MD #142: Surprising Request
Surprising Request
Summary: Toby Shackleton walks into the Master-at-Arms' office and puts about the last possible request Lleufer Ynyr could imagine into the Gunnery Sergeant's lap.
Date: 28/08/2017 (OOC Date)
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Toby Lleufer 
Master-At-Arms Office, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion

This is a small nine foot by nine foot office. Most of the floor space is taken up by a desk with chairs on either side and filing cabinets. There is a coffee maker on low cabinet with a tray of cups and condiments.

A large flat screen for meetings to project maps and charts from the Master at Arm's data terminal covers one grey bulkhead. Wall file slots for blank forms are mounted by the hatch beside the current MP roster.

A large black and white aerial recon shot shows destruction of a city where Marines made intense battle. The caption reads: 'Santos Ridge, Picon, Liberated 0935 13 OCT 2005. 2500-3000 Centurions destroyed.'

Thu Mar 15 13:58:53 2029

Lleufer has just come in from the Security Hub with a stack of papers after a brief stop at Penta's office and elsewhere. He comes on in and drops the stack on his deck, then steps over to refresh the coffee maker with new fixings and water. The old gets rinsed out from the water jug he keeps underneath in the cabinet and in a moment the smell of fresh coffee begins to fill the Master-at-Arm's office. Ynyr turns and goes around his desk to take a seat and pick up the stack, beginning to look through the requests.

Toby tries to avoid Marine-central when he can, it's full of.. well.. marines. Sometimes however there is a great enough need and he shows his face. This time that face is particularly serious, and there's a definite furrow to his brow as he enquires if Lleu is in and gets pointed to the office. Rapping his knuckles briefly on the hatch to announce himself he then steps through, remaining close to the exit. Standing tall he crosses his arms over his chest then clears his throat, just incase the knock wasn't enough.

The Gunny glances up and his Arpay eyes stay on Toby for a long moment to study the other man before he says anything. "Come on in, Shackleton. Welcome to some coffee if you want any. Making a fresh pot." Yep, nice and civil. A last look at the papers he was sorting and they are all laid aside to be delt with shortly. "What can I do for you today, Crewman?"

Apparently in the mood to keep things civil, Toby accepts the coffee with a quick nod, then waits for Lleu to finish with his papers. When he does speak, it's with his standard abruptness, although no apparent anger towards the Sergeant. "I'll keep it short. From what command have said we're not going back to P any time soon, and all bar one person that I've ever given a damn about is dead. I've a lot of avenging to do if their souls are to find rest, and them not getting that rest is not an option. There's sod all I can do about it on Deck though. Chief is being understanding, but I can can't get my head around all this quantum frak the Arpay introduced. There's APF and Skath to kill though, so I'm here to ask you to give me a rifle and let me see how many I can put down."

Lleufer just blinks at Toby for a minute, "I have no authority to grab a Raptor crew to send you anywhere in the Colonies. If you want to be dropped off on say, Piraeus, you have to get permission from a lot higher up than myself." The MaA leans forward on his desk and rests his elbows on it, his hands loosely clasped, "Soon as anyone gets word you are from this ship, they'll get a Cleric to lay hands to you. Suck everything you know out of your head about all of us and turn you to serve them. You might be able to insure your death before they can reach you, but they could surprise you. I … assume you have given that a lot of thought?"

"I never said anything about grabbing a raptor crew," Toby notes, fighting all the history betweent hem not to make the tone accusatory. "Don't get me wrong though, if I thought there was even the tiniest chance of being able to get back to P then I'd go, Clerics or not. Given the chance I would gladly fight there to the end. However. As I said, give me a rifle, let me fight. Thats all I'm asking for."

A hand shifts to rub Lleu's brow, "So let me get this straight. You are /not/ asking to go back to Piraeus. Are you asking to join the CMC? You don't think you're … a little old for the training? I'd think you'd go to speak to Penta about that, not me. Or …" And this option is just too frak'n unreal to contemplate, "Surely you aren't asking to join as an MP?" A brow is raised, "So please elaborate for me what it is exactly you have in mind. Or you thinking contractor route as a civilian scout, like Rance? Because I doubt you have the skill set in recon or Special Forces to get Command to agree to it." By the expression on his face, the Gunny is hoping this isn't about to give him a great big headache.

"If I thought for a moment Command would risk a raptor and crew just to be rid of me, then I'd be asking that loudly and repeatedly," Toby replies, attempting to explain. "That is the home I have never been allowed to live at, and all I care about in the Universe is there. They won't though, will they? There is no reason for them too." There's a hint of bitterness in his tone, but he tries to keep a lid on it. "I'm not asking to be an MP, just to fight and kill those frakkers out there. Avenge as many as I can. If that means changing uniform then.." There's a brief pause, and the idea is clearly distasteful to him, "if changing uniform is what it takes, then so be it."

Lleufer has both of his eye brows raised as he looks at Toby dubiously. But he pushes himself up out of his seat and goes over to pour himself a cup of coffee. "Shackleton, have a seat. Least you can do is get comfortable." Once he has his cup, Ynyr goes back to resume his own seat and wait for his coffee to cool enough to dare a sip from it. "Let me get this straight. You are what? Almost 60 years old and refused the Arpay gene therapy. Would you be willing to undergo it? I'm not sure it would do anything to revitalize any aging your body has already undertaken, but it might at least prolong some vigor to help you get through the ass kicking shit you'd have to be up to to qualify for the Marines. -If- Command would have you. Normally they'd reject you outright for being way, wwaaayy too old to enlist in the Corps. But… " Lleu spreads his hands, "But you have already been enlisted in the Fleet and been through basic. Not real sure how we'd handle training you, but it's not impossible. I'm thinking though, you are going to have to speak with Penta. Have you?"

Nodding briefly to confirm his age Toby adda a minor correction to the remark about the gene therapy as he takes the seat indicated. "I was hardly top of the list to be offered, but no, you're right in the main respect, it's not something I'm willing to undergo. I'm Tauran, I was born Tauran, and I'll die Tauran. There's precious few of us left and I won't give that up. It is who I am." As for the rest he offers a flat, "I fought my first war when I was twelve, my second twenty year later. After that I was APF hunting on Picon. This is war number 3, or 4 if you count our twenty year absence as a new one. I can handle a gun, and I can shoot collaborators." Although he's sat now, his arm are still folding over his chest as he resists the urge to lean forward and rest them on the. desk. "No," he finishes with, "I haven haven't spoken to the Major, or anyone else for that matter, just you so far."

Toby's answer about the Arpay gene therapy gets a nod from Lleufer, "I can respect that. Self identity is important, an anchor for any of us." But he thins his mouth and leans back in his chair, "My concern would be your humping your ass carrying 100 lbs of gear up over a mountain and /having/ to run like hell for /hours/ and then not keeling over of a heart attack. Because to be frank, we've had to do that more than once in the last war, and we'll have to do it again in this one, I'm sure. No offense, but I seriously doubt you could keep up. Physically. Mentally, I know you are a tough son of a bitch and you have the grit necessary, though I might question how well you'd follow orders." Lleu sighs, "But damn, I also understand a man wanting …. needing to fight. we do have a war going on." He pauses for a sip of his coffee and then sets the cup back down, "I'm going to suggest you put it to Penta. I'm in charge of MP's and the ship's internatl security. But being a Department Head still doesn't give me any authority as to whether the CMC will take you, Shackleton. It's got to be put to the Major."

Toby looks less than overjoyed at the idea of being bounced to a senior marine, one he doesn't really know, but he nods in what he hopes is an understanding manner as he pushes himself to his feet once more. "If I die fighting," or keeling over, "then I guess that just means I get to go home sooner rather than later, so it's a risk I'm willing to take." As for Penta he glances over his shoulder towards the hatch, "Alright then, he about, I'd rather get this sorted then leave it hanging."

Lleufer moves to stand and by Gods, he offers Toby his hand, "For what it's worth, I know you are an honest man. We don't always see eye to eye, but I respect you and I'd be glad to have you." Whether Toby will accept his hand or not, Ynyr adds, "You may even want to swing by and chat up Lieutenant Flynn. Get Randy's take on it. The Major's likely to look to her for her thoughts on the matter if he doesn't outright say no. I'd direct you to Lieutenant Piers as well but .." Lleufer grimaces, "We just lost her back on Piraeus."

Toby eyes the hand dubiously for a moment but then as Lleufer speaks he does eventually reach out and take it. Randy he knows better, marginally, so the mention of her name receives a nod. "She about?" he asks, somewhat predictability, "might as well get on with it as I said." Then a that Lleu has just made a large effort in healing the rift between them he feels the need to reciprocate reciprocate. "Don't see eye to eye, yeah, but at least I always know where I stand with you."

A nod about Randy being about, "I just had a long talk with her last night on the Obs Deck. She's about. If she's not in the SecHub, check Berthings. Or somebody can ping her." Lleufer remains standing behind his desk, then cracks about half of what is almost a grin, "Yeah. I appreciate bluntness over back stabbing silent types any day, Shackleton. Let me know what Flynn says." The Gunnery Sergeant resumes his seat and reaches for his stack of papers.

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