AWD #091: Sympathizing With The Enemy
Sympathizing With The Enemy
Summary: In-depth talk and honesty about the Cylons
Date: 07/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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Maia Rhonwen Knox 
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
AWD #91

The library is quiet due to the fact many are looking for individuals they have lost. Rhonwen who has no family to speak of is sitting in a comfortable chair reading. Her long hair has been curled and styled and she is dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. The light for the data pad illuminates her face.

Maia makes her way in, having heard there was some interesting reading on the Viper. As if Holtz hadn't given her enough heavy reading already. Still, when she steps in, she walks over to the card catalog and sifts through it until she finds what she's looking for. Only then does she look up and a smile spreads across her face when she notices who is there. "Well hello!" Walking over there now.

Knox walks in behind Maia, but with a specific purpose. He's without his gunbelt since the One was killed, but he's in uniform anyway. He wanders over towards Rhonwen and stops, looking to Maia. Then to Rhonwen. Then to Maia. "Well. This is awkward." Why? He doesn't say. Though he doesn't seem on the verge of actually going anywhere. "Your Honor," he greets the older woman.

"Maia, how are you doing?" Rhonwen asks her as she looks up from her Data Pad. She smiles at her. "I am hoping to get down to the planet soon. But we will see. Also do know if someone on ship might have a dress I could borrow?" She asks her.
The greeting causes Rhonwen to look in his direction. "Mr. Knox, please come and have a seat with me. I have been busy since we last spoke. I still need to meet with your sister still and it may be a while and heard what happened. Here is where I am at. We are going to be writing some policies and we are going to be changing some things. I asked Mr. Petra to talk to the Admiral about getting me my commission. Unfortunately I might be a civilian Judge but were we are right now I need to go back in order to go forward. Now my next question to you is how are you doing?"

"I'm doing very well, thank you. Just working." Maia stands near her, clasping her hands loosely behind her back. "Ohh a dress? Hot date, finally? I think if you don't mind a little shorter dress, I could loan you one of mine. Anything for a good cause," offering her friend a wink. As Knox approaches, she offers a friendly smile, but his words were unexpected. Regarding Knox a moment, she gives him an inquisitive look, at a loss, completely not getting why it would be awkward at all. Her eyes flit back to Rhonwen with silent question. Does the judge have any insight? The greeting is a little to vague to answer any questions for the Pilot, so she looks between them. "Should I leave you two some privacy? I don't mind, really."

Knox glances to Maia and then settles in a chair caddycorner to Rhonwen. He listens to all of this with a blank expression until the end. Then he just looks a little lost. "Uhh. I'm a little baffled by the turns my day has taken, to be totally honest." He clears his throat. "I'm sorry, policies? What's changing?" There's concern there, and its likely for the crew. Or that other person. He looks back to Maia, leaning forward to put his elbows to his knees. "Remember we had that talk in the hallway? And I was sort of talking about my sister and the crew?" He chucks a thumb towards Rhonwen. "I was talking to her when I said that stuff."

"Maia, you are a dear and are you certain you are not one of the Lords or Ladies in disguise?" Rhonwen asks her. "You are fine; it would do you some good to hear this. Just not a word of this is too breathed outside of here." She says to her.
"The policies will and will not effect you Mr. Knox." Rhonwen tells him. "You will see but do not worry right now, as I said I have been thinking and if you want I can give you my resume?" She offers to him. "What other person?" Rhonwen asks a little confused. "Sister and Crew…Oh, got it."

"The reason it'll be a little shorter is just because of our height difference is all, otherwise I think it would work out just fine. Want me to do your makeup and hair and stuff again?" Laughter follows the question about being a Lord or Lady. "You, my friend, are incorrigible. But I adore that about you." Maia looks back at Knox, his blank expression kind of weirding her out a little. Only when he looks back at her does she keep her attention fully on him. "I remember," she says softly and slips into one of the chairs across from Rhonwen, who gains her steady gaze now. "Oh." Then a longer, more meaningful one. "Ohhhh…"

Coop looks back to Rhonwen, wary. "Are we going to be charged with something?" he asks cautiously. "Because given what we'd discussed, that sounds …bad? Potentially good? Do I need to look at getting a lawyer or resumes?" Back to Maia, he gives her a slow nod. "Yes. It was part of a discussion I was having with the judge about some legal concerns towards myself and Ceres. Annnnnd as of this morning, about a third. Naomi." Sigh. "If you haven't met her yet, you won't forget her. She's …an Eleven." As if that should say it all.

"Part of my charm, as long as the dress is not a super mini, I like dressing my age. I am no long legged Teenager." Rhonwen says to Maia. Then she looks over at Knox. "Policy does not make a trial Mr. Knox, I was talking in hypothetical circumstances. Now there is a third." Rhonwen says and she frowns a little bit. "What do you mean she's an Eleven?" She asks him. "You asked questions and I was speaking for the point of view of you defending as that was the way the questions had been worded and how they came across." She gives both of them a curious look. "Just what did you say to Maia? Also why are you both looking at me like I grew a third head. I am not like blindfolded like the Lady Justice."

"It's the requisite little black dress. The straps over the shoulders are these glittery straps and the rest of it just kinda shapes to you.." Prattling on, yes, girl talk. Her favorite. It takes dire things to bring her out of fashion and fun talk and one single word does it. Eleven. Maia's eyes widen with sudden understanding and her hands clench into fists as she looks at Knox almost incredulously. "Eleven.." The word is the barest of whispers. The rest of it all sinks in about now and her eyes fly to Rhonwen. "Why would they be in trouble for helping?" The pilot has made no secret that she understood the side of the Cylons, had been an avid supporter a couple of times, but this surprised her. "Naomi is an eleven, you said?" Leaving the final explanation to be given by Knox, when she had seen what he had with that vision.

"She's an Eleven. She's very, ah, 'tactile'. They like to immerse themselves in new experiences. Sort of like…" He blows out a breath between his lips. "Sort of like an anthropological and scientific scout for my people. I don't know if she's dangerous. I doubt it, heavily. But she's got an MP on her at all hours just in case. As for what I said to Maia?" Knox shrugs. "I relayed my concern for my sister, in no great detail to the context. My concern for the crew overall in regards to us being here." Looking back to Maia, he nods twice. "Yeah. You all have met the Ones, Twos, Sixes, Nines, and now the Elevens. I don't know the number designation on the three models myself, Afton, and Dell killed on Aerilon."

"Is she a sleeper or is she awake?" Rhonwen asks about the new number eleven. "Now the idea for the policy is that it will define who and what you are. Based off the questions that you asked me when we spoke Mr. Knox. It will also determine who we treat and deal with those like number eleven. What is her name again?" She asks. "What are your concerns for the crew?"

"Tactile? And we don't know if she's dangerous? Why is she here then? Why is she even allowed here? Have we traded one open killer for one who will hide under subterfuge? A scientist? What if she poisons our water or food supply here on the ship. Or Pireaus?" Perhaps a little overly suspicious on the questions, Maia wraps her arms around herself, a frown marring her brow.

"Very much awake." Knox looks at Rhonwen straight on. "She walked right up to Petra and I from the prison group. Just walked right up and declared her application for political asylum. Gave her name and everything. That was a rather bloodless detainment, too. She just went right along, cooperated, answered all of our questions." Looking back to Maia, he lifts a hand to stay the concern. "Careful, sir. Paranoia is how we got to the point of the fights last week. She has an escort at all hours. I told her the rules and laid it out. I've got no truck with one of my people who can't get with the program. She screws around, tries to ditch her MP? Just kill her. Simple as that. I'll even turn the knob on the airlock. If she makes you nervous? You are an officer and entitled to your sidearm at all times. I wouldn't look down on you for carrying it." Back to Rhonwen, he nods. "Naomi. Interesting about the policy. I take it that this policy will be legal input only? Or will Ceres and I be able to review it?" Because right now? Naomi is an unknown.

"Right now it is in the making, what is really interesting is that she applied for political asylum, the question is why and does she think she will be taken to the planet?" Rhonwen asks her voice is full of curiosity. "The next questions I have already shared with you Mr. Knox the last time we spoke." Rhonwen frowns a little and she looks at Maia. "You have every right to be worried. Also this is the unknown for all of us. It is something that we need think and work out very carefully as I keep saying this is only the tip of the iceberg." She looks from one to the other. "I need to talk to the doctor and speak with your Sister Mr. Knox."

Maia forces herself to relax, to take a deep and calming breath. "You're right. I'm sorry." Her expression reflects the sentiment. "I won't be carrying a sidearm unless I'm on duty and required to. I made that mistake once and drew when Ceres got ganged up on. Learned my lesson the hard way, I still have deckies angry at me. I can't stick my neck out again. I had to do a deposition last time because my name was given." The Pilot gives the Judge a solemn nod when she mentions having every right to be worried. "I guess so. May as well trust Knox here to know the difference between a good one and a bad one."

"Well I can tell you why, and I'm pretty sure its not bullshit. She was scheduled to be 'boxed', which is a term my people use that roughly equates to executed. When you die and your consciousness is uploaded, if you are to be boxed then it never gets placed into a new body. You're effectively placed in limbo. Forever. No form, no body, no way to express thoughts or even emotions. You simply 'are'. They do it when they have a known individual who is a problem. Hers is that she defected and they caught her doing-so. If they know when and where you will upload? They've got you. She was going to be killed. Ceres apparently saved her from that fate. Trust me, your understanding of the depraved acts that my people commit is only relative to your context as mortal beings. When you can't be killed? Things do not get better. They get worse. I admire humanity for this reason. Its why I would prefer, after my mission is complete, to die here, with those who may settle here." Knox keeps his voice quiet but sincere. Looking back to Maia, though, he smirks. "Don't beat up on yourself, sir. These things happen. Its more important to take the lesson away. And while I appreciate your trust? Naomi is not known to me. I vouch only for myself and Ceres right now. No others. Naomi may eventually join that small group of my people, though. Whether or not she finds a place among us and humanity? That's her journey. We cannot make it for her. Only help her to understand."

"Understanding and the understanding that choices have consequences," Rhonwen pauses and then she smiles. "I have a feeling we may see more of those who were going to be boxed and those that will be after those who were going to be boxed." She looks between Maia and Knox. "We need this policy in place and we need it now. We also have to figure out a way to protect what little of us that we have left. We are a dying breed at the moment." She is looking more and more thoughtful. "Once I have my commission back I might be able to do more."

"I have a feeling I could sit and talk with you during every single free minute of my day for a week and still come out with more information about your people than when I came in. So much information to process, to remember." Boxed, the equivalent to dying without death, the ultimate end without the finality of it. "Boxed sounds.. inhumane.." Then Maia realizes what she said and rolls her eyes in self depreciation. "Of course it is. Why did Ceres save her though? If she didn't know her? What's to stop her from saving one when one of the Vipers have a lock on a Raider by turning on us? Not that I even think she would ever do that, but what's the difference in it? She had a sudden attack of sympathy for an unknown. Honestly, that's what everyone is so concerned about. She's sympathizing with the enemy." It bothers the pilot and it bothers her big. "I trust you, Sergeant.. but neither of the other two. And after seeing what you showed me, I almost wonder about your blind trust in Ceres. Had it not been for that peep show you gave me, I'd have serious doubts and I can't apologize for that." There's a nod to Rhonwen. "We do need a policy in place. For our own protection. We can't be as easily rebuilt as a bot."

"Everything has consequences, Your Honor." She may not technically be a judge at the moment, but Coop is going to give her that respect. "Once I commence on my mission back to my people, we'll identify the defectors and release them if they are suitable to our ends. Horrible, but pragmatic to precision. I cannot and will not send any of my own out here, though. We will stay on the Twelve and we will fight our war from there. I'll be in contact with Resistance how I can so we can aid the efforts to preserve humanity here." Knox looks back to Maia. "A being does not need to be human to be inhumane." Concise and to the point. "Its how we are. But it does not make my people's behavior right or just or even humane. Ceres saved her, though, for the same reason you give me that trust, sir. That 'peep show'. I saw the same thing. She saved her because she deserves a chance. Let me give you the converse situation," he says carefully. "Let's say you were being held as one prisoner amongst many of my people who were waiting to be boxed. But you were to be executed. One of my people comes to you in your cell while you are praying to the Gods for help. You beg to be saved, just for one chance to escape and maybe find a place with all those defectors. That maybe one day you might have a chance to find a place because you have precisely no known friends alive. Anywhere. Everyone, that you know of, wants you dead. Would you want the chance?" He lifts his brow. "Don't you deserve a chance, Maia? Your only crime is that you wanted to be your own person. Nothing else."

"They cannot be rebuilt as well. From my understanding they are flesh and bone; they die just as we do. Body wise but mind wise they can be uploaded. Who knows what happens when to their conscious thought when the body dies and the mind is not uploaded." Rhonwen says with a slight shrug of her shoulders. She then nods her head. She is listening to the flow of conversation between them. As she listens her facial expression become neutral and hard to read. Finally she speaks. "Humans can be kind and very evil."

During his spiel, Maia listens, seeing the truth in what he is saying, even accepting most of it with the occasional nod. When he mentions not having to be human to be inhumane, she smirks. "Touche." Finally though, towards the end, she shakes her head again. "You don't quite get what I'm saying and it means I may be missing your point too.. But," she begins, her lips compressed together as she takes the unpopular stance again, just seeking answers. Maybe even reassurances. "A Cylon is designed to destroy humanity. They almost expect to be despised right? Even you expect it, Sergeant, from others here on the Orion. I admit, Rhonwen is right though. Humans can be and are very evil and sometimes for no reason. Yet we weren't created to be, as opposed to Cylons. Sure there are the few rogues, but the same can be said for humans who turn rogue killer." With another deep sigh, Maia waves it off. "I'm not making my point as well as I would like, the words aren't falling together so good. Maybe it's lack of sleep. If you have time Sergeant, maybe we could talk more tomorrow?"

Coop listens to the question from Rhonwen. "Who knows, indeed? What happens to the mind, in what we call 'final death', is an unknown. My people pursue their own religion, though like humanity it is a stronger tie for some more than others. We even have our own prayer for those who are given such deaths or for those who do die in this manner. And yes, humans can be evil. But that does not mean the innocents of humanity should be punished for the crimes of the few." Maia's points have him take a long breath and he bows his head while he tries to sort it out. "Fair enough. But sir? I was not created to kill humans. Neither was Ceres. We are generic warriors of our people. Before their were Cylons, humans killed each other in wars. Until some idiot gave them sentience, it would be like blaming a gun for a war. Before the Cylons, Viper pilots were trained to kill other humans. Even to this day, it still happens even though nobody wants it." He finally looks back to her. "And yes, sir. We can speak more when you'd like."

That has Maia sucking in a breath. Again, Knox had driven his point home. "You give me a lot to think about and I still believe in the inherent goodness of you and I believe like you said, Ceres is new and is trying to discover herself. I hope in the long run it doesn't destroy us." Rising from the seat, she laces her fingers together across her midriff and regards the two. "I'll definitely be talking to you again Sergeant, whenever you'll allow me to impose on you again. As for you, Rhonwen?" Her expression warms considerably, speaking of an affection for the woman. "I'll see you tomorrow, if you would like to meet up and try on that dress, or maybe another summery dress I have. I think it would look good on you."

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