ALT #363: Tent City and Evenings by the Lake
Tent City and Evenings by the Lake
Summary: Leightner and Toby catch up, then Jena arrives to steal the Corpsman away
Date: 04/Jan/2014
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Tent City - Piraeus
A temporary settlement that's popped up on the outskirts of Sheridan proper. Most of the population of a couple of thousand is housed in tents, though more than a few shanties made of a combination of sheets of scrap metal, plywood, and yes, even blankets and packing cardboard have appeared. Their area is in no way properly planned, and is largely impossible to navigate for those who do not spend considerable amounts of time there. At best, the areas seem to exist in clusters delineated by some sort of familial bond. (Taurans may well recognize these as rolga. Outsiders, good luck your first few times there.
AWD #363

Leightner moves through the Tent city in his Civilian clothes, off duty, but still with a medkit. Because it's him. He is looking from Rolga camp to Rolga camp, noting the movement of a couple of tents, and shrugs.

Toby might not be spending quite the same amount of time down on planet now he's back on duty in the bays once more, but he's still down when he can be, like now. He's spent some time catching up with various people and now he's heading back towards the landing zone. Just a passing visit apparently, although he does give Leightner a nod as passes.

Leightner nods to Toby, "Oi Toby." He smiles, "Been stuck in Sickbay rotations, finally got back this way, ain't seen tha market yet." He calls in a friendly way, smiling lightly.

Toby glances over towards the market, then back to the corpsman, pausing in his step as he considers that a moment. "How's your bartering?" he asks amusedly, then a thought seems to strike him and he adds, "although I suppsoe you might not do too badly if people recognise you as a medic. Trypically though, a willingness to barter is esential," and the ability to speak Tauran highly recommended.

Leightner speaks nothing like Tauran, and as for what the Medic might have in the way of bartering skill, unknown. Leightner is, however in a unique language category, He grins, "Aye, well, I'll have a look, an most know me or me Jena, she'll be along an we'll check out tha market." He grins. Oh no, the sweet cuteness is scheduled.

Toby has his gloved hands in his pocket and just shakes his head as Leightner mentions that Jena is incomming as well. It's an amused shake though, rather than anything else. "What's their tends to change depending on what the hunters have caught and such, but it's certainly worth a look. Definitely a barter economy though so seriously, haggle, een if just a little bit." A glance rund the tents and then he asks, "all quiet?"

Leightner nods, smiling, "Aye, I get it." He sighs, smirking, "I'll give em bit of a run. No claims on cornerin tha market." He pats his medkit, "but this do jar tha memory." He grins, "Headed back topside? Yer back off yer butt I understan. Thas good."

"I was going to say they'd recognise you by the shear fact msot people can't understnad a word you say," Toby starts with a faint grin, "but then for some of these guys that's eleven twelths of the fleet." A faint nod is given to the remark about topside and then he raises an eyebrow slightly in mock-offense, "yeah, cos I spent all my time sat on my arse twiddling my thumbs." A pause, then a shrug, "thanks though."

Leightner starts chuckling at the crack at his accent, then the tauran accent/language barrier increases his laughter, and he nods. "Ah tha was good, na, we both know yer happier at work." He sighs, relaxing after that laughter. He nods, "Looks like it's comin together here. Market, soon gonna be more." He grins, he's loving it.

"I'm happier killing cylons," Toby replies, still with a faint grin, "although I have to admit, this isn't bad either. Make sure there's a future once we're done with this war. Once we've laid the dead to rest." That last bit is slightly more serious, but he doesn't dwell on it, moving on instead, "if you're wanting mind, and if we somehow manage to get some time off at the ame time, I don't mind showing you a few pyramid tricks, you know, so you have a chance next time?"

Leightner shakes his head, "Oh no, I have one pyramid teacher an you ain't got her legs." He grins, "But I'm not good at it. Don't figure I'll be. Thanks though. It is good ta see jus people survivin here."

"You know," Toby replies with distinctly amused expression, "you ain't the first to be commenting on my legs." The more mock hurt, "Got to admit though, Chief Rutlii was nicer about it." A shrug greets the comment abou tnot being good at it and he offers, "next time do you want to team up with the ex-pro? Would mean you'd be playing against your misses though, most likely, but might even thing sup a bit."

Leightner chuckles, lifting his hands, palms to Toby in surrender, "I ain't even tryin on me own, I'm strictly a social player need a bit o drink is all." He grins. "Just take it as a sign, yer legs get comments." He shrugs, "Now build on tha."

Toby thinks back to the conversation in question and grins a little at the memory, before shaking his head at Leighter. "Trust me mate, given the start of that conversation I ain't going to go trying to build on anything, or like as not I'll be coming to you for help while singin' soprano or some shit."

Leightner nods, "Ice packs at the ready." He pats his medikit, grinning with amusement. "But best ta avoid such things."

Still obviously highly amused at the memories then grins wryly again. "Oh, I reckon it'd be too late for ice packs. You never met the Chief?" He gives a mock wince to complete the routine then moves on. "You down here for the rest of the day?"

Leightner thinks about it, and winces, then grins, nodding, "Aye, got time ta burn, an interest intha market an a girl ta take out somewhar." He nods, "Everythin in one go. She's finishin a shift, an'll be along sometime."

"Take her out eh?" Toby replies, raising an eyebrow slightly, "we talking Charlie's are you going to go the whole hog and get some fresh meat from the market and head out to the lake? Get a good fire going you'd be onto a winner I reckon."

Leightner grins, nodding, "See I was more thinkin tha lake, nice fire, veg, yeah. She likes me cookin." He smirks. "I'll see whots fresh." He grins, "any recommendations?"

Toby flashes a smile as the other man explains his plan, "great minds eh?" Glancing back towards the market again he just shrugs, "depends who caught what earlier. Gaius is generally proficient, but I haven't had the time to swing through there today to see whats what, so you'll just have to see I'm afraid."

Leightner nods, "Aye aye." He considers, and smiles, "If we had more time I'd try some fishin. We did tha last time, but I think a nice dinner, hearty fire an tent is me ticket."

Toby considers that for a moment then offers, "I reckon nice dinner, hearty fire, then bunk to be honest mate. Going to be a cold night and the way I see it, more we sleep and eat up there, the less pressure we put on resources down here." Another shrug though, "up to you mind, and the raptor schedule of course."

Leightner tilts his head to the side, and nods, "Point. Raptor flight back up." He considers and smirks, "Aye, I can work wit tha."

"Just get whatever the pair of you need to do out of your systems down here though alright," Toby replies in a vain attempt at a serious expression. "Some of us up there need our beauty sleep."

Leightner tilts his head to Toby, curiously, "Whafor?" He breaks into a grin and nods, "Aye, we try ye know, we do try." He huffs, not really put out by that.

Toby gives the corpsman a knowing smile at the man's question then just grins. "Trust me mate, you'd know if you'd ever ended up disturbing me, so all in all I reckon you're good." Then, as if that unspoken train of conversation has triggered something in his head he asks, "you been seeing to Roslin? Lass over there," he points vaguely to one set of tents, "who's about due? HAven't had chance to catch up with her other half this trip, not dropped it yet has she?"

Leightner looks to the tent and then back, "Noo, but she's seen ta. Back in tha mines Jena an me divided care up, an she took tha pregnant women, ye know, smooth sailin. But I know her case an she's.. Whot time is it? Could be any second."

"Seems reasonable to me," Toby replies as the division of labour is explained. "Maybe that's what's keeping her," he speculates, "although I don't hear any screaming, and I believe that's an integral part."

Leightner nods, "Or a clot o men holding up one expectant father." He nods, "Expect tha somewhar too. Nah, this kids a shy one, seems." He smirks.

"If they've got any sense they'll hoik Seb stright to Charlie's and get something strong down his neck so as the show starts," Toby states, "that or move him so his pacing back and forth over the next bit of groud we want to dig, save us the hassle." As for the kid, he gives a shrug at that, "I dunno, if the little blighter has any sense he'll stay where it's warm till winters over." Then, after a brief pause he asks, "or would you move 'em up top for a spell? Get a proper ceiling over their heads in case of a cold snap?"

Leightner smiles, "Oh, we're not primaries fer anyone anymore. back to our support duties." He folds his arms, thinking, "Guess that'd be her primaries call, if she's stable no need risk a Raptor lift. Dunno whot her conditon is.

Toby nods to that, he's not a medical man after all, it just strikes him that a cold tent might not be the best start in life. Still, he trusts the medics and so moves on, "any other intersting cases crop up? Or just the usual slips, trips and falls?"

Leightner shakes his head "Naah, just mostly tha little stuff. helpin whar I can an working in sickbay recently. Nuthin interestin. This is tha calm before sumthin I guess."

We're mostly on routine stuff up top too," Toby admits, "fixing stuff as they manage to break it and then trying to catch up on some of the more minor issues that've been hanging around for a while. See what we can clear."

Leightner nods, "Aye, makes sense. Got tha chance so when toaster kickin time comes back round, we're ready." He smiles, "So, stuff ta look forward ta."

So, distracted by a group of kids who wanted to show her this and than and another, Jena had been tugged away. Now she's coming back, alone this time, but she's wearing a dried macaroni necklace and a friendship bracelet around her wrist. Her steps are light and her smile is warm when she approaches. "Hey fellas."

"We'll be ready," Toby replies with a faint nod, "I think after Picon that most people are wondering which planet is next, and when. Can't come soon enough in my opinion, need to keep moving and not get bogged down, still a frakton of toasters out there." Given he's been talking, he doesn't immediately clock the PJ's approach but turns as she gives her greeting, "hey Jena, kids keeping you busy I see."

Leightner looks to Jena and grins at his bedecorated girl, and chuckles lightly, "See ye ain't been fergotten." He grins offering an arm, "An so fashonably too." He looks to Toby, "Dunno, guess we got choices. Thank gods thas decisions above me paygrade."

Jena absently touches the macaroni necklace and grins. "Loving and boisterous bunch of kids. They're great.." The talk of the colonies catching her attention quite effectively. "Hopefully Caprica, but I seriously doubt that one's for a long time." Quietly, she slips her hand into the bend of his arm, "Kids look for the good in people. I hope no one else ever lets them down."

"I reckon I'd go for Caprica next," Toby offers to Jena, "then we basically have Helios Alpha to ourselves, work out from there. Might want a foothold in each system though, I dunno," a nod towards Leightner and his comment about paygrades, "yeah, that. Heard there was some action over Aerilon a while back though, not sure if that's the next place."

Leightner nods, "Aerilon, aye, dropped thar fer some support to tha forces thar, but no word on tha bein anythin about our next fleet target." He shrugs, and smiles to Jena, nodding, "Thas a point, Caprica, free them people." He blows out a breath, "Glad ain't me headache." He looks at Jena and smiles to her. "Let's hope not."

"I want to make sure we don't spread too thin too. I don't want to make a little headway, not lose it all by pressing forward too soon." Jena replies to Toby. "I think the issue with Caprica are the slotters. The ones with the datajacks." Her free hand slips into her coat pocket for warmth. "You guys been staying busy, Crewman?"

Toby nods slowly at the explaination of the Aerilon action, he'd mostly been relying on scuttlebutt reports with regards to that. "I guess we'll find out when the brass is ready," he shrugs, none of the three of them being exactly high upon the need to know list after all. Then, once Jena speaks he half winces slightly then offers, faintly apologetically, "look. I know if was a thing a while back, and funny for a while, but I'd rather be more than just a body with a rank. Call me Shackleton, or Toby, I don't care, but one of them please."

Leightner nods to Toby about the Brass, "Aye." and looks to Jena, squeesing her arm warmly against his, "Hungry, love?" He asks lightly. "After this we can go see whots in tha market, see where ta go from thar."

"All I know about Aerilon I learned from Ian also," Jena confesses to Toby. "I've not done anything there yet, but Picon still has plenty of activity and then with the influx of people here, there's been a lot sick. From the moon to the middle of winter." With an apologetic smile, she inclines her head. "Of course, Toby. Call me Jena." A quick glance to Leightner, she shakes her head. "Not hungry, but I don't mind looking around."

Toby gives a brief nod as Jena says to use her name, then glances between teh pair of medical types a moment. "You know," he states, pointing towards the landing zone, "I reckon that's my raptor right there so I'll leave you two to it. Have a lovely evening and," a quick grin to Leightner, "remember what I said earlier." That done he turns and walks back towards where his lift is just landing.

Leightner nods to Toby and chuckles, "Aye, Keep it in mind." He looks at Jena, and smiles warmly, "Shall we then, M'dear?" He asks, with a false formality, and smirk, offering the wat to the Market with his free hand.

"You're welcome to join us on our little walk about, Toby.." Jena says quietly, offering a warm and genuine smile. "But if you really have to go, I understand. It was good seeing you." She removes her free hand from her pocket and waves it, glancing between them curiously, brows arched. "Am I missing something?" She nods to Leightner at the question.

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