PWD #07: The BRIGfast Club
The BRIGfast Club
Summary: Noble, Kelsey, Afton, and Madeline discuss their night of drinking and fighting from inside the safety of a brig cell.
Date: 29/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Brig - Battlestar Orion
The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.
Dec 29, 2004

Sitting in a corner on her bunk, Madeline has her feet pulled up under her. Brigs suck. She was able to sweet talk herself some water though and as she rocks a little against her feet, she sings quietly to herself. Barely audible, this is how the caged bird sings.

Having turned himself in about three hours after Kelsey and Madeline were inserted into the brig, Noble is still dressed in his civilian civilian clothes when he wakes up on the shockingly uncomfortable bench. With his hooded sweatshirt balled up into some form of acceptable pillow, he grunts and winces as his legs stretch out. Something pops. The hard bench is definitely not his bunk. He opens his eyes, peeling the sleep away from them to gather his surroundings.

"Hey." Noble whispers, pushing himself up to sit with his head hooded towards the floor. Not a morning person, apparently.

Kelsey is laying on the bed, curled into a ball. Sweatpants and a sportsbra, but one of the Marines (probably a female) grabbed her a green duty shirt. Her right eye is swollen, but not quite shut and her lower lip on the left side is fat with a cut where someone got her pretty well. She groans, lifting a hand to rest on her cheek. Augh. Death. She still hasn't opened her eyes.

Reaching over, Madeline gently brushes Kelsey's hair with her fingers. She feels really terible about her being here of all people. She glances up as Noble awakens and reaches up with her other hand to rub at her temples, the jewels still in place from the night before. "There's water on the table, and someone promised coffee." she murmurs, as she continues to tend to Kelsey. "Poor gal. She shouldn't even be in here."

Noble's lips part in a scowl, tasting something terrible on the back of his tongue. So, instead of replying to Madeline, he looks over to her and gives her a solemn nod. He rises from the bench and smooths his long, black shirt over the front of his fatigues and steps over with socked feet to the table in the center. He starts pouring drinks of another kind.

Pouring a quick cup of water for himself, he swallows it down and then takes two cups in an overhand grip, stepping over to set them within arm's reach of Kelsey and Madeline. He turns again, going back to the table.

"No, she shouldn't be." Noble says quietly. "When she wakes up she's going to be upset."

The brush to her hair has Kelsey sigh. A little more comfort and then she tenses. People are talking about being somewhere. And someone is touching her. This is not her bunk. Kelsey opens her unswollen eye and stares at Noble. Then the bars. But Kels says nothing. Nothing at all. She just stares, wide-eyed at the surroundings.

"Hey, Kelsey." Madeline offers gently, letting her get to her senses as she pulls back her hand. "You had a rough night." she tells her quietly. "We're in the brig, but once we sober up some more, hopefully JAG will come by and tell us what the deal is."

The sound of pouring water can be head from in front front of Noble. Back turned to them as he lets Madeline deal with the initial shock, he pours himself a second cup of water and quickly gulps it down. Drawing another cupful for the road, he turns to stand near the two of them, watching quietly.

Kelsey lifts a hand to touch her swollen eye and she winces with the pain. Fingertips tap down slowly over her face to touch her lip and she lets off a long breath. She's not freaking out. At least not outwardly. But she isn't talking, either. Rolling to her other side, she faces the wall and reaches out her hand to find Madeline's and squeeze it. Kelsey is scared and it doesn't take a behavioral scientist to see that.

Madeline has probably been here before. Not this brig, but she was a teen star once. The hand that Kelsey grabs at is squeezed and she tugs her in for a comforting hug. "Drink some water, sweetie." she gently prompts. "It'll help with the headache. With your injuries, I'll doubt you'll be here long." She doesn't move much, her ribs scream at her with each breath.

Lifting her head to Noble, she offers a hint of a smile of gratitude as she takes one of the cups of water and offers it to the young mother. "Is this your first time in the brig?" she asks finally, pursing her lips together. "I wouldn't worry too much, you're still underage, I think the JAG won't give you much more than punishment duty."

Noble gathers up his sweatshirt and sets it down near Madeline, returning her smile. Eyes widening just a little in an unspoken question, he looks to his sweatshirt, then to Kelsey. "Yeah, my first time they gave me a reprimand that didn't go into my jacket. I wouldn't worry about it, Kelso, everyone loves you." He turns and sits against the wall, bringing his knees up. Each of his arms balance out forward over his elbows, and his head, tilts toward the floor. "No sense in losing a good trooper over a bad night."

Kelsey doesn't want to sit up but she does to get the hug. She ends up just resting there with her head on Madeline's shoulder. There's only a nod in confirmation that this is her first time in a brig. Wescott doesn't even curse. She looks over at Noble and reaches for his hand, too. Kid needs support. But she doesn't seem to be one for words right now.

Madeline winces as Kelsey leans on her. "Ow." she murmurs, placing a hand to her side, and murmurs, "I just got out of the hospital." she pleads quietly with some god or goddess. "Don't wanna go back." She kisses the crown of Kelsey's head. "When's the morning dockets held?" she asks Noble.

Hand taken from him, Noble looks up and over to Kelsey and scoots closer to her bench. Resting the side of his head on it, he gazes over the sleeping Kelsey to Madeline, pausing to wipe at the inside of his right eyelid. "I don't know, it shouldn't be long now. They're not gonna keep us in here all day when they can kick us out to work. Me…I might be in here a little longer. I've got a jacket." He pauses, trying to brush down his bed-head. "You two gonna be okay? Kelso?" He asks, squeezing her hand to let her know he's asking her a question.
Kelsey nods her head slowly to Noble, opening her eye to look back at him. Sticking her in the brig is bad enough. Anything more is just going to compound it. He can probably see it in her eye that the knowledge of getting into a fight last night is damning enough to her. Her fear of the unknown is the killer. She squeezes Madeline once, just barely. "Who saw it?" she breathes.

"Oh, everyone, honey." Madeline offers apologetically, fighting off another wince as Kelsey abuses her poor ribs. "But it's fine, you were not the worst drunk there, by far." she looks a little abashed.

Sitting up again, Noble pulls his shoulders back and winces his eyes as he stretches his back muscles. Keeping hold of Kelsey's hand still, he frowns and pats his pockets to find that his cigarettes and lighter have been taken from him. "Hey. It's gonna be okay, alright, Kels." He reaches out to pat her ankle.

"And Madeline? Hey, I wasn't that drunk and you weren't that bad. Oooo I've seen so much worse. You're gonna be fine, too." He brings the cup of water to his lips. "You could say I instigated that thing with Anna. No love lost."

Everyone. Lovely. And she was drunk. Kelsey broke all of her rules last night and let loose, apparently. She slides off the hug from Madeline and settles back against the wall, pulling the shirt around her. There is a heavy sigh. "So what happened?" Because Kelsey drank -a lot- in a very short amount of time.

"I don't remember much either." Madeline admits. "Except that I somehow started it, because…" she glances to Noble and coughs. "Sorry about that." she says finally. "But it still stands. Scratch the last couple of weeks. We're back on square one. Hi, I'm Madeline." she offers to the Rifleman.

What better a place for a little sigh of relief than the brig? Noble, seated beside the bed that Kelsey was just laying on, flashes a small grin over to Madeline and ticks his head upwards in a friendly nod. "Fair enough. Still stands what I said. I was being an asshole and I burned the propaganda." Looking a little sheepish, he covers it up by resting his head on the edge of the bed. "I'm Simon."

"So…if I can remember correctly. Ow." He winces and lets go of Kelsey's hand long enough to scoot over so that they're sitting in a triangle on the floor. He reaches out again, hand offered. "My ex hit Madeline. Madeline hit my ex. Engineers got up. I hit one of the snipes. It all kind of went downhill from there and somewhere in there, Kelsey, you waded into it like a little badass."

The PJ has remained quiet thus far, seated on the floor with her arms hooked around her knees and glancing at them all. She was likely the only one that was not drunk or buzzed at the given time of incarceration. A hand pushes up through her hair and she lifts a brow, watching Kelsey a moment. Leaning into her legs, she sighs and rubs a hand to the back of her neck. A nice ring of color is around her right eye. Rubbing at it, she pushes herself up slowly and moves over towards them.

Kelsey, eye swollen and fat lip, looks at Noble and sighs at the end, looking down. Inside this girl is trying very hard to refrain from screaming at the top of her lungs. "Its starting to come back," she mumbles. She slowly lifts her sleeves one by one and looks at her forearms. Both of them are bruised and cut where she had been hitting people. There isn't even a look of surprise. Just a groan as she resigns herself. "How many people did I hit this time?" she whispers.

"This time? Hey, seriously you're going to be just fine. They don't even put stupid stuff like this into your jacket for first offenses." Noble reaches out to Kelsey's shoulder and gives it a soft squeeze. "You. Are. Gonna. Be. Fine." He murmurs, holding her shoulder as Afton approaches. He scoots closer to Kelsey, taking a spot across from Madeline so that Afton can complete the circle.

"Hey there, PJ." Noble looks up to her, tilting his head to get a better look at her eye. "How you feelin?"

Eyeing the opening spot and then Noble and Kelsey, Afton nods her head. "I have been better. But I have been worse." She offers a smile to Kelsey and then Noble. "I saw you out there, gave a few good hits." But then she is settling in, lifting her legs again to wrap her arms around them and get comfortable. Brushing her cold fingers to the hot skin around her cheek. "This is nothing, we are likely going to get reprimanded, a few months work and maybe something else. Depends on how they are feeling about dishing out punishment."

Kelsey leans onto Noble and deflates. "Before I had my girl I would get into little scraps. It happens. I'm Pican." And from a small town. Not a shock she's willing to fight. "Momma told me that I need my hands to do homework and swim. Using elbows and knees is more effective, anyway." She mutters all of this to her lap. Noble can say it but Kelsey may not quite believe it all. Or any of it. "No idea. But they need me on Deck. I'm.. geez, I'm supposed to be at work right now getting a squadron of Predators spun up." Nobody spins those up without a good reason. Its intensive work. Normally they sit under dust covers.

"Yeah that's probably not for everyone to know." Noble sidelongs to Kelsey, wrapping an arm around her. "Before I turned myself in I had a long talk with Sera, and I gave her the keys to the room I had down there so that she could get a good night's sleep and get up here for the work. I think she's gonna have you covered, so don't worry there. Don't worry about it."

"I…" Noble starts after a short pause, looking over to Afton. "…was just telling them that this isn't my first offense so you guys are gonna be leaving here before I do. They'll probably keep me in here until third watch tomorrow." He picks up the small, plastic cup of water at his side and offers it to Afton. "Waters of life."

"Maybe, it really depends. But I think there is no use getting bent out of shape til we hear more," Afton offers them both and then reaches out to take the water. "Besides, its not the end of the world. Just relax for the moment and worry about it when you are able to. Right now is not the time." She tells Kelsey, shaking her head. "We are here right now and that is all we know."

"I'll try to refrain from passing it around," Kelsey sighs. "Gods, Sera is gonna be so upset with me." The arm around her seems to provide some comfort and she closes her eyes on Noble's shoulder. After all, Afton is right. She nods a few times and drifts off to sleep away the hangover.

She had gotten lost in her own thoughts for a moment, but finally Madeline slips down to join the others. She starts gently pulls the small jewels she glued to her skin off, and getting her jewelry together to put in her pockets. "I doubt it, Noble. This wasn't the first bar fight on new years, and it won't be the last, I'm sure." she says gently.

Kelsey becomes a dead weight on Noble's side, and the red-headed marine shuffles just a little to provide his services as a human wall of pillow. Glancing down to see that Kelsey's fallen asleep, he lowers his voice to a whisper and laughs under his breath. "Oh man, they didn't take the jewels off? You think we could use one of those to dig a hole into the floor, Madeline?" He smiles, looking over to Afton. "I'll dig, you guys keep watch?"

Watching Kelsey drift off, Afton is quiet, sipping at the water with the other arm hooked around her legs. "Yeah, right. I think I will take my chances with sentencing versus being stuck in a hole with three people." She sips at the water again and rubs at her neck. "This makes me glad I didn't drink. I can't imagine a hang over in this place." She admits, looking up and around before stretching her arms over her head and then laying back. Still dressed in her corset top and jeans with mystery gunk on her butt.

Knox arrives from the Security Hub.

Plucking off the small jewels, Madeline smirks. "You are not using my jewels to dig a hole." she says, arching a brow at Noble. "I don't keep a lot from my past, but these are some of my favorites." She sticks out her tongue at him and goes back to working on removing the small glittering pieces.

"Yeah, we try chewing ourselves out of here we're gonna get separated and put in solitary, and then we'll never see the light of day." Noble narrows his eyes at Madeline and winks, scrunching up his face to deliver a funny look in her direction. "So those are from the recording contract days?"

"So…Afton? You remember most of what happened. On a scale of one to ten…" Noble trails off, looking over to her sprawled-out self on the floor.

The hatch to the drunktank opens and in the doorway appears one Sergeant Cooper Knox. He stands there for a moment, looking at the group on the floor with a mildly amused look. Especially at Afton. Before saying anything to them, he moves to the desk and has the duty Marine check the small bag he has. "I'll be be passing those out if its alright?" The Lance nods to him after looking through the contents and he goes back to reading his book.

"Yeah." Madeline says with a shrug. "I kept alot of my stuff. Real and costume." She doesn't say which this is, as she plucks the gems from her calves. "I mean, wouldn't you?"

"I remember it all." Afton supplies from her position on her back. She stretches out and sighs. "It was definitely and eight or nine…I think the brawl ended up spreading nearly over the entire bar. It was something." Her eyes close. "I shouldn't have thrown that punch…but that frakker just hauled off and punched me in the face." She rubs at her cheek and at the sound of that voice, head turning to look down. She blinks and begins to sit up. "Coop.."

"Hell yeah I'd keep it all. Every last bit of it. I'm gonna need a truck to try to carry all of this stuff off of Orion when I bounce out at the end of the year and head home." Noble whispers to Madeline, momentarily distracted by the sound of someone coming. He lifts his head, letting Kelsey settle into the crook of his neck as he turns to see none other than Cooper Knox approaching. "I swear, that guy's always on the clock." He sidelines to Madeline.

"Saint James?" Noble smirks over to Afton. "Looks like someone's posted your bail."

Its true. Even now, Coop is in uniform. He's wearing his cammies and boots are shined to a T. He steps over to the bars and leans on them as he looks around. "Look at you criminals," he chuckles lightly. "Glad to see you don't disappoint, Lance. You either, Noble." He nods to Madeline and Simon with that and looks to Afton. "Hey beautiful. Want to pass a few things out?" He reaches into his bag and produces several cold sodas. "Help with the hangover. Or for the injuries. I've got a few icepacks from medical."

"Got any smokes, man? Some of us are leaf dependent." Noble sounds off.

Pushing herself up, Afton grins at Noble. "I wish…" She is confirmed right. Climbing to her feet, she stretches again and moves closer to the bars. "I heard scars are a turn on…or is that only on guys?" Look at that shiner! The PJ beams at him and reaches out to take the sodas. "A blessing. You are a sweet savior, Coop." She moves back to offer the soda to the others and then looks back, "What about a t-shirt? Jacket?" Lady in is freezing here.

"Then don't look surprised that I kept mine." Madeline smirks, finishing plucking the jewels from her body. At least what of her body can be seen. No telling about the trail that runs across her torso. Tsk. She sips from her water, and nods in agreement with Afton. The draft tank is doing nothing for the usually always cold redhead in the first place. And Kelsey snuggling only gives so much warmth.

Knox shakes his head at Noble. "Sorry, don't. I'll see if I can get them from your personal items. Unless you want me to grab a pack from your bunk on break?" At least its an offer. Maybe Coop just wanted to see some fight out of Simon. Backto Af, he smirks. "Lady A, I'll take you any way I can get you. Scars, busted, insane, or even different from how you are now." He flashes teeth at a smile and hands through a few more sodas and icepacks. "No jackets. I'll grab something for you guys. Its the brig, not a hardship post. Blankets alright?" he offers.

"I'm not surprised, those are just small things and it's been a while, right? I'm more surprised that they survived the trip all the way to BSO country." Noble watches Afton rise and head over to Cooper, which gives him a few more seconds to chat with Madeline on the floor, huddled to Kelsey for warmth. "So, that girl? Anna? I'm not seeing her. It's been like…almost five months. Do you want me to smooth this one out or you want me to stay out of it?"

Reaching out, Noble takes one of the sodas and sets it down beside him, cracking it open one-handed. "Desk Sergeant has them in my lock up. I'll sign for them, but you'll probably have to light it for me on the other side of the bars. And yeah, maybe a new pillow and a blanket for Kelsey here? She's soft and warm and all but my shoulder's goin' numb. We should get her laid down. She's a sleepy one."

"Stuff happens." Madeline says. She's apparently not so drunk she's cursing anymore. "Apparently your ex is still hung up on you. Maybe you should talk to her about that?" she suggests as she takes a can of soda. She doesn't open it though, instead she applies the cold can to the side of Afton's face. "Sorry for elbowing you." she offers gently.

Once the sodas are deposited to a person or the floor, Afton returns back to the bars for the offering that is the cool packs. She leans up against the bars, "Lady A..did you hear that?" Her voice lowers, "I may just have to take advantage of getting into brawls more often if it earns me such compliments." She returns back with those cool packs, lowering down next to Mads and the rest when that can finds her face. She gasps, tensing a moment. "I..damn. Yeah, no worries. Hope I didn't break anything when my grace took us to the floor."

Coop nods to Noble. "Sure, Corporal. I'll grab them. Blankets I can do. Pillows? Probably not. You guys will have to deal for now." He reaches into the bag and hands through packaged sandwiches. "Leftover midrats. Enjoy." No comment to more barfights, but he does grin with it. "Well, rumor is that everyone is going to be sitting in the tank or brig for 24 hours minimum. Everyone will have their own punishments on top of that, I suspect. NJP's and junk. Typical. Just try and keep from doing this in the future. There's stuff going back and forth. Marine Command is having shitfits with its operations personnel on the ground and people are jockeying for command. Its like watching kids namecall on the playground. Meanwhile, Cervantes, get your shit in order one you're out. I'm grabbing you and Hook and I'm going to see about getting in some work with the Wing." He's not mad, though. All in all, Coop looks fairly.. well, 'calm'.

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to. I'll talk to her about that, and I'll give you the head's up if she's still on the warpath. She was frakkin' blitzed though, I didn't even see that shit coming." Noble slides one knee underneath him and nods to Madeline, motioning to her that he's going to move Kelsey. With a grunt, he slowly rises and transfers her over to the bench so that she can sleep. Tucking his sweatshirt over her, he then brushes his hands. "Last I heard she was back with her boyfriend back home. She must have gotten a bad piece of mail."

"Oh shit, come on, Knox, you guys don't have to frakkin' ground-hump every fifteen minutes." Noble replies, shaking his head and turning to face the Sergeant, taking his sandwich with a smirk. "Thanks, but seriously. Take your girl out. Have a good time. It's the new year."

Patting Mad's side, Afton moves her hand down to get the can away so that she can rise up and get the sandwiches. Each one is taken and she hmms, pausing enough linger near Knox for a moment or two. "You sure know how to treat prisoners. Blankets would be great." She steps back and turns then, again passing these out and keeping one aside for the slumbering deckie. She peels her's open and takes a few bites from it, lapsing into silence in favor of eating.

Well, Hades Balls. Madeline knows what storm can lie under the calm. As she's the first one sprung, the little songstress shakes her head to Afton. "I hope they aren't broken. They don't feel broken. Maybe bruised. I'll find out for sure when I change for duty." She feels a little bad that she's getting out first, but orders are orders. Slipping back on her shoes, she rises to her feet, "Yes Sergeant." she offers as she steps away from the group, casting one last apologetic look to the group.

Well, Hades Balls. Madeline knows what storm can lie under the calm. The little songstress shakes her head to Afton. "I hope they aren't broken. They don't feel broken. Maybe bruised. I'll find out for sure when I change for duty." She offers Knox an apologetci smile. "Yes Sergeant." she offers.

Knox shakes his head. "No, we don't. But its our job. You guys in rifles are attached to dedicated units. We're not. We keep on the move and jump around. Annoying, but the scenery changes which is nice." He shrugs and looks back to Afton, looking at what she's wearing. "Besides, I didn't say it was right away." A wink and he looks back to Madeline. "Tomorrow morning, when you get out, you and I are going to go straight to your locker and we're going to empty you Go Bag. Then we're going to repack it properly." Uhg. "You do have a Go Bag, correct?"

"You JTAC are a bunch of hill-folk." Noble laughs under his breath and retreats to one of the benches with his soda and his sandwich. Unwrapping it, he takes a bite and then looks up to the rest of the room. "Loof. SannJamz? Ooo Goffa kip des guy unna lock an key. Crathy bastage woul' parth him an'…" He pauses to swallow. "…he'd park him and the rest of his JTAC cronies under a rock in the middle of nowhere for months at a time if he wasn't required to bring them back here every once in a while. Just sayin."

"Corporal Noble!" A voice calls from near the cell door, prompting Simon to look up. For just a moment it's there on his face, a look of worry.

Standing, Simon heads towards the door and takes another bite from his sandwich. "I guess I'll see you guys when you get back from Big P. Madeline? Sorry for the trouble again. When you get back up, look me up?" He bats Knox back-handed with his sandwich hand as he passes and gives one of those upward what's up nods to Afton as he moves to stand in front of the cell doors. They're opened for him, and through he goes for his meeting with the JAG.

Unnngh. Correction. Hades big hair Balls covered in Vaseline and Gasoline and ready to catch her on fire in friction. "Yes seregeant." she responds, she totally has a Go Bag. Madeline chews on her lip. "I'll be ready for drill tomorrow."

Knox smirks, giving Noble the middle finger. "Don't be jealous."

Meeting Coop's gaze a moment, Afton continues to enjoy her sandwich up until the point that Noble is summoned. She coughs, clearing her throat and giving him a nod and salute with her free hand. "Everything's fine." A mantra, repeated mostly for Kelsey's sake is not uttered for the marine being summoned out. Shifting on her feet, Afton remains there until he is gone before hazarding her way back towards the JTAC on the right side of the bars. "Not sure when I will get some free time to spend with you after all this, but I will try. Thanks for the food.

Watching Noble leave, Knox smirks and turns his head back to the women. "Damned right, Cervantes. Just remember that this is what we do. Your Bag is your life. Don't ever lose it." The last from Afton gets a nod. "We'll find time. Don't worry about it. Our lives are crazy. I meant what I said. I'll try and grab you tomorrow night, alright? Just you and I." He nods and comes off his lean. "So, blankets. You're fed and hydrated. Anything else, my masters?"

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