MD #140: Tattoo Idea
Tattoo Idea
Summary: Lleu heads to Sick Bay to hunt for Miri to speak with her about getting a new tattoo. Moroko is already there.
Date: 26/08/2017 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Behind each bed a small touchscreen has also been built in to help supplement care and transmit vitals to Medical personnel's tablets. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue. This bay has seen many improvements from the overhaul but can clearly operate effectively without any power.
Tue Mar 13 15:35:45 2049

"Stop worry about what you could have done and turn it into what can you do next time. But that's just it, right? In wars like this, you have no idea what kind of crazy shit next time's going to throw at you, so who even knows if the lessons from last time will be applicable?" Miri arches her expressive eyebrows. "So maybe stop kicking yourself so much. And the ejactulation joke was low-hanging fruit. You can do better." She grins.

Moroko scowls faintly his eyes still up, "I'm not… kicking myself." Moroko is seated in a chair facing Miri not meeting her gaze. "Well until I see what crazy shit comes at me next there's not much to do but think about the crazy shit I saw last you know? How else do you figure out what you can do better next time but learn about what happened last time. I… it's easier when it's a field problem. You get all the information you need and time to figure it out. Here you barely get anything." He pauses and then points out, "Hey I'm all about low hanging jokes." He pauses then and then tilts, "Wait which was the ejaculation joke. Not my fault you're a sausage fiend."

An MP arrives. The Marine is a familiar Gunnery Sergeant, the Master-at-Arms in charge of the ship's Security. Lleufer is in uniform with his black MP brassard on his sleeve with sidearm, cuffs, taser and whatnot. Ynyr glances around and seeing Miri here speaking with Moroko, Lleu slightly alters course not to go to the reception desk but to come over towards where they are seated. "I'm missing low hanging ejaculation jokes and I'm not the one telling them?" The Gunny grins, "Hey, Miri. Moro. I hope I'm not interrupting any deep philosophy or anything here, am I?"

"I assumed you turned my threat to 'finish' you into a double entendre. Maybe I overestimated your wit," Miri teases. She listens patiently, though, and replies thoughtfully. "You just do your best every time. Unless you specifically know that something was wrong or inefficient, you can't do better than that. It's not a contest." She looks up at Gunny Lleu. "Just telling this kid that it's totally okay that he's not Cooper Knox. Only Cooper Knox is Cooper Knox, even though we have a zillion assholes running around who look just like him. And that's a good thing."

Moroko glances up and over. He sits up a bit and starts to evacuate the chair he's sitting at, "Gunny." He greets quietly and shifts uneasily, "Nothing major." He offers and then coughs as Miri explains the joke, "Sorry. I guess I'm not up to my usual impressive wit." He admits ruefully and he starts to point out the technicality about Knox and then rolls his shoulders, "I'm not saying I should be like him. Just…" He trails off as his defense more or less doesn't seem to get him anywher and he sighs, "I'm not like oh woes me. I just… figured I'd get the injury report. Trying to dig up whatever I can about the evacuation op. See what I can do better. Other than learn how to hit the broadside of a walker."

Lleufer parks his butt up against the bulkhead or a low medical table or something and folds his arms comfortably over his chest. "Coop is my best friend and we go way back to the start of the last war. Raised each others' kids together, neighbors. But he is certainly unique and nobody I'd rather have watch my back or look out for my family." There's a faint nod to Moroko, "I'm afraid I'd have to watch helmet camera footage because I didn't keep track of where you were or what you were doing on the op, Moro. But you can go to Lieutenant Flynn. She's the one you should ask, who's in your CoC. It's her job to give you feedback. Anything you need or want help with though, I'm happy to assist. Firearms, grenades, tracking, stealth, disrarms, non-lethal takedowns, hand to hand, etc. Except JTAC stuff, Knox is your go-to there I'd assume."

"I wasn't saying that Coop is a bad guy. It was a hamfisted way of saying that he's the man in the job, so he's the one we need," Miri explains. She uses the end of a pen to stir the sweetener that has settled at the bottom of her cold coffee.

Moroko inclines his head slowly and offers, "Yeah… I'm sure I'll talk more with Lieutenant Flynn. I just… figure after the… I.. probably she needs time." HE shifts uneasily glancing off to the side again. "But yeah, I can probably talk to Gunny Knox." He says in a tone that indicates he's loathe to do precisely that. "But I'd rather go with a better idea of what to do next time than… be faster, and git good." He admits. "He's got plenty of other things than to hold the hand of every new JTAC. I could probably do with more time in the firing range though."

Lleufer grimaces at what Moroko says about Randy, "Son, the best thing she can probably do right now is stay busy. If she's thinking about you and your problems, then it'll help her not drop too deep into the well of … well, just trust me on that one." Unconsciously he rubs at the scars at his own wrists. "She might do well to feel needed right now." A nod about the firing range, then the MaA looks to Miri, "You have time to work on any sketches for that tat, yet?"

"Sounds like you've got a good handle on things, then. Don't doubt yourself." Miri nods and pulls out a tablet when Lleufer asks. "Maybe what you need is a tattoo, Koko. A little adrenaline and endorphins to shock your brain a little?" She grins wolfishly. She opens a photo album on the tablet and pulls up some sketches of a field-and-mountain vista. "This one's meant to be line-art only," she says, indicating the first one, "This one I think needs color."

Miri gets a chuckle out of Ynyr. Lleu grins, "Get you a CMC tat, Moro. Something every Marine should have. Mine's right here." He slaps his upper left arm right below his shoulder but his long uniform sleeves cover his arms at the moment. The Gunny steps over closer to have a look at what Miri pulls up. "Black and white is fine and I prefer it over color. But gray shading and darks are good, not just lines. More stylized than photographic." He taps the first one, "I like them both, but maybe more a blend of the two? Doesn't need to have a lot of detail. I still don't know if I want it on my upper right arm or over my back."

Moroko shifts at the commentary about Randy. He nods slowly, "If…you say so." He says not willing to contradict but also seeming doubtful. "I'm sure she has a lot…" He takes a breath and sighs, "I'll try." He looks a little dubiously at Miri, "I'm pretty sure medical isn't supposed to be pushing tattoos." He looks down to the album curiously and then to Lleu he reaches a hand up to scratch at his chin, "I'll… think about it. Doesn't over the back and spine hurt like hell?"

"Would look good on your chest, too," Miri suggests, looking the MP over carefully. She grins at Moroko. "Can you think of someone other than medical you'd want to do your tattoos? I have all the sterilization toys. All of them." She peers at him over the rims of imaginary glasses. "All. Of them."

Lleufer tries not to crack up at Miri's expression and her tone but he has to lift a hand to his mouth and can't help his grin. So he clears his throat and looks back to Moroko, "You do what you think best. Flynn's a good friend of mine and I need to go check on her myself." Lleu looks back to Miri and hmmms. "No, not on my chest. I don't like a lot of tats, though Bennett does. She has some … real interesting ones." That few people get to see. "I'll probably opt for discreet on the upper right arm to balance my CMC tat." A soft huff of breath, "I don't care about pain, Moro. I've been shot to hell and back so many times, half ripped apart by Direwolves back on Piraeus, blown up and stabbed, that no tat is going to register on my pain meter. I can ignore it."

Moroko grumbles wryly, "I suspect YOUR toys need all the sterilization our most advanced medical technology can handle." He points out and chuckles, "Maybe I'll get knock-off Knox tattoo'd on my back." He pauses and then offers, "There's a difference between being able to ignore pain and asking for it." He points out and then considers that quietly and then offers, "I think… I'm going to try and avoid direwolves and explosives. But a tattoo doesn't sound too bad."

"We can do upper arm. Let's plan a time to do this. I can do it in here, or we can go to the rec room if you want an audience. Harder to control sterility there, but I do my best. Speaking of Flynn, you should see the ones she got. I'm pretty pleased with them." Miri sips her coffee like she's doing battle with it. "I can make it hurt more, if you want, Koko. Just ask nicely."

There's a twist of his mouth into a wry smirk, "No pain, no gain. Marines know that. Don't be a pussy." Lleufer gives Moroko a wink, then the Master-at-Arms looks back to Miri, "No, here in medical would be fine. I don't need any risk of infection that might keep me from doing my best at my job. I'll give it a bit more thought whether I want it on my arm or over my back and let you know. Maybe I'll ask Bennett what she would like since she's the one who'd see it." He reaches up to tap behind his own shoulder, to indicate his back. "She doesn't know I'm getting it, yet. Then we can schedule something. Maybe tomorrow, if you have the sketch reworked a little in time?"

Moroko considers Miri and raises a brow, "Hey, some people are into that but I thought I wasn't your type." He suggests and then chuckles, "I'll consider what and where." He says with a shrug and then considers listening curiously as Lleu plans his own tattoo. "Is it that common here?" He asks curiously of the two head tilted thoughtfully.

"You're flirting pretty hard. What would you give Koko's flirting intensity, on a scale of one to ten? Six? I'd say six." Miri leans back in her chair, crossing her arms. Her pen is still in her coffee. "For sure, Lleu, bring it on by tomorrow. Bring the whole family, if you want."

Lleufer looks back to Moro, "Is what common here?" Needs to be more specific. A brow is lifted back at Miri, "Is he flirting with you, Ensign? He's not hitting on me, so I wasn't paying any attention." A soft snort, "My daughter's assigned to another ship, but you wait. I bet Llewellyn will come looking for you. He's my youngest son, lifted from Piraeus from among those the Ysrali were keeping safe. He's signing on with the CMC and he'll likely want a tat to match mine to commemorate his becoming a Jarhead like his old man."

Moroko chuckles as he glances over to the Gunny to see how this portion of his performance review goes, "Six? I'll have to work on it then. Clearly I'm out of practice." He then offers, "The tattoo's. I'm still kind of getting used to this place. It's a little interestingly lax in a lot of ways. Not quite what I expected." He then offers quietly, "Glad he made it out." He offers to lleufer.

"I was wondering about that. You were asking for him nonstop when you came out of surgery. I'm so glad you have everyone." This sentiment from Miri is genuine. "As for common? Eh. Depends. Probably going to get more common since I brought my machines with me."

Moroko gets an upnod from Ynyr, "Tats are fairly common. Especially among Taurons or those who like their culture. But tats are a long military tradition as well, especially among the CMC. But the usual rules apply. You need to keep'm off your face, neck, hands, anywhere that might show outside of your uniform while you are on duty. Regs." An easy shrug, "We are strict on what we need to be strict on. Like ship's security - I take that very seriously. And training, and reasonable discipline. But I'm not directly in /your/ CoC so I'll try not to chew your ass out and spit it back out down your throat if you frak up. That's for Flynn to do. Unless you're on a mission with me and I'm lead." Lleu turns his head back to Miri, "Yeah, I was … worried we might have lifted without my boy. I think … we probably lost our eldest boy, Sean, back when the Skath invaded. Viper pilot on Picon. I fear his odds of surviving aren't good."

Moroko nods slowly as he listens to the two pursing his lips thoughtfully. He listens to Lleu then and nods, "It's not quite what one expects." He admits ruefully and then nods quietly, "Well I'll do my best not to get chewed out and spit back out regardless of whose mission it is." He winces then at the admission about the eldest son. He shifts quietly, "It's… a rough time all around. Sorry to hear that." He offers and glances around again. Clearly still not as used to loss as the longer serving personnell.

Lleufer gets a sympathetic nod, but Miri isn't the best for giving condolences. "Where are your people, Torin?" she asks, taking the tablet back and pulling up an app that most certainly isn't a colorful match-three game. It's important work. Totally.

Lleufer grimaces to Moro, "Thanks. He may be alive, we don't know. But now we are going to leave Colonial space… we may never know." He's not happy about it at all but what can he do? Duty first. "Located two of our three kids and my wife is on board, so I'm better off than a lot of people who have lost their entire families. We do the best we can, help each other out." Ynyr checks his chrono, then cocks his head and gets an unfocused look to his Arpay eyes as he listens to something. After a second he moves a hand to tap his ear bud and says, "Ynyr here. Go." Then he listens to something more.

Moroko shifts uneasily and then glances to Miri, "Aerilon. At least they were before the jump. NOw… who the hell knows. Aerilon was a bit of a dump even before then so hopefully they got…" HE shrugs his shoulders, "Don't really know enough to even hazard a guess. Yourself?" He admits quietly and asks before he nods to Lleufer uncertain what to say and then his brow furrows as there's listening and he shifts glancing to the door it's clear he's hoping it's decent news from the mission.

"All of my people died in the last war. Other than the folks in the Corps, I didn't exactly get any more of those." That's all Miri really has to say, but she starts to open her mouth to make some stupid smalltalk. Then Lleufer's got someone on the ear-horn, so she shuts her mouth.

Wait, what? Lleufer suddenly refocuses his attention on Moroko, "Aerlion isn't a dump. That's my homeworld too, bud. Though I suppose these days Piraeus is more my home now. Or rather, was." Alas. Then another finger tap to his ear bud, keying the pickup once more, "Security Hub, Ynyr. No, send Keller to cover. That'll give me time to come adjust the MP roster for third shift's patrols. Over." A pause as the Master-at-Arms deals with on duty stuff over his radio. Then he nods, "Ynyr copies. Out." Then a glance back to Moro and Miri, "Sorry about that. I'm on duty and I should probably get back to the Security Hub. I need to go make a change to shift assignments." Work, work, work. Become a Department Head and you get trapped into lots of paperwork, even for an NCO. Lleu lays a hand on Miri's shoulder and gives the Ensign a gentle squeeze for what she has endured and lost in the last war, trying to give some comfort.

Moroko shrugs at Lleufer, "I spent my whole childhood building little farmsteads and watching them get blown back down and then going back to rebuilding them. Got out of there as quick as I could." He looks disappointed when it appears it's not news from the latest mission and he glances to Miri, "Ouch." He says softly and winces, "Sorry to hear that. Well..ah." He shakes his head and sighs, "Frak this place is full of mines."

"Everone has dead people, lately moreso than usual," Miri says, almost casually. "Relax, kid. Want something to do? Get drunk and start keeping a journal." She lays her hand on top of Lleufer's for just a moment before withdrawing. "Have fun with that. I'll just, uh, find an anal boil to lance or something." Or play match-three.

"You are all right, Moro. We have pretty thick skins after all the shit we've been through. You'll get one too, or else you'll become a bleeding wound that hurts all the time and can't heal. But we've got your back and … hopefully we can all help you through the latter, if it happens. We are like family here, with your brothers and sisters of the Corps." Lleufer gives Miri a look, "Don't save me any boils, thanks." He turns, pats Moro on the arm and then heads on out. Ynyr says over his shoulder before he steps through the hatch, "I'll check back tomorrow if I have time for the tat work, Ensign."

Moroko nods at Miri quietly and chuckles, "I'll.. keep that in mind. I think I did enough drinking the other night to last me a bit. But not the worst option. Still a journal would be… interesting do many people do…" He blinks at that and shakes his head faintly at the boiling discussion. He then he glances to Lleu and then nods quietly, "I'll try and avoid the boils as well. Thanks Gunny."

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