Dr. Suri Roxanna Charu
donut.jpg Charu, Suri
Civilian CIDSR
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Botanist
Age Sex
33 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Green


Dr. Suri Charu is a botanist in the employ of the CIDSR. She boarded the BS Orion in late November just before it left port at the Seventh Fleet Anchorage in high orbit above Virgon.

Suri was born in a delightfully urban town called Petah, located on the colorful colony of Sagittaron. Largely viewed as a gangland mess for much of its history, the city's nonetheless experienced a decent tourist trade in recent years. Piggybacking on a heavy military presence that descends like a whiskey guzzling, credit slinging tide of oo-rah every leave cycle, Petah has finally found its place among ports of call.

One can lay hands on just about anything in Petah, if one knows where to look. This includes, but is not limited to: pharmaceuticals, acrobatic companionship of a temporary nature, and booze strong enough to strip clean the grimiest of grime. Should one come in search of something a little more permanent, there are tattoos. And also a sizable prison.

Suri's mother, Yavi Charu (Tauron ex-marine), operates a well known ink stand called Tattoo. The shop specializes in natural inks, Tauron tattoos, and features both traditional and modern methods of inking. (Suri, by the by, happens to specialize in memorial work in the traditional style, and Tauron imagery.)

It was in the back of the shop that young Suri grew up, and there she discovered what happens to the human body when it reaches its limit of pain, or when one ingests certain plant extracts.

She has several half-siblings, all by her now deceased father. Him, well, she doesn't talk about him.

Recent Events

Date Item Location Happening
Late Nov Nerds in Space BS Orion Boards BS Orion at the Seventh Fleet Anchorage in orbit over Virgon. Employer: CIDSR, departure to parts unknown. Age 33.

Distinguishing Features

Physical Description

Five foot four. Brunette. Large, dark lashed eyes. These are usually the first things noticed about Suri Charu. Her complexion is pale to lightly tanned, depending on the amount of time she's spent in the field, but her face is always dotted with freckles. She has an affection for a dramatic, smokey eye, and while she may wander around in mismatched clothes or with mussed up hair, the eyes are always done. One might say it's a psychological addiction to eyeliner. She generally wears her long, dark brown hair down, long cut bangs brushing over her eyebrows. There's a tiny geometric flower tattooed in cobalt blue behind her left ear, though it's quite easy to miss.

Identifying Marks
  • 1cm geometric flower, cobalt blue ink, behind left ear.

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