tauron.png Tauron
Ancient Name: Taurus
Population: 2.5 billion (Pre)
Patron God: Ares
Capitol: Hypatia
Major Cities:
Hypatia, Tauron City (Minos)
Minos, Olympia Hippadrome, Great Tauron Plains
Pyramid Teams:
Olympia Stallions, Tauron Bulls

Current Status

Tauron is a nuclear wasteland. There is a military-enforced quarantine around the planet and even entering the atmosphere is forbidden.

Minos, the moon, has had the mines re-opened and expanded to meet production requests from places like Caprica. Per contractual obligations and requirements, the mines are owned, staffed and operated, and managed by Taurans. Having survived the war largely intact most of the several thousand evacuated from there to Piraeus during the war returned home. It didn't take all that long after the war ended for activity to pick up again, although it was nearly five years until production was back up to its pre-invasion levels. Many Tauran survivors joined the native Minoans, along with miners from a few other colonies, but those were few and far between. As the mining operations started to grow, many were named for geographical areas on Tauron, and survivors tended to find jobs in their home workings, with rivalries of varying degrees of friendliness developing between them. Very few people are rich, although the share of wealth between owners and workers is much more even than it was previously. Tauran is the main language for day to day work, although pretty much everyone is also capable of holding a conversation in Standard should they have the need or desire.

Pre-Leap Status

Tauron was heavily nuked and is considered a total loss. There is one basestar in the vicinity of the colony and its moon, Minos.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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Third National Penitentiary Riots — Thaddeus

Tauron's Third National Penitentiary was established in the foothills of a mineral-rich mountain range, where the inmates were used to supplement the local civilian workforce. In theory, this was a work program to teach criminals the value of an honest day's work and earn them a few cubits. In practice, the inmates were treated like slave labour, denied proper safety gear (who wants to spend money on keeping a murderer safe?), and given a pittance of their supposed wage.

Reforms were on their way, thanks to a determined prisoners' advocacy group, but were bogged down in red tape and stonewalling prison officials. Then, in early 1992, a tunnel collapse left thirty prisoners to suffocate while the survivors struggled with useless and unmaintained rescue equipment.

It was the last straw. The civilian workers were taken hostage. Demands were made, negotiations were attempted and failed, and as the Third National Penitentiary devolved into full-scale rioting above, the CMC was called in to attempt a rescue of the hostages below.

Five days later, the final holdout of inmates were killed in a last stand. Final body count: twenty-five out of thirty hostages, sixty out of eighty-five prisoners, and seven dead Marines.

Loyalist Movement — Afton

Further write up pending.

Antioch, The Churchill Mountains — Wisdom

Antioch is a well known mining city within the Churchill mountains, located in the North of the Great Tauron Plains. The town itself is what one would expect to find there, nestled into the mountain side. With white washed buildings and metal roofs, Antioch isn't tall as much as it sprawls over the western side of Little Brother, the smallest of the Churchill Mountain range. Antioch's main contribution to the Tauron economy comes through mining, and the people found here are in the lower end of the poverty spectrum. It is not uncommon to find a number of the Colonial Marine Corps, recruits from this area. It is also not uncommon to find the cult of Mithras thriving within this small population.

The area around the mountains, are heavily wooded. Besides of Antioch, the Mountains boast of Chamberlain's Gap, a natural gap cut through the mountain range by weather and likely a meteor strike at some point. It was used by early colonists as a means of passage for those settling the colony (comparable to the Cumberland Gap)

The Pacification of Tauron — Wisdom

The Pacification of Tauron, was a major event in Colonial history, that took place after the First Cylon War. Some elements in the Tauron government made statements pertaining to seceeding from the Colonial charter and running their own colony separate of their brothers and sisters. The press covering this, took it to be the Taurons trying to flex their usual muscle, and flaunt the independence they enjoyed before the War. Things were only taken seriously when the Civic government recalled it's Quorum members.

After that move, and the lowering of the Colonial flag over Minos-did the Colonial government take it seriously. Taking this as an act of rebellion, the Colonials mobilized the 11th Marines, and various naval units to converge on the planet. The first battle that took place over air space over Hypatia. At that point executive orders were handed down to stop the rebels at any cost.

The total time of hostilities were officially recognized for six months, the colonials declaring victory in the seventh month. However, actions took place for another year, and occupation for two more-with the Marines set to clearing die hard secessionists from the Churchill mountains. In the aftermath, Tauron was humbled and lost some of their rights, until the Quorum voted to readmit the Tauran delegates.

While not classified as a rebellion, it is listed as a 'disagreement' in modern text books-the Colonial government is stated to have treated it as an insurrection. The Pacification is often used as a lesson to those Colonies, that might think about balking at Colonial authority.

Characters Involved

MAJ John "Ragman" Wisdom
SSGT Arkadios Cruz
CMN Tobias Shackleton


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