AWD #138: Tactical Assistance
Tactical Assistance
Summary: Seeking answers to a few questions, Chase has a meeting with a couple of people who seem to be able to give her the answers she needs.
Date: 25/May/2013 (OOC Date)
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Chase Petra 
Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
AWD #138

Early evening…somewhat. Second watch just ended, Abbenshire taking over for third, while Petra migrates about 30 feet away from CIC to take over the map room for a little longer. At this particular moment, there are numerous maps of…well, okay, he probably has every single map of Picon from the case out, along with a few that didn't come from the case, unrolled and spread across the map table. Somewhere, he found one of those large marine footlockers and planted a chair on top of it, so he can sit on it and crane over the whole table, just STARING at where he has several objects set up. A coffee mug here. A can of k-rations there. A cluster of pens over there pointed towards the center, and a small box over here, clearly representing SOMETHING, there's just no label what.

Well, a Marine has to do what a Marine has to do, and seeking out the boss is probably the last thing Chase had intended when she'd started planning this mission. With determined steps, she heads towards the Ward Room first. His office, right? No luck. The next stop had her talking with Abbenshire and when she directed the Marine to the Map Room, she thanks her and heads toward the Map Room. At the door, she pushes open the hatch and steps inside, only closing it behind her when she sees that Petra is indeed inside. But damnit, there's the smell of coffee and instead of greeting the TACCO, she looks around hopefully.

There is, of course, a small coffee machine perched on the first chair of the first row, where Petra has clearly commandeered it from the Ward Room, half full of his brand of 'Sleep? Who needs sleep!?' java. CIDSR could probably fund research on the stuff.
At first, he doesn't react at the hatch opening, just continues to stare down at his scenario, but then, maybe when she starts heading for the coffee machine, he glances up and over, studying her hair for a moment, then looking back down at the map table, "Corporal. Good evening."

Coffee. Blessed coffee. Gods loved her, damn straight they did. Without asking immediately, she does head for the pot and lifts it, sighing. The stronger the better. Quirking a brow, she holds up the pot in question, though immediately pours herself a cup. "Refill?" The murmur directed towards him.. you know, since she's already got the pot in hand and all. "Hello, Colonel, doing okay?" Looking down at the maps he was staring at so intently and they catch her interest, because Picon is where her mission is, where she'd been born and raised and where her daughter had been rescued from the prison.

Petra shakes his head slightly and motions towards one of the coffee mugs, which, on closer inspection, seems to be mostly full, "The Saber site is still mostly full, but thank you." He pushes off out of the chair, dropping the foot or so to land on booted feet, and straightens up a bit, taking in a deep breath. Turning his attention onto the Marine, his voice softens a bit, "I havent been shot in the last two weeks, so I'd say Im doing pretty good. What's on your mind, Baca? I don't usually get social calls…" He smiles just a little at how he pokes un at himself.

Pouring herself a cup, she replaces the pot and takes a drink of the hot liquid before she looks at him finally. "Come on now, Colonel, I'm sure you get your share of social calls. With all this coffee you're always offering?" Her attempt at humor.. at poking fun back, not so funny, but still she tried! "That Saber site? The ah.." Her eyes unerringly seek out the appropriate map. "Any idea how to obliterate it yet? Or even dismantle it?" Scooting her cup onto the table, she walks over beside him and looks down at the map, studying it, tapping her fingers on the edge of the map almost absently, a thoughtful expression on her face. Only then does she realize he'd asked her what her visit was about. "Right. Sorry, distracted. So, this chemical weapon we found with the Roland Reese crew. How do I use it? I'm going to gas those around Major Flynn to try and capture him."

Petra rumbles softly at the first question and shakes his head, his gaze drifting back over to the coffee cup, "Its not going to go out prettily. We'll see what Squire comes back with - if she finds a weakness we can have the Air Wing exploit, we'll cruise missle the damned thing to death. If not? Then we're going to have to depend on the Marines to do it, and we're going to lose a lot of Marines taking it down. Once it's down, the rest will be easy by comparison." He takes in a deep breath, then reaches in to pick up the Saber site and take a drink of his own coffee. When he puts it back down, a curious look is shot back her direction, "Well, now that's an interesting question. I had forgotten we recovered those after the little Marine excursion down there." He purses his lips for a moment, thinking, "We have a munitions ship. You could make aerosol grenades of it, but then your coverage is spotty. You want to make sure you have them swimming in the stuff, if I remember everything from that report."

Hearing the rumble, Chase responds with a casual glance up over his chest to his face, then back to the maps. "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy." Definitely the Marine knows that much. With her carefully composed expression masked into that same look she mostly always wears, she nods. "If you send the Marines, I'll go." Watching as he picks up then replaces the saber site, she lifts her gaze in time to meet his curious look, her honey colored eyes still slightly guarded. "Little Marine excursion? You wound me, Colonel. We had a nice firefight down there." Reaching for her coffee, she wraps both hands around her cup and lifts it for a drink. "Yeah, I definitely don't want spotty. I want coverage, I'm talking down and out. I'm not willing to risk my team on this and if at any time I feel Knox or my PJ is in trouble, then the One will be taken out as soon as it's safe to do so without him downloading. So, what do you suggest I use for maximum effect?"

Petra hrms, letting most of his breath go in a soft sigh, "Well, depends n how much time you have and where they are. If they're underground or in a structure, do exactly what they did to the Reese…stick a hose in the ventilation system and open the valve all the way and twiddle your thumbs for half an hour. Since you probably wont have that time to kill, give everyone a smaller canister, hazard gear, and have everyone spreading the stuff. Best bet to avoid conflict is to find air vents and pump it into them, though…or find the few exits and feed it in there. Dont be impatient with it. And DONT trust his ass. Not a single word. I don't care what he says. He comes back with you completely immobilized…break his arms and legs and tie them so he can't reset them and make them heal, if you have to."

The Marine falls silent when he gives her pointers and she reaches into her pocket and references the information she'd already been given by pulling it out and straightening the pages. "I assume they're in a bunker of some sort, but honestly we're not even sure precisely where they are until someone goes in to make contact with the resistance. Touch and go situation with no real planning until I get the intel on the exact whereabouts, and I've not gotten that yet. So you suggest airborne in the vents. What about the strays? Aerosol grenades for them? Knox isn't sure but he thinks it doesn't work on his kind, so when we go in and Flynn sees all his mates down, he's going to be pissed off. If I could, I'd like to go inside before then and work as part of his 'resistance' and leave Knox following the plan from the outside. I'm guessing that isn't so feasible is it?"

Petra shakes his head slowly, "If he paid attention to recent events, he's going to figure out where you're from and wonder why the frak you're paying him a visit. Now, if you go in with that, it might give you enough time to fumigate the whole thing…you're just going to have to be careful about inhaling it, yourself. As for him? Yeah, it expect he's going to be pissed off." He chuckles softly under his breath, "Elias has been in intelligence longer than I have. If you need better ideas, you might want to drop him a note and see what he remembers from A school."

"That's what I thought, infiltration is out of the question for me. I could go in with some, but wear a gas mask, I assume, of course that limits visibility." Chase considers a little longer. "I'll talk with him then and see what all he's got to say, if he has any suggestions before making any final decisions." Lifting the cup, she drains the remainder of the coffee and looks around for where to put the empty container. "Thanks for the coffee, Colonel."

Petra nods at the table, "Just leave it. I need another Cylon marker anyway. And sure, dont know if I helped any, but if you need something and aren't getting it, and your CO cant get it, you let me know and we'll get it." He pauses for a moment, then offers her a faint smile, "Good luck, Corporal."

Chase gapes at him and shakes her head. "No way can a cup that held coffee be a Cylon marker.. blasphemy." Finally, Chase cracks a smile, a brief one, but it changes her appearance entirely. "Thanks again Colonel, I'll remember that. Right now, I've got a hot date at the Pyramid Courts on Piraeus with a little girl who will be terribly disappointed if her mother doesn't come on time and.." Checking the time, she nods. "I've got just enough time to make the Raptor. Thanks for your time, and the luck."

Chase Elias 
Except when the gun batteries are firing, the offices aboard the Orion tend to be a quiet area where clerks can get their work done as needed. However, there are several closed-door offices, with small windows, lining the walls in addition to unclaimed cubicles that run down the center of the long room. However, this is not just a place for clerks. Anyone who has paperwork that they need to do and would prefer to do it someplace quiet can come here at all hours of the day or night to accomplish what they require space and peace to complete.
AWD #138

Except when the gun batteries are firing, the offices aboard the Orion tend to be a quiet area where clerks can get their work done as needed. However, there are several closed-door offices, with small windows, lining the walls in addition to unclaimed cubicles that run down the center of the long room. However, this is not just a place for clerks. Anyone who has paperwork that they need to do and would prefer to do it someplace quiet can come here at all hours of the day or night to accomplish what they require space and peace to complete.

For a quick meeting, the offices work as well as anywhere else, so Chase had prearranged a meeting and now stands ear the doorway, leaning against the bulkhead, her knee bent, boot against the wall while she stands on the other booted foot. She looks all casual like, patiently waiting while she looks over some papers that look like they'd recently been rescued from a pocket and unfolded.

Elias is late, yes. But not terribly. He shows up about five minutes after the meeting time, bundle of papers and folders under his arm, looking a bit harried. Seeing Chase already present, he offers a faint smile in apology. "Corporal Baca. Anyone else attending?" Because if so, he's not the one holding things up.

Not one to mind late, Chase stands and offers a nod. "Lieutenant, this is it. Thanks for coming." Not bothering with the hatch, or even to move further into the room, she gets right to it. "Thanks for coming. I just had a few questions to ask about the Major Flynn mission, if you've got a few minutes to answer them." Ending the last more as a question than a statement.

Elias mmmms his understanding and glances around, just to see who might be nearby. "Certainly. The Intel is a bit thin, but…" he starts to speak, then checks himself as a clerk walks past. Elias reconsiders, then tips his head towards the office, and the chairs inside. "Let's sit down."

When he inclines his head towards the office, Chase pushes off the wall and allows him to lead her inside. Once there, she has a seat and regards him a moment. "Truthfully? At the moment, the intel is almost non-existent. And you're all expecting me to take Marines in there, risking their life. A One is the most dangerous skinjob there is. Completely ruthless. I've killed one once, when he was holding a pilot hostage." For a moment, she doesn't say anything, then she breaks the silence again. "I'm going to use the chemical agent we found on Picon. I need to know if they're in bunkers, buildings, out in tents or what, so I know better how to dispatch the gas. The Colonel suggested air ducts, but that's only feasible if there are air ducts. Otherwise, I'm looking at aerosol grenades and those will be too patchy for the full effect I'm looking for. I want a sudden invasion that takes them completely by surprise so no one has time to wear a mask. I'll be requisitioning masks for my entire team, flight suits as well, since we'll be going in hot and heavy and then my PJ is going to take up with medical what he's going to need to keep the One sedated. I'm telling you now, Sir, if there is the chance a single member of my team is in danger by bringing the target alive, he'll be killed once he's out of range to download. I know my orders but there is absolutely no way you're going to be able to interrogate a One if we brought him alive on board. Once he was awake and coherent enough to answer questions, he's capable of killing us all. He can break shackles, he can set his own broken bones and walk the hell out. I'm not comfortable with bringing him here alive."

Elias drops into a chair opposite Chase with a weary sigh. He settles back to listen as she discusses the missions. Elias' expression grows strained at a few points, but he doesn't interrupt, just nods his understanding until she's finished. "I see…" Then there is a rather long pause as he mulls it over. "You're leading this mission, Corporal, it's your call. If you tell me trying to bring the One in alive is an unacceptable risk, I'll explain things to the TACCO." He pauses again, studying Chase closely. "Is that what you're telling me?"

"Actually, on that point the Colonel and I agree completely. I was only reinforcing it with you. He's too dangerous awake in any capacity and too high a risk." Chase had definitely done her homework there as she relays that with a grim expression. However, it lightens considerably when she continues. "What I really wanted from you was suggestions on how to disperse the gas with the best chance at success. I want to surprise them all. The gas won't work on Major Flynn, but the men surrounding him, if they're out cold, it'll almost ensure no casualties on our side and I'm all about that."

Elias draws a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "I understand your position," he says in a serious tone. "Let's focus on getting the job done, and we'll worry about what to do with him later. If we even have to." He closes his eyes for a moment and runs a hand through his hair. Re-focusing his thoughts perhaps. "As for where Major Flynn's CP is, no one at Commander Spree's headquarters knowns for certain. Flynn moves around. I suspect the only practical way to find him is to go there, make contact with the resistance, and get them to lead you to him. We can come up with a pretex for you … say delivering an 'Eyes Only' message from Spree. Or …" he pauses, smiling faintly as he thinks a new idea over. "Perhaps … a steel trunk full of a new weapon. Which you open in his HQ, and 'poof'. It disperses the agent?"

A concise nod is given as he gives his understanding to the position they are in. "Fair enough." Chase agrees immediately, folding her hands together to keep from tapping her fingers on her leg. A habit she'd taken up recently. "I'll definitely like a false reason for going and the crate of weapons would be good. We'll definitely want uniforms without the Orion patch. Is that doable? I'll want Spree's and I'll want them for the whole team who is going in. I'll write up a requisition for everything and your idea has definite merit." Briefly, her features soften and she even offers a smile at the idea. "Epiphany?" The smile turns teasing, but then she's right back to business. "Either way, it's a sound idea."

Elias smiles bitterly at the mention of an Epiphany, or at least the 'capital E' kind. "If the Gods are out there watching and that's the best they can do, we're in worse trouble than I thought." He lifts a fist in front of his mouth and clears his throat. "Throwing out ideas is what I do. If you throw out enough of them, you eventually get one worth considering. Now whoever thought of using that Cylon chemical to take down the human personnel — that was brilliant." Brilliant or not, Elias' continues right on with the business at hand. "I'm sure we can get some uniforms from Spree. As well as any other equipment or documentation we need to make things look official. I assume CMC has personnel who can rig the device?"

Was Epiphany one of the Gods? Chase is really not the religious type so she looks confused at the bitter smile, unable to make any sense of it at all. "Gods? What?" A single brow arches, but she smirks when he coughs, realizing a joke her just went over her head. "Your idea is sound and I agree, the person who thought of the Cylon was brilliant and if this all works out, I think they should definitely get a promotion." The last is said without a straight face at all. In fact, it's all she can do not to laugh. "That's my next mission. Finding someone to rig it. I may have to talk with Spree and see what she's got to offer by way of the rigging."

Elias leaves discussions of gods and epiphanies for another time, perfectly happy to discussion the mission details instead. Chase's near-laughter causes him a moment's pause, then he seems to clue in. "Ah … I take it that was your idea, Corporal?" He assess the Marine again for a second, then gives a respectful nod and continues on. "I'm sure Commander Spree has people who can help with the device if need be. It would probably be best if we could 'borrow' them, if we can't do it ourselves. If we keep them here on Orion until after your mission we can minimize any chance of word getting to Flynn."

When the subject of the Gods drops, Chase seems a little relieved if the fact she doesn't mention it again either is any indication. "It was, but the only reason I thought about it was because I was on Picon with the group that found them and I am bound and determined not a single member of my team with be hurt. I've got Kalum, I've got Knox and a few others who will be going with me on this that I've asked personally." Giving him another nod as he elaborates a little on Spree and the device, the agreement is almost immediate. "I'm wanting to get this mission done and over, but I'm going to make sure every single scenario is prepared for first. That's really all I needed to talk to you about. Do you have anything else for me? Questions?"

"Just a few suggestions," Elias says. "Field school was a long time ago, but I do remember the basics for a good fabrication — work up your cover story with as much detail as you can, and make sure everyone is fully briefed on it. The closer you can keep it to the truth, the easier it tends to be to pull off. You might even want to say it's a weapon we got /from/ the Cylons. I'll be glad to lend a hand crafting the cover if you need it." He rubs a hand across his mouth, thinking. "It may also be wise to ask Commander Spree to send along an officer with you, to take over Flynn's command as soon as he's dealt with. That way you can ride off into the sunset and let them deal with the fallout."

Those papers Chase had taken from her pocket earlier are smoothed out on the desk and she reaches into another pocket and withdraws some sort of universal screwdriver spoon radio alarm clock toaster oven pen knife gadget and begins writing down his suggestions. Glancing up at the end, she gives him a solid grin. "Now, the person who thought up that last one should definitely get a promotion." Penning it in too before closing the pen back up and slipping it back into her pocket. "You've given me a lot to think about and definitely a lot to work with. I'd like the help with the cover story, I want something believable and easy to remember. Could we meet again tomorrow and talk about it some more? Give me a little time to put these things together? Also, I've got a date with my daughter down on Piraeus. She wants to play Pyramid on the courts there and she'll be real disappointed if I'm a no show."

"Yes," Elias agrees dryly. "Yes he does deserve a promotion." He nods along at the request for another meeting, and checks his wristwatch as if thinking when he can fit it in. But the mention of Chase's daughter down on Piraeus stops Elias' train of thought completely, and it takes him a second to restart it. "Yes … I can meet your at 1300 for an hour. So … yes, go play Pyramid."

When he agrees about the promotion, Chase can't help but smirk. "Unless you want to come play ball on Piraeus too." The invitation is sort of tossed out there, though she doesn't really expect him to take it, a polite gesture at best. Folding the papers, she tucks them back into her pocket along with her Macgyver knife. Seeing him derail there a moment, she lifts her shoulders. "We were all young once, right? Happened six.. almost seven years ago. She was just recently rescued from the Picon prison. Lives with my mother on Piraeus." It's all the explanation she gives for now. "1300 works for me. Thanks for your time and your invaluable suggestions."

The invitation causes Elias another pause, this one a bit more awkard. "Thank you, but … I'm afraid I can't. Perhaps some other time." It does sound like he's trying to be polite about declining, at least. He gathers himself up and rises to go. "I'll see you at 1300 tomorrow, Corporal."

The denial had been expected, and Chase nods. "Thanks again, Sir." Rising now and making her way out.

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