that makes sense. Kind of like a baby bird. They have to make their own way through it in the end if they're going to be…them." She doesn't fully explain the baby bird. The words get away from her like so many do. No one wants to think about baby birds that are helped when they're hatched anyways. "I just wish I could do more…But, if I'm going to be honest with myself, I don't think that feeling will go away no matter what I do. I felt that way before I started my EOD training. And I still feel that way." An eternally restless soul or something else? Trust. Strength. There's a reason Randy also feels like she can talk to the Captain. "I guess it just runs in the family. Thank you for talk Captain. I've got to meet someone back on the Orion, but I enjoyed it. I'll make a little more time next time I come down." She nods to the Captain and holds her spot until the Captain has a chance to reply.

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