Dr. Xanthe Thanos
xanthe5.jpg Thanos, Xanthe
Civilian Science
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Xenobiologist/archeologist
Age Sex
36 F
Hair Eyes
Blonde Blue
Available in +finger after approval


Xanthe Thanos was born in Caprica City to parents that would be quite famous for certain segments of the population: Her father Arcturus Thanos was a brilliant and reknowned metaphysical cosmologist, department head of Astrophysics Apollo University, her mother Eudora Aravani an Astronautical Engineer who got her start designing deep space life support systems but who later became a very successful techno-entrepreneur for personal survival and comfort gadgets. (In other words, it's kind of like if Stephen Hawking and Steve Jobs got together and had a kid…)

As might be expected, she grew up very wealthy and privileged, though perhaps a little unconventionally as well, extremely well travelled due to her parents' inclinations, and encouraged to pursue her many interests, as well as enjoying especially in her teen years of the broad spectrum of social visitors to their home, from artists to philosphers to scientists and politicians.

Wanderlust stayed with her, even though her natural inclination diverged significantly from her parents from their universal/technical to her interest in the historical/exotic. It was unsurprising that the child of Thanos and Arvani entered university with high honors and came out with multiple degrees, including a PhD in Xenobiology with much focus and research into Xenoethnography tied to it…but perhaps it was that almost immediately she threw herself into a job not with some cushy Caprica City office job or faculty positiong, but that of a field researcher and archivist with the Delphi Museum, spending a decade happily in the field at one backwater site after another no matter what kind of dangerous and/or uncomfortable climate/flora/fauna of that world might await her.

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