AWD #603: The Erfriki Briefing
The Erfriki Briefing
Summary: Jimenez briefs the crew on just who they are and who they have been.
Date: 14/Feb/2017 (OOC Date)
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The call for a cultural briefing wasn’t wildly discussed until the rumors circulated that the briefer would be Doctor Admiral Becks Jimenez and she would be discussing Colonial history. What could she possibly know about the Colonies that they didn’t know. But when the further rumors spread about a Captain Kobol, more people started gaining interest. When it finally comes to the briefing at the far and empty end of the port hangar deck, its clear Becks was not expecting this many people. There’s chairs for about two hundred people but more than seven hundred show up. They pack in at angles in the bays, trying to get a view. Officers, enlisted. It starts late. Additional screens are brought down to let others towards the back see them.

Without a stage, Becks is left to stand on a raised bomb truck. It doesn’t give her a lot of freedom of movement, but she has a small podium and is raised so everyone can see her – even at the back. She’s in her Arpay fleet gray utility uniform with her sidearm present. Twenty minutes late, after other speakers and screens are set up, she begins. “Good evening. For those that don’t know me, I’m Doctor Becks Jimeenz. I am a Rear Admiral with the Arpay Fleet Command and a senior commander for Combat Medical Command. I’m addressing you all tonight for a briefing about your history and who you are to us.” She pauses a second. “You all know who you are to yourselves. This sense of self-identity is important. But what I wish to do tonight is to add to that. What I present will be hard for some. I don’t apologize for the truth, but I can present evidence to back all of this if required.”

She takes a long breath. “Erfriki.” She looks across the assembled people. “To you, this does not mean much. Some of you will recognize the name ‘Erfrik’ from reports. Maybe you know more than that. Rather than just spout the word and tell you all what I know, let me give you some context.” She uses a wireless controller and the screens come to light. In front of them, a map of the galaxy appears. “I will speak in Colonial time for this.” She turns and aims a laser at the galaxy, close to the core. A thick grouping of yellow in a sea of blue. “The Erfriki originally came from here. They were a warlike people. They trained hard and their fortitude was something unlike the Arpay had ever seen before. They didn’t have a fleet or space travel since they colonized the planet, but they could fight. We found them when The Machines approached. Not only did they not want to run from the fight, they vowed to protect their homeworld and asked to join us in the fight.”

She flicks the screens and it shows humans in less evolved combat uniforms. Flak jackets, guns with wooden stocks, web gear, very basic combat kit. But they all looked motivated. “This photo is of their solders. It is ten thousand years old. We met these people and they refuse to be evacuated. See,” she turns to look back, “the Apray have a charter. Our mission is to rescue and evacuate as much of humanity as we can. We move them to a distant galaxy to populate, grow, and be humanity as they will. But these people refused. They had no desire. They were willing to stand their ground and fight. Men and women, even children as young as fourteen demanded the right to be engaged. And we gave it to them.”

The screens move from the photo to videos of ground combat. Medics dragging wounded out of the fire with one hand while a pistol is fired in the other. Bazookas fired along an entire line. Soldiers maneuvering through thick brush. Interspersed are the Arpay, clearly visibly by their helmets and differing camo. Advanced rifles. “We let them fight with their own gear as they requested. They demanded the test of battle against The Machines. Losses among them were… high.” More clips play while she looks over the audience. “They didn’t care. They demanded to fight. But the waste was too high. The Arpay adopted them in many ways and upgraded their technology. We taught them better ways to fight. But they never stopped standing tall. But they caught the ire of the Machines. They began to hunt them.”

The screens go dark. “We moved the whole of their population to the planet you all now know as Erfrik. They refused to abandon their place here in this galaxy. We helped rebuild them and they never forgot what we had offered them. In many battles they became the deciding factor. When our command had called for a retreat, they had attacked. Hundreds of thousands were saved. Billions are alive today because they refused to quit. They called their home their castle and would not back down.” The screens come back on and begin scrolling pictures of the Arpay with various people, the gear showing a variety of improvements. Some of it very noticeable. “We gave them back interstellar travel. For centuries they were our closest allies. We admired them fiercely. When the wind would blow hardest, they leaned in the furthest with their rifles shouldered. All of them. Their whole society was so set in the backing of the fight that it inspired us in many ways, influencing our own politics at home for more than a thousand years.” The screens go dark. “During a deployment cycle, we lost contact with them and the Machines invaded massively. We could not get to them despite heavy losses on our side to get there. We failed.” The sound in her voice is somber and holds the guilt of warriors who failed in their task.

“Decades later we took in a colony ship of a man named Captain Eart. He was Erfriki. He told us of two other ships that had departed Erfrik in the chaos, looking to resettle. For thousands of your years we had no idea where they had gone. Today? We know. That is why you all are here.” The monitors come back on and show pictures of Piraeus. “Ys'ral. Or, as many of you know it, Piraeus. This was a raw Erfriki settlement. They espoused everything of their own people, from what we can understand. Another, Captain Kobol, settled a different world we have yet to identify. Kobol. Your birthplace. The originator of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.”

She lets that settle and the murmurs are allowed for ten or fifteen seconds. “You are Erfriki. For too long you have forgotten who you really are, but you all carry warrior blood in your veins. Some of you feel this stronger than others. The Tauran especially. You may have become whatever you believe, but the Arpay know something you do not: Genetic Ghosts. You are Erfriki and your victories and the ability to fight thus far are proof of this. Every single other group of humanity we have ever come across has asked us for a hand-out or a demanded we evacuate them. And we evacuate. We get them out of the way of the coming storm. That is the Arpay Charter. Fight, Resist, Evacuate.” The screens show an overall view of the Twelve Colonies and the Cyrannus System. “And here you are again, refusing to quit, fighting for your homes and never backing down against odds that not even we would face. And not only have you survived, you’ve proved that you are the people we have always known you to be through your tenacity and hard-fought victories.”

“In all our travels over the universe, we’ve begun to understand one thing that is important here.” Jimenez looks out over the crowd. “We are not alone. We never have been. We never will be. You found the home of your brothers and sisters on Piraeus at a time that is beyond astronomically plausible by chance. You were given Piraeus as a gift. A location to call home in the most dire of times. Respect that which you have. We learned long ago to never give ill favor to the long odds chances that we have been granted. We bring that advice to you as well.”

Jimenez continues, “I have presented Colonial Fleet Command with a Memorandum of Understanding. We officially recognize the Lines as a sentient race on its way to freedom of shackles. Their service to humanity cannot be ignored, but we leave the Colonials to decide how to proceed within your own society. Further, we will be bringing support as we can. It may seem slow at first, but this weekend I will be returning to inform my own fleet of what has happened here and the confirmation of our hopes.” The woman solemnly taps her chest twice. “On behalf of the entire Arpay Fleet Command, thank you for your service. You’ve begun a new chapter for the whole of this galaxy.” She bows her head briefly and steps back while the screens go dark.

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