PWD #43: Sweat Smells
Sweat Smells
Summary: The athletics area is not just for exercise. People talk about religion, fertilizers and sweat.
Date: 24/Nov/2012 (OOC Date)
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Duke Iphigenia Suri 
Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removeable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugelist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
November 24, 2004 (PWD #43)

The fitness center is a popular place, for obvious reasons. Iphigenia is standing near the freeweights, resolutely working with a dumbbell by holding it over and behind her head in repetitive lifts. Occasionally she's distracted from her efforts as she watches the goings on of the gym, and now and again she's distracted as a crew member comes by to speak with her.

The last time he was here, Duke was not able to do what he wanted to do, and now he is back for more. The Viper Pilot walks into the Athletics area and as usual, he looks towards the Free Weights and Treadmills area to see if his regular choices are available. By doing this, he spots the Chaplain that also seems to be working out here. The man makes his way towards where she is but since she is currently talking with someone, he nods his head politely to both but says nothing, moving towards that Treadmill of his. As always, he leaves his towel in one of the handles and steps on the belt, punching a few codes as he looks for a saved program.

Suri is just walking in from the pool area when one of the free treadmills is claimed. Her hair is completely dry, as is the rest of her, so to outward appearances, it's unlikely she was swimming. She moves into proximity of the treadmill on the end, near Duke, and sits on the floor just a few feet from it, dropping a small red duffel bag to her side, zipper open. Inside, atop the pile of whatever else might be there, rests a hardcover book with no markings or title, and a wire framed pair of glasses. She faces in the general direction of the weights, which puts Iphigenia in her eye line. She watches the pair by the weights talking, but the persistent fiddling about with treadmill buttons does bring her gaze to Duke after a moment. "Have you ever noticed that gyms smell exactly the same no matter if you're in space, locked inside a metal shell with recycled air, or in a back alley on the bad side of Tauron?"

The person seeking her counsel bids her goodbye, and that leaves Gen alone again. She seems pretty conscious of her surroundings, and she notices Bumper's initial approach, even though he reroutes. When she frees up, she tilts her chin toward him greeting, and offers Suri an amenable smile as well.

Program selected. Start. We have movement. Yes, Richard Duke starts pretty much walking on the treadmill, relaxed pace, it's probably an incremental thing. He sets a bottle of water on the base right next to the control panel and tilts his head from side to side as he starts getting into it. His attention shifts when he hears Suri's words towards him and then he looks around, nodding his head afterwards "Well, you can't really blame the gym, blame the sweaty people. Sweat falls on the rubberised floor, sweat remains on the leather areas of each machine…" he shrugs to this "…it's not the gym that creates the smell, it's the people in it" A faint smile is offered along with a nod of his head "And, a Battlestar gym? Well, imagine all those people" Now, he looks at Gen that is now free and says "Lieutenant" And then back to Suri "New?"

Suri pulls a knee up to her chest and leans forward a little to tighten and re-tie the laces of her shoe. She smiles to the approaching woman, and it lingers when she returns a reply to Duke's question. "I find the stink of humanity quite comforting." She secures the lace and swaps drawn up knees, re-tying that one too. "Scientist," she finally says, by way of very vague identification.

"How are you, Bumper?" offers Gen as she approaches, and likewise offers Suri a nod. "Looking forward to joining the project?" she asks, and offers a hand. "Lieutenant Iphigenia Arden. You're welcome to call me Gen if you like."

"I find the stink of humanity to be…" starts saying the Viper pilot but stops himself, thinking about the rest "…well, in this case, something you get used to pretty quick." Because it /smells/ in this place yo. Now, he looks at Suri again as she says Scientist and nods his head to her "I see" The Gen talks to him and he shifts his attention to her, nodding his head "I am getting some workout done today, so that's a plus." And as he says this, there is a beep from the treadmill and it starts going a little faster, moving to a more 'jogging' scenario.

"Suri." The civvie reaches up to take Gen's hand as it's offered, rising in a smooth movement to finish the gesture. She gives a light squeeze of her fingers, though there's a half-second hitch where her posture wavers. "Pleasure, Iphigenia." There's the briefest of pauses between syllables, perhaps owing to Suri's attempts to figure out how one might spell such a name. "Gen." She nods a bit, settling on the nickname a breath later. "You're… Bumper, was it?" This, of course, to Duke. "That sounds like a callsign."

And to that, Gen only grins, because it's not for her to promote the viper jock's status. He'll likely declare his own abilities. "You're with the civillian scientists?" she hazzards. "What is your focus of study?"

Duke focuses on what he is doing just for a few moments while introductions are made between Gen and Suri. The man takes his bottle of water, drinking from it, later licking his lips. When Suri asks, he looks at her and nods his head "It's my callsign, yes. I'm Captain Richard Duke, with the Viper Squadron" BEEP, and another one of those comes from the machine, and this time, it doesn't really speed up but the angle changes, so he is now doing a 'uphill' jog. Now that Gen asks the focus of study, Duke looks at Suri, waiting for her answer.

"Yes. Rowdy lot, them. I do hope they haven't been much trouble thus far." It's hard to say from her tone, but Suri may be teasing just a bit with that. Scientists, rowdy? Surely not. "My degree is in Botany." Her answer may at first seem evasive, but it's shortly followed by a qualifying remark. "My passion lies in areas of horticulture. It's the ways in which we sustain each other." She regards Gen though all of this, though she does give Duke a glance when she says, "A jock, and a Captain, no less." She clears her throat lightly and asks, "What's your incline? Four?" She's referring to the treadmill, of course. Of Gen, she asks, "And you, Lieutenant?" At least she's semi-observant.

Scientists? Rowdy? Well, she does know Catarina North. Iphigenia mms at the query. "What's my incline? Or my profession?" She chooses to answer the latter. "I'm part of the chaplaincy here; priestess of the Lords of Kobol."

Duke just leans forward a little bit, eyeing the panel to see what is showing right now "Five, it will increment up until seven and the speed up a little bit" says the man, looking at Suri now. And that little bit comes a lot sooner. BEEP. Yep, the band speeds up just a bit, placing the Captain in a light run mode. He goes silent now, breathing in, exhaling. Yep, good exercise. He does however, continue paying attention to the conversation at hand, and makes sure to glance at both Suri and Gen as they talk. The man takes the towel he brought with him and presses it against his forehead, face and neck as they are now showing sweat that starts trickling down.

Suri opens her mouth when Gen asks for clarification, but shuts it as the woman decides on her own. She smiles a bit and nods. "A priestess? Are you devoted to a particular deity?" She takes a moment to reply to Duke, "Five is respectable." Says the woman who has yet to touch a piece of equipment or otherwise make any sort of move toward exercise of any kind. "Where is the chapel? I haven't had a chance to ask anyone yet."

"When I was born I was dedicated to Aphrodite and Athena," Gen admits, "But I'm ordained under the eyes of all the Lords."

BEEP. There it goes again, angle shift, making things more complicated. Band speed increases and now he is on a full run uphill, so he is definitely not talking right at this moment. When Suri mentions that five is respectable, Duke just nods his head to her and takes focuses on what he is doing. BEEP. Speed increase again, sweat clearly visible on his arms, neck, face…yep, he's definitely breaking a sweat now.

"My mother worships at the altar of Athena." Suri bends to zip her duffel shut, and swings it up off of the floor. "I have yet to commit, though I've always been fond of Demeter." Obviously. There's a small smile again. "If you'll pardon me, I have an appointment to keep. I'm sure I'll see one or both of you at a service in the near future." She nods first to Gen, then Duke, and settles her bag onto her shoulder.

"Did your mother dedicated you to service when you were born? I suppose that may only be comon on some of the colonies." Gen notes, adding, "Sorry, I don't mean to run you off, and if I see you at services that would be lovely."

BEEP. And now things start to slow down again, angle goes back to normal and speed goes back to a very relaxed walking speed. Now, Duke takes a deep breath and takes his towel again, running it over his face, neck, arms and a little over his chest even if most of it is covered by his double tanktops. "Not very religious" idly says Richard Duke, taking his bottle of water again and drinking from it. Then, he just presses the cold plastic of the bottle against his neck, tilting his head back and using that as a way to cool himself down a little bit. "Never been a part of my life"

He does look at Suri and half smiles, even throwing a very faint joke "Is it the smell?" Because, you know, given their prior conversation and the fact that he is sweating a lot right now.

"Appointment is a euphemism." Suri doesn't say for what. Could be she's just a little strange. She has dedicated her life to the study of plants. Still, she doesn't rush off quite yet. "She left me metal idols to play with as a child, leaving the Goddesses to watch over me, but has left the choice to me." She sweeps a hand across her cheek to brush away a lock of hair and tuck it behind her ear.

"Were I inclined to strap myself to that much combustible fuel with the intention of going into space, and had nothing but glass and a sheet of metal between my body and oblivion," Suri says to Duke, "I'd say a prayer every time the itty bitty little fighter launched." There's a slight chance the woman has an issue with the black of space. Makes this a really wise career choice. "You're a bit soggy, Richard, but I've been known to fertilize temperamental plants with blood and bonemeal. I assure you, the living body smells much better, even sweaty. My nose is much harder to offend."

"That's…a method." Gen says with a faint quirk to her mouth. "I think a woman accustomed to rubbing fertilizer in her hands is probably difficult to offend as far as olfactory unpleasantness is concerned." She then oh's. "Pilots tend to run the spectrum of faith. There are some very religious few, and a couple who behave as if I've got some kind of disease and if they breathe the same air I might infect them." She seems more amused by this than anything.

And now the treadmill comes to a full stop, and Duke drinks some more water. "Don't get me wrong, nothing against Religion…" says the man, shaking his head at this "It just, doesn't work for me…the concept of Faith" Now, he shrugs casually and looks at Gen, not really adding something that might indicate if he forms part of that group that runs away from her. He does show however, a faint, amused smile. Now, back to Suri "Blood and bonemeal" repeats the Viper Pilot, showing an expression that already tells he is imagining how that must smell.

Suri's amusement is clear when Gen makes reference to those who flee at the merest hint of religion. "I've noticed that there are those with a marked aversion to incense. I find the ritual of worship to be deeply soothing." She trades a glance with Richard, amusement growing in the inflection of her smile. It grows wider by just a bit. "It's really not all that bad, except in the heat of summer, when you're sixteen and you think if blood and ground bone are good, a fetal pig must be better. I buried one under my mother's roses. In addition to coaxing every neighborhood dog into trying to find a way past the garden gate, it raises a singular stench…" She mms. "I almost failed dissection that term." She shakes her head. "Well, thank you for the lovely welcome, Gen, Richard."

Gen simply gestures at Duke in presentation of example as if to say, You see? "It was lovely to meet you, Suri. I'm sure we'll see more of each other." She then regards Duke and says mildly, "You know, you don't need to apologize and explain yourself every time we're in a conversation. I've never made a point of demanding faith from you. You should relax a bit about it, Bumper. For a man with no faith, you do go on a bit about it." There's a grin. "I think I shall be going. I'm sure we'll speak again as well."

Duke turns his head to look at Gen and arches one eyebrow "It was part of the conversation…I am not apologizing or explaining myself." He takes a deep breath now and clears his throat, finally running his towel over his face one more time "Anyway, I should get going as well, get a quick shower and then some rack time…charge the batteries" He then looks at Suri and nods his head "I know a thing or two about fertilizers, the range of scents can be…charming" He looks back at Gen and doesn't really understand why she tells him that he needs to relax. Was he upset about something? Oh well. He finally just nods to both and adds "Miss. Suri, Lieutenant" and with that, he grabs his things and marches towards the showers.

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