AWD #241: The Good Doctor's Health
The Good Doctor's Health
Summary: Casual breakfast conversation turns into concern about Dr Nasreen
Date: 04/Sep/2013
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Toby Brandy 
Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #241

It's the tail-end of breakfast and the stewards behind the counter are almost continuously glance at the clock to see if they can start packing up yet. There's another five minutes or so to go as Toby makes it in for his daily helping of burnt bacon, congealed beans and rubbery eggs. The dregs of the trays don't seem to bother him too much though as he then moves onto grab a mug of coffee and some stone cold toast. Tray full he then glances round to see where there might be empty seats.

Granola and coffee, that is what the last officer is having. Not the greatest breakfast, but such is as it is. When the pilot nots the tech, she motions him over closer. "Good morning, sorry about the bird, but I had two Raider's on me." Brandy says in a dry tone. There was a incidental hull strike, not a direct hit, but close. Not the worst ship to make it back, and not everyone did.

Toby seems happy enough to take his breakfast with the pilot and set shis tray down opposite from her. Starting on the toast first he states between mouthfuls, "don't apologise to me, that's airframe. CPO Rutlii's the one you want to be avoiding there." More toast, followed by a swig of coffee, "besides, you still brought it back better than Wescott ever manages, so I figure you'll be fine. Not sure how long it'll be til it's back on the line though, as you might have guessed we're a tad on the busy side now."

Brandy leans in a little closer and drops her voice as her brows knit, "The good doctor apologized for getting angry at me. I am actually a little worried about her health." The woman comments, turning her coffee cup with her hand slightly, "Why do you think she called me a skank though? Do you think she thinks I have flirted with someone she cares for?" All that she took and then departed, that one stray comment seems to have bothered her most.

Toby slows his munching as Brandy leans in, looking faintly quizzical until the new topic makes itself known. Mulling over what's said he finishes his mouthful, takes another sip of coffe then offers in a smiliarly quiet tone. "She's been having trouble with one of you lot," he offers, not making it sound like guilt by assosication, just descriptive. "Warren? Or somesuch, Vipers I believe. They knew each other before hand, friends or somesuch, only he's now been upsetting her." He leans back again and gives a faint shrug, "don't know that whats and the wherefores mind, nor that particular comment. Sorry."

"Toast is a Viper pilot, and a man." Brandy says as she sinks back down into her seat, frowning a little before taking a sip of her coffee. "I have not flirted with any man on this ship. I don't alter my uniforms like some female soldiers do." Her head shakes faintly as she looks at the granola. "I am a Raptor pilot, not a Viper jockey." Another sip. "Do you think she thinks I am flirting with you? Or Toast?"

Toby can only shrugs again at those questions. "I really don't know Ensign, I just know that he's doing, or saying stuff that's upsetting her. Badly, I think, although that might just be because they were friends. Best guess is she snapped at you because she's stressed and you were there." Finishing his coffee he starts shovelling bacon and beans, apprently not bothered that they're on the cold side. "I wouldn't take it personally," he tries to reassure, "but it might be worth taking it up with Dr Nadir if you're worried?"

"She already offered a general apology." Brandy says, turning up the coffee and choosing to abadon the second half of the second granola. Her chin turns down to make certain she has no crimbs on her, letting the crewman eat in peace a moment as she goes back for a half cup of coffee and tops it off with milk before returning. "I just don't want her to think I am competing with her. I hate competition."

Toby considers that as he chews, "without knowing more about their previous friendship.." he shrugs. "There might be a flame there, I dunno. Maybe you could get something out of him?" He seems faintly amused at the idea of a pilot who doesn't like competition but then goes back to the serious conversation. "I don't think it's personal for you though, really, I think you were just collateral."

Brandy is odd like that. She sips at her coffee a little more and nods her head, "You are likely correct. I.. I just did not wish you to think wrong of me. Tht she said that in front of you troubled me." She settles to a stiff posture, never letting her spine touch the back of the chair. "I have enough reason to have rumors circulate about me. I don't need unfounded ones."

Finishing his plate Toby pushes it to one side to make space for the remains of his coffee. Craddling the mug between both his hands he gives Brandy a good natured smile. "I've been at the whole military lark for about six months now, all of 'em in the guts of this battlestar, but I reckon even I know that there ain't any way to stop rumours, reason or not to 'em. If even the thick as pig-shit Taurons can work that out then I reckon everyone else can to. I wouldn;t worry too much about it if I were you."

The ensign turns up the milk cooled coffee and nods her head as little bit, "That is true." Brandy states and presses her seat back as she moves to stand and cler away her mess. "Thank you, Crewman." she comments as she starts to gather up any mess she might have made. Then she reaches across the table and takes the completed things off his plate and turns to go dump the mess.

"First consultation's free," Toby answers with a relaxed smile, nodding his thanks for the clearance as he does so. "After that, I charge a packet of fagsper hour, rate negotiable if they're particularly good ones or you have something else of value to trade." Not that his tone suggests he's serious mind, not until he adds, "if you do takeit to Dr Nadir though, let me know, I'll tell her what I've seen too."

Brandy smiles and nods, "Fair enough." She states as she retruns the the table and presses her chair in to place again, likely leaving her settting neater than she found it or the ones around it. "I wish you a pleasant day. Crewman." With that she turns and starts in the general direction of the exit.

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