AWD #099: Tell Me About Yourself
Tell Me About Yourself
Summary: Phin meets with Major Phoenix Straton, the new boss.
Date: 15/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Phin Phoenix 
CAG's Office — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
A nine foot by none foot office. Most of the floorspace is taken up by a desk and filing cabinets.
AWD #99

Phin made an appointment during his shift time, and he's punctual for it. He took the new CAG's announcement that he'd like a meeting with all his officers as a sign he should schedule a meeting. He knocks before entering, so he won't surprise the man, then draws himself up straight and salutes sharp. "Major Straton, sir. Lieutenant Junior Grade McBride reporting." He'll hold himself at attention until released from it. Still, though the smell of herbs in the room makes his nose twitch slightly. He's Scorpian himself, Argentum gulf coast, which is accent still reflects. Even if his time off-world - and perhaps some effort on his part - has softened the edges of it.

"Come in, Lieutenant. Have a seat." Phoenix replied, with a nod towards one of the chairs on the opposite side of his desk. "Coffee?" he asked, as he stands to refill his own mug. Several other mugs sit turned open-side down on a tray he's appropriated from the Mess hall. He opens a filing cabinet, and searches through until he finds the file he's looking for. Personnel- McBride.

"I would like a cup, sir. Thank you." Phin will get himself a cup before sitting. He's brought along an octagonal notepad of his own, which he sets aside while he takes a few preliminary sips of coffee. And watches the CAG sift for his file. He sits up straight, practicing his best polished young officer posture. "How are you finding the Wing, sir? I'd imagine this is an…interesting situation to come into the middle of." 'Interesting' is the most benign word he could find for the circumstances of Zachary's AWOL that brought Phoenix here.

Phoenix pours a second mug of coffee for Phin, passing the mug across the desk to the young officer. He sits, opens the file and looks through it quietly. "I've got two of my pilots in the brig, one who's technically not a pilot. The other who's suicidal. I've got a lot of young men and women who very likely didn't expect to be thrust into the position they've been thrust. I'm the fourth CAG this wing has had in short order, and honestly, I'm playing a whole mess of catchup. However, this meeting is more about you than it is about me. Plenty of time to ask questions later, McBride." Phoenix says, as he gives a simple smile towards the other man. "First thing's first: Tell me about yourself."

"It's been a hell of year, sir. No doubt." Phin allows his tone to get a little wry. The question 'Tell me about yourself' gets a blank look for a second. "How do you mean, sir?" Like vaguely personal questions are somehow difficult. So, he just opts to recite his file. At least, the parts of it from his enlistment in the Navy onward. "I graduated from the Naval Academy on Leonis with a bachelor's in Military History, then flight school at Hermes air base on Picon. Got my qualifications and Vipers done there. And Predators, though I'm more comfortable in the smaller frame. I'd like to get more flight hours in the Preds, actually. Seems like there'll be a need for that on Picon. But anyway. The Orion's my first posting. I came aboard last November, when the ship was at anchorage on Virgon, and I was promoted to lieutenant junior grade about a month ago." At least he's familiar with his own service record.

"I see." Phoenix replied, "You have any hobbies?" The older officer asks. "What do you do to relax when you're not on shift?" The Major turns a page in the service record, sipping his coffee. He takes a few notes, but seems to be mostly attentive on Phin. Watching the younger officer, listening to the timbre of his voice.

"Umm…" These questions are not ones he was prepared for. Phin takes a beat to dredge up something not on Navy record. "I don't know, sir. Normal stuff." A shrug, and he gives an actual answer. "I like to swim, I guess. I try and take my required PT that way instead of on the tread mill. Play cards. A little pick-up Pyramid, though I can't say I'm all that good. I'm re-reading what I brought with me of Jenning's novels now, if you're into that kind of thing." Post First Cylon war fiction. Terse prose about bull fights and Sagittaron guerillas and occasionally fishing. A pause and he asks, "Are these plants from Yparana?" Like it's something he's been wondering since entering.

"Some of them. Others are from Picon, Leonis. My maternal grandparents kept many of the old ways." Phoenix replies. "I benefited from their knowledge. Herbs, spices. Things I like to keep around to flavour my coffee, or spice some of my food. Adds a bit of home to the mess here." The man writes quietly, "I'm told you've got a plan for a mission, is that right?"

"It's nice. Nice atmosphere, I mean," Phin says. He drinks of his coffee. "I never visited that part of Scorpia back when I was on-world, though I'm told it's pretty. I never got outside the cities much." He doesn't dwell on talking of home, though. He nods. "Yes, sir. It was just a thought I had a bit ago, but Lieutenant Colonel Sheperd, and later Lieutenant Colonel Petra, seemed interested in fleshing it out into a proper mission. It just occurred to me, we didn't really have any data in terms of what the Cylons had been doing for the last forty years on the other side of the Arm Line. And that's obviously where they were building up, engineering themselves into skinjobs…who knows what else. So I figured, maybe we should go recon it. Captain Rozzen from Tactical identified four coordinates on the Cylons side of the line that she thought would make logical starting points to go take a look at. As best she could. From what I gather, we have almost no real data about what's over there, so it's kind of a shot in the dark wherever you start."

"Set up a Mission plan for it. Its a high risk mission, McBride. WIthout a doubt its *extremely* high risk- however, the potential reward is quite high." Phoenix nods. "Get me what you think you'll need in wing-power. Mission specs- manpower, technology needed, and whatever else you can think of. Think you're up to that, Lieutenant?" The CAG Asks, as he looks across his desk towards the younger Scorpien. "I grew up in the Favellas there. Most who visit do so on vernal break. Its quite the different thing to have to hunt and gather food for yourself for lack of money. The Jungles were more than a home- they were a breadbasket. In fact, I plan to see what I can't find down on Piraeus to make our lives here a little easier. I'm certain there are untapped plant, and animal resources. And, if all else fails, at least I'll be able to add to my herbs here."

"Four Raptors for recon to start," Phin replies. "I figure it's not worth risking more than that until there's some evidence there's something out there worth looking at. I figure they can just take some quickie data and get in and out fast. Take that to Tactical and see what area might be worth exploring with a larger complement. If anything out there would. I'll get some a formal write-up by the morning, sir." He nods short. "I'll do my best." He can't help but chuckle soft at mention of vernal break. "Argentum Bay was kind of the same way, except there wasn't much left that hadn't been neoned over to cater to the tourists. You had to get pretty far away from the city to find the beaches that hadn't been totally wrecked. It was making somebody cubits though, so. Guess I shouldn't knock it. I don't really know much about, like, botany and stuff, but we get fresh fruit from Piraeus sometimes. So I figure they'd be glad to have more plant samples, and more herbs and stuff."

"I'm not a botanist. Just know a lot about bushcraft and hunting. I could live quite comfortably out in the wilderness." Phoenix replies with a slightly wry grin, "Set up a mission report, and find yourself some volunteers Dolly. Get it to me by the end of next week- I'll push it through to command and let them make the final decision. We might not do it right away, but I like the cut of your jib. So. Any questions you have fo rme?"

"I always did better with the concrete jungles, sir. Though roughing it in the wilderness sounds nicer." Phin nods, downing some more coffee before replying, "Got it, sir. Will do." As for questions. He considers that. What he finally comes up with might be a little cheeky, though he does it with a completely straight, upright-young-officer manner. "Tell me about yourself, sir."

"I am Major Phoenix Straton. I was born in a favella, one kept safe by the Military of Scorpia herself. When I was sixteen I saved the life of a Raptor pilot and his ECO. I did my flight training, and schooling in Leonis. I've been a part of the Colonial military, as an ECO, for about twenty four years. Most recently, I was flying combat missions on Picon, and was the CAG to a rough and tumble wing therein. I prefer to kill my own meat, and cook it over an open fire. I'm left handed, and my heart is on the right side of my body. I believe that a man is weighed based on how he treats those around him, and fully believe my Officers should all be as genteel as possible. I enjoy chess, pyramid, and card tricks. My true passion is, and always has been nature. I hope to retire, some day, but don't see that happening any time soon. I fully plan to make Orion's wing *dangerous* and want the toasters to quake in their cans when they hear my pilots are coming for them. Any other questions, Lieutenant?"

Phoenix asks, as he finishes his coffee.

"The Lord of War reigns right now, sir. Dangerous is what we've got to be." There might be a touch of regret in Phin's tone, but he's resolved to this idea. He finishes his own coffee, shaking his head. "No, sir. No questions. I wish you luck and, if there's anything you need, just give the order and I'll do my best to see it done." He stands and salutes again.

Phoenix nods, returning the salute. "Very good. That's all I needed, Lieutenant." Phoenix begins to take a few notes, a small bit of that yellow paper going into Phin's file before its returned to its place in the file cabinets. The CAG gets back to work, looking down at his desk and back to whatever it was he was doing before Phin arrived.

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