AWD #150: Taking Aim, Looking Ahead
Taking Aim, Looking Ahead
Summary: Ygraine and Phin burn some leave time while they've still got it to burn, shoot some pool, and speculate about what the future might bring.
Date: 05/06/2013 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's — Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #150

Leave is being given out like candy lately, mainly because everyone knows about the big push coming up for Picon and command wants everyone to feel like they've got all their ducks in a row. Of course, Ygraine's been on light duty for most of this time, and she's been off the pain medication for a few days. So right now she's kicking back, enjoying a leisurely beer.

Phin is taking the available leave while he can get it, which tonight means joining the ECO for a beer at Charlie's. He still hasn't entirely de-shell shocked from his promoting, and he was happy enough for the excuse to get off the ship. He's dressed down in civvies, though that just means a blue Pyramid t-shirt and jeans. "Glad there were tables left," he says as he settles in with his glass of whatever was on tap tonight. "Seems like everybody who's not busting to get ready for Picon is off right now."

Ygraine is in civvies as well, but when she does it, she does it with a girl's fondness for clothes; that means in this summer heat a halter top and a skirt that's just a shade too short. "Makes sense." she says, brightening up when she sees him. "We're about to get into it up to our necks; everybody's gotta be fresh and ready."

"Live it up while you can. Yeah. It was a good idea to come down." Phin slouches comfortably in his chair, blue eyes shifting around the bar. Watching a pool game between an engineering officer and a CIC spook for a second. The engineer is winning. "We should try to get the table when they're done. Feels like ages since I played."

"I'm horrible at it, but as long as we don't start bettin' cubits or clothes, I'll be alright." Ygraine says cheerily. "Ya can show me how t'play properly, ya?"

Phin laughs. "I can never tell if you're trying to hustle me or not. But sure. We'll just play for bragging rights. Or something like that." For now, he just nurses his beer while the engineer runs the table. "How you feel?" He adds, with a slight smile, "You look better. They got you on light duty much longer?"

Ygraine makes a pouty face. "Would I hustle ya, Phinny?" Then she grins. "Not much longer, I think. I'll be good t'go for Picon, if not before. I wish I hadn't missed your mission, though."

"Yes," Phin replies to her pouty face with a crooked grin. "But you'd do it real sweet. And you didn't miss much. It was just kind of in and out. Lots of mapping, trying to avoid being spotted by Cylons. I'm not really sure how useful the data Superstar and Royal brought back'll be, really. But Lieutenant Colonel Petra seemed interested in breaking it down. They'll probably send out a bigger force if they think there's anything worth really going at."

"Once we clean up Picon, I'm hopin' it'll clear th'road. Even if it's a long road." She studies him curiously. "What are ya gonna do after it's over? You're career, aintcha?"

"Over?" The question seems to surprise Phin. Makes him need to stop and think. "I don't know. I mean, these last few years…actually since I left Scorpia, basically, getting my wings was pretty much all I thought about. And now that's done and…not like they're going to run out of stuff for us to do for awhile. I never really figured on being anything but career." He studies her back, also curious now. "You? I guess I always pictured you as being in it for the long haul, too."

"I don't know." Yggy admits, taking a sip of her beer. "I feel like I'm in it for the long haul, but now and again I wonder what else could be out there for me after we're ready t'rebuild. But I love what I do. It's weird t'think about, yah?"

"It really is," Phin says, though it doesn't seem to be a negative kind of weird for him. He leans in so his elbows are on the table, blue eyes kind of far away for a second. "What could you even picture me doing, that wasn't Navy?" He almost sounds like he's playing a game with the idea in his head. "You, I always figured you'd be running a flight wing in five or so years. Squadron leader, fast track for CAG somewhere, to establish a benevolent Yggy V Flight Dictatorship." He says it with a grin, though he's not really joking. "I for one will welcome your harsh but fair rule. But I think you could do pretty much anything you decided you wanted to. Always seemed like you did."

Ygraine lets out a little laugh at that. "I don't know, we both deserve CAG someday, and you're a better tactician than I am. I'm good at controllin' things in th'field, though. And we'd have t'be on separate boats for us to both be CAG, and I'd miss you awful." Musing on his question, "I dunno. I think you're happiest makin' things move. Ya got a great face for politics, even with th'lip caterpillar.

The mustache is not looking like any better an idea the more filled in it gets. Phin seems committed to it, though. Her suggestion makes him snort a laugh. Not into his beer, fortunately. He shakes his head. "Now you're trying to hustle me. Besides, even after the Cylon holocaust, I hope there's a better candidate pool than me. Otherwise, we're kind of frakked. And I don't know. Like you said, you're a really good combat ECO. You keep your eye on the big picture instead of getting distracted by single targets, and you're better with people. If things were right with the worlds, I'd still be months away from getting looked at for a J-G bump." He peers at the pool table again. "I think it's open. C'mon. For the glory of the Checkpoint. Or something."

Ygraine lets out a laugh. "Naw really, I suck at it. Believe me, you're gonna be way better." Well. Either the lady doth protest too much, or she's honest about her failings. Rising to her feet, she heads for the table and picks up cue stick, plucking up the chalk to give it a rub. At least she has the basics.

"If you suck so bad, you won't mind if I break." Phin says, racking up the balls before he gets a cue. He chalks it and takes a moment to aim. Leaning over the table and doing a lot of thoughtful frowning. He shoots. It's a solid enough hit to get the balls scattered, but nothing sinks. "I guess I've been trying not to think about the future too much," he says as he steps aside so she can have a go at the table.

"Why?" she asks. "Why cant you look forward with an eye for bein' hopeful? Is that a guy thing?" She considers her options, and as might be expected, the break allows her to line up a really easy shot. She sinks a solid, but only because Phin made it easy for her.

Phin shrugs, leaning on his cue with one hand. The other holds his beer, which he's still sipping. "Yeah. It's a guy thing, Yggs. Testosterone-driven mental block. Or…something." Another shrug. "I don't know. It's just hard to picture anything beyond war and war and more war for years sometimes. And…who knows what's going to happen, y'know?" So why bother being hopeful, he does not add, but it's sort of the implication.

Ygraine leans forward against the table, so her skirt hikes up a bit as she looks back at him over her shoulder while setting up her shot. "Ya can't think like that, Phinny. That's hopelessness, and th'enemy thrives on it." She turns her head back to make her shot, and misses, hitting the edge and bouncing a few inches slightly off-center.

Phin might scope Ygraine's backside while she's shooting. He's still a guy, and that is a guy thing. "Right." He drains some more from his glass, then sets it down on an empty table top as he strolls around the pool table. Trying to find a good angle. "It's not hopelessness…exactly. I'm just trying to be realistic." The way he says that tries to make those two things sound more different than they actually are. "Anyway. Like you said. It's a long road, between Picon and Aerilon and Leonis and the rest of the worlds…gotcha!" He's hopeful about his shot, at least, which angles one ball into a side pocket.

Ygraine claps for him, leaning absently on her cue. "C'mon now. Ain't I th'most sensible person ya know? I ain't got expectations, just hopes."

Phin considers her. "Y'know, I think you are." He circles the table again, lining up another shot. It's a trickier one, in a side pocket that involves bouncing the cue ball off some angles. He's kind of trying to show off. He does not actually end up sinking anything when he shoots, though. Shrug. "Fair enough. I'll start saving for my retirement, whenever we liberate Picon and start getting a paycheck from Fleet Headquarters again. I'm looking at a pay bump now. Should start putting away for a beach house."

She looks a bit envious of that shot. "Ya gonna have t'show me how t'do that." she says, adding with a laugh, "A beach house? I'da thought th'last thing you'd want is to be near a beach. I'd suggest a log cabin with me, but we don't quite work as a pair of crazy wildmen."

"There are some things I miss about being on the coast," Phin admits. "I wouldn't mind living somewhere where I could go swimming in the mornings, in something that wasn't a pool. Maybe by a lake somewhere. Cabin might be nice." He chuckles. "Like skinning bears for new coats and stuff? Yeah. I don't think I'd last too long living off the land. Within easy driving distance of town with a good spread in a market, I could do." He frowns at the table as the balls do not, indeed, roll in anywhere. Stepping back again, to return to his drink.

Ygraine hoists her cue in preparation to take a shot. She's not making any trick moves, but she's coordinated enough to go for pockets on a straight line, and try to knock his balls out of opportunities when she can't. "So let's do it then. After th'war, if we're still around, and when we're old and gray, we get some kinda cabin somewhere near a town, with a lake, and electricity because you're such a delicate flower. If we got spouses, they can come too."

"Yeah. I like those frilly city boy comforts like…light. And hot water." Phin works on his drink some more, blue eyes getting distant again as he tries to conjure a picture of this up in his mind. "I think your guy might find that kind of crowded. It's nice to think about, though. Sure. Good to know I'll have a place to go when whatever ex-wife I end up with makes off with my truck and dog and everything else they take in those sad country songs."

Ygraine holds up a finger. "We'll see if I have a guy." With that, she leans to make her shot, and to her delight, gets one in the pocket. "Ya better get married someday, Phinny. It'd be a waste if good breedin' stock if those prtty blues didn't get passed on." A snicker, and she goes for second. Scratch!

"Girl?" Phin replies to Ygraine's raised finger with a smirk. "Because I would totally be y'alls roommate for that situation." He nods at the shot she makes, even if he's not exactly sorry at the scratch that follows. "You do not suck. It's just decent reflexes and angles. I'd think it'd kind of be an ECO's game, actually. There's, like, math involved and shit." He takes some time to line up his next shot. "I've got a brother to carry on the McBride line. Such as it is. I don't think I'd really be good at the whole family thing."

"I'm sure all I need is practice. And I dunno, Phinny. Ya probably wouldn't be around a lot, but I expect that you'd be real good with th'time ya had. But not bein' a parent is okay too. Gods know I don't know if I'll ever be ready t'have 'em." Ygraine points out. And then, just to mess with him, leans over while he's trying to make his shot and blows in his ear.

Phin is very easy to mess with. She blows. He scratches. "Frakking cheater!" He blushes. With indignation. Mostly. "You are evil!" He goes to pout about the unfairness of this over his beer, while it's her turn. Shrugging about the whole family thing. "Some people just aren't built for that kind of thing. I figure it's better to just accept that. Anyway. That's one thing I don't have to worry about, thank gods. Not like there aren't others." A pause, and he asks, "You think it's going to be weird? With the other Viper jocks, I mean." He is probably no longer talking about procreating. "I mean, I've just been thinking, pretty much all the J-Gs except Gripps are older than me, and have more time in and…I don't know…"

"Naw. Everyone's so used t'each other and aware of our capabilities that I don't think anyone's gonna fault ya for what's well deserved." She beams at him over the scratch and goes to place the ball. "I mean, ya seriously think Centerfold's gonna stop listenin' t'me just because she don't have jig in front of her rank no more?"

"Well, no, but that's different," Phin replies, about Ygraine and Maia. "Like I said. Within five years…less now given attrition, you'll rule us all with an iron fist. I await with anticipation and dread." He leans on his cue some more as he watches her work the table. "I don't know about deserved. I guess we'll see. And see quick, with the ramp-up for Picon." Which'll give him plenty to chew on in the back of his mind, but it's not like he wouldn't be using the time to fret over something anyway.

Ygraine sets the butt of her cuestick down on the floor sharply. "Phinny, listen t'me. Ya have an incredibly sharp, brilliant tactical mind. Our teachers said as much at Academy. I bet if Petra had any hair, he'd be pullin' it in frustration that you're not in his department. So if you're gonna worry about anythin', stop worry about whether or not ya deserve it and start actin' like you're worth th'merit." With that, she places her cuestick on the table to aim, and the game continues.

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