Captain Thaddeus "Dub" Kostopolous
Thaddeusid.jpg Kostopolous, Thaddeus
CPT Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
34 Male
Hair Eyes
dk. brown lt. blue

What we learn from history is that man
can never learn anything from history.
-George Bernard Shaw

Thaddeus grew up one of many in the sprawling Kostopolous family. He celebrated his coming-of-age at eighteen by enlisting in the CMC and requesting an off-planet posting.

They say you can never go home again. For Thaddeus, that's exactly as he wants it.

After four years of peace-keeping and rebellion-quashing as a Marine, he decided to start flying the Raptors rather than riding in the back of them. He excelled as a pilot; a natural gift coupled with a Marine's steady nerves made him ideal for combat taxi-driving.

A decade later, he finds himself with Captain's pins and a commendation from higher up the food chain for a mission ideal for his special talents.

Deep-space mining? Who'd he piss off this time?

Personality & Hooks


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Notable Events

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.
- C. S. Lewis

AAR #20041003-AW01: Death of LT Mark Tenebrier

Date & Location: October 3rd, 2004, aboard Battlestar Orion.
Event: While going through the routine power-up checklist, the explosive bolts on the rear ejection seat fired unexpectedly, killing Lieutenant Mark 'Monk' Tenebrier instantly. 'Massive head trauma' was the official wording. 'Needed a hose to get him out' was how the deckies put it. Thaddeus, his pilot, was grounded for a month while investigations were done. The AAR concluded that during routine long-term maintenance, one of the deck crew reversed the order of two wires in an underbelly panel. (Said deck crew was assaulted by the Captain in the wake of the accident, which earned him 48 hours in the brig.) Thaddeus was cleared to fly less than a week before returning to 7th Anchorage for restocking.

Formal Reprimand (Operation Gone Fishin')

Date & Location: August 13-14, 2004, unnamed lake upon Piraeus.
Event: A group of seven individuals, including Thaddeus and Dr. Catarina North, take a Raptor on an unauthorized trip to a remote lake for an overnight fishing trip. A web of favours and finagling would have kept the trip unnoticed if one of the partiers, a Marine, hadn't shown up drunk for duty the next morning. A formal reprimand was entered in the Captain's permanent record despite offers of leftover grilled salmon.

Canceron: Mangala Riots

Date & Location: January 2002, Mangala, Canceron.
Event: Full writeup available here. Thaddeus assisted with the evacuation of the Kataghi Towers, an apartment complex that was too high for fire ladders to reach. He also earned himself the Fleet Achievement Medal of Valor for his actions on January 23rd. In his words, you get shot, they gotta give you something. The squad of Marines he plucked off a burning rooftop while taking fire may think a little more highly of it.

Sagittaron: Valos Massacre

Date & Location: 2001, outside of Valos, Sagittaron.
Event: Full writeup available here. Thaddeus was one of several Raptor pilots responsible for ferrying Marines, as well as surrendered cultists, to and from the front.

Tauron: Third National Penitentiary Riots

Date & Location: 1992, Tauron.
Event: Full writeup available here. Thaddeus was one of the lucky Marines sent into a mine full of angry prison inmates. Angry prison inmates with the keys to heavy-duty mining machinery and the blasting charges. After their squadleader 'found' an IED, he took temporary control of the surviving members of the team and saw them back to safety, earning the Distinguished Serviceman's Medal in doing so.

Service Record & Medals

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.
- Napoleon Bonaparte

late Nov 2004 - 7th Fleet Anchorage
- assigned ENS "Peacock" Apostolos as ECO
mid Nov 2004 - cleared to fly
Oct 2004 - death of LT Tenebrier
- grounded for investigations
early 2003 - Joint Task Force NOMAD
- assigned to VAQ-121 "Gentleman Ghosts"
- assigned LT "Monk" Tenebrier as ECO
early 2002 - Mangala riots, Canceron
- Fleet Achievement Medal of Valor
2001 - Valos massacre, Sagittaron
1992-1994 - Officer Candidate School, Caprica
- Flight School (Raptor Pipeline), Caprica
1992 - Third National Penitentiary riots, Tauron
- Distinguished Serviceman's Medal
1988 - enlisted in the CMC


Never explain - your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.
- Elbert Hubbard

Recent Logs

Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile, I caught hell for.
- Earl Warren


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