thales.jpg Thales, Julian
LT Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Medical Doctor
Age Sex
36 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Julian Thales is a medical doctor with a specialty in virology.


Julian was an artistic, precocious child, who got his fingers in to everything. If his parents hadn't steered him towards a "proper" profession, he might have ended up a wastrel poet or artist. His mother was a skilled Viper pilot named Attica (who turned instructor later in her career) and his father was Carmine, an aide to the Virgon Ambassador. He had two older sisters, one of whom left home before he took his first steps. Owing to both his parents' careers, he spent most of his childhood bouncing from place to place, accompanying one or both of his parents on assignment. His mother plastered his room with Viper schematics, and he learned card tricks from his father (Carmine used it to break the ice during tense political negotiations.) His preferred way to pass the time was with his nose in a book. His parents insisted he choose a proper career. The First Cylon War was still very present in their minds, so they both believed strongly that everyone should contribute something practical. With some goading, he chose medicine.

Julian did well in school. He was a clever, driven young man, and actually did find a passion for medicine. For a time, he wanted to be a surgeon, but by the time he completed schooling, his pragmatic mother had convinced him that medical research was the way to go. So he began to study virology, specifically the spread of disease in a closed system like a Battlestar. Shortly before his 32nd birthday, Julian suffered a nervous breakdown. He had been under tremendous stress with his research project, specifically the grants and politics surrounding it. It was a big money air filtration system that was to be installed on the next generation of Vipers. In truth, Julian was too personable and social to make it in the heads-down world of medical research. His personal life had fallen apart as a result of his long hours. His breakdown saw him incapacitated for nearly a month.

R&R combined with therapy, finally brought Julian around again. The idea of going back into a research lab gave him heart palpitations. What was he to do now? It was his mother who suggested he join the military. And so, he gained his commission, just squeaking by on the psych evaluation. Perhaps it was the chunks of childhood spent aboard military ships, but he took to it surprisingly well. He split his time between general medical care and virology research for the military.

When things went to hell, Julian was at a medical conference on Picon. Gods only knows how he survived. A doctor is a valuable thing in times of crisis, and he found himself working 14 hour days to patch up the wounded and the sick. There was no time to think about what had happened. Despite the fact that he knew he was needed, Julian took the first chance he got to get out. NOMAD seemed ideal, and well, a doctor is a hard thing to turn down.

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