AWD #235: The Case So Far
The Case So Far
Summary: Rhonwen brings Toby up to speed on the investigation against Sheperd
Date: 29/Aug/2013
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Toby Rhonwen 
Landing Zone, Piraeus
Just outside the fences and gate to Sheridan, the first official town on the new planet, is a large area about one hundred yards by one hundred yards covered in perforated, steel planking. The dirt below seems to have been tamped down solid and the planks sit several inches below a 'step up' to the rest of the terrain. There are several green lights surrounding the plating at the edge to mark it as visible from the air. Along the edge are a few Vipers and Raptors parked under semi-permanent structures with basic ground crew kits nearby. A cinderblock shed sits at the edge, the entire top half covered in plexiglass that acts as a control tower, several long, whip antennas on steel supports sit on either side.
AWD #235

It's morning ship-time, and happily, in Sheridan and the surrounding area too. A shuttle Raptor has just arrived from the Orion and the half a dozen personnel who've exited all seem to be on planet leave for the day. Some have backpacks and are obviously off hiking while others seem less prepared and as such are more likely to be staying closer in. In the former group is Toby, although when the others head for the checkpoint he turns towards town which gets him a surprised look or two, although he simply ignores them and sets off at a purposeful pace towards the settlement proper.

It is about that time that another raptor arrives with more personnel this one is full of marines in uniform coming to the Base. They are not here for Shore leave. Among them are a few Naval personnel, one of them is the familiar figure of Rhonwen. She is dressed in her duty blues and she is wearing her silver hair pulled back into a neat bun. Two ball point pens have been stuck into her hair not to keep it in place but to keep the pens from being lost. She has a PDA and Legal pad of paper in her other hand. She moves quickly towards the town once she has disembarked. It is then that she see's Toby. She call out to him. "Toby on leave?"

Toby glances back towards the landing zone as he hears his voice called, then slows up so that Rhonwen can catch him up now that she's recognised. "Just for the day," he answers once a comfortable conversation range has been achieved, "offered to help some of the survey boys and girls as they explore the hills." He's noted clearly enough that the same can not be said for her and so he then asks, "and yourself? I take it this isn't a recreational visit dirtside?"

"I have a few things to take care of at the base, and then I will go out for dinner and stay the night planet side before returning." She confesses without really confessing. "I have a friend down here; I like to see when I can. Good to see you out this way, care to walk with me for a moment? I will like to tell you a few things. Also enjoy your stay here and if you do stay the night here I would eat at Checkpoint Charlies."

"I'm all yours till we reach the survey hut," Toby replies with a smile. Turning to start back down the road, only this time at a more relaxed and sedate pace he then shakes hi shead slightly, "strictly a day trip, shift in the morning and all that. They don't tend to look kindly on missing one cos you're wankered on the booze and still down on planet."

"There is that, now I have the ball rolling for that inquiry that you brought to my desk. We are working on building a case against him. I thought that I would let you know. So far based on what little we have gathered we do have a case against him." Rhonwen tells him. "It will just take us some time gather all the information we will need to place him on trial for dereliction of duty and malic with fore thought." She tells him, her own pace is easy going.

Toby listens silently as he walks, sticking his hands in his pockets as he does so. Once she's done he mulls over what has been said for a moment then replies, "I don't see it neing a major issue that it might be slow work; i figure he's long gone." There's a brief pause and then he asks, "dereliction of duty, and malis with fore thought? They mean in legalise what they mean in colonial standard or do you lawyers have your own definitions for them?"

"The true term is Malice Aforethought. The definition is a predetermination to commit an act without legal justification or excuse. A malicious design to injure, an intent, at the time of a killing, willfully to take the life of a human being, or an intent willfully to act in callous and wanton disregard of the consequences to human life; but malice aforethought does not necessarily imply any ill will, spite or hatred towards the individual killed." Rhonwen explains to him. " Or a general evil and depraved state of mind in which the person is unconcerned for the lives of others." She takes a deep breath. "Dereliction of Duty is refers to the failure through negligence or obstinacy to perform ones legal and moral duty to a reasonable expectation. It is the avoidance of a duty or failure to follow an order from a superior, noncompliance with procedural rules, misbehavior, malingering, self-injury with intent to avoid service, or straggling can result in a charge of dereliction of duty. Ineptitude is a defense against the charge." The woman sounds like a walking law library. She continues to walk.

Toby tries to keep up mentally with all that, he really does, but about half way through the first definition he looses her. He does better with the second though, as that's more straight forward. "Okay," he replies simply, making a note to ask for definitins in words of one syllabol or less next time, "sounds good. You reckon there's a good chance of them sticking though?" He glances across to her at that, wanting to watch her reply as well as hear it, "I mean, it's going to be difficult with him not around isn't it? And would they be held against him for if he ever does turn up, or would there be a trial in absentia?"

"What will happen is that we will build case and go from there, I cannot tell you exactly how we will do it at this time but it will not be favorable for him. He will be a wanted man and basically warrant out for his arrest so he can be brought to trial. We also in essence could call for a man hunt." She adds thoughtfully.

While he's fairly sure he doesn't get the full ramifications of all that, the phrase 'warrant out for his arrest' is familiar enough for various entertainment shows that Toby figures he understands enough. "Thanks Rhonwen," he offers with a genuine, if faintly bittersweet smile, "it's a big step towards allowing their souls to rest, even if we never manage to hunt him down."

"That it is." Rhonwen says as she nods her head. "Well I have to be off to base. I hope that I will see you soon." she offers him a bow of her head. Hearing her birth name and not her surname makes her smile.

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