Ensign Jacob "Wheels" Taylor
jacob1.jpg Taylor, Jacob
Ensign Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
25 Male
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Jacob Taylor was born on Caprica, in a small suburb of Caprica City, in August 1979 to Mark and Julie Taylor. The eldest of three children, Jacob was always the leader as a child, being the influence of his two younger brothers, and their de facto caretaker after his parent's divorce.

In school he was an average student, though more for lack of drive and work than intelligence. It wasn't until near the end of high school that he finally found his drive, first as a member of the school pyramid team, and then the realization of what he aimed to be: A Viper Pilot. It was a group of his friends (pyramid teammates), not just him, that had made the decision. They went together, to Caprica University, enrolling in the ROTC program there. His four years of schooling were gruelling, a test of drive and determination he'd never experienced. But he successfully graduated in 2001 with a degree in military science.

After his commission he entered the Colonial Flight School. Another difficult phase of his life, though this one different than the will challenge of college. He did not take immediately to flight, no matter how driven he was to learn it and succeed. Some concepts he grasped later than all the others, and he was one of the lowest ranked students coming out of API (nearly failing a couple times). After some time, however, and continued drive, he not only managed to grasp the concepts easily after a while, but quickly rocketed to the top third of the class, excelling as a pilot. After finishing PFT he entered the Viper Pilot pipeline and easily completed his training in the top quarter of his class, noted for his very able flying and marked progress. At the conclusion of Flight School he was assigned as a Viper Pilot to the Battlestar Artemis on routine patrol throughout the Colonies. It was about a year into this assigment that he began to hear rumors the NOMAD Joint Task Force, an armed deep-space mining expedition. Intrigued, and looking for a good jumpstart to his career, he began to investigate further and eventually managed to secure a volunteer spot as a Viper Pilot aboard the Battlestar Orion.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

-2001: Graduated from Caprica University (Bachelor's, Military Science). Granted military commission from ROTC program.
-2002: Graduated Flight School. Assigned to Battlestar Atremis
-2003: Volunteered and assigned to Battlestar Orion

Recent Logs


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