MD #001: The Explosive Enemy Within
The Explosive Enemy Within
Summary: The brass put on a morale raising show for Orion's crew. Things do not go entirely according to Plan.
Date: 09/04/17
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Above each bay and within are a trio of small red firefighting balls that will explode on too much heat being exposed. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
MD #001

After being at Piraeus for 24 hours, giving the fleet time to get the minor damaged fixed from the first engagement, there is a small gathering on the hangar deck. It isn't just for senior officers, but any crew that can make it. Word is that there will be a lot of brass there looking to outline plans and activities. Also in attendance are all of the crew that were serving aboard in temporary slots while getting the ship out of drydock: The sleepy-looking Master at Arms, the contractor Arpays leaving Engineering decks, et cetera. There's enough people expected that there's no chairs set up, just a stage up front at the end of the hangar deck. There's a podium with a few chairs on the rear of the stage and a cleared area behind it.

Among those present, Admirals Io and Fencer, both XO's, Major General Ommanney, an older and retired Commander Carolyn Spree, as well as the rest of the outgoing officials. They're all up on stage and talking amongst themselves, mostly pointing out details and changes they've noticed. Out front there's a small security detail keeping too many people from getting close to the stage while the old MaA is gladhanding to the side with someone he looks chummy with. Overall, it looks pretty casual. However, because of the brass, this is certainly a Dress Grays event.

While Amos is definitely pleased to be back onboard, it does feel so very odd to be here and not in his greens. He's had a few years now though to get used to actually having to wear the correct uniform, and can manage a few hours in his monkeysuit without fidgeting with it uncomfortably. He doesn't really seem to have aged since he was last onboard, and for now he contents himself with swapping small talk with Commander Spree as he waits for the ship's crew to find their places and the main event to get underway.

Petra makes his way down rather close to the start, making sure things are squared away before probably making his way down with other folks from that space. Space is quickly found to the side to fold his arms over his chest and wait for the speaking to begin. He does pause for a moment when he catches sight of Spree on the stage, uncharacteristic amusement touching his face for a few seconds before fading away.

Lleufer only came aboard the other day. He wasn't attacked in route like many of the returning vets since he came directly up from Piraeus to the Orion. Ynyr's had time to stick his head into the MaA's office, download a few messages waiting for him, and start looking around the ship, unpack. With his Arpay modified eyes and ears, the Sergeant now wearing Gunnery rank pins doesn't really look much changed since he was on board 22 years ago. Maybe a little leaner in build, much sun tanned with sun bleached hair that is now decidedly blonde until he buzzes it off again. Hint of crow's feet around his eyes, but otherwise he looks like a man still in his thirties, instead of his real age in the 50's now. In his Marine Dress Greys, Lleufer stands quietly and allows his gaze to roam. So many new faces and yet, here and there his attention lingers to study those whom he knows but hasn't seen in two decades.

Clara is somewhere in the sea of mingling crew, lookalikes in dress greys with faces ranging from bored to anticipatory. Hers rests squarely on curious. Hands clasped behind her back, the little Lieutenant has her hair pinned up in a reasonably tidy bun with long, stick-straight bangs clipped up and off her face for once. She doesn't talk to anyone nearby, or look anywhere but up front, silently.

How exciting! Melissa is too happy to show up for something like this, wearing her grays. She looks smart and confident in them, the sash displaying her ribbons just so. Standing off to the side, she tries to get a good look at Robin and Spree, two heroes of hers growing up. Seeing Petra she waits for him to look her way before she gives him a big bright smile, too pleased with herself for that flying. But with her hands clasped behind her back, she directs her attention back to the stage to wait for it all to start.

The faint gleam of silver in her hair matches a face that has been allowed to age gently instead of remaining at a visage of early thirties, and the newly returned Major moves through the assembled crowd with an air of curiosity paired with long sweeping looks that assess the crowd. "So many faces, so many familiar, and not," Sam murmurs as she moves to join the rest of the medical personnel as they assemble.

Admiral Io spots Ommanney as he's chatting with Commander Spree and offers him a small, courteous smile. She's in her dress grays looking pretty much the same as when she did when a lot of the returning veterans knew her only as the CAG, only there are more fancy things on her uniform now. She's been on the Orion supervising the overhaul, so she's at least a curt source of information for some of the brass, when engaged directly. When left to her own devices, she scans the gathering.

One of the new pilots that got to see action last night, Garrett is bouncing on the balls of his feet as he's dressed in his greys, looking for other pilots to stand with. Noticing Melissa, the Viper jock makes his way over. "Hey Doodle, mind company?" he asks, looking around. "So how many up there served on the last Orion crew, sir?" he asks, assuming that of all people - she would know.

Penta enters with the Marines. Like Amos, he's gotten used to the occasional time in Dress Grays. In his case, it's the fact of *him* commanding all the Marines aboard that makes him blink. He's still getting used to *that* fact. His eyes sweep the crowds as he walks to his assigned point, looking for familiar faces. The one problem with everybody getting the Arpay therapies: Now it's really hard to tell who's young and who's just faking it like he is. He's nearly 50 and he has no need whatsoever of anti-graying treatments, woohoo! Or something.

Randy seems to have cut her wily hair 'short-enough' for the occasion of being recalled. Although she was delayed herself in arriving, she got that out of the way days ago and seems to look no worse for wear in her dress grays. She still looks as young as she did 22 years ago, a young looking woman who seems to be in her late twenties. With her Arpay-like features, she stands out in Colonial uniform like some others dotting the crowd, but the presence of Arpay around allows her to blend in for the most part. She's already quietly standing off to the side, keeping to herself as she watches others interacting quietly or not so quietly.

Amos returns Robin's smile with one of his own, then excuses himself from the conversation with Spree and heads over. "If it was not for the absence of Major Grey I would say we had almost got the old team back together," he says in good humour, "got to say though, I wish I was going with you. I reckon the wife would insist on coming too though, and bringing the kids, and those staterooms just are not big enough are they?" As the marines arrive he turns to watch them enter, squaring his shoulders slightly with a certain degree of pride, "you look after my lads and lasses now though understood? I suspect you'd struggle to find a better bunch anywhere in the fleet."

Standing with the Wing leadership, Elena scans the crowd. There's a pang in her stomach at the excited faces. She fixes her face. Let them have their moment.

Oh gods. Dress Greys. Niko gets his out of the locker and squeezes in. They've clearly gotten a little smaller since the last time he was forced to wear them, some years ago. If only he could find more time for the fitness center and less in office. Well, if he has to be here, he has to. The CAG girds himself for smoozing and speeches, and wades into the crowd.

Adeliza never made it high enough in the LARP cliques to play a feature character, but now she doesn't mind so much. Because now she's seeing them all in person. Just about all of them. And even working directly under one. It's hard to keep the fangirl 'squee' out of her expression as she mingles in her dress grays, right hand reaching up unnecessarily tuck her hair back again. However, to keep people from noticing just how bad she's got it right now, she's brought along a sure distraction. She's learned that having a taller cousin that is smoking hot, right next to you tends to draw people's attention away from you and to the taller woman. "Alright, act cool," she grins up to Renee, and then winks as she tries to find a spot where she can actually see.

"Sure. You act cool, and I'll try not to gape around like a yokel in the big city for the first time," Renee grouses to Adeliza in a quiet voice as she tugs her uniform jacket just a fraction more into as perfect alignment as possible then uses the same hand to slick down over the top of her head. As though it's possible a single hair might have somehow gone rogue and would be standing straight up? not on her watch! Long hair braided close to the scalp and then coiled in a knot at the nape of her neck, she is as squared away as any other marine where she stands alongside her cousin. "Just think, shrimp, if you want, I can put you on my shoulders and you can see everyone," she offers in a quiet voice, a wicked gleam of a grin ever so briefly flashing into place.

"It would have been nice, but yes. Children don't seem to fit in extra storage once they've reached a certain age," Robin opines as if it were a shame. She's about to ask after Amos' family, mouth open when the man discusses his /other/ family. "I'll try, but I'll trust that you left them in capable hands." She is, of course, referring to Penta. "When we're back in this sector I'll make sure to send runners to bother you." Yes, runners…from Orion to his horrid desk job, like spam.

Once people seem to start filling the area, Fencer nods once to Io and slowly rises from his folding chair. Valloy, that intelligence officer from the Second War, is fiddling with something behind the stage, wearing her blues and pistol belt - like Fencer. As Fencer moves to the podium, Spree looks over to Petra and gives him a wink. She never did the treatments and is into her 70's now. Age has been kind but she's growing more frail.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming out. On behalf of the people up here, we want to thank you all for also listening to your hearts and minds in this political climate. Sometimes it can be hard to stand up against the wind and do what you know to be right. To fight for those that- that sometimes say things that gut us. But that is our job. Some of you just joined to get an education or college paid for. Others need a home. For some its a calling. Still others, its a family business. Whatever your past, whatever your background, the Arpay are grateful as hell to have the Colonials fighting alongside us. You may not call yourselves Erfriki anymore, but you sure as hell fight like nothing ever changed." He takes a moment to pause, looking at the faces. "We're not going to keep you long. A few words from each of us and then we're going to go over some operational broadstrokes. Information is important and we want you all to know what we are doing and why." He stands off the podium and steps back. "Major General Ommanney," he addresses before moving to sit back in his chair beside Io.

Melissa looks over to Garrett, then back up front. As people begin speaking, she goes to a whisper. "Admiral Io was the CAG at the end of the last war. Our current CAG and the DCAG were both fresh Ensigns when the war ended. They're all Sixty Members," she whispers, grinning. From down here, there's a bit of starstruck. She then looks behind her to another woman he gets a smirk, then back forward to watch.

"Careful beanpole, I may take you up on that," Adeliza replies, her voice falling into an undertone at the end as the first words begin on the podium. She drags her cousin over towards the side where she can now weave her way easier towards the front to see. She may only be seeing them in profile, but… she can see without craning her neck and hopping awkwardly from foot to foot.

Petra allows his gaze to drift over the crowd of faces, chewing on his lower lip for a few seconds. So many new ones he doesn't recognize. He takes in a deep breath and lets it go, dragging his attention back up to the stage when Fencer addresses the group again, and straightening up, only shifting his attention to Ommanney when the general is introduced.

"Wow." Garrett admits, chewing on the inside of his mouth. "Lots of history, then." he responds to Melissa, before noticing Adeliza and her tall cousin and waits to see if the Lieutenant notices him, giving a small wave at his side with his hand, trying not to draw attention to himself as he returns his attention back to the goings on of the addressing of the crew. "It's weird though.." he finds himself admitting to Melissa, "DCAG's that old, yet looks like she should be at prom as a Princess instead.. not that I don't doubt her abilities after last night, just strange the generations intermingling, you know?"

Following along in Adeliza's wake, Renee helps nudge them to the edge of the assembled crowd so that Adeliza can see and, easily, she can see right over her head and keep an eye on the assembled brass. She is absolutely not the only young marine with slightly wide eyes to see so many of the last war veterans in living color.

Lleufer hasn't worn his Dress Greys since he got married. His white gloved hand lightly touches the hilt of the ceremonial sabre hanging off his hip, not used to wearing it. His large pupiled Arpay eyes glance up at the wisp of a familiar voice he hasn't heard in a very long time. Ynyr looks towards the medical personnel and sees a woman who looks familiar to him, but older now. He studies Samtara without saying anything, then directs his attention to Amos coming up to speak. While he's standing with a gathering of Marines, Ynyr eases over a little closer to where Samtara is before Amos starts.

Clara quirks her lips slightly as Amos is called upon to speak, her expression one of wry amusement. She's still studiously avoiding eye contact with anyone around her, whether familiar or not. She's here on business and business alone.

<FS3> Garrett rolls Alertness: Amazing Success.
<FS3> Melissa rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Adeliza rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Clara rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Petra rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Robin rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Elena rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Amos rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Amazing Success.
<FS3> Penta rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Looking over the assembles ranks of her medical personnel, Sam has that slightly pensive look in her eyes while fixing name to face, at least from a brief glance through the service jackets and attached images. She gives the assembled group a single nod, a smile that is intended to instil confidence in the entire group, before turning back toward the stage and as she does so, spots Lleufer Ynyr in the crowd. The startled look becomes a genuine smile, not just a 'it's going to be ok' smile but a full blown, face lighting up, smile.

"Really?" Amos replies sounding almost shocked, "they get to big for those overhead bins?" He mimes putting a bag up on a flight then shakes his head, "shame." Any more catching up will need to be done later, for Fencer sets proceedings off. Listening to the Arpay Admiral he nods at all the correct points, then, when he's called he gives the alien a slight nod of thanks, then steps forward to the podium. "I will not keep you long," he starts, voice still able to project as if over a firefight, "some one mentioned a buffet after this, and if I do not get to run around in the mud any more then I suppose I might as well enjoy what perks I can wrangle." He's hoping for a laugh from his troops, those that know precisely jut how much he actually likes running around in the mud with them. "You will hear welcome, and welcome back a lot today, so I will skip that and say simply that there is no doubt in my mind that my proudest time in uniform was on this ship. You have a lot of hard work in front of you, but I know you can handle it. You were my first choice for this assignment and I know you will do me proud. The threat very is real, but you have trained for it, so trust that training, and trust your instincts. I want to hear the Skath cursing your very names as they cower in fear, and, if you'd be so kind, since I can not come with you this time, teach them to curse mine too while you are at it. Show them the fury of the 3/8th.." he pauses just long enough for a sense of drama, then adds with a casual shrug, "oh, and the rest of the fleet too I guess. May Areas give you strength, and Athena guide your hand. So say we all!"

Kieve has just been assigned and well instead of being able to bunk for a while he'd been called to a gathering with his transfer papers still in hand he moves into the bay though the large group gives a moments pause before he moves on wards staying along the outer ring of people . He seems content to scan the crowd and watch from his distance for the moment.

Amos is finishing up and Spree begins to rise, the next obvious choice Marine to speak. She isn't in uniform, though. She put that down a long time ago and it wouldn't fit well anyway. She rises with a cane and manages to straighten up and smile with a point of pride. There's something else happening, though. Approaching Ommanney's back is that officer the MaA was gladhanding. He's in Major's pips but looks a little young for them. Reaching into his tunic, he takes something out from under his left arm with his right. "TYRANTS!" The man belts at the top of his lungs. It shocks everyone on the stage and they look on with disbelief. Its the rallying call of the APF. …And that's a detonator in his right hand.

Valloy reaches up and grabs the chairs of both the Admirals and dumps them over backwards, sending them tumbling before the word has even finished echoing - like she knew something was going to happen. The others are all trying to scramble up and over the back even as the guy grabs Amos around the neck and holds him there. There's no chance. The pair suddenly vanish in a bright flash of white and yellow. The blast is deafening and sends the crowd reeling, everyone near the front getting knocked down. And when the bearings are caught and the dust is clear enough to see, the stage is in shreds and there are wounded everywhere.

Penta should not be seeing his Mom. Mom is *not* dead, she just nagged him yesterday! Nonetheless, when a spectral figure says to do something, you do it! In his case, he begins to move *very* quickly. He first moves to drop like he's on fire…And then he spots the APF infiltrator….and is far, far too late. It'll hit him later that he'll have to notify Amos's family…and his kids. But for right now, it's time to figure out what other threats are out there. That dominates his thinking. "Marines, report!"

"GET DOWN!" Major Heron bellows, grabbing the CAG by the arm and attempting to haul him bodily to the ground and throw herself on top of him. Not now. Not today. Not like this…

As he's trying to prophesize the difference between the generations, and the ideas of what that could mean as the younger generation intermingles with the older, Garrett feels a sudden bump against his shoulder and reacts to it, though to most of the people around him, there's no one to respond to. His eyes are unfocused for a moment, as if seeing a ghost or something similar, and then his expression builds into a sudden crescendo of alertness and fear. His breath catches in his chest for just a moment, but it's the reaction that follows that tells the story.

His mind is reeling from what happened, as if trying to figure out if something is playing a trick on him - or if he's jittery, or just feeling the age of this ship around him as he glances up to the stage just as the officer yells 'Tyrants!' and makes his lunge. That draws more of a reaction as the young pilot reaches out to the nearest person to him - Captain Wescott, and grabs her shoulder to yank her down just as the explosion occurs, pulling the pair of them down mere moments before the explosion goes off.

Petra has enough time to focus on what's about to happen, when it actually happens, drawing in a deep breath and reaching out to grab the junior officers next to him to throw them behind him and turn his back to the blast. (well, after this many explosions, he damned well better know how to get blown up, right,? "DOWN!" Regardless, the blast is enough to knock the old man forward practically on top of the persons he was dragging down.

Melissa is staring at wide eyes. Not again. She's already been attacked once. Caught in the moment, she wants to turn and duck away but Garrett catches her first. She lets herself collapse to the floor and goes down with him, arm covering her head. When the blast hits, she winces and then quickly pats herself before looking up and around. "Oh frak," she whispers to nobody in particular, rising to her feet.

There is a ripple of amusement among the Marines turned out. How could they not? Even if they have never seen Amos before today, John Amos Ommanney is known among the CMC. Ynyr catches Samtara's warm smile and faintly gives her an upnod with a smile of his own, but then he laughs softly and grins right along with the rest of the Jarheads gathered here.

Something turns his head. Lleufer glances at his shoulder and then at something higher right behind him. A surprised look registers on his face for a second and his mouth opens as if to speak. Ridiculous as it might seem, Ynyr drops down to the floor like some idiot, right as the shout rings out. Before he has time to do anything else or shout any warning, the explosion flashes outwards in sudden, thunderous chaos.

Instinct, ingrained as much as remembered, has Sam dropping to one knee and dragging the nearest person to her with in the same move. Instinct, partly muscle memory from during the war, partly from her time in the diplomatic corps, partly from being a mother herself, has her reaching to pull as many people down as possible as the explosion ripples outward. She's never stopped being a surgeon, and when the call to Report has her rocking to her feet and rushing toward the blast epicentre, medical kit at the ready. It's not over until time of death if established, protocol never changes.

Randy's first instinct is to grab the arms of anyone near and jerk them down to the ground with her. "GET DOWN!" she echoes what many people are yelling. She covers her head and plugs her ears. As soon as she senses the blast has dissipated, she pops back up and hustles over to where she spotted Penta before, hopping over ducked people as needed while her eyes scan for any other immediate threats. Bombs. Penta might need to deploy her expertise. Randy's eyes immediately scan the room for possible high target areas where one my stash explosives when she arrives next to him. Her report is…she's there and alive. "Major," the EOD touches his shoulder in case his hearing might be impaired.

When the 'Major' steps forward, Adeliza's head tilts, and she cocks it towards Renee. "I know I lo-" she starts to say, then she sees him reaching into his jacket. Years of Pyramid training come into play as she thinks of her taller, beanpole, cousin that's more likely to be hit, and she turns, spinning low to take Renee's legs out from under her and send her tumbling to the floor. The only problem is that in Pyramid, you're meant to stay up on your feet, so she's still a little high when the blast radiates outwards. As she stumbles against the wall, then pushes herself upright, unable to hear anything in the aftermath, she doesn't know if it's her blood or someone else's on her face. She stumbles towards the dais, looking to the people on the ground, trying to recognize faces, assess if people are hurt. The side of her face stings, and she slowly raises a hand towards the red blisters. "Commander?" she asks, seeing Petra almost face down on top of a couple other junior officers. At least, she thinks she asks. She can't hear her own voice.

Clara knows that call - tyrants - likely more intimately than most of those present here today. It has an immediate and visceral effect on her; she drops to the floor, rolls onto her side, and.. goes for her non-existent weapon. Frak it all. Her next instinct, once the dust settles and she's fairly certain nothing else is going to detonate, is to scan the immediate area for additional threats. "Secure the 'bay," she calls across to the nearest MP, with a silent look to Penta before she climbs to her feet and heads into the fray of wounded. She's no medic, any longer, by trade; but she knows enough to save a life if needed.

Penta looks to Randy. "Your thought is the same as mine, Lieutenant. Sweep for additional detonators. Take anybody *remotely* trained in EOD." Then, he calls out. "Mercier! Secure the bay while Flynn takes a team to do a bomb sweep! Nobody leaves unless authorized, just in case there are others!"

"No," but Robin doesn't have a chance to react before Valloy dumps her and Fencer back from the action. She ends up sprawled back on the deck and stays there when the blast hits, only just recovering to her hands and knees when the blast sends her down again. Disoriented, she rolls over onto her back and starts to check her body for damage mostly by dazed touch.

Thanks to Adeliza's handy pyramid skills, which she will absolutely NOT poke fun of ever again, Renee hits the deck with only just enough warning to get her hands in place to protect her head from smacking against the deck. She rolls to her hands and knees, regains her feet when she can shake the ringing out of her ears, and spares a long look around before spotting her cousin up and moving toward the podium. She then moves to join the rest of the assembled marines who are pairing up, because they have a job to do.

Niko is standing there, listening to the speeches with a fixed smile that says he's probably not really listening that closely. The guys creaming "Tyrants!" snaps him out of is daze, but not with enough time to do anything. And then Elena tackles him, and the CAG is too startled to do anything but fall. After the blast subsides he's scrambling to his feet, try to shove the DCAG off. "Frak! Let me up!" The first flash of ire subsiding, he tempers his tone a little to ask Elena, "I mean, you okay, 'Lanx?" He scans the scene, the smoking wreckage the people starting to react. And then he hears Penta giving orders, and he heads toward the Marine CO. "Major! We're gonna need a DC party and medical down here, A-sap." The CAG is already headed toward the intercom, in fact.

Petra lumbers to his feet, shaking his head to clear it as he surveys the stage, taking a couple of seconds to process how bad things are. Adeliza's looking his direction and he points to the wireless phone near the hatch, "Call CIC and tell them what happened. Someone might be using this as a prep for an attack. Con 2 and warn CAP. Now!" He frowns at that and sticks a finger in one ear, as if he can barely hear himself speak, while he's TRYING to make it towards the destroyed stage.

When there is no other /immediate/ threats sighted, Ynyr gets back to his feet and moving. It's hard to move through the hangar and lots of people are down on the floor or trying to rush the stage or get away from it. Lleufer manages to get closer, over to the side as he's looking for -some one- specific and goes in the direction he saw them last. Not Amos. Samtara's up front and is better suited to deal with the wounded, if anything can be done for those who were closest. Breathing rough, bloody chunks of meat that used to be people here and there, much debris knocked over and strewn everywhere, lots of shouting. Lleufer stops by a man's body who is face down by the stage who seems to have a knife sticking out of the base of his skull.

Ynyr doesn't touch the knife but he carefully shifts the man's body enough to get a look at his face. It's the Orion's outgoing Master at Arms.

As hearing begins to return, the sound of an alert and fire siren is blaring loudly all around them. Red fire lights are flashing and right now everyone in this room knows that there are damage control teams charging their direction. The stage looks to have been blown right in half where the Major and th General had been standing. The podium is completely gone. Most of the chairs are unrecognizable and there's not a soul left on the stage. Most of them were either blown back over the rear or just don't exist identifiably anymore. There's blood all over the back walls and in front of it where people had been standing. People are crying for help, some missing limbs. That was a lot of G4 that went at once.
Colonel Valloy stands up from the rear of the stage, blood coming from each ear and she looks across the damage to the people out front. "SECURITY!" she barks in Colonial. "ADMIRAL TO THE CIC, NOW!!! GET HER OUT OF HERE!!!" Her. Valloy isn't yelling to protect Fencer.

Releasing Melissa right after the blast, Garrett glances at her once. "You alright, sir?!" he calls out, the blast still ringing in his ears as he listens to the voices that are sounding out around him. As the call goes out for the CAP, Garrett's already starting to move. If this was a prelude for an upcoming attack, he's not going to die in the hangar bay in his dress grays. There's a flight suit to get into, and an alert that may need to be answered at a moment's notice as he joins in the groups that are heading for the bulkheads.

Randy nods to Penta and moves off to start conducting a thorough sweep, leaving the general security to others while she moves to put those Arpay eyes to work. She signals a combat engineer or two over to give them a small pep talk about what to look for before splitting them up and assigning them areas to search. The Lieutenant handles the area of immediate impact herself, approaching the carnage on the stage to look for any more undetonated explosives. Sometimes, things just don't go off at the right time. "Frak," she mumbles as her brain tries to make sense of the fact that that intestine there…that could easily have been Amos' as that bastard frakhead APF. It's something she easily quiets by focusing on the task. "Can deal with that later," she mumbles to herself before she starts to hum to drown out the noises around her.

Clara hasn't been called by the name Mercier in a long time, but thankfully does respond to it. She cuts a glance to her CO, nods once to the command, and backs away from the podium area as it seems Samtara has things well enough in hand. "Ynyr." Dark eyes go straight to Lleufer, her voice making up with bell-like clarity what it lacks in volume. "Help me secure the 'bay. You take port, I'll take starboard?" She's not entirely comfortable giving the man orders, but this isn't a situation for waffling about. Backing up a couple of steps until she's certain he's heard her, she hoofs it away thereafter to gather up a few MPs and ensure the port end of the hangar bay is locked up tighter than a drum.

Moving so that she's in Petra's line of sight, Samtara waves a single hand to get his attention, briefly checking him over as she moves closer before she's turning toward the crowd and picking out her medical personnel as they're getting back on their feet. The at volume bellows being essayed from one member of command after another has her glancing from face to face but she has a job to do and, as one polished boot lifts from the floor with that sickening liquid and other visceral compounds stuck to the sole of each shoe, then again, as she tracks toward the center of the blast, she knows all to well the scent of death on a battlefield. Explosives. Blood. Body parts. Viscera. Excrement. The only thing missing is a sky above and uncaring clouds to drift lazily by. She angles so that she's blocking Petra's path, but only for a moment, "Are you hurt, other than hearing?" she speaks loudly, clearly, enunciating so that if he can't hear her, maybe he can read the words formed anyway.

Her hearing is starting to come back in one ear.. and it hurts… but Petra is pointing to the com unit on the wall, and Adeliza's hearing 'Con 2' and 'CAP'. Then the order is being barked to get the Admiral to CIC, so she stumbles over and takes it from the wall. She stumbles her way through giving her clearance, and rank. "Explosion in the hangar, go to Con 2, immediately. Con 2, warn CAP. The Admiral is being escorted to CIC, be prepared. Bay is on lockdown…" she's repeating what she hears as she can, the bits, the pieces. Tears are making the side of her face burn even more, but she's not even aware of them.

Hearing still muffled from the explosion, red hair askew, Elena hops down from the stage to try and help the medical staff with the dead and wounded. She does it automatically, all emotion absent from her face. She moves with economy of motion, quick and measured.

Penta nods to Niko. "Got it, Damage control and Medical," he responds tersely, giving orders through a wireless phone someone brought him. "Medical teams and damage control to Hangar Bay, we have had a terrorist explosion!" Once orders are given, Penta moves to check on those up front.

Hit the deck the young pilot does with good reflexes even his bag by his side. Kieve looks up though not wanting to get caught unaware in case there is a more active situation then what it seems. He looks to the others but remains silent for the moment . It's only after he's certain things down that he hops back up to check on others.

Petra nods quickly at Samtara when she looks him over, waving her off after a second, though he's a little loud when he says, "I'M FINE!" Seeing that Adeliza is heading to warn CIC, he slaps the Doctor on the shoulder and heads forward to the blasted ruins of the stage and…well, pieces of a couple of people. It takes him a moment to register what Niko and Penta are saying, then turns his attention to Valloy and Io, "Admiral. Can you move? We need to go!"

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

The knife was probably stuck in the former MaA by the very guy who blew Amos to Hades. Lleufer doesn't have a forensics kit on him to collect it so he leaves it and moves to stand. He looks to Clara when she calls his name, "MP's are on their way. Everyone needs to get to their combat duty stations, and clear this bay as soon as possible." So medical can deal with the wounded. He noticed Malloy's shout. Ynyr moves to Robin and puts a hand out to her arm, "Sir." Lleu looks to see if she's is obviously injured, "We need to get you to CIC at once. Are you hurt?"

Aiming a single nod at Petra, though that's a 'there will be a follow up' nod more than simple acceptance nod, Sam moves away from Petra to check over the other command staff, before turning lifting one hand to signal to the incoming medical staff that weren't already on the deck for the assembly in the first place. Stretchers are being carried in, those who are walking wounded and already ambulatory are either being directed to medical as needed or checked over and sorted along the way.

The only thing Orion's Admiral can hear is an incessant ringing that will likely dissipate soon enough. She blinks up at Petra in a moment of blankness and then starts to push herself up onto her feet. If she is hurt, adrenaline will carry her. She says nothing, unable to read Petra's lips, but fully aware of what needs to be done. As Ynyr takes her arm, Robin startles and nods towards the hatch. Then she reaches down to pull out her sidearm. "Let's go."

Melissa is standing there in a bit of shock, looking at everyone and all the blood. The stage. It isn't until the voices start coming back to her that she can really get her bearings. Looking off to where Garrett ran, she looks back towards the stage and people calling for Condition Two. That does it. The alarm falls and she turns on a heel and begins charging for the exit. She needs a flight suit.
Penta pages: Were you thinking Penta would do an actual knock at the door or just send the equivalent of a telegram?

[Intercom] Alastair says, "Condition Two. Repeat Condition Two. Medical Teams and Military Police to the Hangar Bay. CAP, on alert."

Clara leaves Ynyr to handle whisking the Admiral away, and after a quick huddle with a few of the MPs, disperses them to their posts. She certainly doesn't need to babysit them, so finds the nearest wireless handset instead, and makes a call up to the security hub to inform the marine on duty of Lleufer's imminent arrival - and to relay the situation.

With the shift to Condition Two, the DCAG leaves the medical assistance to the medical staff and sets off at a dead run to get into her flight suit. She knows this dance. It's showtime.

Behind the stage both Valloy and Fencer have their sidearms out. Valloy is knealt beside her own Admiral, looking at the people coming back and closer to the two Admirals back there. She looks ready to kill anyone and anything that gets close. How the hell did she react so fast? Fencer is just getting up to his knees. Valloy keeps a sharp eye on the people evacuating Robin and waits til they are moving before she helps Fencer up, speaking to him in Arpay, "Bomb detonated. You don't look wounded. Combat zone, sir. Look alive." The salty-haired admiral shakes his head and slowly gets up to his feet but stays low, looking out towards the rest of the hangar. "Never get off the ship. Right."

One hand is braced on the wall next to the wireless she picked up, and Adeliza watches as Ynyr and Petra manage to get the Admiral's attention. Probably that arm is the only reason she isn't on the ground at the moment while Renee heads off to join her fellow Marines in their response. She takes a breath. "Commander Petra is with Admiral Io. They are en route." The words sound strange to herself, she hopes they're coming across clearer to Command than they are to her. Then she hears the intercom, and gives a nod. She's been understood. She's not a medic, and in no condition to fight, now. So, she stays against the wall with the wireless comm for further instructions. "Please advise when they arrive," she adds after a moment.

MP's are showing up, pouring into the Hangar Bay in full kit, ready to assist or defend the ship. Soon as he is sure that the Admiral will come, Lleufer lets go of Robin's arm and starts moving with her. He's not wearing armor and doesn't have a sidearm in his Greys, only the sabre he doesn't know how to use. Ynyr does his best to keep his body in a position to try and shield Robin from any direction that he might perceive a threat as they get moving. Two more MP's show up to add to the Admiral's escort and before they get very far, there will be two more to form a ring of bodies to protect her as they go.

Randy picks up a limb from a pile of viscera she's been looking through and tosses it behind her. Then she hops down into the damage of the stage to scan underneath, carefully moving some debris here and there. When people move to the area, she's careful to direct Medical staff away from unchecked concerns. Piles of things that may just be debris, but she doesn't keep them from doing their jobs. The more she moves through the scene, the more fouled up her uniform becomes, somewhat like the Medical staff helping out on the scene.

When Ynyr seems to have the Admiral being escorted away, Petra lingers for a few more moments. Rubbing at his ear again, he approaches Niko and tells him, "I'm heading up to CIC after the Admiral. When this is contained, call me on the wireless." He offers the man a thumbs up and a questioning look, just in case he's not the only one having trouble hearing. Of course, oblivious as to how his uniform coat is tattered and stained with bits of poor Amos. Eew.

Once she has medical teams moving through the room, Sam turns toward the Arpay senior officers, approaching from a visible line of sight with her free hand held up, palm displayed as she moves closer, the medkit clearly carried in her other hand. She is armed, she is always armed, and her sidearm is as much a part of her as the next breath she draws, the one after that, and all the ones in front of those. "Are you wounded, either of you?" she asks, shifting easily to Arpay when she asks this, and stopping at a precise radius, without violating personal space; bombs and terrorism attacks tend to make people touchy about such things.

Niko is busy trying to round up his air crew. He cups his hands to try and shout over the din. "Air Wing! Form up on me! We are suiting up as soon as we're cleared to leave the hangar!" At least they'll be together and relatively out of the way. There's a pained look at the wrecked stage and the remains of the dead, and by the time his gaze has moved further out of the blast zone to where the wounded are, he's looking seriously pissed. Petra's words register, but it's a second before the CAG turns and gives him a curt. "Roger that, Commander."

Elena stops dead in her tracks, turning on her heel and jogging back over to the CAG. She scans the room for lost baby pilots to herd.

Paired up with another of the marines that she doesn't actually know by name yet, Renee is making a sweep of the hangar and has cycled around to where Adeliza is, with the wireless. "You.. ah.. have a bit of.. bone, you know, right there," she advises her cousin in a low voice and gestures to the side of Adeliza's face. "Could be bone, could be part of the podium, I mean," she adds in the same low voice, half turning so that she can keep an eye on the larger and the dispersing crowd of those who aren't wounded enough to report to medical, those that are too wounded to go on their own, and everyone else who's reporting to battle stations.

Clara has availed herself of a sidearm and marine-issue rifle from somewhere, and once her ducks are otherwise in a row, she drifts back toward the podium area to see to any remaining senior officers. "I'll come with, sir," she tells Petra, slinging the rifle across her shoulder and preparing to move out.

As Niko sends out the order, Garrett glances over to Melissa. "You heard the boss, Captain!" he calls out, changing direction to join with the rest of the pilots, but he's already removing his jacket and working on the shirt beneath so that once they do get cleared and to the air wing, he can change that much faster.

Valloy and Fencer look to see Samtara and the guns never even swing that direction. They both know her well. Valloy gestures her over, "The Admiral hit his head when I yanked them down. It wasn't too hard but I've got my worries." When it comes to the men they work most closely with, there's a bit of a mothering tendency. "I'm fine." Despite bleeding from her ears. That's not good. She then gestures to the hulks of flesh where the floor meets the blast door behind the stage. "Your XO is dead. Spree and Ommanney never made it off the stage." Fencer looks dazed and is keeping to one knee, looking away. He's protecting the body beneath him - a woman. She's missing her left leg and arm and she's laying therewith her eyes open. It was Fencer's own Executive Officer.

Adeliza's eyes scan the hangar, the MP's escorting Admiral Io away, Commander Petra following, the medics scrambling around the bodies, the call for air wing to group up, then Renee is there. She looks up to her cousin as she's told there's bone or podium, or both, stuck in her face. "Uh huh," she replies slowly. Then, she bends over without warning, and Renee will have to skip fast to keep her dress boots from having vomit added to the blood and other stuff that's around the floor. She pushes herself back up and wipes at her mouth with her sleeve. "I should be in CIC," she tells her cousin, turning slowly to orient herself to where Petra has gone. Her ears are still ringing, and her balance feels just a bit… she blinks and looks back to Renee.

"I should have…need to get better at this shite," Randy mumbles to herself without context for anyone else. "Not hurt," she responds calmly to a medic that looks into the pit of a stage at the bloodied Lieutenant. The medic doesn't look convinced, and studies her further before stepping down to get the EOD's attention. Some of the combat engineers have returned back to the stage to find Randy and witness the EOD shaking off the medic's touch. "Are you frakking deaf still? /I'mmm/ /not/ /hurt/. You shouldn't be down here with me." She's almost done clearing the area.

With that done and damage control already on the way, Petra waits long enough to visually confirm the Arpay are conscious and moving, then trusts Samtara to check them physically. At that point, he turns to head for the hatch, slowing down as he gets in range of Adeliza. Again, he rubs at his ear and gestures for her to come with, "Lets go. Let damage control and medical work. Air Wing will check in. We need to get to CIC before the Admiral is holding the bag for everything." He gives her a moment to get her thoughts together before placing a hand on her arm to get her to focus and moving in the right direction.

Moving closer only when she's gestured forward, Sam takes a knee beside Fencer and nods up at Valloy. "It's never to early to be worried about head trauma," and turns back to study Valloy with eyes slightly narrowed with focused concentration. She shifts her focus from Fencer to the body of the woman that he was protecting, recognizes that the woman is no longer counted among the survivors from this attack, and looks up again. "You were both very close to the blast radius, either of you seeing double? Hearing is going to likely go in and out until your eardrums heal," she surmises with a frown creasing her brow.

Elena lets out a sigh of relief when she sees Randy uninjured, running around doing her… her… her bomby things. She's never been entirely clear on what Randy does. At least she's doing it uninjured, she tells herself, before turning her attention back to the Wing.

Petra adds on to his, when Clara says she's coming with, the Commander simply nods, "Good. Lets go. We aren't going to be any more helpful down here."

Penta looks at Randy as the bay begins to clear out. "What's the status of EOD efforts, Lieutenant?"

"I'm not seeing double but I had a hallucination before the blast. Dunno how that's possible." Valloy stares the other direction around the stage, defending the Admiral's back. Fencer just says, "No," with a gruff sound. He probably can't hear much of anything at the moment, either. "I put my hand between my head and the deck when we hit. Hand hurts. Head hurts. Feels like a hangover, Doctor." He's a little unsteady but no surprise with everything that's just happened. The Admiral ends up sitting down on his rear and leans against the back of the stage. He reaches down to take the hand of the dead woman and squeezes it, looking out towards the other side.

There's Petra, he's talking. Adeliza looks at him, he said something. His hand touches her arm, and she blinks into focus again. "See, I told you," she tells her cousin. "I have to go to CIC." Then she turns, her feet seem to know where she's going on their own as she follows the TACCO.

Seeing his people start to gather as the word gets passed, Niko checks in with them as they arrive. "Fawkes? You all right?" he asks Garrett, reaching out to try and grab the younger pilot by the shoulder. "You see if anyone in the Wing bought it?" He cranes his neck, looking over the crowd for more wing personnel.

One of the combat engineers vouches for Randy. "She didn't have anything sticking out of her before," one chimes in oh so eloquently. Just then, the medic is called over to help with someone they found under a piece of stage. Yay. "Thanks man. Sections all clear? Report." Each marine reports in for their sector and then Randy finishes up her area. One of the Marine's helps her out after she wipes her hand off on her shoulder. It was too slick with blood to get a grip. Then she appears next to Penta a moment after he asks for the status report. "Initial sweeps are clean. Sir, I recommend, if we aren't already, a full ship-wide search for sabotage or more charges, and an immediate sweep of small arms lockers ship wide and anything else that MoA had access to."

Penta nods. "My thought exactly. Search the ship bow to stern, keel up. Account for every small arm aboard and all lockers and secure spaces." He says that as confidently as ever, but something in his eyes….like the penny just dropped. He's looking towards where the stage used to be, eyes locked on it.

"Before? You had a premonition instead of a hallucination?" Sam wonders at Valloy with eyes gone wide in surprise at this revelation even as she's turning back toward Fencer as he sits down abruptly and leans back against the stage. "I'd really rather have both of you in medical than in here. I'll have," and she doesn't have any idea what the woman's name was or her actual position save for the obvious care in which Fencer is still holding the dead womans' hand, "the remains flagged to be transferred to your ship as soon as possible. Do either of you need to be in CIC?" she asks as she rises to her feet and gives Fencer a moment while flagging down the next available medic, just in case Fencer isn't as ambulatory as he may appear.

Elena looks at the assembled pilots. "Question. Did any of you see anything strange before the attack?" she asks. She keeps the question vague, letting them answer as they might.

"I'll coordinate with Ynyr and get it going," Randy nods to Penta. She immediately points to the engineers that helped her just a moment ago. "You lot. Work with the Deck Chief to check all the fighters going out for sabotage immediately. Report when they are cleared to the CAG and then report back to HQ for further instructions. If you find /anything/ do not attempt to frak with it yourself. Get everyone safe and escalate with a runner. We don't know if our communications are compromised," and she doesn't want to tip someone off to cause more carnage before they can respond properly. She then nods to Penta before swiftly making her way towards the hatch and beyond.

Looking around at the other pilots, Garrett hears Elena's question, and sees if anyone else responds. He casts his eye down for a moment, before he returns his attention to the gathering. He's not going to let a moment of.. something.. prevent him from flying if needed.

"I don't know if there is a name for what I saw, Doctor. Just real frakking pissed off right now, okay?" Valloy just does not look happy at ALL. Downright furious. "Take Mike, get him to Sickbay and check him out then. I need to- fuck." She nearly spits. "I'm third in command and I can't leave him. Let's go." Colonel Valloy turns and low-walks over to Fencer and gets underneath an arm. "C'mon, Admiral, we're going to go get you looked at. Watch your head." She'll move with any medic or anyone willing to help her out with his mass.

Niko doesn't bat an eye at Elena's question. Probably he assumes she means other bombers, or something like that. All he does is shake his head. "You okay?" he gives the DCAG a quick look over. "As soon as we're cleared to leave, get everyone suited up and in the Ready Room. We'll brief them on what happened. I'll be there as soon as I report to the Commander."

Penta steps over to where Sam and Valloy are. "Need a hand, Colonel?" Lleufer has security ops well in hand by now. Then, "Release the bay from lockdown, there's no threat here," he briefs a Marine.

Sharing a glance with Valloy, Sam simply nods and moves to Fencer's other side and helps lift the admiral to his feet once in position. She doesn't argue that Fencer would be safe with her, in medical, because it's not about sentiment or logic, it's about protocol. A startled look is aimed at Penta, "John," she offers the single surprised name in greeting before she nods, yet again, and starts to propel the lot of them forward, toward the hatch with sickbay as their intended destination.

"I'm fine, thank you, sir" Elena says quickly in reply to Niko's question. She eyes Garrett, though. She makes a mental note to talk to him later. "Yes, sir, I'll herd your flying cats and make sure they're not naked in the Ready Room." Her delivery is dry, but somehow not rude.

Niko manages a subdued grin for the DCAG. "Yeah, thanks 'Lanx. Can always count on you." Once word is passed that the Marine CO has given the all clear, Niko waves the Wing personnel towards the exit. "All right people. Suit up and hit the Ready Room." The CAG remains behind the Wing for a bit, double checking on thigs in the hangar before he makes a report up to CIC.

[Into the Wireless] Niko reports in via interphone to the CIC, "CIC this is the CAG. Marines have secured the hangar. Doesn't look like there are any more bombs. Alert Five is away and the rest of my people are suiting up now. We'll be standing by."

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