AWD #173: Tauron vs Minos
Tauron vs Minos
Summary: There's a disturbance in the Naval Enlisted Berthings. Sera disaproves.
Date: 27/Jun/2013
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Diomedes Toby Sera 
Naval Enlisted Berthings, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Housing a couple thousand naval personnel is never easy, but the fleet has managed for many decades. The enlisted barracks are divided up into sixty-bunk berthings and spread out across Deck Three. Each bunk has a small blue privacy curtain to keep out the light and prying eyes, but at least each individual has their own space. The drawers beneath each bunk and the lockers provide additional storage space. Between each stack of bunks is a single table that comprises a single section, each barracks holding five sections that are divided by thin bulkheads.
AWD #173

Dio was stalking the 'halls' of the berthings, fists clenching and unclenching. He'd recently received the news of Minos. One man left, begging for help. A man who was probably dead. A small shrine had been smashed- clay and glass shattered across the floor. Dio was in a mood in a bad way, and had already kicked his bed several times. He'd only just gotten back to the berthings from an anger fueled walk through the corridors that had netted nothing in the way of an appropriate victim. All he needed was a face, and the slightest, stupidest reason. Dio was ready to fight.

Shift long since over, Toby has had time to shower and change, and is now in the mood to hit the gym, or rec room, or anywhere really. Having taken the log way round to his bunk to avoid a log-jam elsewhere he misses the immediate signs of destruction at Dio's bunk and instead simply grabs the pyramid ball that lives on his shelf and turns to hunt out faces who might be pursuaded to play. Dio is spotted, although there's enough distreactions around that his mood is not and so the ball is thrown at him, at about head height, as you do. "Dio! Just the man. Tauron vs Minos, friendly in the fitness centre. You game?""

Slapping the ball, Diomedes approaching Toby now when he calls out the 'Tauron vs Minos.' "Alright, " There is no more battle call- just a flying fist towards Toby's face. "I'm game. Tauron versus Minos. Who's one top, Toby?!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Diomedes=melee Vs Toby=alertness
< Diomedes: Good Success Toby: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Seeing Dio head towards him, Toby figures that that's a yes and starts to turn round to look for others who might be intersted in playing. One-on-one can be okay, but it's not the same as a full game. The incoming fist is spotted out of the corner of his eye, just before he turns too far round and he has to rapidly throw himself backwards against his bunk to get out of the way. Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately from Dio's point of view, there's not a huge amount of space in the berthings and he can't move enough to get entirely out of the way and takes a glancing blow across the chin. "Frakking hell Dio!" he calls out in surprise, "what the frak?!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dio=melee Vs Toby=melee
< Dio: Good Success Toby: Success
< Net Result: Dio wins - Marginal Victory

Dio's always got a followup on a strike like that. A second fist that comes soon after. IT was a sneak attack, really. "Minos is fucking gone, you sack of shit!" Dio's fist rose now, a strike towards the ribs. He'd try to beat the fight out of the Tauran. "We'll settle every frakin score, Tauran Versus Minos!"

Toby is a little to busy blinking at Dio and trying to mentally catch up with the unexpected developments to spot the blow to his ribs until it's far to late to try and dodge sideways. It's not as if he can back up any futher being as he's already up against his bunk. It's not strong enough to wind, but he definitely feels it and instinctively launches his own fist at Dio's face in retaliation before the half of his brain that's connected to his ears can jump in and stop things from escalating.

Dio shifts back- but not quick enough the fist Toby throws. It hits the cheek as he pulls back. Diomedes throws another fist, just raw aggression without any real direction- he just wanted to hit things- and he wanted to hit them hard. "Come on!" he shouts at Toby, encouraging the fist fight.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dio=melee Vs Toby=melee
< Dio: Failure Toby: Good Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Solid Victory

There is undoubtablely plenty of power behind Dio's thrust, but with no attempt at disgusing it Toby has no real issue in side stepping out of the way and using the Minoan's own movement to give himself room to get up back off the edge of his bunk and give himself room to manouver. Fists still moving far faster than brain he aims a swift one-two at Dio's face and chin as he advances, aiming to keep the other on the backfoot and if possible, push him back up against a bunk or locker.

Those ones, though. Those knock Dio's block. He's dazed, shaking his head- laughing as he spits out a bit of blood. Laughing at something. At anything. Diomedes finds himself against a bunk, stumbling back. This was a fight Dio knew. But he was just fighting with rage. Toby was just the first one who showed up. He tries to get some distance- before just rushing at Toby's middle with a shout! "AAAggh!" A desperate attempt at a gut-check.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dio=melee Vs Toby=melee
< Dio: Good Success Toby: Success
< Net Result: Dio wins - Solid Victory

The thinking part of Toby's brain has now caught up with the situation and as Dio spits the blood he starts to back off, tro try and end things there and see if there is anything he can do to actually help the situation. It's then though that he's kocked backwards and off his feet by the charging Dio and suddenly the voice of reason in his head is drowned out once more by the screaming of adrenalin. On his back, on the decking there is no room for flight so it's fight all the way, although his efforts don;t get off to a great start as he clangs his skull off the metal plating on the way down. Momentarilly dazed he takes a swing at the approaching form, aiming to buy himself enough time to roll away and get to his feet again. Swithing back into their native tongue he manages the not particularly original, <frak you!>

With the shoulder strike working, Dio's trying to just get on top and throw a single punch as they fall in an attempt gather just the right momentum as they collide with the ground. Dio fights like a mad dog, trying to keep himself on top of the other in an unfocused sort of violence.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dio=melee Vs Toby=melee
< Dio: Success Toby: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

While Toby's swing seems to impact, it doesn't give him the time or space to tryand get out of the way of the next incoming ones, nor can he find the space to roll away or turn the table. A couple of not particularly effective punches are aimed at Dio amid the other's flurry, but nothing seems to have any great effect and so he takes the fight down another level and aims his kneecap soldily at Dio's crotch.

Its really just a tangle of limbs, Dio and Toby trying to hit one another as they tumble there on the ground. The kick towards his crotch causing a tactical retreat. He took a moment, staring still at Toby. His lip is split. "Come on then." he says to Toby, "Minos versus Taurus!" he shouts, as if that was the real reason. It isn't. But on the level of shouting- he worked for him, somehow. He beat at his chest, "Come on, then! Try that again?!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dio=melee Vs Toby=melee
< Dio: Great Success Toby: Good Success
< Net Result: Dio wins - Marginal Victory

<Tauron!> Toby bellows back to Dio, the rational part of his brain having long since given up on trying to influence anything over the pounding of the adrenalin. Seeing Dio roll to his feet he does teh same and then launches himself forward, almost a mirror image to Dio's earlier tackle, aiming his shoulder at the other's gut to try and take him down. <It's frakking Tro-//RON/>, cos yeah, apparently the most offensive part of this whole thing is that slight misprounciation.

Dio grabs at Toby as he's rushed at, struggling back and forth in the bunks as he wrestles with the other huge tattooed Deckhand. In their shared tongue he shouts, <MINOS IS GONE, MINOS IS DEAD! FRAK YOU MINOS VERUS TAURON!> as he falls back, struggling with the man and trying now to throw him into bunks, and lockers. Its an old fashioned brawl.

Toby wrestles briefly with Dio, and it seems a fairly even match while it lasts. <PYRAMID YOU FRAKKER> he screams back, not showing one sign of relenting in the fight, <TAURON, MINOS, TROY, GEMANOM, VIRGON.. SOME FRAKKING OTHERS, THEY'RE ALL DEAD. ALL OF 'EM. FRAK YOU AND FRAK THE TOASTERS. FRAK.. > What ever it was he was about to say though is cut short as one of Dio's efforts sends him thunking into a locker. The impact makes his skull ring, as it had when he'd hit the deck, but it the corner of said locker also gouges a line of fresh from his brow which promptly starts to bleed. It's high enough that it's no where near his eye, but once the blood starts flowing it's only a matter of moments before his vision is impared on that side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dio=melee Vs Toby=melee
< Dio: Good Success Toby: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Crushing Victory

"<Frak you!>" Dio answers back, not really caring. "<Its all dead, its all gone! Frak you, frak you!>" Dio is just angry, blind with it really- Toby's just the lucky man who's getting barely aimed fists, visceral sort of knees and elbows without his normal sort of self. This is just troublemaking. Anger without aim. Its no good in a fight- Its sloppy.

With both men looking a little worse for it, and screaming at each other in Tauran, it's fair to say that they are starting to attract the attenion of those entering the berthings. Not that Toby knows, or indeed cares about such things mind. He has no time to wipe the blood out of his eye as Dio keeps the rain of punches going and for a moment it's all he can do to simply play defensive, but then an openning presents itself through Dio's guard and he steps in to take advantage of it, aiming his right fist at the other's temple and then his left in a followup move to the solar plexus. All the while he's screaming back <I KNOW! I had to WATCH it! I SAW it all BURN!>

It's really not the fight that's drawn Sera's attention as she walks down the halls. It's probably the fact that, well, at this point… they're likely drawing a crowd. An audience, as it were. Trust an enlisted grunt to love a good fight, right? And no one can put on a fight quite like a pair of Taurans. Fortunately, Sera's relatively small, so it's easy for her to elbow her way through people to get a peek at what, exactly, all of this noise and fuss are about.

"They at least didn't have to suf-" Diomedes takes a massively effective fist to the side of his head, smashed then with a followup right to the middle. He crumbles down to his knees with his hands held up before he falls forward to the floor. *THUD* The Tattoed man from Minos breathed heavily. Just laying there in silence. He manages to roll to his back. Just laying there, breathing heavily. He's got no more fight in him.

Toby is breathing heavilly too and now he does take a moment to wipe the back of his hand across his eye to clear his vision. Not that it helps for long mind, but it's a start at least. Dio might have switched back to standard, but he's still working in their native tongue, as is often the case when he's worked up or upset about something. Dropping down to his knees next to the Minoan he grabs a handfull of Dio's t-shirt and pulls it upwards a little while forming a fist with his other hand and waving it infront of his face. <SUFFER? They didn't SUFFER? Is THAT what you were going ot say? Frakking say that, or anything like that again, and you'll frakking suffer.>

"CREWMAN SHACKLETON," comes the unmistakable bark of Sera's voice — the one which she generally reserves for when she's spotted some fresh new recruit using a plasma torch entirely too close to a fuel line for it to be anything but suicidal. It's really quite amazing how intimidating a woman clad in sweatpants and her fluffy slippers can suddenly appear when she so chooses. "What in holy Hades is goin' on here?!?"

Diomedes grins up at Toby, laughing at him. Laughing at himself. Just laughing. <Hit me again, or eat a bull's dick.> he spits out, before he looks over to Sera, laying back again with a groan. "Ah, frack." he mumbles, "I hit him first." He says, with a grin. "He's a dick."

Toby had lost track of the surroundings a while back, there had been only the fight, but Sera's shout puts an end to that something sharpish. Snapping his head round at the sound of her voice he lets go of Dio's shirt, blinks a couple of times, utterly failing to clear the eye that is now infact, starting to gum up, but it does allow enough time for the thinking part of his brain to clamp his jaw shut before he says something really stupid in reply. His other fist cleshes once more at Dio's words, but he resists the urge to lamp him again and instead pushes himself to his feet and takes a step or two away from the downed tech and leans against the edge of the nearest bunk. He's still not saying anything though, not until he's certain he can trust himself.

One grey-tipped fingers points sharply at Diomedes and his statement. "Is that true?," she asks, eyebrows arching sharply upwards as she closes the distance between herself and Toby. Now is one of those moments when her usual regard for personal space is tossed entirely out the window. She'd be staring the man down, except for the fact that, well… she has to stare up to do it. "Did Petty Officer Alexios start this, or did you?," she demands, still barking out her questions with obvious anger, simmering just below the surface.

"What, Sera- I started it." Dio says again as he tries to stand- still a little loopy from Toby's well timed attack. He's leaning heavily on someone's rack, spitting out a bit more blood as he holds an arm over his middle. Groaning. "I wanted to punch him in the face. So I punched him in the face." It really didn't matter that he lost- he'd just wanted to fight. Wanted to feel something.

Toby might have tried to back up a little were it not for the fact that he's already leaning against a bunk. Instead he simply stops leaning and stands up straighter, it's not parade ground attention, but it's straight. Not entirely sure if he should be looking straight forwards, or down at Sera, he opts instead to glances down to Dio as his brain attempts to work through everything that just happened and come up with an appropriate answer. Figuring that he did throw the ball first, and that there is no way that he's dobbing Dio in, even if the man has admitted it, so instead he replies succicently, "I did."

Sera's eyes — already dark enough by their own natural color — narrow to hard slits at the discrepancy in stories. She knows all too well how this goes. "Alexios, shut up and get back in your bunk. I'll deal with you later," she snaps at him. "Shackleton," she replies, pointing at the table between the rows of beds. "Sit. NOW."

Dio just stares between the two but heads on his way, giving Toby some rude hand motion as he moved on… he'd disappear to his rack just to sit there, once more grabbing guitar to play quietly.

Tobys eyes follow Dio and his progress and there's a brief moment of tension as the gesture is given but he once again resists the urge to restart things and instead moves to take a seat as ordered. A little bit further away from Dio's rack than he had been standing.

"Hands," she says, point blank. Holding one of hers out towards him, the way she moves her fingers back and forth like she's expecting him to fork something over makes it obvious — she's expecting him to hold them out. Her mouth has turned down into a faint frown as she waits. "That man," she begins, "is one of your own. He is enlisted. He is a deckhand. He is Tauran. I don't know who started this. I don't really give a frak right now. But the next time you feel the need to take a poke at him, you remember that. An' then you put on some gods-damned gloves an' take it down to the gym, do you understand?"

Toby hadn't been expecting to have to present his hands and there is a brief moment of pause as he convinces himself that that is what she is actually asking for. Once it's obvious though he holds them out and keeps half an eye on them for a hint of why they might be wanted. As she speaks again he glances once more to Dio then back to Sera before giving her a short, shallow nod. "Aye."

Just more guitar from Dio. He's not thrashing. Its a quiet strum.

She starts poking and prodding at the bones. She doesn't bother to be gentle about it. Given what he was just using his fists for, it probably hurts. "Do you want to report this?," Sera asks, as she squeezes and pinches. It's not the broken skin over his knuckles that she's concerned about. It's the bones, which she's feeling for breaks.

Toby takes the poking and prodding of his hands like any red-blooded male in the history of everything ever. There's the occasional wince when she finds a particularly sore bit, but it all appears to be brusing rather than breaks. There's also a smear of still-tacky blood over the back of one of them, but thats from the cut above his eye rather than the hand itself. He shakes his head at the question, then offers a quiet "no," incase she was busy paying attention to his hands rather than his face.

Diomedes was just quiet, on his rack. His guitar playing had tapered off and now he just sat in silence staring at the top bunk.

"Do you need medical attention?," she asks tersely, eyeing his face skeptically. Specifically, she's eyeing his gummed up eye. They may not be able to keept it quiet, if he needs much more than what's in the first aid kit. She's aware of that, and the trouble with the scuttlebutt, judging by the way she's pressing her tongue into her cheek.

Toby is fairly certain that he didn't manage to concuss himself when he bounced his skull off the deckplates and so shakes his head once more. Taking a moment then to glance around until he spos the locker in question he tilts his head towards it, as she has his hands. "Banged it on that, thats all." There's even a faint smear of blood to prove his point although he's not about to going pointing that out. He does however, have the decency to start looking a little on the ashamed side now that the adrenalin is wearing off.

"There is a first-aid kit in the hall, located between our berths and the Marines. It's sparse, but functional. Go find what you need out of it," she says, her tone low. "And don't let this happen again." Sera's dark eyes then swivel over towards Dio's bunk. "Petty Officer Alexios." He is not, it seems, about to be spared.

"What?" Dio replies simply to Sera- laying back on the bed as he was. He had a split eyebrow, and some bad bruising on the side of his head. He'd taken the worse of the beating there. Diomedes looks up at Sera expectantly, waiting eyes.

Toby nods once, having seen the kit many times before, then pushes himself back to his feet. "It won't" he replies in a tone that is certainly more than a mumble but not quite a normal conversational volume. Moving away towards the hatch he doesn't look back at Dio or Sera, concentrating instead on getting what he needs and getting back into the berthings as quickly as possible.

It seems they are not friends at the moment. "Get up," she orders. As in onto his feet, in a proper military stance, as is befitting a man who's about to receive an ass-chewing from a superior officer. "Now."

"What?" Dio asks, as he's given that ordery yell. "Frak, Sera." he replies, when she gets that look on her face. He just stands up, and stares down at the woman.

He is going to receive exactly the same treatment — that infuriated stare generally reserved for down and out mothers that aren't above whooping their kids, "Hands." They are, after all, critical to his work. "Did you hear what I said to Shackleton? Did you hear every word?"

"I wasn't listening." Dio says to her simply, showing her his hands. Busted knuckles, it looks like he was hitting things hard. "What you say to ole' Shacks then?" Dio says flatly over to Sera.

The familiar tone draws absolutely no amusement or softness from her face. Instead, she simply begins prodding at his hands as well, feeling for broken bones. "I told Crewman Shackleton the same thing I'm goin' to tell you. That man is you crewmate. He is a fellow enlisted, a fellow knuckledragger, and a fellow Tauran. He is the closest thing that you have to a brother an' I expect you to remember that. Am I clear?"

Toby returns a couple of minutes later with a handful of various things. Ant-septic wipes mostly, but also a pad and some tape for his head and a couple of plasters just in case. Noting Dio getting the same treatment from Sera that he did he keeps his distance but does toss across a couple of the wipes once he's withing range. That done he continues on to his bunk where he can sit and clean up.

"Sera. It ain't even about that." Diomedes just gives a shake of his head. "He's planetside, I'm from Minos. I'm one of what's left. And its probably not a lot." he shakes his head. "And I'm not sure what to do. We'd never give up. We'll do what it takes… but there's no one there. Its like… there's no one left. We're it. Everyone everywhere is frakin' dead." he says to her as his shoulders rise and fall. "I don't want to be the last of anything."

The CPO tilts her head back. She has to, to look up at him — to close the distance between their faces. "Petty Officer Alexios, I am Trojan. I am, as far as I know, one of three left of my entire people. I know exactly how this feels, and yet I have managed not to go swinging my fists at the only people that I have left. You want to take a poke at someone? Next time, you put some gloves on and you take a poke at me. Got it?"

Toby doesn't perhaps make the greatest job ever of cleaning himself up, but a bit of pressure applied to his head works to stop the bleeding and from there on it's mostly just the anti-septic wipes. He isn't sure if he has all the blood off his face but there can't be a huge amount left and he declares himself done there, throwing the now bloody wipes into the nearest bin as he does so.

Diomedes gives Sera a bit of a look, shaking his head. He turns around hands behind his head. Whatever he's got to say to that, he keeps to himself. "Yeah." he says simply, "Yeah. Right." He's not likely to take Sera up on that any time soon.

If the look on her face is any sort of warning, Diomedes may well just get punched again, this time by the woman he's turned his back to. Her eyes narrow, but her anger is riding its last wave. It's true; she does know how this feels. Sympathy is creeping slowly onto her face. "Get some sleep," she says, quieter. "You're still on shift tomorrow." At least she isn't sending him to the brig.

"Yeah. Thanks." Dio says, almost robotically to Sera as he sits back down onto his bunk and just kicks off his shoes. He'll let them just sit there for now. He sits quiet in his bunk now and just keeps to himself. Work tomorrow and all.

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