AWD #309: Swimming in Flight Suits

Zoe and Alejandro go through water landing re-certification.

Swimming in Flight Suits
Summary: Zoe and Alejandro go through water landing re-certification.
Date: 26 April 2016
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The floors of the whole room — including the bottom of the pool — are made of poured concrete, and the pool itself is designed to accommodate barriers and other obstacles used to simulate operations in high-pressure environments. A large sign on the aft bulkhead warns visitors that no lifeguards are available, and that swimming is done at each person's own risk.
Fri Nov 11 17:11:51 2005

When Rakes is not working out, being shot at, bleeding out, cleaning a weapon, reorganizing her kit, describing combat prior to Warday, eating, sleeping, drinking, playing video games, card games, or watching movies, jumping out of a perfectly good Raptor, or just about anything else, she is instructing. Today's lesson happens to involve water survival tactics and an impromptu call-out for anyone intending on joining the session. The evening is early and the waters are warm enough. She wears half of her uniform, boots unbloused but tank top tucked in and accessories left behind except for her tags looped at the belt and in a pocket, and a wristwatch. She's frowning, arms folded. That appears to be her resting expression, thinking, while she looks at a handful of harnesses sans chutes laid out next to her. Among other things.

Usually, when people come to the pool, it's in swimsuits. But for requalification on water survival, it's full flight suit and gear. Arriving early to assist Rakes, Rourke's helped to move the cockpit simulator into position, the pilot glancing over to the Marine. "Thanks for offering to handle the refresher course. After losing a couple of birds in the ocean here recently, may be best if we learn to land in the water, if needed."

This is seriously Ruby's least favorite exercise, ever, most likely due to a fear of drowning or something. But here she is, dressed in full gear, complete with an old pair of flight boots on, her helmet held in hand. "This frakking sucks," she is happy to announce, followed by a more loudly spoken, "Who's idea was this, anyhow," the query posed with feigned annoyance to cover up the nerves.

Alejandro arrives after a bit and looks around to see who's all here or also coming in. He got the memo maybe because no swimsuit, he's wearing his flight suit. Dark hair is tossled rather than neatly combed. "I hope this pool is stocked with beer to give us some incentive to dive for it." His suit is unzipped, his tanks and tags showing as he comes to stop near the edge of the water and see what's laid out. Hobo turns his head to see who spoke up about this sucking, "It'll suck more if you drop your birdie in the water and sink."

This is, honestly, Zoe's favorite thing in the world. She turns up, also fully decked out, practically vibrating with excitement over the lessons that are in store for them today. "Heeeellloooo." She sings out when she enters the pool area.

"It was mine, Jazz," Rourke claims the responsibility, "After seeing the footage of a couple of Vipers that went down in the waters on Piraeus with no survivors. Corporal Rakes will be our instructor for this exercise. Just remember that even if you eject, your seat is still almost 300 pounds of unnceccessary weight to drag you down. We need to work on being able to release quickly and get out of both the chair and the cockpit should we go down in water."

Ruby first casts a glance to Hobo. "They'd have to like us for that to happen," she mutters, that in regards to his asking about beer. Nope, no beer. Just a whole frak ton of chlorinated water and the very likely chance that they're all going to drown here. Falling quiet, she nods once to Rourk and waves quickly to Rakes and Zoe, now ceasing with her bitching.

"Sir," greets the instructor of Rourke's entrance. She teeters her weight between her boots and listens to the hollow and dull thuds they make when she lifts her toes. At least they're quicker to fade into nothingness compared to her actual voice. Rakes even smiles. "I can let you handle the nitty-gritty when it comes to birds themselves," it's not her specialty, after all, "But I can lead in with basic water landing procedures when airborne and ejected. We deal with those regularly, it's part of the speech." So she ends up fairly quiet when people after arrive, watching them and their comments. She's a patient lassie. Eventually, she clears her throat. "Afternoon, I'm Corporal Rakes, Third Salt, Fourth Anglico, one of your Jay-tack attachments onboard. Don't mind the fancy title. I only yell when I need to. Today, with Lieutenant Stavros here," a hand gesture to Rourke, "We will be going over some basic water survival techniques."

Alejandro doesn't reply, he has turned his attention back to Rakes and Rourke to listen up. The Lieutenant does pass a glance and then a nod to Zoe as she shows up, possibly amused by something, before he's back to paying attention to the start of the requal.

<FS3> Rourke rolls Survival: Failure.

"I'm not much of an instructor. Which is why the Corporal is here when I inevitably screw up." Rourke says with mild amusement as he looks at the simulator. "The first thing to remember about a water landing is to keep the plane on level when you're going into the water." He completely forgets to make the radio call, perhaps assuming that everyone here knows how to do that. "And to stay off flaps and thrusters until you hit the water."

This part isn't something the ECO will have to worry too much, seeing as how she shouldn't have to be the one flying, but it's good to be reminded even though the likely hood of her needing to be the pilot is slim and none. Well, maybe. Nodding, Ruby takes mental notes.

Rakes nods. "Pilots and ECOs, who may need to take over for an incapacitated pilot in the case of a Raptor crew, are expected to slow down the craft as quickly and safely as possible. You'll be doing this on the verge of stalling- a difficult balancing act, I'm sure." She's a marine. She does not pilot, but she knows the rudimentary portions. Her specialty isn't even up yet. However, she continues with her addendum. "And, not to insult anyone's intelligence, but this is in order to avoid breaking apart when you hit the water. If you're not level, enjoy cartwheeling your aircraft and breaking apart when you hit the water."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rourke=survival Vs Rakes=survival
< Rourke: Failure Rakes: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Zoe grins at Alejandro, her brows wiggling a bit before she mimes swimming. Then she looks back towards Rakes and Rourke, quieting down to listen to what they are saying.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rourke=Survival Vs Rakes=Survival
< Rourke: Failure Rakes: Good Success
< Net Result: Rakes wins - Solid Victory

"Once you're in the water, you're going to need to make sure to get out of your seat quickly and effectively. The cockpit will fill with water quickly." Well, not totally true, Rourke. A cockpit on either a Viper or Raptor is pretty watertight. It's mainly because his own was shot to hell over Picon when he made his own water landing that he's making the confusion. "For Viper pilots, this is pretty easy, you only need to worry for yourself. For Raptor pilots, it'll be the ECO's responsibility to check on passengers."

With hands on his hips, Alejandro watches and listens. He says very low to Zoe, "I don't know how to swim but I think I can cling to a flotation device. There's not a lot of water on Canceron." Dust, mostly. No comment about the viper cockpit being water proof. They tend not to be if they are yanno, shot to hell.

Zoe grins at Alejandro, her eyes still focused on Rakes and Rourke for the moment. She then leans towards him, murmuring quietly enough that she hopes she doesn't get yelled at for talking, "Just make sure you hit the water near me. I can drag us both out."

Hobo quips low, "I'll be sure to pack my blow up dollie if you aren't around. She floats."

<FS3> Rakes rolls Awareness: Failure.
<FS3> Rourke rolls Awareness: Success.

Corporal Rakes dithers idly in the background of things. She grunts with the effort because of just how complete each system is, but she lifts to her waist and then carries over the firing mechanisms for both a Viper in her left hand, and Raptor in her right hand. She holds one up a touch higher and then the other before setting them both down. "Pilots have successfully ejected from underwater without a doubt. So there's no need to question that. On that note, however, you also come equipped with flotation devices in case you're a weak swimmer." Pause. She stares at Alejandro. There's no comment, just glancing sidelong in Rourke's direction.

"Hobo." Rourke offers cheerfully, "Since you already seem to be an expert on the subject, perhaps you would like to strap in and go first?" he asks as he gestures to the seat. "I was going to offer, but since you're already well-versed apparently.."

"Whoops." Zoe gives Rourke and Rakes both quick smiles, but she doesn't abandon Alejandro to their tender attentions and save herself. She just remains there, looking like she did nothing at all to get into trouble for.

Alejandro arches a brow at Rakes like the rascal he is, then directs his attention to Rourke, "Certainly, Lieutenant. I've had lots of experience ejecting from vipers under fire, if not under water." He takes the step or two towards the pool and Rourke, "What do you want me to do?"

Rakes dusts off her hands with a lingering look on Alejandro and then suspiciously at Zoe, debating on speaking up. Instead, she remains tight-lipped and prances her merry self over towards one of the harnesses. There's no parachute, still. However, there are plenty enough buckles and safety measures for anyone needing to use it in strapping themselves into one of their craft. She walks it carefully back to the officers. "You fall in wearing this, remove, and simulate swimming away from the system by reaching the edge of the pool again. We'll fish you out as needed."

"You heard the Corporal, strap up, and we'll give you your first bath in a month, Hobo." Rourke grins casually back as he moves to join Rakes in helping to strap in Alejandro. "Just remember when you hit the water, where your releases are." he says to the Viper stick as he helps him settle the gear into place. He'll let the Corporal have the pleasure of pushing the pilot into the pool.

Zoe'll be next. She knows she'll be next. Until then she's just going to wait, and offer Alejandro encouraging thumbs up when they call on him to go first.

Alejandro is familiar with the gear and settles himself in, letting them double check everything is to their liking. "You don't know this but I've been shot down more times than most people. I think I know where the release is." That's not going to be a problem. Getting to the edge of the pool on the other hand might be. Hobo eyes the water with a little dread and licks his lips, "Ready."

Corporal Rakes doesn't take too long in setting someone up. She's done this before on some level and to some degree. She stands up fully, briefly, to look over Alejandro's shoulder and at Zoe again before returning to work, finishing, and stepping back. There's a hook nearby should it be necessary. She glances at it and then turns to face Alejandro. She guides him to the edge of the pool and where his back faces the water. She looks at him. "You can use any stroke you like. Don't worry, Sir. I don't kick nearly as hard as fourteen G's of vertical lift does." But she does plant a boot to his midsection to properly launch him in.

<FS3> Alejandro rolls Reaction: Good Success.

And into the water he goes with the chair strapped to his ass - SPLOOSH! And down like a whore he does to sink to the bottom of the pool. In that instant between hitting the water and going beneath it, Hobo might just look a little terrfied and then he's under. Instinct and training kick in and he hits the release at once. There's a second of detangling himself and coming up with the flotation device inflating to leave the weight of the ejection seat frame below. He sucks for air and keeps hold of the float, starting to kick and try to reach the edge of the pool. It's about as graceful as watching a peacock in the water smeared with peanut butter.

<FS3> Alejandro rolls Body+body-2: Good Success.

"All those times getting shot down paid off, Hobo." Rourke says with a small smirk as he moves to make a mark on the sheet to show that Alejandor at least has passed the water landing part of the survival training. "Raven, you're up next." he says as he moves to reset the harness for her.

"With pleasure." Zoe replies as she heads over to get herself strapped in, giving Alejandro another thumbs up when he manages to flail-swim to the edge of the pool. Then she mimes the breaststroke for him helpfully. For next time.

Rakes places her hands coolly on her hips and watches after the officer, just because she's fully prepared to jump in after the man should he need it. She can even ignore the harness itself because it's secured via paracord and can be easily pulled up after the fact. Once Alejandro is not going to drown any time soon, she does just that. There's weigh to it but she manages well enough while Rourke fits another harness to Zoe. The wet mess is pulled aside and sat down, letting her go back to assist Alejandro in getting out of the pool. "Welcome back, Sir."

Ugh, all his flightsuit and stuff is dragging in the water but not absorbing, thankfully. Alejandro heaves himself up out of the pool, dripping wet, "Thanks. Glad to do it here in the pool rather down on Piraeus in the ocean." He gets out of the way to watch Zoe take her turn, running a hand through his wet hair. Hobo didn't bother to bring his helmet.

Alejandro adds to Rakes, "Thanks. I feel like a half drowned rat, but a live one." That to Rakes.

After helping Zoe into the gear, he gives her a pat on the helmet and steps aside as Rourke gives the thumbs up to Rakes. It's not every day an officer gets a free shot to knock an officer into a pool, after all.

Zoe probably shouldn't look too excited about this, but she does. It's kind of nutty. But she waits until Rakes is ready to launch her into the pool, grinning from ear to ear in the meantime.

In order to keep Zoe off guard, instead of Rakes kicking her into the water, Rourke gives Zoe a shove from behind to send her splashing into the water. She loves to swim though, so it should be fine, right?

<FS3> Zoe rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Zoe rolls Swimming: Great Success.

Zoe is rather surprised when Rourke is the one to give her the boot, but she doesn't scream, outwardly. She hits the water with a splash, and heads for the bottom like a rock. As soon as she judges herself to be an effective distance beneath the water she pulls the straps to release her, then starts to kick free. She doesn't rely on the floatation device, and instead trusts in her training in the water, arms straight ahead, pulling herself through the water towards the surface as she kicks smoothly.

Watching, making sure that they don't have to enter the water, Rourke nods as Zoe comes back to the surface. "Excellent work, Jig." he says to the woman as she makes her way to the edge and makes the appropriate note. "That was pretty much all there was to it. You can return to your duties if you want. Or whatever it is you have planned for the evening. Thank you again, Corporal, for your assistance."

Alejandro steps forward to lend a hand in pulling Zoe up and out of the pool, "You made that look easy and stayed frosty. Good job." His attention goes to the instructors, "Thanks for the refresher. Maybe some swimming lessons later." He's still dripping wet himself, "Should go change, see you all later."

"If you want lessons, I can give you a few pointers." Zoe offers, standing on the edge of the pool, dripping for a moment. Then she starts to shed her clothes, her swimsuit having been put on under it because…seriously. Pool. She grins at Rourke and Rakes, "Thanks."

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