AWD #042: Team Effort
Team Effort
Summary: The Air Wing celebrates a successful mission.
Date: 17/02/2013
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Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #42

Ygraine has unzipped her flight suit and has ted it off at her waist. Despite her seemingly lazy sprawl on the ready room chairs, her muscles are tensed and she is eyeing the hatch opening with visible anxiety.

Phin strides into the Ready Room. He's also got his flight suit unzipped down to the waist and, though he's splashed some water on his face, he hasn't bothered to hit the showers yet. He's wearing an Argentum Bay Silverstars t-shirt underneath the suit itself that may not strictly pass uniform regulation muster, but it's not like anybody can see it with the full suit on.

Being back from his first mission alive and well, Agrippa follows Phin back to the Ready Room instead of heading to the showers to clean up, apparently in rather good spirits. His flightsuit is still on, buckled and secured for the time being and he lets out a rather loud cheer, pumping his fists as he does so, "Frak yeah! That was some ass kicking we did against those tin cans." He does lean forward to pat Dolly on the back, two nice hard, comaraderie pats, "Nice job pulling your Viper out of a spin there at the end, had me worried there for a half second, Dolly."

Ygraine lets out a squee (yes, a squee) when she sees Agrippa and Phin arrive, and hops to her feet. There are no hugs, because this is a win, but she does pause to look around. "Holtzy make it back?" she asks, brow furrowed. But…they're smiling, and they wouldn't be if they lost Storm, right?

Phin offers Ygraine a quick smile, and nods. "Yeah, he's good. Just finishing up his post-flight, and other S-L shit. He kicked ass out there. Per usual. Didn't lose anybody." He turns his head back to Agrippa, shrugging. "No worries, man. I'm good. Thanks for getting that toaster off my ass." He raises a fist toward the other Viper pilot. For bumping purposes.

The fist bump is returned as both Viper pilot's fists make contact before Agrippa glances to Ygraine and grins, "We all made it back, though I think one of the pilots took a hit, didn't sound bad though. Must've smoked almost two dozen Raiders out there over Aerilon, scrap metal toasters now." The young Ensign is apparently rather proud of the victory that they had today, still a little bit of adrenaline surging through him though it is victory adrenaline now, not furball adrenaline.

Ygraine is unable to resist, she does a little turn, shake-da-booty style, and then notes, "They took Janitor straight off to medical. He's real messed up, but he's gonna live." She seems certain of that.

Holtz arrives from the Air Wing Corridors.

Phin's smile fades, but he lets out long breath. He looks profoundly grateful. "You and Centerfold did aces grabbing him, Yggs. From the sound of how it went over the wireless. Glad to have him back. Got to admit, I wasn't sure…" He shrugs. No reason to dwell on his pessimism. He raises his fist again, toward the ECO. For bumping.

Agrippa can't help but laugh in amusement as he watches the booty shake being performed by Ygraine, clapping his hands together once before nodding his head in agreement with Phin, "Yeah, nice job hauling him back, it's always good bringing someone back to the fold." In fact, the young Viper pilot himself was stranded and would've been left for dead if it wasn't for a passing Raptor on a recon mission. After Phin gets his fist bump, Agrippa would offer a hand for a nice handshake with Yggy.

Ygraine makes with the fist bump, and then the handshake. "He's got a fever, and it looks like got grazed on one of his arms. St. James morpha'd him up as soon as we got him in the backseat, so I expect they're workin' on him now." Ygraine reports reassuringly.

Holtz is still in his flight suit, hair still slightly mussed from his helmet. That doesn't seem to bother him, though, as he's trying and failing to suppress a smirking grin as he enters the ready room. "That, people, is how a sortie is supposed to look. Five by frakkin' five," he announces himself, that sonorous baritone filling the room. Clomping down the stairs at the side of the room, he pulls down the zipper on his flight suit as he moves towards the other pilots.

Cassie arrives from the Air Wing Corridors.

Luc arrives from the Air Wing Corridors.

"I should go look in on him a little later, whenever the medics are done probing him," Phin says, as to Janitor. He's finished his post-flight, but hasn't bothered to hit the showers yet. His flight suit is unzipped and he's apparently wearing an Argentum Bay Silverstars pyramid t-shirt underneath it. When Holtz enters he turns. The older pilot's grin is returned broadly, though it's not really smirky. He's a thrilled ensign. "Yggs says Janitor's in the medbay. Sounds like he's going to be OK."

Cassie comes in a bit after everyone else, helmet stowed somewhere while her flightsuit is still on, tied about her waist by its sleeves. A quick look around has her taking a deep breath of relief, especially upon hearing Cole's going to be alright. Reaching up to run a hand through her hair, a chair is claimed and flopped into.

Having just stepped into the room, Jason has his helmet in one hand now. Flight suit is still on like it's supposed to be, as he @emit Having just stepped into the room, Jason has his helmet in one hand now. Flight suit is still on like it's supposed to be, as he looks over at Phin, overhearing the words about Janitor. "We told him we were going to come back and get him, when he first went down there, didn't we?" It's offered rather quietly as he looks around.

Agrippa's flightsuit is also still on and not unzipped or unbuckled yet, and the young pilot appears to be in a very jubilant mood right now. When the Squadron Leader for the Vipers walk in though, Punchdrunk can't help but snap to attention for a moment before relaxing, a habit that was drilled into him at the Academy and one that he was use to on the Valkyrie as it was a slightly difference atmosphere back then. Everything was different back then. When Shoes walks in though, Agrippa heads in her direction and calls out a greeting while holding his hand up for a high five, "Shoes! Awesome flying back there, we made those Raiders spin on their tops."

Arriving a bit later and having perhaps taken his time. Having made sure to get Bats to sickbay and get treatment. Flight suit still worn as he steps inside. Chewing on some gum as well. Seeing the talking and so on. "Spotted Janitor. He seems quite… Happy." Grinning wide at that.

Ygraine beams broadly at Holtz when he walks through the door, and with so many people she speaks up again. "Yeah, he's got a fever and a bullet graze and I think something happened to one of his shoulders, but he's gonna be fine." she reports. And then she does amble over to Holtz, grinning up at him like the cat who ate the canary. "Y'all did real good keeping them off me and Centerfold's backs, everyone. Thanks!" she calls out.

Maia has finished her post flight, her suit is unzipped, arms tied around her slim waist, wearing only her military issued shirt underneath, tags dangling noisily as she descends the stairs. Hearing the celebrations, she bounces down, boots making that clomping noise. She's got a grin on her face as she seeks out a familiar face. Blue eyes land on Ygraine and she walks over, offering a hand. "Well done, well done."

"Yeah, morpha'll do that," Phin quips to Luc, though he does it still wearing that broad grin. He dumps himself into a chair, stretching. His neck does crane around when Maia enters the room. "Hey, Centerfold. Like I just told Yggs, that was bad-ass, the way you guys got Janitor back. Major props."

"Yeah, I heard," Holtz says over to Phin, his tone growing somewhat more somber. "I'll go with, I think." He's not wearing anything interesting under his own flightsuit, just the usual Fleet-issue undershirts. His grin widens at Ygraine, and he reaches out to squeeze the woman's shoulder. "Not half bad yourself down there, Shakes." That's Holtz' understated way of saying 'Awesome job.'

"I just pray we won't have to do too many of those rescue missions," Shoes says softly and with as much of a smile as she can muster. The weariness to her eyes is back, making her look tired. "But yes. Good job, Punchie. Everyone. We definitely got so much to celebrate."

Kelsey arrives from the Air Wing Corridors.

"Same goes for you, Centerfold," Holtz adds a moment later when Maia approaches. "Nice flying. Owe ya one." For Cole's sake, anyway, if not for his.

Ygraine makes a pfft noise at the large Tauron. "You know I was awesome." she may say it, but yeah, she knows what he means. She shakes Maia's hand, noting cheerfully, "Behold the Power of Blonde."

Jason just chuckles a bit as he looks between the others. Movingf over towards Maia and Ygraine, he offers them a grin, "Excellent job, you two. And thanks for me not having to go down after you guys, after all." Last part spoken with an even wider grin now.

Zachary arrives from the Air Wing Corridors.

Luc grins and nods to Phin as he moves a bit. Preparing to go and get rid of his own flight suit. "Oh, true enough. It was just a bit amusing. The rambling." He offers and grins still. Looking over as Maia enters. "Indeed, great job the both of you." He offers to Yggy and Maia both.

Kelsey appears in the doorway, her hair matted with sweat and looking dog tired. Her helmet dangles at her side, flightsuit unzipped. She looks around at all the people gathered and blinks owlishly as she slowly takes a step inside. This is her first trip to the Ready Room's interior and its cautious.

Nodding his head, Agrippa seems to agree with Cassie, "Less rescue missions, more strike missions, that's for sure." Because less rescue missions only means that less of their pilots need to be saved. He then turns back and looks at the blonde duo, "So it looks like the new blonde duo are the true heroes today, flying through Cylon double-A and picked up one of ours. We all owe you a drink downside."

Phin is sprawled in a chair, flight suit unzipped to reveal an Argentum Bay Silverstars t-shirt underneath that probably does not pass uniform muster, strictly speaking. "So say we all, man," he echoes Agrippa's praise for Raptorly Blonde.

Cassie gives Maia and Ygraine a cheer, clapping for the heroes of the hour. "Way to go, guys!" The clapping lasts for a bit before she falls quiet, looking back at the one who flew her wing. "Thanks for covering my ass," she murmurs quietly, her mood sober. "You were great out there."

"Let's wait until Janitor's in the clear, and then every one of us can go down, yeah? But thanks, y'all! We couldn't have done it without y'all coverin' our very fine asses, so we're all the heroes." Yggy insists, folding her arms in front of her with a satisfied grin.

Zachary only appears for a moment, to gather the flight recorders and related files. As he walks through, a few smiles are offered, but he's already working on drawing up the reports as he sets down his credit chit. "Charlie's tab is on me, if you decide to go down." he offers to the wing, his own self turning to start out the door. His work's not done yet.

Thanks, Storm." Maia grins, dropping her hand to her side now, chuckling at the banter from Ygraine, "Blondes have more fun and get the job done?" With the celebratory mood, she's feeling pretty good, looking over when Jason joins. "Superstar," giving Jason a wink at her self proclaimed name for him. "Everyone did so -awesome-." When Luc calls out she offers a peace sign. "Nice job, too."

Maia grins when Cassi walks up, "Thanks, Shoes." Though she nods rather solemnly to Yggy when she mentions waiting until Janitor is in the clear. "You're right, took the whole team, took everyone."

Kelsey watches Zachary cross the room and pick things up or drop them off. As he passes by, she says something to him quietly and gives him a tired smile. She looks back to the others then and turns to follow the Major out.

"We play the cards we're handed," Holtz says mildly in the direction of Agrippa and Cassie. Now's not the moment to turn into a wet blanket, though, so he doesn't say it as a rebuke. Instead, he just smiles thinly. "But I wouldn't mind not flying another rescue for a while, now you mention it." At the mention of drinks, Holtz nods. "So say we all," he echoes Phin's sentiment before looking at Ygraine with a grin. "I'll sure as frak drink to that, yeah" he remarks.

"Of course we got to keep your fine asses alright." Luc replies to Yggy and grins. Unzipping the flight suit and moving to take a seat. Grinning to Maia at her peace sign.

"Thanks Shoes, you covered mine too. We flew well together." Agrippa says as he turns and flashes a smile at Cassie before he turns his attention back to the two blonde Raptorettes, laughing. "You got that right, Shake, very fine asses." As for waiting for Cole to recover, at least enough to head downside, Punchdrunk nods his head in agreement, "When Cole heals up then."

"Well, we couldn't let some of the finest asses still alive get killed, could we?" Jason remarks to Ygraine and Maia, before he nods a little bit between the others for a few moments. "Well, it would depend on what we're rescuing, I guess," he offers. Nodding a little bit now, as he moves to find a seat, dropping into it now.

Zachary offers a nod to Kelsey. "Deli here can't go into Charlie's for a while, so if someone could make sure to buy her a Sandy Snackcake (AKA Shirley Temple) - I'd appreciate it. A glance to the group and then he turns to cross the hall to his office.

Phin nods to Ygraine, about waiting for Janitor.

Zachary leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [Out].

Kelsey stares at Zach's request and dips her head. Avoid eye contact. The Petty Officer tucks her helmet under her arm and heads out as well.

Kelsey leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [Out].

Turning slightly in her seat, Zach's seen and given a bit of an upnod before he can leave, the Major allowed to go about his business. Quiet for awhile, there's a bit of rumination going on before she rises. "I need to get a shower," she eventually says.

Phin nods to Ygraine, about waiting for Janitor. "Yeah. Wouldn't want to drink without the guy." He cranes his neck up when Zachary enters. And there's Kelsey. He looks at the Deckie-turned-Nugget for a minute, but ultimately doesn't say anything and just shrugs kind of awkwardly. Sinking back into his chair.

Turning slightly in her seat, Zach's seen and given a bit of an upnod before he can leave, the Major allowed to go about his business. Quiet for awhile, there's a bit of rumination going on before she rises. "I need to get a shower," she eventually says. "You all have fun for me, whatever it is you guys do." And she's gone to get her stuff.

When the callsign Deli is mentioned, Agrippa arches a brow and looks towards where Zachary is and spots Kelsey, remembering seeing the girl in Viper Country. "I'll be back." It appears that the group is breaking up but Punchdrunk is hoping to catch up with Kelsey, apparently needing to speak with her about something.

Hearing all the comments, Maia just laughs and in an impulsive move places her hands on her hips and does a quick shake of her own very fine ass, in one of her belly dancing moves she'd learned some time ago, on a bet. With a wink to Ygraine, she offers another fistbump.

For a moment, Holtz stays quiet, allowing the impromptu celebration to unfold around him. There's an almost distracted look on his face, though, and he seems a bit restless before finally heading to the hatch. He hesitates a few steps from the threshold, and turns to regard the room at large. "Enjoy this, people," he calls out, his voice again filling the room. "They won't all go this well." So much for not being a wet blanket.

Ygraine watches as Cassie makes her departure, mutters, "Yeah, that's not trouble at all," and then ooh's at Maia. "Do that again!" she insists, before meeting the fist bump. Looking up at Holtz then, she scrunches her nose, reaches out, and doesn't so much punch his stomach as give nudge. "Don't ruin the moment, Top Kit."

Phin nods some at Holtz's parting words. He can't disagree. He stands himself. "I should hit Sickbay. See what whacky stuff Janitor says while he's still all morpha'd out." Also, confirm the guy's alive and stuff.

Luc chuckles at Maia's dance move. "Showing off now, are we?" He asks and winks. A smirk upon his lips as well. Looking over to Storm and shrugs, "Hey, you got me now. Each time should end like that." Trying to keep the light mood, somewhat. Almost about to show off a bit as well, following Maia's lead, he decides to just enjoy the show this time instead.

Agrippa leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [Out].

Holtz grimaces at Ygraine, but gives her a tiny nod. He turns to exit, but again pauses when he hears Phin speak; it looks like Storm is waiting for the younger man to catch up. Looks like they might have had the same idea.

"Soo not showing off. It's called a celebration," Winking in return to Luc. When Ygraine encourages her to do it again, Maia laughs, "Why don't I teach you to do it sometime? Trust me it has its advantages."

"Heck, yeah." Yggy says with enthusiasm, though she does pause long enough to watch Kurt and Phin leave with an air of concern.

Holtz leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [Out].

Jason chuckles, "Nice dance moves…" Remarked a bit absently, before he unzips the upper parts of his flightsuit, reaching inside to pick up something made out of metal, which he brings up to his lips very briefly now.

Phin strides after Holtz, bidding a quick "Later" to the room at large.

Phin leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [Out].

"It does." Luc agrees and grins wide. About the dancing having it's advantages. As for it being celebration, he ohs and grins. Resting his hands on the table. His own dance moves perhaps not fully as sensual, though they do show the physic of someone. Though for now he keeps it to himself.

Ygraine looks momentarily troubled, but then offers a smile to everyone. "Alright. I hate stayin' a flight suit longer than I gotta. Later, y'all!" With that, out she goes.

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