AWD #314: The (Cross)Training Begins
The (Cross)Training Begins
Summary: Dreyer gets permission from the XO to train at being wirelo.
Date: 01/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Dreyer Fairfax 
Battalion HQ
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
Wed Nov 16 2005 (AWD #314)

Things are fairly antsy aboard for the marines. Soon enough, they'll all be called up and out to make landfall on Aerilon. For Dreyer, it means he's especially antsy. The man, unless he's held back in reserve, is very close to facing his first actual combat. But since his actual duty shift is about to cycle into preparing for such departures… Anton makes his way into HQ, still in his MP uniform. He comes to a stop before Fairfax's desk and comes to a sort of attention. "Sir."

"At ease." Fairfax waves his hand, acknowledging Dreyer's presence, before suggesting "Why don't you sit down?" He waits, and then once the other man has settled however he's going to settle, asks "What can I do for you, Sergeant?"

The young man settles to a parade rest, shifting slightly on his boots… until he's offered a seat. After a long shift on his feet, Dreyer is totally cool with this. "Thank you, sir." Once settled, he adjusts his service pistol to be more comfortable. "I spoke with Sergeant Rakes last night. I wish to begin cross-training in comms, sir. The radios. She's ready and willing to teach, if you're willing to allow it."

"You wanna be a WIRELO, huh?" Fairfax muses, looking at the enlisted man thoughtfully. "Well, I don't see why not. We need all the cross-training we can get, the way things are going." He doesn't say it, but it's there. Soon, people will start dying. "I don't have your jacket in front of me. Have you had any NJPs or suspensions of favourable personnel actions in the last 12 months?"

"Aye, sir. I'm not asking to transfer out of the MPs, but you're right. The more of us trained in other places, the better." It doesn't need to be said. It was one of the driving factors behind Dreyer even asking Rakes in the first place. The man gives a small shake of his head before there's a hint of a grin. It's almost cocky and he schools it away quickly. "No, sir. Spent the past two years on Piraeus. Ain't much room to get into trouble save the rare night at Charlie's."

"Well, we need WIRELOs even in MP Platoons. Especially now they're more likely to be seeing combat. We need every squad to have a qualified WIRELO." Fairfax notes, nodding approvingly at the talk of staying out of trouble. The intricacies of planning for war, right down to making sure everyone can talk to each other. "I came up from Piraeus myself." He notes. "Very well. Your request is approved."

"I suppose we never crossed paths because I was usually on gate duty." And Sergeant, versus Officer. On a land base, one generally tries to avoid the other unless they Need something. If Fairfax does look to Dreyer's jacket later, he'll see the man was posted to Piraeus a full year before the war. The whole of it, including combat, has passed him by until now. As permission is given, the grin is back. "Well, sir, I'll get to proper training so Able has them a WIRELO."

"That and I was in the S2 shop most all the time." Fairfax agrees. He'll take a look through the records later, because he's still trying to learn about all his soldiers. "Outstanding. Was there anything else, Sergeant?"

At the last, Dreyer gets to his feet, returns to that 'attention' status. Not fully, but enough to be polite. Respectful. He's not a bad soldier, he's just… untested, as it comes down to it. "No, sir. That was all." A slight shift on his heels and a glance to the door. He's got enough time still for a meal before he has to sit ready.

"Very good, don't let me detain you. Dismissed, Sergeant." Fairfax has noted that glance at the door, and he has nothing else for the man. "I look forward to hearing about your progress."

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