Lieutenant (JG) Natasha "Blackbird" Stryker
Blackbird.jpg Natasha B. Stryker
Ensign Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
26 F
Hair Eyes
Platinum Blonde Ice Blue


Constantly in motion, Tasha Stryker, call sign Blackbird, is a child of Scorpia and like her home world and its capital city this girl can be an enigma. A constant night owl suffering from bouts of insomnia, Tasha is often reading, doing laundry or freshening up in the head, in the flight sims, swimming, working out or simply hanging in the rec-room grifting FNGs and salted dogs alike out of their cubits and day to day comfort items. While she doesn’t have many friends on the Orion currently, despite a few passing faces, she is often loyal to those she considers close and quick to come to their defense. In her time off, Tasha is often found working out a few sketch ideas and doing tattoos on the side in trade for favors and other various things. She is quick to smile and seems to take the stress of this new reality in stride as if able to take the weight of the world upon her shoulders with a never say die outlook.


Family & Friends

Name Relation Notes Status Notes
Unknown Father Viper Pilot Retired? - Deceased? - Unkown Tasha never knew her father and her Mother can offer no insite other than he was a Viper pilot visiting the casino she shared a weekened with. All Tasha has is a battered Brass lighter with a mark II Viper emblazed on it's surface with the markings worn smooth.
Lara Stryker Mother Show Girl Presumed Deceased Worked at "The Grand'' Hotel and Casino as a Show Girl.
Kirk Stryker Grandfather Retired Viper Pilot Presumed Deceased After retirement opened a Tattoo Parlor on Scorpia with his wife. Works on Bikes and lives a quiet life on the outskirts of the capital city near a seculded coastal Cove where Tasha spent most of her summers.
LaVonda Stryker Grandmother Retired House Wife Presumed Deceased A professional homemaker, Tasha's grandmother was truly stricken when her only daughter became a show girl. Still her influence on Tasha taught a high degree of self reliance and the ability to make due when times where hard that saw the young girl through her early years.

Major Events

* Born October 26th, 1979
* Sweet 16, October 26th, 1995 - First Kiss
* December 8th, 1996 - Working part time under the table for cash at "The Grand Hotel and Casino" as a candy and cigar girl on the floor.
* June 1st, 1997 - Spend the whole summer on the cove outside of her home and learned how to live off the ocean with a group of close friends.
* January 1st, 1998 - Found love and thought it would last forever…
* July 4th,1998 - Turned a skill for drawing into a summer job as a tattoo artist part time while preparing for her OCS application by also volunteering to help with the homless on Scorpia to get volunteer hours in order to pad her packet application a bit.
* March 21st 1999 - Said goodbye to everything she had ever known and the love she thought she would spend the rest of her life with to start a new chapter as a Viper Pilot after dreaming of following in her father's footsteps for so many years.
* October 15th, 2001 - First time in the cockpit of a Real Viper for a solo flight… A life changing moment that took her breath away and escapes words to describe it.
* April 4th, 2002 - Graduated Flight school. Her mother and Grandfather where there to see it. She still has a picture of that day she keeps close at hand.

Service Record

Year Rank Station Notes
2004 - Current LTJG BS-114 Orion Promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and transferred to VF-777 "Lucky Strikes"
2002 - 2004 ENS BS-104 Night_Flight Promoted to Ensign and assigned to VFA-6 "Hard Six"
2001 - 2002 Nugget CFAB Nike, Caprica Flight School
1999 - 2001 MIDN CFAB Radix, Virgon Officer Candidate School

Recent Events

Recent Logs

IC Relationships

File Image Name Notes
Cole_icon.png LT Aristides "Janitor" Cole First impressions go along way and yours was gruff and tough enough to stick with me for a long time.
Holtz_icon.png LT Kurt "Storm" Holtz Something about him I just can't put my finger on as of yet but I hope to get to know him better.
Luc_icon.png LTJG Luc "Crater" Raynor You seem to be around alot. Married and moving on… your situation is one I can see you have made peace with and I wish you the best.
Phin_icon.png LTJG Phin "Dolly" McBride Has a twin brother on the Orion that has his back as a Marine. It's good to have family close and makes him someone I could envy.
Agrippa_icon.png ENS Alexander "Punchdrunk" Agrippa I'm hearing he is a natural at the stick and is filling up the Kill board. Impressed.


* Marilyn Manson - "No Reflection"

Crushing, cheating, changing.
Am I deaf or dead?
Is this constricting construction
Or just streets with rusty signs
but i know you need this
Of something violent coming?


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