AWD #033: The Abyss Beyond the Line

Phin tracks down Rozzen on Zachery's suggestion to recruit her help in his budding plan to scout Cylon territory.

The Abyss Beyond the Line
Summary: Phin tracks down Rozzen on Zachery's suggestion to recruit her help in his budding plan to scout Cylon territory.
Date: 09/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
AWD #33

It's an average enough afternoon in the library, typified by a general quiet despite the people moving amongst the shelves and seated at the rear of the room. The greatest node of activity is a small group of people gathered in one far corner around a board game, their low buzz of conversation irregularly punctuated by more animated outbursts. Moira has staked out a table at the opposite side of the wide room, a notebook as well as a text from the stacks open before her. A pen turns idly in her fingers as she props a wrist at the edge of the table while she reads. The heel of her other hand braces against the hinge of her jaw, supporting her in a listed slouch that suggests she's been in place awhile.

Into the library strides Phin. He pauses to drop a return book off at the counter, but that doesn't seem to be the primary reason he's here. Perhaps he was told this was a good place to find Captain Rozzen. Because, once he spots her, he heads straight in that direction. "Excuse me, sir?" Said tentatively, in case he's interrupting something terribly important.

It's absorbing enough that Moira doesn't look up at the sound of the Ensign's approach. Dark eyes linger on the page even as her chin starts to shift, finishing her sentence first before turning away. Her posture straightens and the spin of her pen halts. "Yes?" she queries lightly. "You're the pilot Major Sheperd mentioned," she recalls. It's said as a sort of invitation, her hands shifting further into a fold at the edge of the table as she grants her attention more fully to Phin.

"Yes, sir," Phin affirms, though he doesn't sit just yet. "One of the CIC techs said I could probably find you here. Ensign Phin McBride. I fly with the Lucky Strikes aboard. Anyway. I mentioned something to Major Shepherd that he asked me to expand into an actual…mission plan. And it's the kind of thing that I think would go better if I could get some input from somebody in Tactical. And he said you might be a good person for…that. But if you're busy I can totally come back later, sir."

"Nice to met you, Ensign," Moira gives a little nod. Her eyes follow his features as she listens, brows ticking up slightly at the mention of a mission plan. As for being busy, she dodges a look briefly back to her book. "I could use a break," she supposes. Her fingers reach to nudge the text away, leaving it open to the page of technical description of some space station system. Afterward, her hand turns to gesture towards the adjacent chair. "Pull up a seat," she invites. "What sort of mission are you thinking of?"

"Thanks, sir," Phin says, finally taking the chair across from her. "I'm not sure how viable something like this is, but the Major seemed to think it was worth pursuing. It started when I was doing, like, a post-mortem of the action over Aerilon for the D-CAG. Talking with some members of the drop team about how things had gone, what else we could've done, y'know. Anyway, we got to talking about how the Cylons might be resupplying themselves. Whether they might be exploiting resources on places like Aerilon to rebuild, or more industrial colonies like Scorpia or wherever. And I started thinking…I mean, they've got to have facilities like that across the Armistice Line, right? Or at least, some spots where they do like research and building on themselves. It's like Captain Holtz has been saying. These aren't quite the same Cylons our grandfathers and whatever fought during the First War. They've been, like, upgraded. So they had to be doing something over the last forty years to do that, and the only place they could've been churning out new models is over the Line."

Rozzen tilts her head slightly at his uncertainty, but remains otherwise quietly attentive. Her pen drops atop her notebook so that she can lace her fingers into a fold propped at the edge of the table. A private sort of smile starts to filter across her features, unsurprisingly edged a little grim given the topic at hand. "It seems a reasonable theory," she notes agreeably with Phin's ideas. "And what would you propose that we do about it?" she wonders with light curiosity.

"Reconnaissance, for starters," Phin says. He cracks a half-smile when she starts to grin, grim or not. "I mean, there's no other place we could really start to figure out what's going on over there, that I can think of. I don't know how much information the military has about anything beyond the Arm Line. Even going out to the edge of it, when the ship investigated whatever the frak happened to the Roland Reese before the attacks, felt like walking on the edge of an abyss, y'know? You tip over the edge and it's just nothing."

Reminder of the Reese pulls a darker flicker across Moira's expression, there and gone in the time it takes her to swallow. "Off the map, there be monsters," is her murmured way of confirming the sentiment of the abyss. The pads of her thumbs tap pensively together. "With as little information as we have, it would be a difficult search to make. Frankly, they likely have better odds of finding our base here then we do of finding theirs. Surely our required parameters are better known and their computing power greater." However, "that doesn't mean it's not worth a few rolls of the dice." Her lip tugs slightly under the pull of her teeth as her thoughts make a slight gear shift. "You also mentioned Scorpia."

Phin nods to Rozzen. "Yeah, truth be told I'm not sure how much useful we could expect to discover right away, sir. But, after talking this over with the Major, I do think it might be important to start looking into it. If nothing else, just to see what's out there, so it's not a huge blind spot on our galactic maps. Maybe start with a recon of the area near the line, where we did find the Reese, and whichever star is nearest to it over the line, in terms of jump distance." As for Scorpia, he shrugs. "I'm from Scorpia, sir. So that's where that comes from, as much as anything else. But I do think it's possible they've just co-opted old Colonial industrial sites for their own manufacturing. Not just skimming off all the scrap metal that's left of the shipyards, but any major place we used to turn out cars and planes and stuff."

"I don't know that there's much more risk in provoking them by poking over the Line," Moira supposes dryly. "It is the sort of information that would be nice to start gathering now, so we'll be more prepared when we need it." That when is very barely, but very consciously, not an if. "Knowing what their interest is in Scorpia's industrial infrastructure, as well as how they're trying to use it, may also give us helpful pieces of the puzzle," she speculates. "Do you have much knowledge of the industrial sector there? Compared to Aerilon and Picon," and how is that for a low threshold, "we don't currently have a lot of information regarding the conditions on Scorpia."

Phin shakes his head, as to his expertise in industrial sector knowledge. "Not really, sir. No more than any kid who grew up with a view of the shipyards overhead would. Some of the guys in engineering, or the deck crew, would probably have a better idea on stuff like that. In terms of what we've still got that the Cylons could make use of." Back to the line. He crooks a wry half-smile. "Yeah. That's sort of what I was thinking, too. Like, no reason to avoid it anymore. Not like it's going to make things worse. In trying to see how doable this was, I was wondering if you guys in intel had any better information than the Wing, in terms of any like speculative mapping we might've done on what's on the Cylon side of the Armistice Line, or data we might still have that our listening posts have collected or…whatever. Something that might give us an idea of where a recon should start, so whoever we send isn't just poking around blind."

Rozzen merely nods to his first comments, her eyes straying momentarily as she tucks thoughts away for later. As for across the line intel, her thumbs tap again under the drop of her gaze. "We can probably dig up some data." There's a suggestion of a smile in the depth of her tones, even if it doesn't exactly appear upon her features. "I don't know that I expect any of it to trump what will be possible to pick up on scans after the first jump across, but it might help suggest an initial direction to head in. If Major Sheperd can spare a crew to send out, we can surely spare some time to help plot coordinates. I can look into that and get back to you so you have it for your mission proposal," she offers.

"That'd be awesome, sir. Thanks!" Phin says. Which might have sounded a tad juvenile. So he back-pedals, "I mean, uh, thank you very much, Captain. That'd be extremely helpful in terms of mission-planning." That was vaguely more professional. "I'll need to start talking with our Raptor guys as well. What I usually fly doesn't jump anywhere by itself, and they'd be the ones carrying out whatever's plotted, ultimately."

His enthusiasm seems to be received well enough, an almost cheerful curve shaping to Moira's lips. Or maybe it's from the way he recovers to more professional language. In any case, the way she inclines her head is a picture of reserved propriety. "My pleasure, Ensign McBride. I think it's a good idea, trying to aim for their construction and supply capabilities." Her hands unfold, fingers reaching again for her pen even as her attention remains upon Phin. "It sounds like you have a good start. Is there anything else I might help you with?" she wonders with an inquisitive lift of eyebrows.

Phin considers that, though he ultimately shakes his head. "Not at present, sir, but if you get any further ideas in terms of the direction of this, let me know. Most of what I know about tactics is academic, so any input would go a long way." He stands, extending a hand to her. For shaking purposes. "I'll get out of your hair for now, and we can discuss this again whenever you've got the info, and the time. Thanks again."

"Certainly," Moira agrees easily. She paints a smile onto her features as she follows Phin's rise from his chair with an upward tilt of her chin. Her movements are brisk and sure as she takes his offered hand. For shaking purposes. "You're welcome. I'll plan to touch base in a week, even if it's just to note I'm still looking into things," she promises, businesslike. "Have a good afternoon," is bid a little more easily as she adjusts her posture in readiness to settle back to her reading.

"I'll do my best, sir. Later." With that, Phin leaves her to her reading.

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