AWD #199: That Was Awkward
That Was Awkward
Summary: A shower turns awkward when words are exchanged.
Date: 24/July/2013 (OOC Date)
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Luc Maia Mahasti 
The Head is the area on the Battlestar to find showers and bathrooms and this is one of many throughout the ship. Male and female crew members share the area equally as space is at a premium on fleet ships. There are half a dozen shower stalls and enclosed toilets as well as urinals along the wall. The room, an L shape dogleg, has the entrance open into the sink area. There are four sinks on the left and four on the right sitting back to back in the middle of the room.
AWD #199

Early morning CAP finished, Maia is already in the head, her boots and flight suit removed and her kit beside her on the bench. She's currently wearing white shorts and a turquoise colored bra while bent over and removing the socks from her feet.

Another one coming in is Luc. Having been on Alert earlier before heading for a early breakfast and so on. So as he comes to the head he raises a brow at seeing Maia, grinning at the position she's in. "Hey there, Cara." He offers as he walks past her, brushing hand against her.

Hearing the greeting just before he brushes against her, Maia glances behind her shoulder and grins when she sees him. Turning to face him, she looks over his face before nodding in satisfaction. "Your face is too pretty to mess up in a spar," offering a wink before she decides to take him by surprise and plant her lips on his briefly, like he had done her after the spar.

Luc grins, "Of co-" He says before he is surprised with a kiss. Leaning into her with an arm around her shoulders and resting at her neck and the other, instinctively, giving her rear a gentle squeeze. "Nice surprise." He murmurs against her lips.

When he wraps his arms around her, Maia smiles against his murmuring lips. "Thought you might like that.." Stepping back, since she's only in her bra and shorts, she winks. "I need a shower, just got off duty."

Luc grins and nods, "I did." He assures her. LEtting her slip out of his grip. "Ah, I see. Just about to get a shower as well. I just ate breakfast. Want to join for the sims or something after? Or just some other fun?" He asks. Stripping out of his shirt first. Tossing it aside before putting his shampoo on his towel next to him and then working on stripping out of boots and then the rest.

Once she steps away and continues stripping, Maia looks over at him at the question and grins when she sees his bare chest. "Sims sounds fun, I ate a packaged muffin earlier so I'm good on the food front. I could sure use some more Viper practice." Her shorts are next to go, revealing matching panties but then her under things don't last long at all before they are removed and she's wrapping a towel around herself and grabbing her kit with her razor, body wash and shampoo. "Nice abs," she winks.

Luc nods and smiles. "Okay, sounds good then." Not even hiding the fact that he is watching her strip. Taking off his own things soon enough to wrap the towel around himself. "Thanks. Want to see more?" He asks and winks in return before taking his kit to follow towards a stall.

Maia doesn't look away either when he removes his own clothing and waggles her brows. "Does it look any different than when we were married because I remember taking great enjoyment from it back then." There's a look of mystery and intrigue in her eyes as she walks towards the head, glancing back over her shoulder at him as she steps into the shower.

Luc grins and shrugs. "If it has it's only been for the better." He teases. Moving to follow towards the stall. "I think you just have to take a look for yourself perhaps?" He says. Walking slowly as she goes to her shower. Though he does seem to slowly try and walk past. Though eyes on her. Perhaps letting her stop him if she wish.

Once in the shower, Maia watches him, leaving it opened a moment as her towel drops. "Look, I know you've got something going on with Kels and the Doctor sure made it sound like you and her have… something too, and you know me, I only do the relationship thing so.. if you want to join me for a shower, then it's just a shower and looking, no.. sex. Deal?"

Luc watches her and nods. "Yeah." No hesitation or anything. Still caring for her of course. "And well, yeah. Having a bit of fun with them perhaps." He explains and steps in with her. "I can always help you clean up." He says, still with his towel around his waist. Watching her and having a warm expression.

When he steps into the shower, Maia tosses her towel over the shower door, withdraws her body wash and shampoo/conditioner in one, placing them on the ledge beside her and steps under the spray of water, letting it cascade over her curves. "Shy, Gabe?" Noting he still has his towel. "Oh I can clean up just fine, we can consider this our contribution to conserving water."

Luc grins and tosses his own aside as well, moving to hold his shampoo, any other kit set aside. "Shy? Nah. Just wanted to hear you ask for it." He teases with a wink. "Indeed. Conserving water." Sliding into the water as well with her. Admiring the view.

When he joins at her side, Maia reaches for the shampoo and takes his hand, squeezing some into his palm before putting some into her own and replacing the bottle where it was. Lifting her hands she begins washing her hair, blue eyes sparkling, not denying she appreciated the view, but still, she isn't touching. "You always did like to make me beg," she teases in return.

Luc takes the shampoo and washing his own hair. Though he does let his hands slide over her shoulders, massaging a bit and getting the soap onto her. "I did. Although you did had your favorite things to do in return as well." He says and grins. Seemingly glad to just talk with her like this.

Maia continues to suds up her hair, though when he touches her, she closes those blue eyes and sighs softly. How long since someone had massaged her shoulders? She couldn't remember when. "Mmm hmm, you always made it easy, Gabriel," her words softly spoken as she lowers her hands to just enjoy the touch.

Luc nods and continues to massage her shoulders and neck. "Well, I do what I can to please." He says and smiles. Seeing her enjoying it and he does admire her, doing his best not to give in too much. Trying to work gently on her body. She might occasionally feel his breath against the back of her neck.
I can't see that here.

With her hair all sudsy and her eyes closed, Maia just enjoys the all too familiar touch before she sighs and turns back to face him with a smile. "That was amazing, thank you." Stepping back under the spray of water, she rinses her hair, careful to get all the soap out before stepping out again to leave the spray for him to rinse while she gets her body wash and begins washing over her curves as she watches him, of course admiring him.

Luc smiles and nods. Stepping into the water after. Letting hand work in the hair a bit as well as just enjoying the water. Most likely knowing that she is watching as he stretch a bit, showing off abs and his tush as well when turning around. Flexing a bit. Finally stepping out and tries not to bump into her. "Also, you are amazing, so you deserve amazing in turn." He tells her with a wink. Watching her as well of course.

When he puts on the show for her, Maia grins and watches as she soaps her own body, lingering over her curves whole she watches him watching her. Once her body is clean, she steps underneath the spray again.

Luc grins and does let her step into the water. "Quite hard to keep my hands to myself, you know." He teases her with a wink.

"Uh huh.. Gabe." The teasing wink is returned and after a moment Maia teases in a quiet voice. "So, you were right. You have changed in the last four years… time is kind … time is indeed kind."

Luc grins at her, taking a step closer. While continuing with soaping himself. Grinning at her last words as well. "Good." Biting his lip a bit as he admire her curves and mostly all of her. Trying his luck by sliding hands against her sides, at her waists.

The head is rather quiet other than some clothing on the benches and the sound of water from a shower. People showering. Luc and Maia just showering a bit off to the side in a stall. Talking and just teasing one another back and forth.

Rinsing the soap off her body, Maia looks back at Luc and grins, tousling his hair. "Yeah.. good." Still, the teasing is in her expression as his hands touch her waist. "I thought we agreed looking and no touching," the words are spoken playfully, but then she had just tousled his hair. "Your turn," she offers her body wash bottle to him. "You're going to walk around now with your skin and hair smelling like me."

Mahasti is slipping in, quietly, still in scrubs. Her towel gets hung up before her scrubs are peeled off and thrown over the bench "Uhhg. Good Afternoon, Luc, Maia." she mumbles, she slips into the shower, undoing her tight braid with a grunt and displeasure "Frakkin blood hell its in my hair too.." yeah then theres some Leonese profanity. Likely she had a difficult patient that chose to either bleed or vommit on her excessively Shampoo is grabbed and worked into her hair.

Luc chuckles a bit at her words. Sliding hands away with a wink. "Fine." He offers and seems amused mostly. Though he does laugh at her last. Taking some of the body wash to start soaping up. "You had it all planned out!" He teases and laughs softly. Hearing Mahasti. "Hey there, Mahasti." He offers and will offer a smile to her if able to. Raising a brow. "You alright over there?" He asks curiously. Waiting to get his turn to go into the water.
You sense: Luc looking quite intently on her as he waits to go into the water.

Maia looks him up and down, very blatantly, after all she has certainly seen it before during the year they were together before their separation and eventual divorce. "Since you washed my shoulders, I will return the gesture." Gently she takes his hand and tugs him under the spray of water with her, then she soaps her hands and runs them over those oh so masculine shoulders, the pads of her fingers following each nuance of his muscles. "Hey, I was here first, I didn't plan anything. How should I know you were going to arrive?" Hearing the greeting, Maia waggles her brows at Luc, but replies back. "Hey Doc. Sounds like you've had a messy day."

Mahasti blinks at Luc "I'm fine, just disgusted." she offers, calmly, rinsing her hair off, "Eyes on top, blondey." she points at Luc, grinning slightly. "Just messy, yes." she sort of tilts a bit to eye Luc. She takes out a wash cloth "Can I steal a little of your soap? I didn't go all the way to my bunk because of how gross my scrubs are." she tilts, awkwardly to lean on the slight divider. She looks around before extending her finger to give Luc a poke with her fingertip before sticking her tongue out at him.

Luc nods and steps into the water. Turning around to let her work on his shoulders. "True enough." As for Mahasti's words, he laughs. "Eyes on top?" He asks just seeming amused. Grinning at the poke. Offering some of his soap to her. Bending down to pick it up for her. "Oh go ahead." Grinning at her. "So mean." He teases about the finger poke and all. Looking over to Maia then. "Enjoying the view?" He teases her.

"Eyes on top?" Looking over the stall, Maia grins, offering a wink. "But the bottom half is so.. enticing. You know, we could switch places if you insist," though she does give the offered body wash by squeezing some on the wash cloth. After that though the wash goes back on the ledge and she massages his shoulders, her fingers moving in a slow and circular motion, checking out his rear in the process. "The view is nice, but then you already knew that."

Mahasti takes the soap, rubbing it into her wash cloth meticuously before handing back the soap, Luc is however given a very light pinch when she returns it. Her fingers work the soap into her neck first. She laughs at Maia "I was teasing Luc, although do I have to worry about you starring at my nipples, Maia? I mean I know, I'm so big with my triple G cup and all." she sasses out, mimicing jiggling boobs. although she's not very good at it, likely because she's a chair person for the itty bitty titty comitee. She sticks her tongue out, laughing, lathering up further to get her chest and shoulders nice and clean before working on her tummy. "I dunno, that view kinda looks like pubes and a penis, Maia. I get to see that at work pretty often." she jokes, shifting to lather up her legs.

Luc grins a bit. "Or just join in." He teases them both. Shaking his head a bit. Nodding to Maia about already knowing it was a good view. "True enough." Looking over to watch her as well. Chuckles as she reaches to pinch him. Laughing a bit about teasing him. "Fine, fine. I'll try to behave." He offers. Emphasis on try. Just grinning as the two talk. Giving Maia's legs a massage in turn as she works on his shoulders. Since his arms have to hang down.

"Yeah… No. I won't be staring at your boobs when I've got a great pair of my own." Maia rolls her eyes playfully, finishing the washing then pats his butt with her soaped hand before rinsing off her hands. All clean now, she puts her shampoo and body wash back in her kit before wrapping her towel around herself. Looking back, she looks below his waist and grins. "Yep, looks like a penis. Guess I've seen less of them than you, so they're still a novelty to me." With another wink, she steps out and heads for the lockers.

Mahasti chuckles, taking a moment to wash her own back. managing to lather her entire back without asking for help rinsing it off. "I doubt that." she comments towards Maia "I just find them less interesting." she offers, calmly, taking a moment to just soak under the hot water before taking a comb and working it through her hair. Mahasti really doesn't have boobs given she's small enough that she could be doing jumping jacks with no jiggle up top. Her hips and rump are a different matter however.

Luc just chuckles and shakes his head, "Girls, no fighting." He says and grins. As for when Maia looks below the waist, he winks at her. Washing himself off. Gasping about Mahasti not finding them interesting. "I almost feel hurt." He says playfully. Rinsing and washing off before reaching for his own towel.

Maia's response is a knowing laugh as she walks over to her locker, not responding to Mahasti but to Luc instead. "Honey, when I'm fighting you know it. You usually end up with a black eye." Tossing her towel to the basket of dirty ones, she opens her locker and pulls out clean clothes beginning with a hot pink bra with silver accents and matching panties as she begins to dress.

Mahasti chuckles "You know damn well that I'm more interested in other things. I don't really care about all that." she watches Maia. Her own pile of clothing is devoid of a bra. "If I was fighting there would be more shouting or at least glares. I can't be bothered today." she offers, her weight staying under the water. "Maybe I should go do my weigh in while I'm still wet." she mumbles, looking at Luc and makes a passive, slightly frustrated noise, aimed at him before leaning to whisper into his ear.

Luc laughs and nods, "True enough." He offers to Maia with a grin. Moving out of the shower as well. Grinning and nodding to Maha and Maia. "Good good." He offers to both. Moving around a bit. Grinning at the whisper. "Fine enough." Heading for his clothing then.

With her underthings on, Maia reaches in for a white undershirt, tugging it over, then a clean pair of her own personal clothing, white shorts. Next is her fatigues, beginning with the shirt, buttoning it as Luc nears. "We still on for some practice after I get dressed?" Looking back at Mahasti, she gives her a smile. "No worries, he's still yours, he's just helping me with my Viper training."

Mahasti frowns for a moment, looking at Luc. "You two have a good day." she mumbles, working her hands through her red hair, gathering her towel and moving to get dressed. "Why would I worry? What you two is your own business." she comments. Cotton underwear goes up first before fresh scrub pants, a light cotton under tank, then a fresh scrub top. "I have no say in any matter of your lives unless you are in the medical bay. Nor does my opinion matter to you outside of the medical bay." she offers, toweling through her hair carefully, causing the wavy red mass to fluff right up. "Your scars are healing nice though Luc. Are you using the lotion stuff I gave you?" she checks her watch, pulling on socks before putting on her special non slip shoes for the sick bay, sitting down to tie them tight.

Luc smiles and nods. "Sounds good." He offers to Maia, grinning. Raising a brow at Mahasti though. Studying her a bit. "I'll swing by after the sim training." He tells Mahasti. Nodding a bit to her words. Looking between them both.

Once her fatigue top is buttoned up, Maia steps into the pants, carefully tucking the shirt in before fastening the belt. Next? Socks and her boots, taking a seat to do that, lacing the boots up and tying them, her sidearm next and then last but not least, her dog tags, the clink together as they drop in place, nestling between her breasts. "Yeah, you're right, it is, but you don't have to act all.. I don't know.. offended maybe? He's a friend of mine and he always will be." Giving a take it or leave it shrug. "Meet you there, Gabriel. See ya, Doc."

Mahasti shakes her head at Luc "Unnecessary. You can if you want, but, I'm pretty boring. Cut the crap Maia." she stretches a little, moving to toss her dirty scrubs in a special bag which is shoved in her bag. "Good luck, Luc. Maia." She reaches, touching her knuckles to his shoulder before starting off, leaving her hair unbraided for once.

Luc just raises a brow at Mahasti. Not really following, or just not sure what is up. "Well, I'll find you later." He still repeats before sighing. Looking towards Maia as well, nodding, "See you there." Then turning towards Mahasti. PErhaps to try and talk briefly before following Maia to the sim.

Once at the hatch, Maia turns and grins to the doc. "No crap to cut, I told him before we entered the shower, no sex. Take it as you will." And then she's out of there.

Mahasti blinks at being stopped, her hands moving to rub her left shoulder lightly, she takes the time to carefully braid her hair across the top of her head, tucking it without pins in that style its always in, having enough proficiency that it stays put even under the roughest workout.

Luc raises a brow at her. "So. What is going on with you? Seemingly acting jealous and just odd." He tells her and furrows his brows at her.

Mahasti pauses "Maia makes me uncomfortable. She doesn't respect my boundaries as an individual nor my beliefs as a person. I'm not jealous. That would require an emotional relationship beyond friendship and I think it has been made pretty clear that it isn't going to happen." she tugs her hair to test it, drying her hands on the back of her scrubs "I have no business in your business. I'm going to get going, okay?" she asks, voice soft. "If you want to talk later I'm sure I'll have time after my shift. If you don't, I'm not going to look for you tonight." she offers, voice calm and soft.

Luc sighs and shakes his head a bit. "I don't know why you would be acting as you are for that reason only to be honest." He tells her and frowns a bit. "I even told you that I will find you later and you just told me not to, basically." He shakes his head. "We'll see if I do come by." He offers before turning to leave.

Mahasti leans, on her tiptoes, leaning to press a gentle kiss to his cheek "I do like you as a friend." she leans in hugging once gently. At his words she frowns, keeping pace behind him until they diverge. Likely not intending to make an issue of it at this time or possibly ever.

Luc nods a bit at the kiss to his cheek. "Well, good." He says and shrugs. "I might find you later." He says before parting with her to go to the sims.

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